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by Elizabeth Mason

Reese Connelly was murdered at sixteen. She, along with Marcus, a computer programmer; Kim, a stone mason; Teresa, a housewife; Walter, a truck driver; and Jilly, a child; and a handful of others, are trapped in the cemetery in which they were laid. When a road project forces the unearthing of a handful of graves they discover a child’s skeleton mislaid in the ditch, and the mystery of Jilly, a child too young to have words, begins to unfold. The residents of the cemetery, unable to cross over, are a restless lot. Forced into interacting with people they would never have spent time with in life, they pick at each others’ wounds, digging at their personal failures and closely guarded secrets.

Meanwhile, among the living, Eva Bontrager is recovering from a brain hemorrhage she suffered in a riding accident. She remembers nothing of her sixteen years prior to waking up in the hospital. Handed a second chance with their daughter, the Bontragers are so overwhelmed with gratitude that they are willing to accept that Eva is now differentâ??perhaps even someone entirely different than their daughter.

The two stories are woven togetherâ??back and forth between the living and the deadâ??as they unfold, seemingly independent of each other. Or are they? Between is a haunting little ghost story that will make you think differently the next time you visit a cemetery. It is a story of relationships and finding personal redemption.

Dream Of You (A Laurel Heights Novel)

by Kate Perry

A Laurel Heights Novel, Book 5

Love sucks.

Lola Carmichael’s known it since her boyfriend broke up with her the night she expected him to propose. Only with a deadline looming for her next romance novel, she better find inspiration fast.

Enter arrogant sports radio DJ Sam Touchdown Taylor. Who’d have thought a playboy ex-jock would be just what she needs to get her creative juices flowing…and her heart beating again.

When Lola discovers Sam is using her to win back his dream job, she knows she should give up on Happily Ever After, but part of her hopes heroes do exist…and dreams do come true.

The rest of Kate Perry’s fun, sexy Laurel Heights series is available now:

Fans of Bella Andre, Rachel Gibson, and Kristan Higgins will love this quirky romance series with strong, independent woman and sexy alpha heroes.

“Perry’s storytelling skills just keep getting better and better!” -Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Can’t wait for the next in this series…simply great reading. Another winner by this amazing author.” -Romance Reviews Magazine

“Hot! Recommended!” -Bookpleasures

“Exciting and simply terrific.”

“Kate Perry is on my auto buy list.” -Night Owl Romance

“A winning and entertaining combination of humor and pathos.” -Booklist

Ireland Rose

by Patricia Strefling

A Sweeping Historical Romance:

Baltimore-born Ireland Rose, daughter of Irish immigrants, must be married by her seventeenth birthday. Rose’s father finds a suitable husband, Captain Camden Lovell, twenty-seven years her senior. Captain Lovell takes his bride to Charleston, provides her with a beautiful home on the Battery and good standing in Charleston Society. Three years later Rose is a widow. Captain Wyatt, her husband’s trusted employee is now in charge of her affairs. Rose senses he does not like her. One day he brings a young woman with child to her – and a secret that must be kept. A little girl is born, and Rose becomes a mother. Captain Wyatt offers to marry her in name only to protect her from Charleston society gossip, but she is determined she will not marry a second time for protection. She will marry for love or live alone. Just three months later, August 31st, 1886 the city of Charleston suffers the worst earthquake of the century. Her beautiful home is in shambles. Rose has no choice but to return to her parents’ birthplace in Ireland. The only record she has of her Irish ancestry is in her mother’s Bible. She and her infant daughter take the next ship to Ireland. She has begun to hope she has finally found happiness when Captain Wyatt comes with news that shatters her heart. Every person Rose loves is taken away. Her faith in God is shaken. There is a plan for her, but she can’t see it. Captain Wyatt breaks her heart, not once but twice.
About the Author

Hopeless Magic (The Star-Crossed Series, Book 2)

by Rachel Higginson

After returning home from Romania, and successfully saving her best friend Lilly, Eden Matthews must now come to terms with her future as an Immortal. She is in love with the Crowned Prince, but he is betrothed to someone else.

