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Photo Backdrop Secrets – DIY! (On Target Photo Training)

by Dan Eitreim

Revised Edition!

In this lesson “Photo Backdrop Secrets – DIY!” you are going to learn some truly mind-blowing secrets!

You’ll learn how to get a pure white background in your photos…no matter what color the backdrop was originally.

You’ll learn how to get pure black no matter what color you start with as well!

You’ll learn how to make a backdrop that only costs a couple bucks -but in the final picture it can be any color you want!

Here is the Table Of Contents showing a bit of what is covered…


The Light That Isn’t A Light!

The Notebook Revisited

GOBOs And Colored Gels!

Creative Uses For Gel Material

The “Found” Photo Backdrop

Keep It Clean And Neat

Balancing The Light

The Neutral Density Filter

The Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Scrims – What They Are And How To Use Them

The “Created” Photo Backdrop

Commercially Made Backdrops Are Expensive!

Make Your Own For Pennies On The Dollar!

How To Make A White Backdrop

How To Make A Black Backdrop

How To Make A Colored Backdrop

Background Storage

The “Digital” Photo Backdrop

The Digital Photography Background – A Creative Masterpiece!

The “Separation” Light

How To Use A “Separation Light” In Portrait Photography!

Photo Exercise

Additional Photo Training

We discuss the background and how to manipulate it so that one or two backdrops can do the work of dozens. You will save a ton of money!

Background Storage – There IS a simple way to store them that will keep them from getting wrinkled…I show you how.

And more…and more…and more…

Having a professional looking backdrop for your portraits is the easiest and fastest way to make your work look truly professional! You’ll be getting paid assignments – or winning photo contests sooner than you think!

The Quick And Easy Guide To The GoPro Hero 3

by Echo Bay Books

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GoPro has taken the world by storm. If you haven’t heard of GoPro yet, you soon will. GoPro’s are wearable camera/camcorders and were used mainly by professionals and adrenaline junkies, until now. Often strapped to a helmet or chest, they are known for their durability and great live-action, first person views of footage. GoPro has recently launched it’s newest product, the GoPro Hero 3. With three different models, it is accessible for everyone. The great thing about the GoPro is that it has so many features that still haven’t fully been discovered. This Quick and Easy Guide aims to show you all the ways you can use your new GoPro for 2013 and beyond.

The Quick and Easy Guide series provides a basic understanding of complex and popular technology hardware and software – with some tips, tricks and secrets as a bonus.

Q&E guides are made for the individual who does not have time to read several hundred pages of filler content. The individual who wants the information in an easy-to-read guide that packs the most benefits in the least amount of pages. The minimum effective dose.

Canon 5D Mark III: User Guide (Quick and Easy Guides)

by John Lewis

The Canon 5D Mark III is the successor of the Mark II, released in 2012. By now, you may or may not be aware of how the 5D Mark II revolutionized the market – mainly because of its ability to record full HD video. This guide is made for both the newcomer to DSLR photo and video and the experienced who are upgrading from another model. The Quick and Easy Gude to the Canon 5D Mark III aims to get you out and shooting within a couple of hours.
The Quick and Easy Guide series provides a basic understanding of complex and popular technology hardware and software – with some tips, tricks and secrets as a bonus.

Q&E guides are made for the individual who does not have time to read several hundred pages of filler content. The individual who wants the information in an easy-to-read guide that packs the most benefits in the least amount of pages. The minimum effective dose.

Drawing Treasure Island Step by Step (Hebrew Edition) (How to Draw (Hebrew Edition))

by amit offir

Drawing is a universal language so even though this drawing book is in Hebrew language there isnt any text so anyone can enjoy it all around the world!

A “How to Draw” book that will teach you how to draw step by step.

How to draw comics characters step by step.

This drawing book will teach you how to draw all you need to know about drawing simple and beautiful characters.

The author and illustrator Amit Offir teaches you to draw and succeed in A short time even if you dont know how to draw at all!

Everybody can draw and now you can too!

A unique technique that will give you great drawing tools and lead you to success.

Recommended for age 6 and all ages (for adults that want how to draw easily also)

Waiting on dreams

by L.A. Michaelis

Beneath a willow tree, in Seoul, South Korea, a wanton Korean-American and a pretty boy idol meet. Sweeping away the idyll, their friendship deepens, in both reality and in their dreams.

Girls like to play (Fotoshoot)

by goodgirl

Two beautiful girls complemented with rope, handcuffed, bonded and otherwise willingly tormented.




Learn How To Write Powerful Songs

Being a musician is good, but being a songwriter is even better. This book will do more than just teach you how to write songs. This book will teach you how to write powerful songs that really speak to people.

You will learn:

-How to turn different notes into actual songs

-How to incorporate metaphors into your lyrics

-How to use improvisation to enhance your songwriting ability immediately

-How to turn your emotions into songs

-How to communicate to the listener through your music

-The number one thing that makes a good song

-Plus more

This book is directed at guitarists, and those that are interested in writing lyrics, but many of the concepts can be applied to other musical instruments as well.

Writing a good song is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do for yourself. Join a crowd that many people will never get to join by becoming a great songwriter. Get started today!

