Free erotica Kindle books for 09 Dec 13

The Courage to Love (Brothers in Arms, Book One)

by Samantha Kane

Brothers in Arms, Book One.Kate Collier is still recovering from a vicious rape and trying to make a success of her dress shop when Jason Randal and Anthony Richards return to London from the Continent, intent on winning her. She’s known them for years, ever since they served with her late husband in the Peninsula against Napoleon. She’d been in love with them for almost that long. To discover they feel the same is a shock, but Kate isn’t ready to turn her life back over to a man, or men.Jason and Tony prove hard to resist, however, especially when their close friendship blossoms into desire for each other as they make Kate’s body burn with passion. The combination of their insatiable desire for her and their journey into a sexual relationship with one another is irresistible to Kate.A nightmare from her past tries to keep them apart, but the three long for a life together in spite of society’s censure, and they will not be denied.Reader advisory: Contains male/male sex scenes.

Dirty Games (Taboo Teen Erotica)

by Ivana Cox

You can’t really control who you love, and sometimes doing something wrong can feel oh so right… When a girl wants something, even the man of the house, she has to play a little dirty… The only problem is, he might be a little better than you at playing dirty…

*** WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual content of an EXTREMELY TABOO nature. All participants in this book are fictional, 19 years old or older, and any resemblance to your own sex life is awesome, but probably totally coincidental. ***


by B Alexander

On the spring day that Jeremiah Reed hired the nineteen year old boy from the neighboring homestead to help break sod for a new field; he hadn’t expected his life would change forever. For three years, Jeremiah had lived alone, carving out a home from the vast emptiness of the American Great Plains. Up until that fateful spring day, he’d told himself he preferred it that way. As spring gave way to early summer, fate was about to serve up another day that would alter everything Jeremiah’s twenty five years of life had prepared him for.

This short erotic story is set during one of the largest human migrations the world has ever seen – the settling of the American West – and contains explicit depictions of gay sex.

Jax (The Jax Trilogy #1)

by Bekkah Jordan

Kelly is an up-and-coming actress who zooms from auditions to acting classes and is just beginning to establish her niche with small parts in TV sitcoms. She is chasing her dreams of acting, but also longs for someone very special in her personal life. She yearns for a real relationship with a Master, one who she fears, respects, and desires.

When Kelly takes the wrong off-ramp from the freeway, she stops to ask directions in a small coffee shop next to the Harley Davidson repair shop. While there, she unexpectedly bumps into someone she has seen before on the set of a motorcycle commercial: Jax. He’s handsome. He’s a little wild. And her internal radar tells her that Jax is a Master.

When they recognize each other from the commercial set, Jax invites Kelly to his home and also, out to dinner at a private club where anything goes, even in the restaurant, as Kelly soon discovers. Later, when they return to his home, she gets an firsthand experience in what it means to be surrendered to this handsome, powerful, and sometimes wickedly funny man. Though Kelly fears the implements of destruction in Jax’s punishment closet, Jax helps her to discover her submissive side and teaches her to embrace the delicate balance between pleasure and pain, in a sensual unfolding of her wildest dreams.

Sometime during the night, they discover just how wonderful a match they are for each other. Having a Master never felt so exciting, or so fulfilling. And being naughty never hurt so good!

Customs Violation

by Stephanie Stephens

Stephanie Stephens writes erotica short story thrillers. Her stories usually have a sting in the tail and rarely have a happy ever after ending. The books are not romance based and may contain themes such as rape fantasy, forced sex, humiliation, violation, double penetration, MMF, FFM etc..

Over 18’s Only – Contains Sexual and Violent themes.

Customs Violation – An Erotica Shorty Story Thriller (Approx 5200 words)

Ken and Tim are Customs Officers at a major USA Airport.

For the past year the pair have been planting drugs on unsuspecting female passengers and then blackmailing them into sex, in exchange for their freedom.

Feeling confident about their scam, they decide to up the stakes and dupe the A-list celebrity, Mia Andrews.

Having subjected the hot young actress to their every sexual desire, the pair send her on her way.

Before leaving, Mia places a letter in their desk, and it isn’t good news.

Flavors of Ecstasy I (Ellora’s Cavemen)

by Talya Bosco

French Kiss by Solane Ayre – Amaryllis Gardner suspects her fiancé, Dr. Brendan Bradford, is marrying her to achieve social position. Suspicious of Brendan’s visit to a brothel, she disguises herself as a French prostitute and they engage in a passionate encounter. As their cravings intensify, Amaryllis fears he desires the wanton prostitute more than his prim fiancée.

Hungry Like a Wolf by Talya Bosco – Twelve months after being dumped by Alpha werewolf Ethan, Amanda is finally picking up the pieces. But the ties that bind the lovers are stronger than Ethan’s resolve to stay away. One sizzling touch, one passionate kiss, and their hunger explodes once more. But this time Ethan has a determined rival for Amanda’s affection…

Resisting Reed by Kristin Daniels – Are lustful thoughts of your best friend’s son a sinful pleasure or an act of betrayal? Reed has never hidden his desires from Marilee. Now free from her ex-husband, she finally gives in to temptation. But when their relationship is exposed, will Marilee lose a treasured friendship? Or will she be able to keep it all, including the man she loves?

Extra Sensual Perception by Debra Glass – Psychic Iris Thompson suspects a serial killer is to blame for a string of recent deaths. There have been three murders–but she psychically intuits four names. When Iris experiences erotic trances featuring the handsome fourth man, are her extra-sensual perceptions leading her to the next victim? Or the man of her dreams?

Having It All by Desiree Holt – When country-rock singer Mac Fontana got his big break, he and Daisy Giles celebrated by taking their intimacy further than ever before–then Mac broke Daisy’s heart. Now, ten years later, in one long night of erotic sex, Mac must prove to Daisy that she can trust him again, and that together, they can have it all.

Trapped by Cindy Spencer Pape – Intergalactic bounty hunters Tabrin Jones and Zeyd Vasari are trapped in a tiny escape pod. To make matters worse, the atmosphere in the pod is loosening their inhibitions. Amid a twenty-four hour sexual experience of a lifetime, will Zeyd be able to convince Tab they belong together forever?

The Dumb Chick

by Chocolatebosschick

When Chastity meets Danielle by chance in a store, she was certain that she had met a real dumb chick. Danielle, with her bubbly smile, and generous heart seemed to be naieve and guillible, much so that Chastity had planned to set her up to get robbed by her italian boyfriend, The plan seemed simple enough, right? Just rob this dumb bitch and take all of her cash right?…. maybe not….This short story is potent and just enough to fulfil your crave for excitment,and drama, .. Anyone who have read a short story by new and exciting author Chocolatebosschick, knows that her work is always packed with so much goodness and satifaction in such a small dose, Her books are tantalizing and will have you wanting more. Chocolatebosschick is also the author of the exciting Snake Eyes a midnight novella series parts 1-5.