Her family desperately wants her to join their rebellion, but that would mean fighting against her one, true love, Kiran Kendrick. She must fight off assassins that want her dead, an Immortal rite of passage that takes her to India and a deadly disease that no one has thus far survived. Danger seems to lurk around every corner as Eden Matthews struggles to keep her true identity a secret and protect those that she loves.

Eden must find a way to be with Kiran, or turn her back on him forever and fight to save her people. Hopeless Magic is the second installment of the Star-Crossed series.

The PA’s Revenge (The Mackenzies (Book 1))

by Diana Fraser

The Mackenzies Series
The PA’s Revenge–Book 1
The Marriage Trap–Book 2
The Playboy’s Redemption–Book 3

The PA’s Revenge
Cassandra Lee doesn’t do emotion. Why would you want to feel anything when your son and father have died in horrific circumstances? Why would you want to do anything other than exact revenge on the man you hold responsible for the tragedy? Revenge is her only focus so she studies his business and revamps her image with the aim of becoming his PA and sabotaging his fortune.

And Dallas Mackenzie’s wealth is important to him. He’s restored his family’s fortunes after his father nearly lost everything through drink, violence and deceit. He believes he’s inherited his father’s violent temper and alcoholism and is determined not to succumb to them. He values honesty above all else and focuses on working hard and avoiding emotional attachment at any cost, even an empty life.

But empty lives can be filled–at least for a short while–and Dallas sets out to seduce Cassandra. Unfortunately seduction–and her body’s responses to this arrogant, powerful and sexy man–wasn’t something Cassandra could prepare for. She just hopes that his interest–and her resistance–will hold out long enough to ruin him…

First Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles)

by Laura Wright

A New York Times & USA Today bestseller!

**This is a New Adult book – Intended for 17+


Women in his bed, celebs and rockers in his chair and a killer bank account at his disposal, life is pretty freaking swell. Then she walks back into it again. With her mismatched eyes, perfect pink mouth and a laugh that still haunts him, she gave him nothing but marvelous misery. Now she wants his hands on her again. Not for pleasure, but for pain. For Ink. A bleeding heart to match the one she left him with five years ago.


She can’t forget him. No matter how hard she’s tried. The pain she caused him in the past eats at her daily, and she can’t move on with her life. But she has a plan, a hope for redemption – a way for him to take his revenge out on her flesh. But it’ll only work if he lets her inside his exclusive world, under his famous artist’s needle and into his bedâ??and heart-once again.

Cynders & Ashe (A Short Story)

by Elizabeth Boyle

Note: This is a short story (less than 10,000 words) and not a novella. Ella Cynders is a hired companion with a romantic bent. So when she switches places with her charge–who is determined to find true love and elope–it is Ella who falls head over heals in love with the very eligible Viscount Ashe. In one masked night, the viscount and Ella find passion and romance, and then tragically are whisked apart before the midnight unmasking. Now five years later, Ella has once again found a way to steal inside the coveted ball, but can she rekindle the magic they found together before her deception is unmasked? This short story was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance and in print is 33 pages long.

The Neighbor 2

by Abby Weeks

Join Janey in this steamy new series from one of the country’s hottest new erotica writers.

Janey’s story continues as she determines to impress the wealthy neighbor next door, this time by dominating her husband in front of him. As Janey gets closer to actually meeting the neighbor, and even slips onto his property in her underwear, we get another stunning look at how much she has changed and grown since moving to Sunny Oaks.

This series follows Janey as she goes through ever more titillating and arousing experiences while trying to climb her way to the pinnacle of Upstate New York society. It blends the pleasures of story and character with the joy of steamy erotic writing in short and frequent installments.

This is the second book in the sizzling new erotic series – The Neighbor. It is intended for a mature audience.