Turn The Page – two one act plays

by Alex Goldberg



Synopsis: Bradley and Angela are about to embark on the all important third date. Just before her arrival Bradley receives an extremely surprising visit from his father, who has been dead for six years. Will Bradley maintain his composure while juggling the woman in his life and the man most certainly not? A dark and yet heartwarming comedy about the divide between love and loss.

Cast: 2 M, 1W

Set: Simple set.


Synopsis: Lily and Carter have an incredibly sexually compatible relationship. However, only one of them is married. They share a Grand Canyon of emotional distance, their shared secret the only thing keeping them together. On this night, new secrets are casually yet brutally revealed. *For mature audiences only.

Cast: 1 M, 1W

Set: Simple set.

Karaoke Quips

by Mike Francis

Karaoke Quips; Memorise a handful of banter every time you perform and watch your popularity soarâ?¦ Following the success of his “Best Of Stand-Up” One of the grafters of club entertainment delves once more into his personal treasury of jokes to bring us his new pocket book to inspire others, “Karaoke Singer Quips”. Loaded with 50 plus one-liners, quips, banter, audience baiting roasts, retorts, heckler stoppers and innuendo that have been field-tested in battle for singers and karaoke comperes â?¦interacting with the audience has been taken to new heights with the help of audience baiting banter handpicked by a pro-entertainer and stand-up. Some old, some new some borrowed and some blue. For example “don’t play stupid with me – I’m better at it” â?¦ “could it be love at first sight? – No I’m just feeling horny” â?¦ “life is too short, so are you” â?¦ “she knows more about reproduction than Xerox” …and many more essential quips for Karaoke stars!

REVIEWS: “Karaoke bars will never be the same again” -Brighton Mag

REVIEWS: “Champ’s Charm School” -Sunday People

REVIEWS: Great price for what u get, would recommend this book to anyone!

REVIEWS: I was pleasantly surprised that many of the lines were excellent. So, a book which is better than most of the competition and worth dipping into frequently.

REVIEWS: I’d rather keep this book a secret so I have less competition however to be fair to my peers, I would recommend it.

REVIEWS: Brilliant book – Read in a flash with laughter throughout!

5.0 out of 5 stars – OMG! Just Buy This Book! – 31 Aug 2013

Guys…if you started throwing these one liners at me I’d see right through them but still be putty in your hands. Ha! By Cathy Wilson

4.0 out of 5 stars – Funny – 25 Aug 2013

I haven’t read all the book yet but Ive already written down some good insults to use. –E. Forster

Ten Thousand Reasons. Book 4: The Summer of 2013

by Alan Wong

Praise the Lord for my reasons! Some photographs taken in the summer of 2013 are included too.

Secret To Success: Selling Shirts As A Profitable Business

by Steven Harris

This guide is going to inform you how to create and be successful with your own t-shirt online business with 5 different steps to show you how to market it

-the product you should work on

-the quality of your shirt

-where to market your business

-what websites could be beneficial

-where not to promote your website

This ebook is made to have you up in running in 30 days or less i you follow each step.

Music of My Dreams

by Jeffrey Eric Funk

From Glee Club Smartiesâ?¢ comes a lullaby, Music of My Dreams sheet music for Easy Piano and Songbook Edition. With big notes and simple rhythms, this sheet music is arranged for beginning piano playing success! Optimized for all devices, this Kindle edition includes engraved melody-oriented sheet music that will appeal to beginning piano players.


Just past midnight, while I sleep

A song drifts through my mind

As the moonlight bathes the sea

I hear a lullaby

Such sweetly blending beauty

Hear the angels sing

And I woke softly, pausing then

To hear the music of my dreams

Gentle harps and whistling flutes

Play on and on in my dreams

While the night wind cools my room

I search my memory

And hear a phantom serenade

Of haunting melody

Just listen, join me as we

Journey to the dawn

And I woke softly, pausing then

To hear the music of my dreams

Gentle harps and whistling flutes

Play on and on in my dreams

I dream of sun-bright ocean skies

And I hear mighty waves

Whispering their evening song

Proud music of the storm

Music, the music of my dreams

Only, I can hear it

Calling me, guiding me home

And I will always hear the song

Play on and on in my dreams

Play on and on in my dreams

*Lyric sheet provided by the author/publisher and is used by permission.

This Kindle Edition sheet music is optimized for all devices and reading apps with the ability to zoom for a closer look. Formats available include: printed sheet music, Kindle Edition Digital Sheet Music, MP3 Audio Download from the MP3 store and CD.

The Joshua James Project

by Joshua James

New York playwright and screenwriter Joshua James (SPOOGE – The Sex & Love Monologues) has made forty-four of his popular short plays royalty-free for independent and amateur production in THE JOSHUA JAMES PROJECT.

That’s right, you can produce these plays, royalty-free, if the right circumstances are met.

Included in this collection are the favorites ALL THE RAGE, A GAY THING, AMBIVALENT, SOMETHING SITUATION, THE BEAUTIFUL ONE and the Off-Broadway premiering EXTREME EUGENE, among many others.

THE JOSHUA JAMES PROJECT is registered in Amazon’s matchbook program… if you choose the paperback, you get the ebook version for free!

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