Please be advised that this book is explicitly written, with sexual situations and adult language and is intended for adult readers only.

His Favorite Plant (Tantalizing Tentacles)

by T.L. Giffin

Dr. David Driers has stumbled upon a new species of plant. Vee, as he calls her, is full of leafy vines and has a jealous temperament. When David brings his lover into the lab, he ends up finding out just how jealous his precious plant really is. This is a sexy short story with graphic tentacle vine violation meant for adults 18+ only!

Blood Bound: The Beginning

by A Missy Diamond

Description: Samantha lives in a dark world overrun by greed. One night she is walking home and is brutally attacked by an unknown force. She awakens and takes on a transformation that will change her life forever. She becomes part of an underground world of evil beings that has made it their life goal to take down the corporate umbrella and make it their own. As their newest weapon, Samantha uses her sexual power and extraordinary senses to bait key players of big business. She is no longer human, but something much more powerful, a vampire. Explicit vampire erotica that will melt your Kindle!

Approximate length: 3,000 words (Short story)

For Adults Only:
These erotic story is loaded with hot hardcore sex including very explicit erotic sexual situations. It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters in it are represented as 18 or older.

She unbuttons her pants, pulling them down a little so he can work her easier. She feels a rush inside of her, an explosion of erotic energy she has never felt before. Her pelvis aches suddenly, she needs it, the desire turns to a need for lust.  She turns to him and walks him to the bed, throwing him down to it.
She tears his shirt off, buttons fly across the room.
“Holy shit, babe.”
“Shut up.” She told him, smiling as she kicked her boots off and stepped out of her pants, standing before him completely naked, crawling slowly over him. Sniffing the air above him, like a wolf preparing to feast.
Her body was flawless and muscles rippled under her skin as she moved over him

The New Headmistress (The Bound Tramp Society)

by Lauren Stone

For readers 18 years and older. This ebook contains scenes of hardcore, graphic sex.

Jasmine Moon is over the moon when she learns she’s next in line to take on the black whip and control the Bound Tramp Sorority. This secret society operates undercover at one of the East Coast’s most elite schools. Controlling the whip means controlling who and what the girl’s do. In order to earn the whip, she must first submit herself to a variety of tests, most of which include degrading herself and submitting to sexual acts. As a dominatrix, Jasmine can’t seem to relax and let the process take her – which could spell trouble for her role as headmistress. Will Jasmine be able to fully submit, in order to earn her stripes and earn the black whip? Or will Jasmine lose her position in the Bound Tramp Sorority forever?

Taking Care Of The Caretaker

by Kelly Sanders

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this erotika story is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!


While fixing a burst pipe in a young woman’s apartment, a caretaker accidentally discovers a pornographic movie on DVD. Even more surprising is the fact that the star of the movie is the very same hot girl who owns the flat. She returns from running her errands to find him jerking off to her performance in the movie, and while she is initially taken aback, she quickly warms to his overwhelming charisma and the sight of his equally porn star-esque asset.


A sudden noise outside gave me a little shock, so I immediately tossed the panties back into the laundry hamper and stepped away from the door. Just one more look round and then I’ll go, I thought, not wanting to push my luck. The noise hadn’t been Natalie returning from her errands, but the next one could have been. I walked over to the TV, trying desperately to ignore the intense throb of my penis beneath my trousers. However, what I found on that side of the room was even more spectacular and arousing than the contents of her laundry basket. There were a number of DVD cases scattered around on the stand beneath the TV, most of which were regular films and TV shows. However, there was one very colourful cover that caught my attention straight away. Maybe I was too used to that sort of DVD, but right away I clocked it and pulled it out from under the other cases. It was just as I’d suspected – a porn movie. Even more incredibly, though, as I scanned the cover I realised that I recognised one of the faces on the back. It was Natalie, or should I say “Crystal Melons” and even in her pose on the cover she left little the imagination. Unable to resist the temptation, I quickly cracked open the case and then slipped the disc into her DVD player. With the two controllers clutched shakily in my hands I started to press the button to locate the correct channel.

A Salty Deposit

by Kelly Sanders

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes, this hot threesome is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!


Two young men decide to start up a small boutique web design company and visit their bank manager to arrange a small business loan. She is more than willing to lend them the money that they require, but only on the condition that the two strapping lads satisfy her additional criteria, resulting in a steamy romp right there in her office.


“I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.” she said. The two of us nudged each other with our elbows and grinned appreciatively, finally feeling like we were getting somewhere with our efforts. However, we had little clue as to the additional criteria we would have to satisfy in order to qualify for the loan. She pushed her chair away and rose to her feet, stepping around the side and parking her fine ass on the edge of the desk directly in front of us. She lifted her right leg up and curled it over her left, crossing her legs and sending a waft of her perfume in our direction as she looked down at the two of us. She was undeniably beautiful and her seductive pose was making it impossible to resist my growing erection. I had to keep my arms on my lap in the hopes of obscuring her view of the prominent bulge in my trousers.
“Um… what kind of arrangement?” I asked, keeping my eyes fixed solely on hers and fighting every urge to look at her breasts, her curvy hips or the dark nylon of her stockings covering her legs beneath her skirt.
“Well, it seems that I have something you need…” she said as she kicked off her high heeled shoes and turned to face me, reaching forward with her right foot to dislodge my arms from my lap, “… and you have something that I need.”

Because you want it (Goodgirl gone bad)

by Goodgirl

“I never thought that I might be submissive. So slutty and submissive. He discovered it for me, but let me start from the beginning…”

BDSM short story about awakening of one submissive’s soul. This is just the beginning of an incredible journey that changes her life forever. Spanking, bondage, and lots of rough sex. Because she likes it rough…

Two For The Price Of One

by Kelly Sanders

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes,this erotic threesome story is guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!


A mature woman who hasn’t had sex in several years goes away for a weekend on a business trip. Whilst bored in her hotel she notices a glossy business card wedged down the side of the mattress, which advertises a male escort agency. Unsatisfied by her own attempts to relieve herself, she calls the number and books one of the agency’s escorts to visit her in her hotel room. However, in her haste to complete the transaction, she mistakenly books two men who promptly show up at her door.