Can’t Stop Loving You (Forever Friends, Book 1 of 4)

by Peggy Webb

“Snappy dialogue, sensual reminiscences, and a two-level performance of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew enliven this delightfully romantic story. Peggy Webb delivers again!” The Paperback Forum

“It’s a pleasure to see a marvelous set of lovers who always meet on equal ground.” Romantic Times

“Peggy Webb is a comic genius.” NYT bestselling author Charlotte Hughes

Brick and Helen Sullivan had been a team, onstage and off. When she walked out of their marriage without an explanation, he swore he’d never play another role with her, in the bedroom or otherwise. But Fate brings them together to reprise their roles in The Taming of the Shrew, and the sparks begin to fly. Laugh – and cry – as the famous and lively lovers try to untangle a web of misunderstanding and find their way back to the place where they belong. (Forever Friends, Book 1. Book 2 is Only His Touch).

Larissa Learns to Breathe (The Cupid Island Series)

by Ruby Laska

It’s hard to stay uptight when the island breezes blowâ?¦

Larissa Lawson spent years fighting her way to the top of the corporate ladder. When it gives out under her, an unexpected lifeline arrives: a mysterious invitation to join the staff of the Cupid Island Resort in the Florida keys. Arriving two days before Thanksgiving, she’d just as soon work straight through the holiday as dwell on her shattered dreams. Besides, rolling up her sleeves will show her new staff that she’s all business.

Tommy Reid is quite happy spending his days in the sun and salt air on Cupid Key. The once-nerdy grad student has been transformed into an easy-on-the-eyes cabana boy with an advanced degree in relaxation. When Larissa shows up with an agenda and an attitude, can he slow her down enough to enjoy what the island – and its number one beach bum – have to offer?


Fans of Bella Andre, Kristan Higgins, and Susan Mallery will love the Cupid Island romance series, stories featuring women who are ready for love, and men with a passion for island adventure. The women come from small towns and big cities, but they’ll all leave with the love of a lifetime.

The first three “Cupid Island” romances are available now:

Book 1: Larissa Learns to Breathe by Ruby Laska

Book 2: Auditioning You by Jessie Evans

Book 3. Kitty’s Song by Lila Ashe

Or purchase all three in A CUPID ISLAND CHRISTMAS and save $4.00.â??


Praise for the novels of Ruby Laska:

“Very well-writtenâ?¦very enjoyable.” Tracy Reva Books & Reviews

“Drew me inâ?¦this was a great read!” – All Romance All the Time

“Lovable charactersâ?¦an easy read that also happens to make you laugh.” – Bits and Dits

“Characters to fall in love withâ?¦beautiful story.” – Whit’s Book World

“Ruby Laska is really an easy read authorâ?¦her books are hard to put down.” – Best Kindle Stores

Lost and Found Groom (A Place Called Home, Book 1)

by Patricia McLinn

A Place Called Home Trilogy
Can they find the loves that will lift a family curse?

Book 1 – Lost and Found Groom
Book 2 – At the Heart’s Command
Book 3 – Hidden in a Heartbeat

“Powerful characters, strong interplay and fiery moments”. –Romantic Times

“While following a story in distant Santa Estella, hardheaded journalist Kendra Jenner finds herself in the middle of a vicious hurricane. . .and unexpectedly in the arms of a stranger who speaks virtually no English. Fear leads to passion leads to their making a baby, a baby which Kendra fully expects to raise on her own, since her search for Matthew’s father – who she only knows as Paulo Ayudor – is a fruitless one. Then, three years later, her “Paulo” shows up out of the blue at her home in Wyoming, speaking the perfect English of an American, and identifying himself as Daniel Delligati. He announces he’s come for his son. . .and for her.” — (From an Amazon review by Karen Templeton)

Walk With Vampires Episode 5: Namir

by Jennifer Hampton

Lauren quickly begins to realize that there is a reason why she’s been kept away from Detroit all these years. It isn’t long before she’s attacked in Detroit’s Forbidden Library and she’s helpless against the monstrous security guard. Thankfully, she has protection.

