Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

Hiding the Past (The Forensic Genealogist #1)

by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

Peter Coldrick had no past; that was the conclusion drawn by years of personal and professional research. Then he employed the services of one Morton Farrier, Forensic Genealogist – a stubborn, determined man who uses whatever means necessary to uncover the past. With the Coldrick Case, Morton faces his toughest and most dangerous assignment yet, where all of his investigative and genealogical skills are put to the test. However, others are also interested in the Coldrick family, people who will stop at nothing, including murder, to hide the past. As Morton begins to unearth his client’s mysterious past, he is forced to confront his own family’s dark history, a history which he knows little about.

Cool Heat: (Action-Packed Crime-Thriller: Book1: The Heat Series)

by Richter Watkins

From Richter Watkins: The best selling author of The Murder Option comes the fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, crime-thriller, Cool Heat. 

Praise for Cool Heat:
This book is thrilling from the very first page. A real keeper!” Moly Tilden 

“The twists and turns in this story kept me on the edge of my seat.” Hank Peters

“A true thriller.” Georgia Review

“The characters are quirky yet completely believable. Watkins has written another hit.” Selinsgrove Star 


The former DA’s investigator is on a one-woman crusade against the most powerful and dangerous mogul in the Lake Tahoe Sierras. Her crusade will propel her into a deadly underground battle involving a former border patrol agent who can’t seem to resist her, a highly imaginative hit man, and a brilliant prostitute with revenge on her mind. 

Bad Reputation (Agent Juliet #4)

by E. M. Smith

WARNING: This Agent Juliet story includes content that might be disturbing to some readers.

Someone in NOC-Unit betrayed Jamie and Bravo. Now they’re trapped in a sweatbox in the South American jungle.

While Jamie and Bravo fight to survive, the past unfolds through the eyes of the mysterious Mina. Who is she and how does she factor into the NOC-Unit boys’ fate?

BAD REPUTATION is the fourth installment of the Agent Juliet series. It’s recommended that you read the previous three stories for maximum enjoyment. In order, the previous stories are BAD DECISIONS, BAD INFLUENCES, and BAD ENVIRONMENT.

The Infinite Library (The Infinite Trilogy)

by Kane X. Faucher

Follow Alberto Gimaldi, code-cracker and bibliophile, as he unravels the mystery of an infinite library and discovers the treachery of the librarian Castellemare. What is the hidden plot of the library, and how will this impossible place set into motion a catastrophic narrative by the artful textual manipulation of unwitting agents in the real world? What is the buried and secret connection between all text and all life? A novel of dark mystery, infinity, and a compelling story for all those who love books and book-related enigmas. Codes, ciphers, and the sinister await those who would set foot inside the Infinite Library.

Ultimate Deception (Ultimate Jensen Novels)

by John Mitchell

When an imminent, mass-scale terrorist attack is uncovered, former DELTA Force officer Major Paul Jensen and the Joint Special Operations Command know that they are all that stand between the deadly attacks and innocent Americans. But what he doesn’t know is the mission’s cost, the terrorist’s deception, and why he is haunted by love lost.

Across the dark waters of the Strait of Malacca between Indonesia and Malaysia, a massive plot is birthed by an evil alliance, involving Al Qaeda, Iran and North Korea, to attack the Western United States with biological and chemical weapons The alliance employs the Abu Sayyaf, ruthless Southeast Asian guerillas, to smuggle the deadly agents into Al Qaeda cells in the United States.

Only the sharp eye and quick reaction of Rachel Dawson, a Reaper drone pilot in the CIA’s Special Operations Group flying surveillance missions, catches the suspicious Malacca rendezvous. The Agency intel develops into an imminent, priority-level-five threat to national security.

When Jensen, former DELTA officer and now liaison with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to Joint Special Operations Command, takes command of Operation Southern Fury, he and the JSOC Quick Reaction Force are all that stand between the deadly terrorist plot, and not only hundreds of thousands of lives, but the fragile national economy and the continuation of the American way of life.

But can Jensen stop the threat before it reaches the United States, and at what cost? Does he understand the whole picture, or will he fall prey to the ultimate deception?