“Are you interested in a night of intense fun?” he asked, causing my whole body to tremble as the possibilities rushed through my mind.
“Yes.” I replied with a long sigh, unsure what else I should say.
“We have several models available if you would like to hear some options?” he persisted, still using the same pleasant salesman-like voice.
“Okay…” I said, still prepared to end the call at a moment’s notice.
“Well, we have Paulo, an Italian stallion fresh from the island of Capri. I’m sure you will love his long, slick dark hair and impressively muscular body…” he continued, giving me what must have been some pre-written spiel. It was working, though.
“Uh-huh…” I said, circling the tips of my fingers around my clitoris as he continued through a few more options. I was almost treating the call like a sex line, getting myself off to the mere thought of hiring one of the men on offer rather than truly considering it. However, as he got the one named Andrew, something inside me just snapped.
“Andrew is a black Adonis bristling with more power than any woman could handle and as you might imagine, he is suitably endowed…” he explained, instantly stoking the fire inside my panties. I’d long held a secret desire to be taken by a black man, but until that moment it had never been anything more than a pure fantasy.
“Yes, him!” I blurted out almost without realising.



In this prequel to the FORCE FUCK saga, Majella has only just started to get frustrated, frustrated that her loving hubby is always too tired for sex, she loves him to pieces and wants him in her, the thing is he has a twin brother, who looks younger, and is not so exhausted from life. A younger brother with a lot of vitality, and also one who knows a dirty little secret about Majella………

One p.m, the fifteenth of January, eighteen years ago. The eighteen year old beauty Majella sucked……… not in a bad way though, in a very good way, she was sucking her future husbands dick, up and down, balls and shaft, they were in her parents borrowed Audi, specifically in a field in it. Majella did not know exactly how they got there, she was extremely drunk. She did not really care how she got there either, all she cared about was that she had got the man that she had been after throughout school and college for the last four years, and now she wanted him in her, in her mouth, in her pussy.
She may of been very drunk but she knew one thing, she was going to remember this night for a long time, one of the reasons? Unknown to Robert, her new boyfriend, she had already fucked his brother Russ earlier on in the evening, it was a quicky before she even knew she was going to end up with Rob, it was in fact because she was not sure if she would end up with Rob, so what could of been better than fucking his twin? It was at her parents house, in the bathroom, whilst eight of her friends, including the man she was with now was down stairs……

Sensual Ghosts

by Alexandra Amalova

For lovers of ghost stories and sharply written erotica, these nine stunning tales are heart-rending, inspiring and of course, sexually stimulating. The plots will haunt you, the characters will fascinate you, and the twists will confound you long after the earth-shattering sex has subsided into a satisfying glow. Miss Amalova’s first collection of finely-wrought stories will surely convince you that the powerful alliance of love and passion can overcome anything, even death itself.

First time: last time

While visiting his terminally ill wife in hospital, Adam meets a distraught young woman on the stairs. The encounter leads to a consuming passion, overwhelming guilt, and an extraordinary revelation.

Ghosts of future past

James visits his childhood home on the eve of its demolition and witnesses the shocking spectre of his mother and her cousin engaged in forbidden sex.


A skiing holiday gets hotter than a log fire for Jack and his unlikely guest.


A new car, a sunny day and an open road propel a young man on a dark, deadly, and erotic journey.

A little death

‘La petite mort’, a French euphemism for orgasm, adds deathly undertones to this sensuous tale of love and loss.

Morpheus in the Underground

Wet dreams and racy reality become indistinguishable after an erotic encounter on the London Underground.


Giselle packs and leaves unexpectedly, leaving nothing behind but a painful longing… and a pair of glasses.

Flower of life

After his wife’s death, bizarre sexual dreams frequent Tom’s sleep and he travels the globe searching for an answer to the riddle she set him.

The last tram home

While visiting her gran, Rita relives a steamy wartime encounter and gains insights into a family history she was sure was lost forever.



The place where the action happens is located in Darlaston, Wolverhampton, a place for straight, bi’s gays and do not know. Presented here are four of our adventures at this club of hedoism and excitement. Enjoy!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

by Audra Red

Dylan’s a broke college student who’s given the offer of a lifetime by infamous billionaire and playboy Jude Knight. Though uncertain of Mr. Knight’s true intentions, Dylan is hired on the spot to watch after the billionaire’s precious “kitten” while he’s away on business. 
Little does Dylan know that this darling little pet is more woman than feline and that the handsome and mysterious Mr. Knight has big plans for them both. Mr. Knight enjoys the finer things in life and when he sees something he likes, he takes it. 



It was Christmas Eve, and all over the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse. There was a buzz though, coming from the lounge, and anybody who walked in or looked through the blatantly lit up front windows, or even clicked on a link to view the cam that was on the coffee table, connected to the laptop would see the beautiful blonde Kitty Stokes, showing off already on cam show via the internet to one of her favourite custermors in New York, it was a two way cam show, the two participants thousands of miles apart, she watched as ‘viking 250’ wanked his huge knob along to Kitty who had a purple vibrator in her pussy whilst it’s little ‘add on’ simulated her clitorus.

Big Girls One Night: Books 1-3 (Erotic Romance) Boxed Set

by Ulriche Kacey Padraige

Big Girls One Night: Books 1-3 (Erotic Romance) Boxed Set

Warning: This erotic romance book contains very strong language and super steamy adult entertainment – Strictly for Adults. 18+

This boxed set includes:

Big Girls One Night with a Navy Seal: Short Erotic Romance – Book 1

Big Girls One Night with a Football Superstar: Short Erotic Romance – Book 2

Big Girls One Night with a Prince: Short Erotic Romance – Book 3


The Biker and the Tattoo Artist (Dale Jackson Series Book 3)

by JD Anders

Dale needs a tattoo colored. When he meets Michelle a local tattoo artist will she provide him with the tattoo or will she give Dale the night of his life? Follow Dale Jackson in his new adventure, The Biker and the Tattoo Artist, book 3 of the Dale Jackson Series.

Title approx. 8,000 words. Contains graphic sex.

Choose A Life: A Short Story Of Two Lives Intertwined

by Connor Currie

A tale of a married man; and a bachelor living in Manhattan, and how their lives are connected.

How Heavy Is A Polar Bear?

by Ian Oldfield

A very sexually explicit Adventure. Over 18’s only. What is it like to date in the 21st Century with 1 night stands and a bad heart. You will laugh and cry and be amazed at the sexual exploits of the main character. Designed to be erotic for both Men and Women it explores sexuality when your dreams come true.
You will be taken on a journey by Mr H who encounters 1 night stands, relationship and women who just want an erotic adventure. But he has a bad heart and you will follow him between each erotic adventure as to how his heart survives.

