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Children book: Saved by the Curls (Inspirational stories for kids)

by Shirly R.L.

This is another story in the ‘Inspirational stories for kids’ series about Annie, a cute red-curly-hair five year old. This great bedtime story begins when Annie’s friend, Mia, comes to play. Annie wishes she had Mia’s beautiful straight hair. As always Annie, quickly tries creative ways to make her wish become a realityâ?¦ but an unexpected event makes curly haired Annie become a true hero.
This bedtime story teaches children about loving themselves the way they are. And teaches them why it’s great that everyone looks different, instead of the same. Whether they have curly hair or straight, every child is unique and beautiful the way they are!

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls (Book 1)

by Abraham Mehmet

The peaceful Kingdom of Calibar is invaded by the sorceress Savina and her Mudgie Army. The King and Queen are killed but the royal wizard, Tildor, tells the feline to take the baby prince to Hildof Village, where he is raised by foster parents. Eleven years later, as Savina’s lust for power grows stronger, young Leon has disturbing dreams as his latent magic powers stir to life.

When their parents are enslaved, Leon and his six culturally diverse friends meet Tildor. Under his guidance, they embark on a quest. If successful, Leon will fulfil his destined role as the Chosen One and Savina’s armies will be defeated. If they fail, the world will be plunged into chaos. Can seven children prevail against the might of sorcery and dark magic? Perhaps they can if they harness the power of the seven given souls and control their morphing powers. But before this can be attempted they have a lot of growing up to do, and much to learn about themselves and one another.

Brotherhood, Ferris Wheels and Politicians (Southern Stories)

by David Couts


It has become an imperative of mine as my chronological maturity expands, to awaken very early in the morning. I have always been an early getter upper. I am wide awake on the inside when my eyelids announce to the rest of my body that I am now fully emerged from that other dimension that teaches me so much about this one.

I don’t drink coffee. It never seemed necessary to wrap myself around the ritual of morning coffee preparation and consumption. For me that was a total waste of time. I always seemed to have other endeavors with which to consume my mornings. My beautiful Wanda however, considers one of life’s greatest pleasures to be an hour-long wake-up adjustment to the beginnings of her day. This ideal beginning should occur way after the sun has come up. No wayward shaft of too early sharply angled sunlight should be permitted to stir the air through the blinds of her bedroom windows before her appointed hour.

Two cups of coffee are required to facilitate Wanda’s warm up to planet earth’s offering of sunlight for the day. It took me a while to honor her style of embracing our solar systems timetable. Wanda’s wake-up preferences held no purpose or value to me at all. Yet, over time, I grew to understand how valuable it was for me, later on a Saturday morning, to have embraced earlier on that same Saturday, what Wanda held valuable regarding her wake-up experiences. I too grew to love her coffee enclosed, late in the morning, “time stands still” habit as very, very valuable to me. Wanda’s Way became such an incredible value for me that I learned to make a great cup of coffee.

This coffee came from a gourmet mail order source. I stealthily deliver the first cup of coffee to Wanda before she even knows when “awake” time is coming. The first cup is sipped away while Wanda, invoking the help of pillow prop up Angels, sits up in bed. No words are spoken while Wanda slowly evacuates the coffee from the mail order supplier’s elegantly styled, gold inlaid, free gift for January, big handled coffee mug. Not an eyelid even trembles towards anticipation of opening. A psychic summons from Wanda directs me to bring the second cup, heavy on the cream, no sugar. Near the end of the second cup another mind wave signals me to enter our bedroom. A flutter or two from the fingers of her left hand asks me to come and sit with my feet on the floor in the bed beside her. Prior to the signaling finger flutter, Wanda has not opened her eyes to know if I am really there, yet she knows.

Wanda now opens her eyelids one at a time to try out the new day. If the day feels welcoming enough, her eyes will take me in and her voice whispers “Good morning’. Wanda’s eyes have to close again to allow the whisper the use of her voice. Eyelids open when I talk, eyelids close when Wanda talks. There comes the time when I know she is fully activated inside her body. Unless Wanda experiences a wake-up style she finds valuable, my valuables get lost in the daily shuffle. I think you get it in the mail gourmet coffee and your super-duper push one button gourmet coffee maker. My life has a value I could not attain without your assistance.

Baby Saves Christmas

by Cheryl Moeller

Baby Saves Christmas is the heart-warming story of a yellow lab that rescues an entire family from a Christmas dilemma they can’t solve. This entertaining and beautifully illustrated children’s book is a must read for your child this holiday season.