Ultimate Deception, the first in the Ultimate Jensen Series, is a page turning thriller filled with non-stop suspense, intrigue and action. Behind the action packed scenes in exotic and spectacular settings across Southeast Asia and the Pacific Northwest, an international political thriller unfolds with the complexities and unpredictability of real-to-life drama.

John Mitchell offers free e-books for life to the first 200 Customer Reviews posted for each book. Email author for more information.

The Possession Factor

by Laurence Edwards

Steve’s house is trashed and his van burnt out. The police put it down to a random act of vandalism but the attacks continue and the violence escalates. His troubles seem to stem from a moment in time when, on impulse, he intervened to protect a woman he hardly knew from her violent ex husband. After continued investigation, the list of potential culprits grows and Steve becomes convinced that there is a planned and sinister motive behind the attacks. His life and the lives of people that are close to him are put at risk as he struggles to discover the true identity of his persecutor.

Parson’s End

by Adam Hainline

Robert Oakhurst and his identical twin brother, Andrew, have never seen eye-to-eye. Robert has always tolerated Andrew’s underachievement, disappointment, and embarrassment, until the summer 1995. That summer Robert tags along with Andrew on an unexpected road trip, planning on protecting Andrew from himself, but instead learns Andrew’s disturbing secret. By the time they return they become bitter enemies. Andrew’s secret and destructive behavior eventually lands him in prison and Robert is haunted by the consequences of his brother’s actions.

Now, Robert has learned that Andrew’s body has been found in Parson’s End, a small town in the eastern desert of Utah, and he couldn’t be happier. The brother who had caused him so much sorrow is finally dead, and all he has to do is identify the body, and he can finally say good riddance to his no-good twin.

But as he enters Parson’s End, nothing is as it seems. It’s a deserted town with a dark secret, and Robert soon finds himself caught in a deadly game. The same game he fears Andrew was caught in. And his only chance to make it out alive is to finally face the demons of his past.

Day of the Bone Thief

by Rick Mofina

DAY OF THE BONE THIEF is Rick Mofina’s largest anthology to date with 11 compelling tales of short crime fiction, featuring four stories gathered in one volume for the first time.

The collection starts with “Day of the Bone Thief”, a story of greed and calculation arising from Alberta’s badlands. It’s followed by “Innocent Victim”, the case of a woman overwhelmed with guilt over an unbelievable tragedy. In “Go For Broke”, two strangers, desperate for different reasons, come together in small town. In the next tale, “They Always Came at Night”, an aging man reflects on the majestic beauty of his remote cabin and the secret events that took place there.

DAY OF THE BONE THIEF also includes the gripping stories found in Rick Mofina’s two earlier collections, DANGEROUS WOMEN & DESPERATE MEN and THREE TO THE HEART.

This 11-story anthology includes “Lightning Rider”, the winner of Canada’s top literary prize for crime fiction, the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, presented by the Crime Writers of Canada. Also included is “Backup”, a gut-wrenching story that was a finalist for a Best Short Story Award by The International Thriller Writers, and was short-listed for the Arthur Ellis Award.

With this collection, Rick Mofina provides his finest short pieces of crime fiction, heart-wrenching stories of people facing enormous odds.

Rick Mofina is a former crime reporter and the award-winning author of several acclaimed thrillers.

Penthouse magazine calls him, “one of the leading thriller writers of the day.” New York Times Bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen, says, “Rick Mofina’s tense taut writing makes every thriller he writes an adrenaline-packed ride.” His short stories have been selected for anthologies by Michael Connelly, Peter Robinson, Ed Gorman, the Mystery Writers of America and the United Kingdom’s, Crime Writers Association.

The International Thriller Writers, The Private Eye Writers of America and The Crime Writers of Canada have listed Rick Mofina’s titles as being among the best in the world.

His books have been published in some 20 countries and have been praised by James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffery Deaver, Sandra Brown, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Nick Stone, David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Linwood Barclay, Peter Robinson, HÃ¥kan Nesser and Kay Hooper. For more information please visit .

Exit Wounds

by Dixie Land

Five Stars! Dixie, Just finished reading EXIT WOUNDS. I loved it!!! I never suspected……… Eagerly awaiting your next!