The Interview

by Fraser Lake

When Carrie arrives for her interview with the handsome and mysterious Nathan, a high flying corporate executive, she is suddenly swept into an unexpected world of bondage and submission.

Warning: This short story is for adults (18+) only; all characters are adults and no minors are depicted in this work.

This short story (3,530 words / 10-15 minutes reading time) contains light bondage (including improvised restraints, slapping, and spanking with a leather belt) and anal sex.

Letter to my Master

by goodgirl

One submissive thoughts on how “these” games bring her blood to a boil and how much she needs it.

Nocturnium (Secrets of the Lavender-Haired Girl)

by Indigo Lyon

Excerpt: ‘The girls behind the bar and those who were entertaining were wearing little masks similar to the one the red-haired woman wore. The air was slightly smoky with a scent like incense, but it was better than any incense Erya had ever smelled. Naked people danced everywhere. Some were making love on the floor. Music was blaring, people were laughing, touching and having to yell to be heard. Everywhere she looked there were new things to see, and she wanted to stay there and take it all in, but the red-haired woman came back and pulled her through the room. She was pointing and saying, “Back there are the fetish rooms, downstairs is the toy boutique and ballroom, there are private lounges, strip clubs and burlesque rooms. I’m not sure if anyone really knows how many rooms there actually are. We all just focus on the assignments given to us.” She pulled a purple card out of her corset. “See, this card tells me that tonight I’m working a lounge.”‘

‘Aeana stepped out slowly as the music began to play. She put her hands on her hips and began to move them from side to side. She turned around and looked over her shoulder as she bent over. She was smiling, looking back at them as she hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly pulled them down. Her pussy was fully exposed to the crowd. Erya could feel the lust in the room, and she was getting wet again. Aeana took her panties all the way off and sat down to face the crowd. She opened her legs as wide as they would go. She bent and put her hands on her ankles and slowly sat up, moving her hands up the inside of her legs. She knew what everyone wanted, but she was here to tease them. At least at first. She winked and lifted one hand to a pasty. She took it off and lifted her breast slightly to lick her nipple. Then she rubbed it with her thumb as it hardened.’

Bad, Bad, Brooke: Five Hardcore Rough Sex Erotica Stories

by Brooke Weldon

Where are you going to find rough first anal sex, orgies, double penetration, and women pushed to their limits? In this scorching collection from bestselling erotica author Brooke Weldon, of course!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first anal sex, first lesbian sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find such content offensive should read this collection.

1. He Was a Stranger: An Explicit Erotica Story

I couldn’t believe it when my computer crashed! The guy I usually had fix things was out of town but he promised to send someone over. I got more and more frustrated as I waited but the guy who showed up was worth the wait! He fixed more than my computer, too. Rough sex got my central processing unit running smoothly again!

2. Vampire Orgy: A Paranormal Group Sex Erotica Story

The children of the night hunger for more than blood from the mortals who dare to interact with them. A party is scheduled and you feel compelled to go. There, everyone behaves strangely and you find yourself behaving strangely as well until you’re naked and you’re doing things you never imagined.

3. Bent Over by Walt: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

It was time for me to get back into the world of dating but I was determined to take things slow. When I met Walt, I had no idea we’d hit it off so well and I certainly had no idea that a short time later I’d have my first anal sex experience!

4. The Church Girl’s Double Penetration: A Rough MFM Threesome Erotica Story

I needed some excitement. Working in the church was wonderful but I had no outlet, no way to just let loose. Who would have thought when I finally had the chance it would happen with two men at the same time? Not only that, but they decided they would take my ass and my pussy at the same time! Double penetration for an innocent girl who worked at the church? You betcha!

5. Kinky Kuma: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story

From the moment I saw her, I knew I needed to have her. It was strange because I’d never been with a woman before. For Kuma, though, I was willing to make an exception. Hell, I was willing to make an exception and stick with it forever. When I had my first lesbian sex experience, I wanted it to be with her.

Body Shots

by Dana Bennet

A divorce party at a dive bar turns into a wild night once the alcohol starts flowing. Thirty-five year old Samantha struggles with the idea of being single again as her friends take her out for a wild night. The night seems ordinary enough until Samantha is introduced to Megan. Megan is a twenty-two yr old, Fort Lauderdale hottie with a thin, athletic figure and an uninhabited personality.

The night travels down a path that Samantha has never known as Megan convinces her to take a body shot and the watching crowd gets hungry for more. Soon Samantha becomes the center of attention, while Megan pushes her to perform more extreme types of body shots. As the crowd’s hands go up in excitement, Samantha’s panties reluctantly go down.

From the Author and Reluctant Exhibitionist: Dana B.

This is a very fun and wild installment to my small but growing erotic library. I know that you will love it as much as I do. As always, don’t forget to read my little insert at the end of the story. I describe how I came about the idea for this short novel with a little story from my past. And for my small group of fans out there, yes I did keep up the tradition of adding a cute, maybe even sexy pic of me at the end. Enjoy.

(This novel is intended for adults only. Sexual situations, descriptive intercourse, anal sex, lesbian interactions.) Enjoy!

The Church Girl’s Double Penetration: A Rough MFM Threesome Erotica Story

by Brooke Weldon

I needed some excitement. Working in the church was wonderful but I had no outlet, no way to just let loose. Who would have thought when I finally had the chance it would happen with two men at the same time? Not only that, but they decided they would take my ass and my pussy at the same time! Double penetration for an innocent girl who worked at the church? You betcha!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I had friends, and we did go out from time to time, but it was always in town and of course I had to act prim and proper. I was getting very bored very fast; I needed some excitement, something to feed my inner deviant! Then, work slowed and I was cut down to three days a week, and that was a blessing and a curse. I knew there were no other jobs around here, so I figured why not try outside of town. Two towns, and fifty miles later, I found a job. It was in a seedy little topless bar, and to me it was heaven! Naked bodies, cheap booze and horny men as far as the eye can see. I wasn’t sure who was happier, me or my pussy!

Erotske Priče

by Marie Fried

Erotske priče.

The Hopeful Fall

by Amelia Fox

Hope Wiles is at the top of her game. Rich, spoilt and successful, she is used to getting what she wants when she wants it but fate is about to take everything away from her. Except the one thing she never even knew she needed – love.

As a huge financial crisis approaches, Hope is blissfully unaware of the impending black hole in her finances until like dominoes falling, her portfolio of properties crashes around her ears.

Penniless and evicted, she turns to the one person still loyal to her, Daniel, her ever faithful assistant, a man with his own secrets he is fighting to keep from his employer.

Invited to join him on a trip to Scotland, Hope is shocked when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Asking for help at the first house they spot, they must convince the farmer they’re a married couple so he’ll let them stay for the night.