However, when she returns home in a bruised and disheveled state, Ryan seems to be the only one at the party that quickly realizes that this isn’t just a costume. While Lauren does what she can to try to protect him, Lauren discovers a special guest has arrived–Namir. Finally, the two will meet face to face and Lauren will discover Namir’s true power. Now that she stands alone without Nasir as her protector, will she be able to keep Ryan safe?

The Shark

by Craig Ferreira

Jason Williams an investigatory journalist, finds himself on a twisting and potentially dangerous path of mysterious and bloodcurdling events as he delves deeper into a story of a honeymoon couple’s strange disappearance from the sleepy town of Gans Bay, situated 100 km from the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The remote fishing village has of late, become the centre of a burgeoning great white shark cage dive industry, and against logic and rational judgment , he is drawn into a tangle of murder and mystery where the reality facing him is more grim than he could have ever anticipated in his wildest dreams.

Down in the deep, propelling her heavy spindled shaped body though the frigid waters of the Cape, is the Submarine, the legendary Great White Shark everyone thought was long dead and gone��.

Frank Boon, a Great White Shark scientist, finds himself caught between trying to protect the shark or possibly having to kill it due to public pressure. Mace Jones, a retired monster shark fisherman joins the witch-hunt of what is said to be the “largest white shark ever sighted” The hunt is staged after a series of horrific shark attacks.

Fear grips all involved as the obscured reality of death and malevolence slowly unravel to a showdown between man and beast.

Meanwhile, Jason Williams is still trying to unravel the mystery of the vanishing tourists.


Heart stopping, fast paced and real. It felt like the shark was about to swim right out of the pages.
Jytte Fredholm – International Wildlife Photojournalist.

I have known Craig Ferreira personally and professionally for many years. Passionate, intense and full of surprises, Craig has found a new way to channel his immense creative energies by writing a debut novel about the world that he knows best – great white sharks.

“The Shark” is crime fiction that’s heart pounding, testosterone-driven, unique and as unpredictable as the subject of the title. – Mark Kaczmarczyk, Documentary Filmmaker

Craig Ferreira is synonymous with sharks, even though he has seen more white sharks than the rest of the world; he still acts, as it’s his first time when he spots one. He lives and breathes white sharks. – Fredrik Ã?ström, Captain – Swedish Military Intelligence

A fascinating and exciting story – just keep writing. – Peter Benchley, author of Jaws and The Deep.

‘Ocean adventure at its best!’ – The Independent.

If the book had Clive Cussler’s name on it, it would have sold a million copies. Dr John McKiever.

Kisses for Christmas (Collection of short stories)

by Marie Higgins

A collection of short stories from Marie Higgins that center around the Christmas Holiday. Fun and exciting, these short stories will warm your heart.

“Dreaming of You”

“Mistletoe Magic”

“Finding the Perfect Man”

“Dangerous Kiss”

“Snow Angel”

“Becoming a Lady”

Border Town: A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel

by Larry Hill

Will Cannon rides to the Border Town of Columbus, New Mexico to search for the Blackman Gang. A rancher named Vega from Mexico is running a gang of Mexican bandits and renegade Apaches that are robbing and umrdering innocent people. Vega has joined forces with a Mexican bandit named Ortiz that has an army of Mexican rebels. Will enlists the help of the American army to fight the outlaws and he meets a beautiful woman named Sierra that needs his help. An group of vigilantes called the Red Masks are also fighting against Vega. The confrontation comes when General Ortiz tries to by rifles from a gun runner.

Usurper (A King’s Head)

by David Waine

Callin Vorst is the youngest member of the Kingdom’s second family. Convinced that his father should occupy the throne instead of the incumbent, he strikes a bargain with a creature of myth: the ‘Hag’. She launches him on a career that will see him befriend the beautiful Princess Avalind and become a national hero – but at a terrible cost as the Hag exacts her price.