There’s an old adage.if it seems too good to be true, it probably


Step into Silverton Heights, an elite bedroom community near

Charlotte, N.C., home to many up and coming young executives,

and home to Lisa and Steven York.

Throughout sixteen years of marriage, Lisa has considered her

life perfect. She idolizes her husband. Steven and their two

daughters are the center of her life. She’s contented working

behind the scenes helping him advance up the corporate ladder.

When their dream becomes a reality, an unexpected series of

events reveals a dark, disturbing side of Steven that ultimately

leads to the destruction of her marriage and the divided loyalty

of their daughters.

As her relationship with her eldest daughter deteriorates, her snobbish, domineering mother-in-law’s interference adds further to her

crumbling existence. Then, to Lisa’s horror, she learns that some exit wounds can be deadly! Land’s novel will captivate readers with realistic, complex characters, a finely hewn plot and engrossing prose that will keep book lovers turning pages.

The Grail Conspiracies: A science thriller of the mind (Technothrillers exploring supernormal human possibilities)

by Michael McGaulley

THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES: A science technothriller of the mindMichael McGaulley

At a concert in Berlin, simulcast around the world, Twisted Messiah, a nihilistic, destructive international rock group, calls on the world’s angry and alienated to regroup in a kind of world-wide quasi-political cult, under its leadership. Some journalists describe that concert as “a Nuremberg rally on steroids, updated to today’s mindset and technology.”

In Washington, a message arrives inviting Greg Tapscott to go immediately to La Rochelle, France, to learn, at last, the “truth” of what happened to his uncle, an OSS agent missing since World War II. The family has long been convinced that a government conspiracy has covered up the truth of what really happened to Paul Tapscott.

In La Rochelle-a thousand years ago the main Atlantic port of the legendary Knights Templar-Greg finds that his search makes him the target of Twisted Messiah’s private army.

Destructive riots each night demonstrate the movement’s potential, as the throngs chant, “We are the World’s Worst Nightmare!” and, “We are the Bringers of Destruction!” One newscast put it, “mobs to order, delivered where and whenever.”

The members of the Twisted Messiah inner cadre, like the core of the Nazi hierarchy, are occultists, obsessed with the Holy Grail and Knights Templar, alleged Guardians of the Grail.

After unraveling threads of competing conspiracies set up over the past thousand years, Greg uncovers the truth about his uncle: Paul Tapscott turned up what was “perhaps the real Holy Grail”-not the legendary cup, nor the supposed blood-line of Jesus suggested in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Rather, Paul Tapscott found what was “the deeper Grail, which was perhaps the most powerful force-or potential weapon-ever known.” 

Why is the private army of Twisted Messiah desperate to grab what Paul found, whatever it is? Why would a modern rock group have the same occult obsession as the Nazi leadership? What does this Grail, or power, mean to them? What terrors can they-the World’s Worst Nightmare, the Bringers of Destruction-wreak if it falls into their hands?

Why has the CIA suddenly emerged after years of silence? Was there in fact a government conspiracy relating to Paul and what he found? Why the 70-year cover-up . . . by Americans? How does it relate to today’s Inside-the-Beltway Washington political battles?

What if a Michael Crichton techno thriller had explored Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code turf? What if a science technothriller of the human mind cut through the conspiracies and disinformation of the traditional Grail legends to explore the hidden truth: the key to accessing a supernormal human power dormant within us all, a potential consistent with the findings of modern science in fields including quantum physics and the human mind?

THE GRAIL CONSPIRACIES: A science technothriller of the mind . . .  on a backdrop of today’s terrorist conspiracies

God Save the Cannibal

by Alexandra Russell

They couldn’t make me believe them no matter how hard they tried. They tried to convince me through words. When words failed, they tried to convince me through force. When force failed, they tried to convince me through death. The Asylum in which I resided was not my home. The house I left behind was not my home either. I’ve spent my lifetime finding out just where home really is.