In the darkness of their bedroom, sharing the only bed, the two of them are unable to control their emotions anymore as Hope lets Daniel take control, relieving her of the responsibility of making all the decisions for the first time in her life.

The next morning Hope receives a phone call that changes everything, forcing her to make a difficult decision, one that could change her life forever.

This is an erotic romance novella for adults only, written by a best selling erotica author writing under a new name for the very first time.

A sample:

Daniel glanced in my direction and instead of sitting up or speaking I closed my eyes, remaining perfectly still. I waited, counting to five in my head before opening my eyes again. Daniel was folding his trousers in half and I stared at his legs, a yearning inside me that I’d never felt before at the sight of his muscular thighs exposed like this. I wanted to close my eyes again, to not look at him anymore. But I was hypnotised as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his plain black boxer shorts. I saw him start to lower them over the taut flatness of his stomach but at that moment he turned away and I could no longer see him without moving my head, risking him knowing I was awake.

I made an elaborate charade of waking up, stretching my limbs and blinking my eyes open. Daniel seemed to have slipped into his pyjamas without me noticing and smiled at me as I sat up in the bed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to sleep on the floor?”

I worked my way under the covers, holding them open for him, unable to get the image of him lowering his boxers out of my head. He climbed in next to me and switched off the bedside lamp. We were plunged into darkness and I instinctively grabbed hold of him.

A moment passed, a chance for me to apologise for grabbing him or move away or push him out of bed. But instead I left my arm on his side as he rolled towards me. I could feel the heat from his body just inches away from me, his head on the corner of my pillow.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could just make out the shape of his face, the gleam of his eyes as he lay looking at me.

“Can I tell you something Miss Wiles?” he asked.

“In the morning,” I replied. “I just want today to be over. I want to forget about everything.”

I suddenly wanted him to kiss me. The thought had come from nowhere but now it whispered to me over and over again, accompanying visions of him removing his clothes. My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly I thought he must be able to hear it.

“Will you stay close to me?” I asked after a few minutes of silence. “I don’t like the dark.”

He shuffled closer and our bodies touched, I wrapped my arm over his back and pulled him towards me, his face was so close I could feel his nose brushing mine. I lay still and held my breath as I leaned my head towards him. The fears and stresses of the day vanished as I concentrated on nothing more than the two of us here together.

Kara: Part One: An Awakening

by JC Hardee

*Explicit sexual content between two people very much in love.

Are you tired of 100-pound women with fifty-pound breasts (who just amazingly turned 18) swooning over undeserving men and playing the distressed damsel? Does a threadbare plot overshadowed by bland characters having meaningless sex cause you to groan in a way that no lover wants to hear?

If you’re looking for a strong woman who takes counsel from strong women and gives as good as she gets, then take a journey of awakening with KARA: a princess of the Free Kingdom who knows how to handle herself; her lover; and a sword. PART ONE of her journey finds Kara discovering herself and her lover; good food; good times; and a wondering of just how true the myths are. Could the legend be true? And, why is it so damn hot?

Part one is 20,000 words, which I hope will make you smile, laugh, and cheer. Let your mind wander. If your hands do the same, then I have done my job.

Lucas and the Other Girl: A BDSM FFM Threesome Erotica Story

by Allysin Range

I didn’t know why my master was punishing me by making me watch him with another girl. I took the punishment, though. I was his to do with as he wished. Stillâ?¦ I desperately needed more than just the sight of him with another woman!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, BDSM, bondage, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

He caressed my red thighs and walked away from me over to her. My jealousy built up and I had to use every ounce of restraint I had not to say something. I wanted all of his attention, she didn’t deserve it, and I did. She was new to his house, she shouldn’t even be in his chambers, she should be in the cage with the others, and she didn’t deserve to be touched by him. I swallowed my jealousy; I knew that if he saw it, he would be upset and torture me even more. I watched as he lovingly touched her face, her breast and her sex. I wanted to get up and strangle her! How dare she get his affection! Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched him get to his knees and kiss her. His hands were all over her body and her moans filled the room. He unfastened her restraints, picked her up as if she was his new bride and carried her over to his bed. I sobbed in silence as I watched him bury his face in between her thighs. He made sure I could see what he was doing to her; he made sure I watched as his tongue lapped her lips, I watched him run his fingertips up and down her legs, the way they shook under his touch, he wanted me to see, and he wanted to torture me. I didn’t do anything wrong, this agony was unjustified. His fingers slid inside her, and turned to look at me with a smirk on his face.

No Limits

by Jessie York

Chace and Riley Morgan have life more or less figured out. They are high school seniors and will soon be heading off to college where they can finally get out of foster care and become independent. Then on their 18th birthday something happens which changes their lives forever. The twins instantly develop advanced strength and reflexes. They are both kidnapped and taken to training facilities where they meet gorgeous mythological warriors they have only heard about in stories. The sexual conquests and defeats which follow herald a looming war for the fate of the world.

Warning: This book contains vulgar language and graphic descriptions of gay and straight sexual acts. All characters at 18+.

Orgy in the Stockroom: Group Sex at the Office

by Angela Ward

We were all stuck working late at the office on Friday instead of our usual short day with time at the bar. I decided to let my coworkers in on the secret stash of booze I kept for my bosses in the stockroom. I had no idea everything would turn into an all-out orgy with me and five of my coworkers!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including group sex, lesbian sex, double team sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

At nine-fifteen, I led everyone to the stockroom and pulled out two bottles of my secret stash. Rita (another employee) rushed to get some cups while Eden led everyone in a round of applause. Kevin didn’t wait. He grabbed a bottle of vodka, pulled off the cap, and took a drink. Then, he wiped his mouth and pulled me to him for a long kiss. I was taken aback, of course, but it also kind of thrilled me. I hadn’t ever thought about him that way, but it wasn’t an unpleasant thought.

When he broke off the kiss, he looked as shocked about it as I did. I think we would have been really awkward, but the Eden said, “Awesome! Drinking and kissing game!” Five minutes later we had something almost like quarters or beer pong set up on large wooden box that once had held our new copy machine but now held smaller boxes of paperwork. Every miss meant a drink and a kiss. In a half hour, I’d kissed every guy and every girl. In an hour, the kisses were getting longer and harder. I had just finished a turn and pulled my mouth away from Leonard in accounting when I turned to see Rita on her knees sucking on Kevin’s cock.