Written by mother and daughter team Cheryl Moeller and Melissa Moeller Briggs, you’ll laugh, you’ll cheer as the true meaning of Christmas wins out in the end. It’s a book your kids will ask you to read to them over and over.

A story of simple Christmas joys, “Baby Saves Christmas” will fill children and their families with hope as many face a financially difficult Christmas season.

Charmingly told from the point of view of grandma and grandpa’s small dog Baby, the story begins as these grandparents face the reality that they will not have enough money to buy their grandchildren Christmas gifts. With all 21 grandchildren coming for Christmas, they try to hold on to their faith that God will provide what they need. Eventually they find that with a little creativity and the help of their family, friends and a special Baby, they can give their grandchildren the best Christmas ever.

Cheryl Moeller and Melissa Moeller Briggs create a believable story as they capture the love and warmth of family. Baby’s owners and family are realistic characters that children and families can relate to as they discover, along with Baby’s family, the many fun and special gifts they can give to one another.

What people are saying about Baby Saves Christmas:

“A wonderful book to share Jesus with our five children this Christmas. We hope you too, will take advantage of the Christmas season to share the message of the Baby with your babies.” – Rick and Laura Pierce, Executive Director of MarriageVine Ministries, Homeschool Mom of 5

“Great for your beginner readers. Sit back with your little ones and enjoy this quaint story together, and consider how the home-made Christmas presents are often the best.” – Kathy Davis, Homeschool Mom,

“Definitely a five-bark book! Here’s a terrific reason to paws…ur…pause and take a fresh look at the magic of Christmas. You decked the halls but now YOU feel decked? Plop a child on your lap and a dog at your feet. This is a tail…ur… tale you’ll treasure reading year after year.” – Jon and Diana Gauger, from dog-dominant Dupage County, Illinois

“This heartwarming, clever story about the real Christmas moves quickly from the first page to the last!” – Nick and Lisa Jungheim, Duncan, Oklahoma

“The remarkable story of a Christmas without pretense is told with wit, warmth, and wisdom.” – Sheilah, Homeschool Mom, Illinois

“Makes the important point that Christmas has been taken over by materialism.” – Elyse Connors, Kalamazoo, MI

“An unforgettable sweet story of amazing power.” – Carolyn Oswald, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

The Big Apple Posse: Escape From New York (The Big Apple Posse Trilogy)

by Wendy R. Williams

“The Big Apple Posse” is an action/adventure story for kids of all ages. It is “only a children’s story” if “Lord of the Flies” is only for children.

“The Big Apple Posse” tells the story of four kids who were trapped in New York City after a terrorist attack. In the spirit of “The Wizard of Oz,” they become a band of travelers (The Big Apple Posse) adding new friends as they try the flee the city and find their families. And by pooling all of their skills (computer, physical and common sense), they figure out what happened to the city and escape.

Twelve-year-old Amanda was dreading a boring afternoon at a Broadway theater, babysitting her ten-year-old brother Peter and watching her cousin Cindy perform the lead role in an Off-Broadway production of “Annie.” After the show, as they wait to be picked up in Cindy’s basement dressing room, something unimaginable happensâ??the theater, and perhaps the entire city, explodes above them! Armed with a laptop and backpacks, the terrified but determined tweens manage to escape through an old door in the men’s room and climb down a Prohibition-era stairway to the subway.

When they emerge, they are stunned to find an empty city where the streets are choked with abandoned cars and plagued by looters running wild. With Amanda leading the pack, the group dodges thieves and thugs, making their way to Grand Central Station, where there has been an explosion of white powder. What really happened? Is it a terrorist attack?

Determined to solve the mystery and reunite with their families, the tween posse quickly expands, adding characters they meet along their way: Mr. Garvain, a true New York eccentric; his sister Miss Virginia, proprietress of a costume wardrobe; Thibodeaux, a twelve-year-old New Orleans boy turned New York City rapper and clothing designer; and Auntie Tina, Thibodeaux’s guardian.

Amid the nonstop thrill-ride, the now expanded posse learn to trust each other, stay together and save the city they love.

“The Big Apple Posse,” written by Wendy R. Williams and illustrated by Sophie Escabasse, is the first in a series of three books, “The Big Apple Posse Trilogy,” which follow the posse in their journey from hapless victims to witnesses in the terror trial of the century. The second in the trilogy, “The Big Apple Posse: Escape From New Orleans,” was published in December of 2011 and is for sale at The third book, “The Big Apple Posse: Escape from Los Angeles” was published in August of 2012 and is also for sale at

Christian Bride, Muslim Mosque

by Paul Wiebe

Young rogue learns why his great-grandma, a fine old Christian woman who spent her last years stretched out on a cot in her daughter’s parlor all dolled up in a black dress and a little silk hat and giving off old lady smells, had been married in a mosque.

