Free science fiction Kindle books for 08 Dec 13


by Christine Gardner

Patric lives in Thrallia, in 2493, a modern city protected from the scorching sun and unbearable conditions of the outside world. An historian, he has heard of a people called the Moles, who once lived in an underground city nearby, but doesn’t believe they actually existed. Then his friend Derek discovers a strange girl imprisoned in the quarter where the Supers, rulers of Thrallia, live.

Sanctuary is a sci-fi novel for young adults, telling the story of two very different civilizations in the year 2493 AD. The Thrallians are descended from mainstream society; they have blended all racial differences and are bred in laboratories in order to guarantee all citizens will uphold peace and harmony in Thrallia.

The Centrals are descended from the street kids of the 20th century, who lived in the underground subways. They live on whatever they can forage and their society is primitive in comparison with that of Thrallia.

There is very little interaction between the two societies and most of the Thrallians are not aware of the Centrals’ existence.

Midnight Flowers and other impossible creatures

by Iago Reymondez

Three short stories which deal with themes of darkness, confusion, and what lies ahead. In these pages a number of creatures who can’t exist draw life from possibility to become a permanent puppy, a schizophrenic squid, and an amnesiac woman with a tail of fire.

Etta and The Tin Horse

by Marie Nelson

Albia is at war. Queen Victoria has ordered the country be protected from the ever-encroaching threat of the Genghis Khan. Etta arrives at a lonely outpost to care for the soldiers, knowing nothing of the strange, small, damp country she has been sent to, but when she meets Edgar Fairweather, a battle of wits commences that will change her life forever.

The Library

by Josh Hilden

In this novella five friends enter an abandoned library in the city of Detroit and find themselves unable to leave.

The Magentas: Battle for Procyon 9

by necole rogers

It’s the Year 2074 and Earth has suffered Greatly because of the Great Demise. Food Shortages,Starvation and lawlessness engulf the planet.Police and the armed forces are now a force for hire for the wealthy few.The Powerful rich hoard food and supplies acquired at the beginning of the onslaught. Personal armed guards and military, protect compounds constructed for the wealthy with sky high Iron gates.The governments of the world are forced to sell off assets,land and Space technology .Two Cousins,Dr. Atlas Stone and Dr. Daniel Thompson are the richest men on the planet.

Multitrillionaires,they have acquired the assets sold by countries all over the world. Dr.Stone owns Space Explorations Inc.and Dr. Thompson owns Interstellar Solutions Inc. Both own Aerospace companies that also specialize in weaponry and Agriculture.Dr.Stone has a Biotechnology division as well. In a Joint Effort, The two Cousins discover two Earth like Planets.Twin Planets situated perfectly in the Goldilocks zone of their Star Procyon,in the Milky Way Galaxy.Desperate to escape the deprivation of earth,Rovers were sent to each planet. What is discovered are perfect Human friendly conditions and plant and Intelligent life forms. An amazingly beautiful human like species with incomprehensible abilities. Long flowing magenta colored hair and eyes with hints of gold blend cohesively with their toffee colored skin tone.

The first human inhabitants bond with the powerful beings on Procyon 5 and flourish there. A different turn of events envelops Procyon 9’s human and terrestrial inhabitants. Two handsome,powerful,cousins with two very different objectives for Procyon 5 and Procyon 9 face off.Two Earth like planets with two extremely different beginnings are threatened by, domination,deception and exploitation. The Battle for Procyon 9 is at hand…

The Last Christmas

by Jacqueline Druga

Christmas is a time for miracles. Sometimes it is the only day we believe that miracles can actually come true. Imagine wishing for that Christmas magic, when circumstances are so very dire.

The Last Christmas gives you three stories of Christmas in a very different time â?¦ the end times.


A father thinks only of his family and strives to provide one last Christmas full of life in a world full of the undead.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Following a global climate event, a woman struggles against the elements to get her child to safety by Christmas.

The Last Day

Father Daniel confronts his faith when mankind faces a rogue planet destined to strike earth on Christmas Day.

Schlock! Webzine Vol 5 Issue 18

by Phoebe LaPlume

This week we have A Step Ahead by Phoebe LaPlume, a tale of abuse and revenge. That’s followed by the first installment in Gary Murphy’s 61st of September, a future tale of worm-riddled dystopia. Next is Daniel Davis’ The Litter, another story of troubled families and terrible vengeance. Then Kevin L Jones’ Androids Attack; an army of experimental soldiers takes command of its own destiny.

The Days of Mr Thomas returns next week, while the story of The Thrall o’ Love continues. In Cut, Sam-I-Am has a new follower. In The Caves of Mars, the Empress speaks her mind. In The Airlords of Han the Americans attack the Han city. And in The People That Time Forgot there’s a joyous reunion.

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