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A Golfing Dog’s Life

by George Anthony Finn

I make no bones about the fact that I was inspired to write this book after reading Peter Mayle’s delightful tale “A Dog’s Life”. His wife rescued a mongrel dog from the French countryside, brought him back to their converted farmhouse and adopted him. The goings-on in that household and the surrounding countryside over the following years are told through the eyes of that dog, and very amusing they were too.
When I realised, however, that that dog lived in France, spoke no English, knew nothing about golf and had no idea where Lahinch, the Mecca of Irish golf was located, I immediately spied a gap in the market. And I had just the lady to fill it – my own dog, Gorgeous Gussie herself. I had trained her to find golf balls at Mallow Golf Club where I first became addicted to this infuriating game. She kept me, and my family, well supplied throughout my time in College at UCC in the 1960’s, and for many years thereafter.
I introduced her to the reading/golfing public in my first book “Lazy Days at Lahinch”, Chapter 21, page 121. She took to her starring role in “A Golfing Dog’s Life” like a true Prima Donna and the stories practically wrote themselves. What a funny old world it is from the four-legged point of view! I hope that you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.
The Book Cover Artwork is by Robert A. Finn.

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