‘Usurper’ is the first part of David Waine’s epic ‘King’s Head’ trilogy.

Christmas Deliverance (a Novella)

by Amanda Egan

It’s that time of year again and the Willoughby family think they’ve got everything wrapped up.

Each concealing their own issues, they return to widowed mum Maggie to play at happy families.

But an unexpected delivery challenges their perceptions of one other – and of themselves.

Grab a mulled wine, snuggle up by the fire and share a family Christmas with a difference.

Because Christmas doesn’t always deliver what you want – but sometimes it might be just what you need.


â??Gems like this speak to your heart head and funny bone’
(The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit)

â??A good, well-written slice of British chicklit’
(Diary of a Mummy Misfit)

â??Essential reading for any mother at any stage of motherhood’
(Diary of a Mummy Misfit)

â??A superb knack of putting vivid images in your head with her fabulous writing style’
(Completing the Puzzle)

â??I feel her pain, I laugh when she laughs and I cry when she cries’
(The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit)

â??A story which is not only laugh-out-loud funny, it’s also touching’
(Diary of a Mummy Misfit)


Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion

by A.R. Taylor

Prepare to meet physicist David Oster, a big thinker, a charming cad who flees Caltech and his three girlfriends for the Pacific Northwest, pastoral fantasy firmly in hand. Whatever will he do with all that rain, yet another beautiful woman, and several crazy physicists intent on his ruin? Obviously he needs to discover some entirely new physics principle, as yet unnamed, but can he deliver?


“You need A. R. Taylor’s new book at least as much as you need the items identified in her title: “Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion.” There is no author funnier or smarter, nobody who packs her punch. She assumes unshakeable residence in the back of your mind. Along the way she reveals a hitherto undiscovered principle of physics: the force called A. R. Taylor.”

Joseph Di Prisco, novelist, ALL FOR NOW.

“A. R. Taylor is wildly funny in a very serious sort of way – thought-provoking, cool, she doesn’t throw a baseball like a girl, neither does she write like one. Her work involves boisterous, hilarious fun, tinged with a poignant vibe. I want her to write a book about me.”

Diana Ketcham, Writer and Editor, San Francisco

“I haven’t been allowed to read SEX, RAIN, AND COLD FUSION , but I am going to get a copy when the folks give me my allowance on Saturday. It’s about doing it (fusion) while taking a cold shower. The author is older than my mother but hotter. She lives near us and sits on the porch in a bikini. I deliver her newspaper and think about her all the time, even when I’m taking a cold shower.”

Andrew Hoyem, Publisher, San Francisco

“A.R. Taylor is one of my favorite writers, and SEX RAIN and COLD FUSION is funny and wise, wet and wonderful.”

Jeanne Martinet, author of ETIQUETTE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD.

Dead Days: Episode 1 (A Zombie Apocalypse Serial)

by Ryan Casey

How would you survive the Dead Days?

Riley Jameson is a regular guy. A little hard-of-luck and going through a rough time at work, but nothing he can’t handle.

That was until the creatures rose. The dead started walking. Feasting on human flesh, their hunger insatiable. The police are gone. The government has collapsed. The world as Riley knew it has changed, forever.

In this new, terrifying world, Riley is forced to think quick and act fast in order to survive. His morals will be pushed to the very limit, forcing the question: can humanity survive the onslaught of the dead, not only on the outside but on the inside?

There will be blood. There will be tears. In the Dead Days, nobody is safe.


In the first episode of Dead Days, a six-part zombie apocalypse serial, Riley’s world is turned upside down when the dead start to walk. Barricaded in his flat with his layabout friend, Ted, the pair are forced to think outside the box to escape, as well as come to terms with the carnage surrounding them.

Download the first episode now and start your emotional and terrifying journey through the zombie apocalypse.

The Book of Creation (The Watchers Chronicle Book I)

by Evan Braun

“Don’t you understand? Everything we know about the ancient world is on the verge of staggering change.”