Research with Ronald: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Allysin Range

When my editor told me I had to write a story about anal sex, I didn’t know what to do! I’d never done it, so how the hell was I supposed to be realistic. Fortunately, I had a friend who was willing to help me research. In this case, research meant I’d be bent over and have my first anal sex experience ever!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I called him up and danced around the topic, but I did toss a few hints. Finally he told to come out and say whatever it was I wanted to ask him. I hated and loved the fact that he knew me so well, and he felt the same about me. I took in a deep breath and came right out with it. He didn’t say a word, but I hear him smile through the phone, yes you can hear a smile. He laughed and told me that I was insane and of course I agreed. We changed the subject for a bit and then I asked him when he was going to come over so I could do some research. Before I could say another word there was a knock on my door. I hung up my cell, opened the door and stared him right in the eye and laughed. Yeah, he was a complete asshole, but he was my asshole and he was always willing to lend his cock, after all, it was research.

We sat down on my couch and I went into detail about what the client wanted the story to be about, and he just looked at me like I was nuts. I rambled on and on and he just smiled at me like I was an idiot. I looked at him and asked him why he was smiling, and all he said was I was too professional about it. He poked fun at me and finally said it was just sex, it was like we were going to build a rocket. I informed him that I had never taken it up the ass before (I must have forgotten to tell him that when we talked earlier) and his face lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

Riding the Dragon

by Pippa Cook

When the mood suits her, Claudia is not averse to using the services of a male escort. When a new face appears on the scene, she begins a journey of lust and passion. But is he too good to be true?

Spin the Bottle: A Group Sex Erotica Story

by Nycole Folk

When Holly turned the party into a game of spin the bottle, I thought it would be something like silly kissing games. I never thought it would turn into an all-out orgy complete with my first ever lesbian sex! I certainly never thought I’d watch Dani have a double penetration while a boy was screwing me!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes group sex, first lesbian sex, rough sex, double penetration, and more. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.

Here is a preview:

She went first, and it was just my luck that it pointed at me, so I took off my sweater. Her second spin pointed to Sarah, and I felt a pretty big thrill when I saw the two of them kiss. It went around in a circle, and by the time it got to me, everyone was missing a tiny bit of clothing and I was the only one who hadn’t kissed yet.

I spun, and it landed on Brad. That was awesome because he’d had a string of bad luck and was down to his underwear. He turned bright red, but after some teasing, he pulled them off. I couldn’t help but breathe in sharply because he was simply huge. To disguise it, I spun very quickly and the bottle pointed to David, a kind of geeky smart boy I had a crush on. I smiled and kissed him, and the kiss thrilled me. Since I was next to Holly, she spun next and Dani lost her shirt. She now sat in her bra and panties. She spun it again and it landed on Brad. That was when things got crazy. She moved to kiss him, but at the last minute she said, “There’s no rule that says where I have to kiss.” Then she leaned down and put her mouth on his cock.

Ten First Touches: Ten Lesbian Experience Erotica Stories

by Amy Dupont

Perhaps the biggest fantasy for women everywhere is sex with another woman. We know it turns us on beyond comprehension. In this collection of ten scorching stories, the fantasies all come true!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, group lesbian sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. April’s Arousing Afternoon: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Kimmie Katt

When Macey invites April over for a pool party, she’s eager to accept. Before long the two girls are naked and exploring each other for April’s first lesbian sex experience with hands, fingers, tongues, and a very nice vibrating dildo!

2. Experiencing Emily: A Teacher/Student First Lesbian Sex Short by Susan Fletcher

Emily is very curious and very attracted to the professor, so instead of trouble, she gets to lead the beautiful college girl right down the path to her very first lesbian sex encounter.

3. Five Girls in One Bed: A Lesbian Group Sex Story by Sarah Blitz

I couldn’t believe I woke up to find four of my friends right in the middle of a lesbian orgy! It was the most incredible and surprising thing I’d ever seen, and before long I was right in the middle of it!

4. Katie’s Massage: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk

Katie and her husband Hal explore her sexual fantasies, and the results are sometimes shocking and always red hot!

5. Meagan Swears Off Men: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

My roommate had finally had enough. After another jerk of a boyfriend treated her like dirt she decided it was time to take a break from men. I didn’t realize I’d be the replacement!

6. My Boss, Her Tongue, Her Fingers, and Me: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Lisa Vickers

Natalie didn’t realize her boss was interested in more than her opinion. Soon, the lovely eighteen year old girl has her very first lesbian sex experience complete with oral sex and fisting!

7. My Tongue in Miss Taylor: A First Lesbian Experience Office Sex Short by Kaddy DeLora

Miss Taylor’s ready to give her something, but it isn’t help! Instead, it’s office sex for our heroine, her very first lesbian sex experience!

8. My Vacation with Krystal: A First Lesbian Experience Erotica Story by Hope Parsons

This vacation to visit her friend and her family will turn out to be special indeed because Krystal is going to turn on the lesbian seduction and give Amy her very first lesbian experience!

9. Soft Jazz and Sweet Wine: A College Call Girl’s First Lesbian Client by Sally Whitley

Sally Whitley recounts her experiences with his first client for lesbian sex. Of course, anything Miss Whitley writes is sexy and red hot, but her plain and honest approach to the forbidden profession is refreshing, poignant, and beautiful. Her recollections of the lovely and rich client Darlene call to mind attraction, love, and even bittersweet pity.

10. Kelsey and the Working Woman: A Tale of Lesbian Seduction by Jeanna Yung

One day I came home from work to find Kelsey watching a homemade porn video, and my husband was the star! Not only that, but the little slut was the other person in the video. Hey, she was a great nanny, but it was time for this hot young bitch to be punished!

Ten Offices: Ten Office Sex Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Ahâ?¦if only every day at the office could be so blisteringly hot! In this collection you’ll find rough office sex, sweet office sex, group office sex, and more. There’s sweet romance as well as down and dirty sluttiness! Whatever job you want to take on, this is your collection!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes office sex, rough sex, group sex, first anal sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this collection.

1. After Hours Office Orgy: A Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story by Jeanna Yung

Adele has set her sights on the handsome new executive Jason Lands, and before she knows it, she’s getting her wish with Mr. Landsâ?¦and also getting a whole lot she didn’t wish forâ?¦a whole bunch of the girls at the office!

2. Barbara Gangbanged by Five Clients: A Group Sex Erotica Story by Angela Ward

Once Barbara lost her job, it was an easy decision for her to join her friend in the very lucrative adult escort business; she put on her naughty outfit and never looked back!

3. Bent Over by the Janitor: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

The husband and wife janitorial team could do anything they wanted to me, and I was stuck! With her mouth on me, though, I was happy to be stuck. As for the janitorâ?¦he was absolutely delighted to give me my first anal sex experience.