My Life For Her

by Robert J Saniscalchi

My Life For Her is a critically acclaimed story about a Vietnam veteran who becomes a small town cop, and a cop who finds himself in the struggle of his life as he fights to save his family from the forces of evil. This book is not only an action-packed thriller, it is also a story of love, undying faith, drama and humanity. The new second edition is full of new exciting new details that add to the adventure.
Could you journey into the evil of this world, not knowing?
Life is unpredictable! How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Home Run

by Nicholas J Ordinans

Doug Preston returns to his home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula late one night to find his wife, Anne, missing without explanation. When threats and violence follow, Doug hires an inquiry agent. The only clue is that Anne apparently returned to England with a mysterious man named John Moore. Despite the danger to his own life Doug follows the trail to England where with the help of old army and police friends he comes close to solving the mystery of Anne’s disappearance.
Or does he? How many more twists can there be before Doug finally discovers the truth about Anne?

Sword of Justice (White Knight Series)

by Jude Chapman

Mixing action, adventure, mystery, and romance, Sword of Justice opens as Richard the Lionheart prepares to ascend the throne of England and soon thereafter, embark on a Crusade to the Holy Land.

Having recently been dubbed knights by King Richard at Winchester Cathedral, Drake fitzAlan and his brother Stephen are lavishly fêted in a tournament on the grounds of their father’s castle. But before he’s had a chance to test his manhood, Drake finds himself branded murderer and outlaw.

Rather than flee England to escape the gallows, Drake assumes a disguise that will allow him to hunt down those responsible for murdering men he’s known since childhood. His journey of discovery leads him on a trail of power, betrayal, and greed where the stakes are highâ??not only for him, his father, his brother, and his betrothedâ??but for the king of England as well.

Along the way, Drake must fend off bloodthirsty foes and handsome women using swords, fists, and romantic trysts. In the end, his wits more than his sword will help him protect his family, expose the villains, defend the king, and become the man he wants to be instead of boy he’s been up until now.

The first in the White Knight Series, Sword of Justice will carry you away to a time when legends were born.

The 3rd Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century (Immortal Holmes)

by Tony Richards

Sherlock Holmes didn’t die when he plunged down the Reichenbach Falls. He turned out to be unkillable, and is still with us to this very day, travelling the world and delving into all its most confounding cases. But these are not merely ordinary crimes â?¦ supernatural forces are at work. In “The Hunters and the Hunted” Holmes is confronted with a deadly insect swarm in Kenya â?¦ but what is directing the creatures toward their victims? In “Above the Boulevards” a powerful and mysterious vigilante is protecting women on the streets of Paris. And in “The Crimewave” Holmes is called back urgently to his beloved native London. And he no longer has Watson by his side â?¦ so here’s your chance to make the journey with him.

“I would read an entire novel of modern-day Holmes from Tony Richards” – Flames Rising.

“Richards is a master” – RT Book Reviews.

“A terrific author. A unique and eloquent voice” – John Pelan.

“Man, this guy can write. He has the power to introduce you all over again to the pleasures of reading good prose” – Ed Gorman.

“A master of the art” – Black Static magazine.

“An amazing voice” – James A. Moore.

“Always first-class” – Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tony Richards is the author of 7 novels from HarperCollins, Tor, and Pan Macmillan and has seen more than one hundred short stories in print, most of them in magazines like Isaac Asimov’s SF, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery, F&SF, Postscripts, Weird Tales and Cemetery Dance. He has been nominated for both the HWA Bram Stoker Award and the British Fantasy Award.

Sophia’s Red Dress

by CM Balfe

Many years had passed since the death of Sophia’s dear mother. However, thousands of miles away in a small town in France there were whispers about a frightening reality that had a surprising connection to Sophia’s mother’s death. Sophia and her long time friends find themselves in very unusual surroundings, and unforeseen and dangerous circumstances, centered around superstitions, spirits, and unexplained sightings. An eerie and terrifying spirit, of a long passed relative, Sophia’s namesake, turns a quiet holiday into a nightmare. The encounter, combined with a resilient bond of four friends, made stronger though their perseverance rally around Sophia to solve a few, although chilling, agonizing words heard on the death bed of her loving mother.


by david agam

SPYNET – The Cyber Drone

The quantum effect

MARK MOULIN, CEO of Moulin Enterprises, invents and builds the first prototype of the quantum computer with his son, FRANK. A Marine Drone having advanced technology not like anything else before taking us into the future of complex espionage no one is able to stop it. It’s about to change the rules. In a turn of events, Mark Moulin and his accusatives disappeared without a trace. The LZE Corporation and its most ruthless and lethal CEO, launched two satellites from the Sichuan Province in China. The Navy and Military came under cyber-attack.