A Friend for Grandpa (Books for Children)

by Sherrie Giddens

The endearing story of a grandfather and his grandson capture the need for relationships between the older and the younger generations. A rescued pet adds a little twist to the story while reinforcing that love does not have an expiration date and that life should be valued.

Many families live in multigenerational homes. It can be a difficult transition for everyone. When Michael’s grandpa moves in with Michael and his mother it is a time of change for everyone. Michael sets out to find a friend for Grandpa. Will it be a parrot a penguin, or maybe a lion?

Girl and the Humongous Cake

by Manju Studio

A book about a girl and a humongous cake.

Authors note: Great bedtime story for kids. Contains colorful graphics, funny images, and a good lesson about following your dreams.

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The Orphanage (The adventures of Abigail Crane)

by Amy Crowe

Having lost her parents in separate car accidents, Abigail Crane’s life becomes a whirlpool of emotions that are challenged at an orphanage in Charleston, South Carolina. She discovers in this whirlpool, a dark secret that her mother kept hidden from her. In this compelling story of good versus evil emotions, the debut author, A.E. Crowe, portrays the story of a young girl growing up in the South trying to hang on to Southern traditional manners while battling conflicting inner values influenced by the environment at the orphanage.


Brothers of Fire and Rain (The Weather Brothers # 1)

by Julius St. Clair

Benjamin and Samuel Matthews are two joke-cracking brothers that specialize in one thing: taking down the most powerful beings on Earth.

Armed with their own documentary crew and incredible powers that are tied to the climate and time of day, they are setting their sights on their latest opponent, one that even Champion, Earth’s greatest hero couldn’t defeat!

Charlie Rabbit Goes Pony Riding (Charlie Rabbit’s Adventures)

by Ian Davies

Charlie Rabbit Goes Pony Riding – A short story suitable for bedtime reading.

From the author of a 2012 #1 Bestseller in Kindle store in both Short Story Collections & Children’s Short Stories ‘Charlie Rabbit The Easter Bunny’.

It was a beautiful sunny day as Charlie walked through the very pretty New Forest around his house.

He was enjoying the warmth of the sun on his little furry face as he skipped along past the holly bushes that were still covered in bright red berries.

“They look so pretty with the sun shining on them” said Charlie. “I bet the birds will soon come and eat those!” . ……………………………………………………………………………

Other books in the Charlie Rabbit’s Adventures series include:

Charlie Rabbit Discovers Christmas Day

Charlie Rabbit and the “Haunted House”

Charlie Rabbit Goes Fishing

Charlie Rabbit the Easter Bunny

Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Seaside

Charlie Rabbit – Train To Funtown Park

Charlie Rabbit Goes To The Zoo

The Last Warrior Elephant & Other Stories

by Shixi Shen

Ar-Suo was a warrior elephant that fought with his elephant army against the Japanese invaders in Xishuangbanna, China. But in that battle, his fellow elephants died, and he alone lived among the humans. Find out what happens to Ar-Suo after the battle and where his final journey will take him.

This book contains five more award-winning stories based on true stories about a man’s experience with animals in rural China. They’ll warm your heart with the close relationships between the human beings and the animals. They explore the depths of animal emotion and behavior, bringing the personalities of crows, elephants, monkeys, and more to life.


by Elfie Donnelly

11 year old Tina’s parents will divorce each other. This comes as a shock to Tina and her brother. And not enough that the parents fight – now the children shall decide with whom they want to live.
That’s impossible – and get’s worse as Dad takes matters into his own hands.

The Bogle of Bump

by Rob Walters

The Bogle of Bump is a good old children’s tale in rhyme. It has all the traditional ingredients including a wicked witch, a blind fairy, a sad creature called the bogle and brave children. It is nicely illustrated by Liz Worsley and has a very happy ending. Suitable for reading to any age and reading by 6+.

Three Hidden Chicks – A Bedtime Story

by Carol Hanrahan

In this delightful short story for young children, three cousins try to sneak little chicks upstairs into bed with them. Will they be successful or will they get caught?

A Wild Ride – a bedtime story

by Carol Hanrahan

Three little cousins go for a wild horseback ride. Share their excitement as they try to say on!

Making Up Mischief – a children’s story

by Carol Hanrahan

When their aunts ask them to “do their hair and makeup”, Sarah and Carol go a little wild. Ssssh, you see, their aunts fell asleep. What will happen when they wake up and find they look like clowns?