4. Berta Overpowers the New Guy: A Reluctant Office Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk

Having decided to bolster his retirement account, he took a job out of the country and left his loving wife behind. But things get weird as soon as he steps off the plane. Little did he know what was in store for him?

5. Double Teaming the Intern: A Rough MFM Office Sex Erotica Story by Kitty Lee

Nothing could prepare Brianna for her six month performance review as the intern â?¦a performance review “test” that means a rough mfm threesome right in her bosses office!

6. My Boss and Her Husband Both Want Me: An FFM Threesome Short by Hope Parsons

Rory’s boss, Jillian, is very pleased with her work as a personal assistant and even arranges for her to come along on vacation. It doesn’t take long, though, before everything is made clear. Rory’s there to fuck her and her husband, her first lesbian sex and first ménage sex are better than she ever thought possible.

7. My Boss, Her Tongue, Her Fingers, and Me: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Lisa Vickers

When Natalie’s new boss asks her to help her pick out some lingerie, she’s a little nervous about it but eager to please. She didn’t realize her boss was interested in more than her opinion!

8. Reprimand: An Erotic Office Humiliation Short by Constance Slight

Mr. Brent insists that Addy stay late at the office to assist with a client and makes it clear her job depends on it. Addy complies, but her heart really isn’t in it. It doesn’t matter, though, because other things will be in Addy!

9. Sylvia’s Office Double Team: An MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

Sylvia has always been the good girl, but when she gets a temp job at a local lawyer’s office, she decides to change the very person that she is. If that meant taking on two men in the officeâ?¦well so be it!

10. Tied Up and Double Teamed in My Office: A Reluctant MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz

The two hot guys she just laid off are ready to make sure they get one last bonus from the company, and that means Valerie will be tied up and used in a scorching double team sex encounter!

Ten Soft Moans: Ten Lesbian Experience Erotica Stories

by Amy Dupont

Another woman! It’s the biggest (and maybe the best) fantasy of all. Just the thought of the passion and power of a first lesbian sex experience can drive the straightest woman crazy! In this collection, you’ll find ten stories of lesbian bliss and it’s all just a click away!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, group lesbian sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Claire in Control: An Erotic Short by Francine Forthright

As long as she’s known Claire, Jenna has been under her spell. That spell is a spell of complete obedience and control, and when Claire proposes a unique birthday gift, Jenna is taken aback. Her reaction isn’t lost on Claire, and Jenna has to be punished!

2. David’s Birthday Present: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

It was David’s birthday so I decided to give him a show and sleep with a woman right in front of him. My best friend was willing, and it was a beautiful first lesbian experience for both of us. David certainly didn’t complain.

3. Elizabeth and the Strap-on: A Double Penetration FFM Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz

Before she knows it, she and Meg and going it at it, and she has a cock to do it with! It gets even stranger when Samuel joins in, and suddenly she’s in the middle of giving Meg her first anal sex and first double penetration!

4. Kate Captivated: First Lesbian Sex with a Stripper by Sandra Strike

Kate’s friend Maureen takes her to a strip club and arranges for her to have her very first lesbian experience with a stripper. Can the lovely and captivating stardust help Kate get past her continued obsession over the way her marriage ended?

5. I Didn’t Know It Was That Kind of Party! A First Lesbian Sex Orgy Erotica Story by Maggie Fremont

There weren’t any men at the party, and they were about to show me that they didn’t need any. My first lesbian experience wasn’t going to be with a girlâ?¦it would be with girls, and lots of them!

6. Katie’s Massage: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk

Here is the second story in the new collaborative series from Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press. Nycole Folk takes over where Angela Ward and Connie Hastings left off. Katie and her husband Hal explore her sexual fantasies, and the results are sometimes shocking and always red hot!

7. Mary, Mary: A First Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Angela Ward

I couldn’t believe it when I walked into the room and saw Hillary and Mary going at it! It was the most exciting thing I’d ever seen in my life, but then it got even more exciting when Mary called me over and I had my first lesbian sex experience!

8. Punished For Wedding Day Jitters: A Bride BDSM Erotica Story by Kitty Lee

Holly’s alone at her house in her wedding dress when her wedding planner, Kayla, shows up. Kayla’s not taking no for an answer, and Holly discovers soon enough that she’s going to have to say “I do” to a whole lot more than her groom!

9. Tamara All Tied Up: A First Lesbian BDSM Experience by Cassie Strackner

One day, while searching for boots her roommate borrowed without asking, she stumbles upon a box with ropes, gags, and handcuffs. Before she can really process what she sees, Caitlin walks in and sees her. What follows is Tamara’s first lesbian sex experience, and her first bondage and domination experience as well!

10. The Sweetest Girl: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Short by Jeanna Yung

Mary’s happy to be invited over to Patty’s house to celebrate a successful first shift at work. She thinks it will be a normal afternoon of swimming, but Patty has other plans, and before the afternoon is over, Mary will have her first lesbian experience!

Ten Sweet Tastes: Ten Lesbian Experience Erotica Stories

by Angela Ward

You are only away from a devilishly explicit collection of lesbian sex stories. From first lesbian sex to group lesbian sex, these wonderful scenarios are sure to get your blood pumping. Sweet and romantic and rough and readyâ??there’s something here for everyone who’s ever wondered about taking the plunge.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, group lesbian sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Deirdre Debbie and Me: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

Who would have thought that right after finals I’d wake up and my roommates would have their hands and mouths all over me? It was my first lesbian sex, and it happened in a group!

2. Picked Up By Ava: A Lesbian Seduction by Alice Drake

Ava is intent on making sure that no memory of a frustrating ex could possibly come to mind. How could the memories possibly break through the excitement, the sweetness, and the incredible power of her first lesbian experience?

3. Hillary and Harriet Having Me: My First Lesbian Experience (An FFF Threesome with Twins) by Fran Diaz

Chaperoning these beautiful foreign exchange students is a pain, but they do have their good points. In this case, all their good points are demonstrated when they give Kyla her very first lesbian sex experience in a red hot all girl threesome!

4. Madison’s Partner: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story with Bondage by Angela Ward

Kate’s threesome with the lovely Madison and her business partner is at hand, and she’s about to be surprised. It turns out that the lovely girl’s partner is a woman!

5. Kissing Kassandra: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short by Carolyne Cox

Mary the female lead in the production is profoundly impacted during a particularly steamy kiss with the stand-in Kassandra, and before too long finds herself alone with Kassandra for her very first lesbian sex experience.

6. Licked by the Naughty Nurse: A First Lesbian Erotic Short by Geena Flix

She thought she was headed to the doctor’s office for a stress relieving massage, but Nurse Aster has other ideas!