TOM KITTRIDGE is the Commander of the French Secret Service in Lancelot, the home of the DGSE, near Langley, Virginia.

TOM KITTRIDGE, and his highly trained top operative, ALEXIA PALMER, go all in with an offensive operation. Their heroic adventures take place in the depth of the ocean, in the air, and in the heart of China. They unravel high-end political and military affairs, while setting new standards for the world intelligence communities.

“I don’t usually review books but I felt compelled to do this one. This book will be among the New York Times bestselling books.” Allen Reynolds

Cooper Collection 102 (Memories Are Made Of This)

by Bill Bernico

Elliott’s been asked to speak to Mrs. Lawrence’s high school class about writing and about his experiences as a private eye. That didn’t go as well as he might have hoped. He’s also on a hot case, but that doesn’t go as planned, either. This doesn’t seem to be his day, but then Lt. Anderson introduces Elliott to retired policeman, Joe Stein, who helps Elliott add a little life to his book about being a P.I. by relaying some of his own police tales. It was just what both men needed at this point in their lives.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 100 (The Cooper Retrospective)

by Bill Bernico

I just finished my 99th entry in the Cooper, P.I. series and it is available here on Amazon. This volume is for the Cooper fans who might like to follow along with a series index and description of all of those stories. In this volume you will also find some behind-the-scenes descriptions of how each story came to be, what was its inspiration and who inspired some of the characters you’ve been reading about. It also describes my writing history, beginning more than 30 years ago with my newspaper and magazine experiences. Here, in this one volume, is more than you’ll ever need to know about the creation and development of the series that features Matt Cooper, his son, Clay, Clay’s son, Elliott and Elliott’s wife, Gloria Cooper. Enjoy.

These are the 99 stories described in this volume:

01) It’s In The Bag

02) Petty Crimes

03) November Child

04) Welcome, Matt

05) The Reunion

06) Cold Cash

07) The Mother Goose Murders

08) The Condiment Killer

09) A Million To One

10) Little Matt

11) Find Her

12) Hard Bargain

13) The Case Of The Plates

14) Dead Ringer

15) The Stickup

16) You Can Bank On It

17) The Last Stop

18) Violence Is Golden

19) Surprise Package

20) The Big Sweep

21) The Home Sweet Homeless Murders

22) Guilty As Charged

23) All In The Families

24) Paper, Rock, Scissors

25) The Other Matt Cooper

26) Hit And Run

27) Officer Down

28) Double Trouble

29) Track Record

30) Love Finds Matt Cooper

31) The Plunge

32) Concrete And Clay

33) Top Of The World

34) ‘Til Death Do Us Part

35) Not On Your Life

36) One Bad Apple

37) Even In The Best Of Homes

38) Sgt. Cooper’s Lonely Hearts Club Frame

39) The Clay Cooper Cop Killer Caper

40) Beatlemaniac

41) End Of An Era

42) Cooper Generations

43) The Cooper Back-Story

44) Clay Cooper, Panhandler

45) Cooper And Partner

46) Mutiny On A Bounty

47) Witness Protection

48) Justice Delayed

59) Two For One

50) He Put The ‘ick’ In Buick

51) Revenge Never Expires

52) Head Shot

53) A Passage From The Bible

54) Come Fly With Me

55) If Dogs Could Talk

56) Trapped Like A Rat

57) Paydirt

58) Take The Money And Run

59) Fresh-Faced Kid

60) You Ought To Be In Pictures

61) Noel

62) Classified Iinformation

63) Heart Condition

64) Reese’s Peace

65) The Best Offense

66) Jack The Stripper

67) Room For One Less

68) The Glowing Corpse

69) All The Write Moves

70) Dead Letter

71) Playing The Rolls

72) Life Is Boring

73) Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Murder

74) The Family That Preys Together

75) Next

76) Change Of Heart

77) Road To Nowhere

78) I See You

79) Single File

80) Home, Home Within Range

81) Nothing To Sneeze At

82) Your Place Or Mine

83) Stand-In For Murder

84) Auction

85) Nut Job

86) The Next Great Adventure

87) The Friendly Skies

88) The Not-So-Private Eyes

89) The Hollister Story

90) Hell Is Other People

91) By Hooker By Crook

92) Separated At Birth

93) Bleeding Heart

94) Baby Steps

95) That First Step

96) Oscar Night

97) Second Chance

98) California Or Bust

99) It’s Worth A Shot

Cooper Collection 110 (A Really Good Friend)

