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Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

by Ryan Chin

New Zealand is home to wave-filled coastlines, meandering trout streams, and the intense Maori culture. For Ryan, an elementary school teacher, it’s also a world where animals are loved and lost and a brother is gone but never forgotten. For years Ryan dreamed of teaching overseas but would never break the bond with his first dog, Toughy. With Toughy’s premature death, though, Ryan finds himself mourning his best friend while booking a ï¬?ight to his childhood dream destination. In a new country with no friends and no prearranged job, he finally confronts his brother’s passing, bonds with a class of Maori children in a beautiful and sometimes dangerous land, and slowly learns to love new pets. All the while, he longs for the seemingly unattainable woman he left behind. Mr. Chin, as his students call him, learns what it means to live life “full on.”

This memoir is part of a multimedia experience. Throughout the text are symbols indicating where a video accompanies the text. These videos can be viewed online.

Rozafa: A Historical Photo Guide to the Castle of Shkodra, Albania

by David Hosaflook

ROZAFA is a virtual tour of one of Albania’s legendary castles, the site of epic battles throughout history.

The Rozafa Castle in Shkodra is a hidden gem among the medieval fortresses of the world. Beautifully and strategically perched over three rivers and the Shkodra Lake, it was known as a key to the Adriatic Sea and thus became the site of important battles. It is still undiscovered by the masses of war buffs and professional historiansâ??”undiscovered” because so little has been written about its history because so few western tourists have ever ventured into Albania.

The e-book is written to be a virtual tour guide or to accompany those who visit the castle personally. For those who can’t visit, it’s the next best thing. The chapters are called “waypoints” and evoke the imagery of a tour guide pausing at different points on the tour to talk to his/her tour group. In fact, the author himself has guided scores of castle tours over the past twenty years.

Anyone who wants to learn more about this beautiful fortress can use this guide to take a virtual tour from anywhere in the world, since each Waypoint chapter begins with a photo and precise Google coordinates.

This e-book is one of the many efforts underway to bring Shkodra’s rich history to light. The author is the translator and editor of “The Siege of Shkodra” by Marin Barleti.

Visitor’s Guide to Bangkok – A Travel Guide for Thailand’s Historic and Exciting Capital

by Tim Benson

A quick easy reference guide for first time visitors to the sensory overload of Bangkok

In this quick, easy to read guide, regular Bangkok visitor Tim Benson covers all the important information you will need for your visit to this city of contrasts, to ensure you get the most out of your time. This is designed to be a quick reference guide that can be carried around with you on your mobile device while you experience all that Bangkok has to offer.

Benson gives you all the information you need to know, plus his own honest opinion of the city, including its positive and negative aspects.

This guide includes –

– How to get into Bangkok by air and to your hotel

– Getting around the city

– Things to do in Bangkok

– Eating out

– Things to be careful of or avoid, including scams

– General Bangkok Tips

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Budget Burma Travel Guide: Yangon Edition

by Tom Williams

This book is a special, mini-edition of our full travel guide “Budget Burma Travel Guide: Backpacking Myanmar 2013/14”.

You should buy this book because:

* Navigate Yangon Easily. Everything you need to know about Burma’s old capital including: Transport Info, Budget Accommodation, Attractions, Food & Drink, Wifi/Internet, Maps and more!

* More recent info than other guides. We’ve just been in Burma and this is updated for the 2013/14 season.

* Includes a BONUS budget planning guide: To help you know how much things are going to cost.

* If this super cheap mini-edition doesn’t meet your needs, there is no obligation to purchase the complete, and rather awesome, full edition.

This book is a taste test to tickle your travel tastebuds! It’s a “try before you buy” so that you have complete confidence that our full guide book, that is significantly cheaper than Lonely Planet, is going to cut the mustard for your trip to Burma.

So, If you like this cheap guide, take a look at the full edition that will give you comprehensive information for all the kick ass places you can visit across the whole of Myanmar.

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