7. My Boss Has A Strap-On! A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Brianna Spelvin

Agnes is overjoyed to get the job as her personal assistant. When she’s instructed to come by Allison’s house for some late night work, she discovers just how personal of an assistant she’ll be as her boss engages in the perfect lesbian seduction!

8. Renee at the Laundromat: A First Lesbian Sex Encounter Erotica Story

While Renee does her laundry late one Tuesday evening, she meets the alluring and beautiful Gwen, and all her inhibitions fly out the window!

9. Tasting Meg: Blackmailed into My First Lesbian Sex Experience by Sarah Blitz

A little wine and a little reminiscence leads to an unexpected and very stimulating kiss. The friends get control of themselves, but it’s too late. Samuel saw what happened, and he’s going to make sure they finish what they’ve started!

10. TJ’s Tongue: A First Lesbian Sex Experience in Public by Constance Slight

TJ has been the object of Colleen’s jealousy, envy, and reluctant admiration for a very long time. When the two end up back in their own high school for a college fair, the two college co-eds meet again and sparks fly!

Ten Teachers: Ten Teacher/Student Erotica Stories

by Kimmie Katt

Who among us didn’t fantasize about our teachers? In this red hot collection, the fantasies come true as professors and students engage in all sorts of activities from first lesbian sex to group sex and rough sex to first anal sex. Is that the school bell ringing? Better hurry and click!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t be offended by such content should read this collection.

1. Amy Raises the Grade: A Tale of Teacher/Student Rough Double Penetration by Connie Hastings

Desperate to pass her final exam, Amy makes a pass at her professor, but the professor’s assistant wants to get in on the act. With the rough double penetration that follows, I bet she gets an A+!

2. At the Dig: A Public Sex Erotica Story by Rita Feldspar

When Dawn makes a remarkable fossil discovery at the class dig, the head paleontologist has a very beautiful and very aroused paleontology student to deal with.

3. Blackmailing His Way Into My Backdoor: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Callie Amaranth

Anastasia shouldn’t have done it, but she did. She cheated on her English midterm, and Troy has the evidence to prove it! He has her bent over a barrel, in more ways than one!

4. Earning Extra Credit: An FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Maribeth Simmons

Tasha and her classmate need to improve their grades. Lucky for them, the sexy Professor Dessen has come up with a way for them to earn extra credit. It’s a sexy and hot teacher/student threesome filled with scorching lesbian sex and a college girl experience Tasha won’t be writing home about!

5. Experiencing Emily: A Teacher/Student First Lesbian Sex Short by Susan Fletcher

Emily is very curious and very attracted to the professor, so instead of trouble, she gets to lead the beautiful college girl right down the path to her very first lesbian sex encounter.

6. Harrington’s School for Girls: An FFM Public Sex Short by Kimmie Katt

On her eighteenth birthday, Mindy wanders the grounds of her all-girls school and stumbles upon her art teacher and the grounds worker busy in a hot public sex session! She can’t help but watch, but why stop there, it’s ffm threesome sex for the inexperienced beauty!

7. If You Want to Pass, You’ll Do Me and My Wife Together: A Teacher/Student Sex Short by Alice Drake

Professor Pernod has made the situation clear. If Manda wants to pass Advanced Sociology, she will have to join her teacher and his wife for a threesome. Before long she’ll feel a woman’s mouth on her, a woman’s hand on her, a cock in her throat, and what it’s like to swallow a load of semen!

8. Olivia’s First Orgasm: A Teacher/Student Sex Erotica Story by Cassie Hacthaw

Olivia is beautiful but inexperienced, with only one sexual encounter under her belt, and that one was disappointing and unsatisfying. In the professor’s office, she’ll have her very first orgasm in a scorching teacher/student sex encounter!

9. Oral Exam: A Reluctant Tale of Blackmail Teacher Student Sex by Marilyn More

Kristin needs to maintain her perfect GPA for Daddy to keep paying her bills. When a teacher’s aide with an agenda threatens that goal, she has no choice but to give in to his desires!

10. Win the Trophy, Win the Cheerleader: An Anal Sex Gangbang Erotica Story by Sally Whitley

In this explicit erotica story, Sally Whitley describes her first gangbang sex experience, a powerful episode with the members of a college water polo team. As usual, her wit and her plain and honest descriptions of life as a college prostitute bring to the story a poetic brilliance that inspires excitement, amusement, and even a little sympathy.

That’s a Lot to Handle! Five Group Sex Erotica Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Groups! Groups! Groups! When things go crazy and sex turns into group sex, you know it’ll be hot. This collection of five group sex stories is more than hot. It’s scorching. It’s only a click away.

Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sex in groups including lesbian group sex, orgy sex, rough sex, group sex with spanking, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this ebook.

1. Orgy in the Stockroom: Group Sex at the Office by Angela Ward

We were all stuck working late at the office on Friday instead of our usual short day with time at the bar. I decided to let my coworkers in on the secret stash of booze I kept for my bosses in the stockroom. I had no idea everything would turn into an all-out orgy with me and five of my coworkers!

2. Spanked by a Group: A Rough Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings

When I found out my roommate was a high class call girl I was shocked. When she asked me to cover an appointment with a special client I was even more shocked. When she told me it would involve sleeping with a group of people and being spanked, it shocked me even more. The most shocking thing of all, though, was that I did it! It was my first lesbian sex, my first gangbang, and my first sexy spanking all rolled into one.

3. The California Trip: An Erotic Romance Story by Nycole Folk

In Nycole Folk’s new series of erotica stories, Transforming Craig, a wife starts a journey of sexual awakening that not only transforms her husband but also herself. From a sexless and almost loveless marriage to heights (and depths) of passion and adventure, the unlikely heroine is guided on her journey by a wise aunt whose marriage has already been transformed. Follow along an erotic journey of discovery for Barbara and Craig.

4. Sheryl and Donna: A Lesbian Seduction Office Sex Story by Sarah Blitz

CORRUPTION AT THE OFFICE is the second series in new erotic saga SMOKING LESBIANS from Sarah Blitz. This hilarious and sexy series tells the story of a group of lesbians determined to infiltrate and corrupt the Anti-Smoking/Anti-Lesbian League. With plenty of laughs and plenty of scorching sex, this is one series you don’t want to miss! In this story, Donna, our hapless protagonist, gets to participate in her first seduction. Sheryl never had a chance!

5. Orgy at the Dorm Room: A Group Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont

Right when I got to college, I knew it was going to be an adventure. I never expected that my second night there I’d end up playing truth or dare and having my first lesbian sex adventure! And thenâ?¦someone dared my dorm mate to invite some boys over. Before I knew it, I was right in the middle of an all-out orgy!

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