by Bill Bernico

It’s been said that a good friend will help you move but a really good friend will help you move a body. That’s the test of friendship as Lieutenant Eric Anderson of the L.A.P.D. calls his friend, private eye Elliott Cooper for help moving the body of a call girl who died while spending time with him in a motel room. Cops are suppose to be above reproach. I guess not.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 105 (No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service)

by Bill Bernico

Gloria has her baby in this episode and decides she wants to be a stay-at-home mom. Elliott needs a replacement at the investigations office, so he hires a retired cop to join him. Meanwhile, he’s hired by the daughter of a rich industrialilst to find her boyfriend who would have left her holding the bag, only he took the bag himself…and it was full of money. Let’s see how this new guy works out.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Cooper Collection 101 (Mention My Name In Sheboygan)

by Bill Bernico

In this installment we find two familiar characters from story #98, “California or Bust.” Pickpockets Rob and Eileen are back and want to hire Elliott to go back to Sheboygan, Wisconsin and find the punks that robbed them of their ill-gotten gain and who shot their partner, Chuck. Rob also wants Elliott to bring Chuck back to California with him. What could these criminals be cooking up next?

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

The Confession (Ring Series 6)

by Ben Rhodes

The question: What would you do if someone gave you an ultimatum, confess to a killing or your entire family will be killed.
The question is simple. Dan’s problem is determining if it really happened or if it’s just a highly imaginative tale to get out of prison. That in itself is difficult enough, but if the man is telling the truth, his family is in danger. If the wrong person finds out Dan is looking into it, there might be more murders.
To provide him just a little help, the FBI sends him an agent right out of training, by herself. Investigating admitted killers is not high on the priority tree and they have some real investigations to complete.

Earl’s Sundries

by Ryan Masters

After a seriously bad day Jonathan Buxton decided to toss it all behind him and head out for greener pastures. In this short story thriller by Ryan Masters we follow along with Mr. Buxton as he stops at a small general store to buy a cold beverage. No one could not have predicted how his life would change on that warm day in Big Bone, Kentucky.

An Expendable Spy

by Tom Greer

Jack Tate wants his old life back. Five years earlier he’d been shunted out of MI6 and into a British Intelligence backwater, where instead of running high level East German agents he’s reduced to snooping night after night on trade unionists and minor public officials…none of whom he believes are a particular threat to The State.

But now he’s been offered a way back into the Service. His superiors are willing to sanction his return to MI6 field operations on one condition; that he proves himself worthy by tracking down and eliminating the leadership of a Moscow funded terrorist group and exposing the identity of their KGB handler.

Undercover and working alone Tate knows he’s vulnerable. He knows he’ll have to kill if he doesn’t wish to end up dead himself. And he’s also beginning to realize that events and rivalries are conspiring against him and that time isn’t on his side.

Gritty yet hauntingly evocative, An Expendable Spy is a classic Cold War tale, set in the late nineteen seventies, that twists and turns from the canals and seedy bars of Amsterdam to the grim backstreets of London to the wilds of the English countryside…always keeping the reader guessing.

For The Love Of Honey (Simon Grant Mysteries)

by Mira Kolar-Brown

Is the death of a policeman’s wife in any way related to the death of a retired gynaecologist just a few days earlier? Or, was the gynaecologist’s death an accident and someone later used the same MO to confuse the situation?

DI Simon Grant would have had his work cut out for him even if it wasn’t for the uncomfortable fact that it is all happening practically on his doorstep, that one of the victims is a member of his extended family and the other one the wife of a colleague.

Involvement of the Secret Service threatens to render the case unsolvable.