In the wake of a discovery that rocks the archaeological world, three strangers meet for the first time in the mountains of central Switzerland. Under a cloak of secrecy, they’ve been gathered together by a ruthless billionaire whose goal is to harness unspeakable power by unearthing an artifact more ancient than civilization itself.

Their mission soon finds them on the chase of a lifetime. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt through the wilds of Antarctica, they circle the globe on the heels of a mystery thousands of years in the making, pursued by forces intent on their destruction, proving once and for all that there are some mysteries in this world too dangerous to be solvedâ?¦

For in the dark waits a terrifying menace.

The Long and the Short of it.

by Jan Ruth

An emotive collection of stories and excerpts from the Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia.

Five short stories, followed by a full chapter from each of Jan’s three full length novels. Over thirty thousand words of humour, the complications of relationships and the poignancy of love.

‘The shorts are what I’d call life-slices, like eavesdropping, a fly on the wall of somebody’s life. We see the indecisions, the moments of clarity, the realities of everyday life and yet there’s a turning point in each, where our main characters make life changing decisions that may or may not be for the best. And like real life – we never know. How would your life have turned out if you’d turned left instead of right, married one person instead of another? Clever, satisfying stories that make you think.’D.Bennett.‘Quirky’ and ‘evocative’ seem odd words to find together in a description of a story, but that’s this author’s great achievement: she succeeds in portraying utterly believable and familiar human relationships against a background of rich, earthy geographical location. We can see the mist-wreathed North Welsh hills, smell the soil and the rain.’T.Stevens.

This publication is written in British English. Spellings and grammatical conventions are conversant with the UK.

The Source: Book One of the Source Trilogy

by William G. Gee

Despite the best efforts of the US Government’s Military and Intelligence Services to cover up events behind a devastating massacre of Apache helicopters and their crews during the Gulf War, years later, a brutal robbery in Russia suddenly connects the two events with deadly consequences. A single stolen object – once part of a Nazi treasure horde – could now play its part in the annihilation of all life on Earth; and only one man knows the full reason why, and how Armageddon may be averted.

David Woods, Billionaire Chairman of the global Woods Corporation, holds the potential key to mankind’s survival; a millennia old secret to the destruction of civilisations and entire races – a secret that he has always fervently hoped would remain so, knowing only too well the true consequences of its revelation.

Resigning from his Corporation, he is forced to activate a plan that has been in place for thousands of years; used successfully only once before, but at a tragic cost. Recruiting an unsuspecting former student in London, and then convincing him to join in a war against the deadliest foe imaginable may be the least of his problems, even though he is the key to the Earth’s survival; convincing world-leaders to help will be an entirely different matter, when a prize worthy of deceit and duplicity is dangled before them.

So begins a globe spanning action-adventure from the America’s, Europe and Asia to The Atlantic and The Pacific Oceans, and far beyond. The odds look overwhelming, with seemingly insurmountable set-backs against an enemy with powers beyond human imagination, and deadlier than any conceivable foe; and if the Earth can somehow survive, nothing will be the same again – World-History will need to be re-written, and perceived legends will become fact – but it’s a big if â?¦


by Sean Platt


A New Sort of Horror Story

On the run for more than a century, cursed with the blood of a chupacabra, Ricardo must stay one step ahead of Tomas Morales, the man who has sworn vengeance and maintained pursuit through every sleepy hollow where Ricardo’s spent a lifetime (and then some) hiding. Ricuardo craves a life of quiet, but how can that ever happen when the horror lurks inside him?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Realm & Sands Readers LOVE to Read! Here’s What They’re Saying About Cursed:

“This is a rather, a poignant, dark tale with a dose of harsh and horrific violence thrown in. It simmers at a low boil but spills over into something approaching the ghastly. It reminded me of a solid X-FILES or SUPERNATURAL episode. I enjoyed this very much.”

