Free science Kindle books for 08 Dec 13

Historic aviation inventions, antique aeronautics aircraft and airships illustrations, steampunk industrial art designs collection (Real authentic steampunk art designs collection)

by Libero Photo Books

Historic aviation inventions
Antique aeronautics aircraft and airships illustrations
Steampunk industrial art designs illustrated
Collection of weird aviation ideas and designs

Brittany: between ocean and sky (Travel novels)

by Dario Giardi

Wide sandy beaches, picturesque harbors and rocky coves, the ancient folklore and legendary beauty. All this is Brittany. Land of magic and mystery, rich in colors and traditions, historical treasures and exciting natural sites. A tale of travel between the ocean and the sky full of poetry, art and fascination.

Reverse Math Flip Book

by Curtis Elmore

Reverse Math Flip Book is an expanded explanation of the latest mathematical models for multiplication which make math easier, faster, and more accurate by eliminating the confusing middle product, eliminating carried numbers, and consolidating all the addition in the last step. This method is far superior to the method in wide circulation today as it practically makes kids smarter by teaching them their times-table numbers, clarifying the scope of the problems, and providing a place for every notation in the calculation which eliminates errors, increases speed, and makes math more productive.

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