Angel Bear Santa’s Guiding Light

by Gale Trumbeaux

On a dark and stormy night, Angel Bear is Santa’s guiding light

Children’s Book: Daddy swallowed a Hedgehog (funny bedtime story collection)

by Yonit Werber

Noam and Maya love hearing bedtime stories, but the prickly goodnight kisses from Dadâ?¦ Oooh, how they tickle!

In this humorous and well-illustrated bedtime story for children, Maya and Noam find it hard to believe in Dad’s story. He tells them that he has a prickly chin because heâ?¦ swallowed a hedgehog! Nooo, giggle the kids, it can’t be true! But then why else would Dad be prickly every evening?

Join Noam and Maya at bedtime with their Dad. Prepare to laugh, prepare to be surprised, and prepare to fall asleep with a smile, to one of the most beautiful bedtime stories you’ll ever read.

Grayson’s Fun Adventures

by Janai Lowenstein

Preschool – K. The magic box with costumes in Grayson’s Fun Adventures delights children. A boy finds himself inside a new costume every day which leads him through many ways of exploring what it is like to be in different roles. He discovers through his imagination that he can be whatever he wants to be in life. This book is a fantastic self-esteem builder.

Author, Janai Lowenstein, is known for her very fun approach in teaching children about themselves. As a pioneer and advocate for 38 years, focusing on children’s rights to learn self-help skills at an early age, Janai has produced award-winning television kids’ programs and been awarded by the State of Oregon for her prevention programs for young children. She is an Instructor at University of Oregon and Southern Oregon University. And a hoot of a Grandma!


by Nathan Krumesz

A motivating story of a twin brother making mistakes in life which eventually poured out onto his brother. But he does something so remarkable for his brother that his brother can only be so thankful and proud of him. A sad and emotionally provoking story that will definitely have you in tears. A shocking ending that will have you emotionally torn to pieces.

Minecraft (The Ultimate Players Guide To Minecraft)

by Ultimate App Guidebooks

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“The resources are absolutely worth the investment alone…if you love this game this resource is absolutely indispensable! Thanks for this awesome guide!”

“There’s some great advice with some amazing tips and hacks to advance. There’s some resources at the end with videos and articles which is absolutely indispensable! Overall a valuable guide!”

Love playing Minecraft but feel you’re not getting the most from the game? In “Minecraft – The Ultimate Players Guide To Minecraft” you’re about to discoverâ?¦

– Tips, tricks and cheats for MInecraft that all beginners should know about?

– The most common mistakes Minecraft players make and how to avoid them?

– All your frequently asked questions about Minecraft modifications, how to install them on your PC, where to find the best ones, and so much more.

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– And so, so much more.

Although there may be other Minecraft guide books out there, this is the most comprehensive of them all. Packed with a wealth of resources, cheats, tips and tricks this is one kindle book you’ll keep coming back to again and again.

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Santa and Friends

by Gale Trumbeaux

Santa and his Teddy Bear elves prepare for Christman.

The Story of Christmas Time

by Leonard Little

When Christmas Time…the youngest daughter of Father Time and Mother Nature falls in love, her spoiled older sister, Mary trick’s her into becoming a tree. Nicolas–Christy’s fiance– only has until New Years Day to find a way to change her back or she’ll have to remain a tree forever.

THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS TIME is a new twist on the old story of Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas.

The Talking Christmas Tree

by Sandra Chapp

A delightful intriguing children’s story about a talking Christmas tree. What is life like for an artifical tree that spends most of the year hibernating in the attic and is only brought out after Thanksgiving?

This little tree makes the most of his “shine time” during the holiday season. Find out what he is thinking and how he feels about the holidays by reading his story. The book also includes an activity section filled with Christmas games and coloring pages. A great Christmas story for children of all ages.

The Boy And The Rock/I Sat On An Ice Cream Sandwich

by T. W. Fuller

Two poems by T. W. Fuller. Save money by purchasing both poems together!

The first is “The Boy And The Rock”: Set in the rhythmic style and tone of a Shel Silverstein story, “The Boy And The Rock” is a poetic lesson in stubbornness taken to an exaggerated extreme. Starting out with a young boy venturing from point “A” to point “B”, he suddenly encounters a rather large rock that will not move out of his way so he can move along his journey. Neither the boy, nor the rock, will move out of the others way, creating a stale-mate that will last for many years as the young boy grows older, and grows more stubborn and more determined to stand his ground. And the rock, as well, in its own stubbornness, is weathered down over that long stretch of time, to the size of a pebble.

“The Boy And The Rock” teaches children how foolish being stubborn really is and how being stubborn for a very long time literally wastes and whittles away one’s life to the point of nothingness. At the end, the reader is left with an important question to answer and an even more important decision to make. Namely – what is actually gained in being so stubborn? And, has it been worth the time involved to be so stubborn?

