Free literary fiction Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

Obnoxious Laugh Tracks

by Jill Boger

A collection of short stories and text-based images focused on the (primarily romantic) lives of young adults. Some are break up stories and others involve getting into a new relationship.

Adventures in the WasteLand

by EV

Prague. Budapest. Salzburg. Hollywood. San Francisco. Shanghai. Hong Kongâ?¦

Adventures in the WasteLand is a global literary epic of the 21st century. The story chronicles the earthly travails of a modern American nomad turned United Nations security operative who has become embroiled in a very mysterious circumstance. Along the path emerge a bevy of living, transnational characters who catapult the quest forward in a startling display of intrigue and dire whimsy that continually teeters between the viscera of action and the inner contemplation of a classic Western antihero mired in a conundrum well beyond his grasp.

* “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas vs. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy vs. James â??007′ Bond!”

-The Peaceful Ghost of Hunter S. Thompson

* “Vonnegut-esque!”

-G. Minahan

Symphony of Stories

by Norman Weeks

Sick and tired of Christmas carols, the same old songs over and over again? What you need are some new tunes.

How about twenty-two brand new literary melodies in a SYMPHONY OF STORIES? No references to Christmas there at all. But you can still give yourself this Kindle eBook present.

The word-music of the stories is put into the form and framework of a symphony. First, an Andante, the going-along, the sequence of events that make up a narrative. Then, an Adagio, which is the tragic and a Scherzo, the comic. The literary symphony concludes with an Allegro, the triumph.

The themes of the stories are some of the most basic: Longing for love, finding love, suffering disappointment in love, and losing love. Sex as farce. Ambition and the frustration of ambition. Art, music, literature, and our electronic techno-culture. The individual in society. The sane, the insane, and doubts about which is which. In all, the wondrous course of the experience of human life.

Not for the kiddies, SYMPHONY OF STORIES is adult entertainment. Stories moral, immoral, and amoral. What else would you expect of stories in which some of the main characters are Death, the goddess Venus, and Almighty God?

The Barbarians

by Anthony Chapman

A novel in dramatic form.

Set in small-town Ireland, The Barbarians tells the story of Frank Moran, Z-movie actor, returned home for his father’s funeral. Staying on to settle his father’s estate, Frank tries to reconnect with some old friends, but discovers some old rivalries. After a one-night-stand with the wrong woman, Frank begins trying to redeem himself, in his own eyes, but he has already set in motion the events that will lead to his murder.

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