I Tried to be Good

by John Cunningham

Robert Stone is the product of a broken home and abusive upbringing. After endearing himself to the wrong kind of people through a craving for acceptance in his youth, he starts to desire a more peaceful life seeing the benefits a more normal existence would bring. His friend Fergie however, has other plans. Knowing his friends talent in physical situations he desires his assistance as he attempts to takeover the criminal underworld. Robert is stuck in an awkward position as his inexperience in any form of work other than security means he struggles to find employment elsewhere. At that point Fergie’s money becomes very seductive to him and could just prove his demise.


by Goura Fotadar

Extreme Experimental Spiritual writings on pain, loss, rebirth, self-protection, and Light.

Lycan unto a Gypsy

by Cynthia Woods

Pursued by Keya’s attackers, Cami and her best friend set out on a race to Keya’s hometown of Greenvale. Her arrival stirs up trouble with the local sheriff, Keya’s older brother, who she later discovers is actually an Alpha werewolf.

Cami finds herself at the center of a plot by the Stafford pack to locate the Bluewater Stone in order to overthrow Khen and unite the packs against humans. Learning to trust the doctor who rescued her, Hank Stafford, may be the only way for Cami to discover the truth about herself, the vivid dreams of her Gypsy mother, and her connection to the Bluewater Stone.

The fate of three packs now rests on Cami’s ability to accept both sides of her unique heritage. Will she be able to solve the mystery in time to prevent the deaths of everyone she loves? Or will she suffer the same fate as her mother?

Broken Bottle: A Story of Crime and Punishment

by Owen Carlysle

Owen Carlysle’s profound sense of place and character pervades this story of inmates struggling to get through their days. What motivates a man whose freedom is compromised?

Warning: This ebook contains disturbing imagery and coarse language. It is intended for mature readers.

Here is a preview:

We returned to the jail around four-thirty in the afternoon, covered with dust and sweat and desperate for showers. The deputies lined us up, gave us a cursory search, and sent us to the dormitory. I walked in line behind Toby and in front of Alex, an asshole of a man, a squirrelly and girlish kind of a man, a prick who took every opportunity there was to point out that he was dropped off and picked up by a secretary, his secretary, his secretary who worked for him, his secretary who worked for him at his company. The man was so damned intent on making sure everyone knew he was a professional, a business owner who was far and above the other prisoners; and it always made me happy when we checked in or checked out and the deputy handling the wristbands called him Inmate French. As always, Alex called me stupid for smuggling anything in, told me I was risking too much. They’d revoke my weekend privileges. They’d eliminate my good behavior. As far as I was concerned, he didn’t deserve to be educated but I did feel a bit of vindication when Toby told him he should shut up unless he wanted to thank me.

Stranger in the Pulpit (The Stranger Series)

by Bryan Powell

Chase Newton, an investigative reporter with the Beaumont Observer, finds himself caught in an international conspiracy. In his quest for the truth behind who Pastor T. J. Richards really is, he found the truth he had been searching for all his life.

Sitting at the table in the kitchen drinking coffee from a mug, Chase studied the Document. Actually, it was more than a single sheet of paper. It was many sheets of paper, all saying basically the same thing: that nearly half of the United States of America would no longer be under its jurisdiction.

If this transaction takes place, millions of Americans will wake up tomorrow no longer Americans. Chase could see in his mind’s eye that something even bigger was afoot.

They have to be stopped! But how? Should I destroy the Document? Would that stop the Order?

Chase’s life, and the lives of those around him, hung by a thread. Armed with a cigarette lighter and the Document, Chase was prepared to face whatever awaited him.

Charles (Hades’ Heir)

by Adrian Scott

A gambler and a dueler, Charles de Montfort seems to be a chosen one. Unusual fortune with the cards, as well as with the ladies and the pistols, abounds. It’s as though Satan himself watches over Charles. Could that be his secret? Does he have the luck of the devil with him?

A hidden doorway and an old family pact haunt his life, even after his marriage to Rachelle de Leay. Can he keep his secrets hidden long enough for her to provide what is needed, what is demanded of him by his master?

House Nation.

by Pat Hendersen

The Pat W Hendersen Trilogy

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