The second poem is “I Sat On An Ice Cream Sandwich”: Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone owns up TO those mistakes. “I Sat On An Ice Cream Sandwich” delves into the inner conscience of one girl as she struggles to find the courage to own up to a mistake she absentmindedly made which caused another girl to suffer humiliation and embarrassment. Will either girl find a happy ending to this sticky situation?

A Christmas Carol (Enriched Classics)

by Charles Dickens

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,” said the Spirit. “Look upon me!”

The holiday season brings the chance to give, and what better gift is there than one of the most beloved stories in the English language? This year, we at Atria Books are offering a free ebook edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the perfect companion for a cozy night by the fire.

Since its publication in 1843, A Christmas Carol and the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge have become literary classics. Illuminated with practical scholarship and questions for discussion, this edition makes a charming package that includes the facts behind the fiction, as well as the pure joy and magic of this timeless tale about the true meaning of Christmas.

The End to the Finish

by AD Proca

This is the exceptional adventure of a 12 year old Earthling that has to go through intense training and learning, fight a war that he does not understand, make comrades with all kinds of weird creatures, travel through different worlds and times, all these to find out if he is indeed the *Chosen One*, the hero who is expected to fulfill the ancient prophecy.

Jokes for Smart Kids: Best Jokes Ever!

by Angel Giggly

Kids love Jokes! Now this all new collection of jokes will also have them thinking smart!

My pet parrot died in math class.

That’s sad.

Yes, polygon.

You can be so obtuse sometimes.

Encouraging kids to think and develop rapport; with just a touch of silliness thrown in for some laughs and groans!

From simple puns to the subtle and witty – this book will help your kids sharpen their English, speech and social skills; get Jokes for Smart Kids and be smart!

The Lucky Little Labrador: Lucky’s Christmas Miracle — A Bedtime Story with 15 PUPPY PICTURES! for Ages 6-9 (Little Readers)

by C.J. Smiles

A wonderful, heartwarming tale for young readers with FIFTEEN PICTURES of everyone’s favorite Labrador puppy!

This is a CHAPTER BOOK for early readers, perfect for ages 6-9 (or younger, if read together with a parent).

Comes with vocabulary word list, to encourage kids to improve reading skills on their own. Pictures at the beginning of each chapter make it a fun book to read! A great Christmas bedtime story.

Lucky’s family loves Christmas, but he doesn’t like it one bit! Ho, ho, ho… or BAH, HUMBUG? But when Lucky decides to take matters into his own hands, he learns an important lesson about Christmas — and, who knows, he might just end up saving the day!

This book comes with LOTS of laughs, and fifteen adorable puppy pictures! Merry Christmas!

McCafferty the Mule (Animal Shenanigans)

by CW Piper

A story about a mule living in the West of Ireland. The book tells about McCafferty the Mule, and where the field where he lives a happy life, in the beautiful countryside. Learn about some Irish phrases, as well as what McCafferty likes to get up to when his Master has gone to bed!

A Small Silent Ordeal

by Larry Kimmel

“A Small Silent Ordeal” takes place in the coal region of southwestern Pennsylvania in the 1950’s. It is a book of courage and action. Michael, its teen hero, blames himself for his friend Daniel’s crushed leg, because his courage failed him the day of the accident at an abandoned mine shaft. Alfie, his arch rival, supports this view. Through a series of encounters — a stranger, who talks a down-to-earth brand of “metaphysics:” the healing of a dog’s gunshot wound by the laying on of hands; an unexpected outcome from a visit to Daniel; Michael’s cousin, Kate’s, snakebite, and the crookedbacked mine pensioner, who administers her first aid; a dangerous climb on a waterfall; and finally a coded message left behind by the mysterious stranger — through these encounters, Michael learns the uselessness of guilt and the rudiments of courage.

Hide Alex Hide (Alex, Dragon & Spider)

by Natalie Finnigan

Alex is a very ordinary little boy, so why is he hiding under his bed and who are the creatures searching everywhere to find him?

“Hide Alex, HIDE!!” is the first in a series of books following Alex and his friends in their adventures.

Jacy Meets Betsy (Jacy’s Search For Jesus Book 2)

by Carol Edwards

It has been a year since a terrible storm separated Jacy and his mother. Jacy is still in the forest where he continues his search for his mother and Jesus. His path crosses with a strange looking bunny named Betsy and a wonderful friendship soons develops between the two. Join Jacy again in his search and see everyday life lessons learned, as Jacy and Betsy amuse and delight you in this second book of the series.

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