“Platt and Truant do the same excellent job as they did in Unicorn Western, immersing us in an atmospheric world (contemporary Southwest U.S. in this case) and the plight of a sympathetic but horrific monster fugitive. This thing has heart…. and claws… and bony spines popping out of its back….”

“I dove into the book and had one of those rare, great reading experiences where you’re just a few pages into a book and you ALREADY know that you love it. That feeling stuck with me throughout the story and is still with me as I write this review. I like the main character, Ricardo, a lot. He’s very compelling and I hope there are many more stories to follow about him. Unlike the authors’ other stories that have a lot of humor in them, Cursed is a serious story. As much as I love their funny stuff, I think it’s especially cool that Platt and Truant have gone into an entirely different genre and tone here – and they totally nailed it and put out a very entertaining page-turner. These guys are great storytellers.”

Ë?Ë?Ë? Read These Other Genre Benders From Realm & Sands:


Amit is a member of the order of shadow monks, his every waking moment is spent training his body and mind to the peak of human ability “” and beyond. His order is pacifist, a repository for deadly weapons with their safeties permanently set to “on.” Until everything is taken from him, and Amit decides that turning the other cheek is no longer an option.

Get Namaste Here:

Unicorn Western

Unforgiven meets the Dark Tower in a book the whole family can enjoy. Cast from the magical kingdom of The Realm into the dying desert of the Sands beyond, Marshal Clint Gulliver and his unicorn Edward have finally found peace in the dusty town of Solace. When the town faces a deadly approaching enemy, the gunslinger is compelled to unholster his seven-shooters and face it.

Get Unicorn Western for Free Here:

The Beam

In 2097, the world is as perfect as you want it to be. Choose Enterprise and the government stays out of your way. Choose Directorate and all are equal, fed, sheltered and entertained by the government, every need provided for, and every man another cog in society’s machine. Lives are lived inside the North American Union, walled off from the rest of the world and the Wild East, enhanced by incredible A.I., nanobots that monitor and support daily living, and The Beam: the network connecting every human.

Get The Beam Episode One For Free Here:

Find Out Why Realm & Sands Readers Are Always So Satisfied!

Chasing Pigeons

by Rechell McDonald

In this mature tale of espionage, trusting the wrong person can prove to be fatal, and, as Tripoli soon learns, betrayal is the name of the game.

As she takes on a new assignment, Tripoli quickly discovers that this assignment isn’t like the others. While most intelligence operations require surveillance, weapons and communications experts all this one seems to need is her – the window dressing.

An attractive exterior combined with combat skills and a willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain her cover has made her an asset in the past. Now, however, it seems her knowledge of top secret operations has made her a liability; her contract isn’t the only thing The Agency wants terminated.

Finding herself in a desperate place, Tripoli finds an unlikely ally in the fight for her life against The Agency.

The Master

by Elaine Waldron

This is another book that once you started reading you could not put it down. Some of it was a bit far-fetched but I still liked it…Amazon Reviewer

This is a wonderful read. There is a lot of information that is skillfully woven into the plot. It isn’t something you’d expect, and the surprises are many. The content is definitely intriguing and thought-provoking. Great settings and counterpoints…Reviewer

Jennifer Logan is trying desperately to move on with her life, after a failed and disappointing marriage. However, she is not only having trouble sleeping nights, but she is having disturbing visions of the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. She tries to dismiss the dreams, but they become more and more persistent, and she feels she is losing her mind.

The Lottery Winner

by John Sands

A man who is set in his ways and well prepared for his upcoming retirement experiences an unexpected change in life when he wins a huge lottery. Rather than basking in enjoyment of the windfall, he turns inward and doesn’t tell a soul, not even his wife. During the six months he has to redeem the ticket, a series of events challenge him to reconsider the deeper purposes of his life and the source of true riches.

Trippin’ With Annie

by Tommy Lintner

Mellow Annie, an extraordinary sheep, returns to this novella, fresh from her appearance in “Joe’s Psychedelic Journey.” In this new book, the spotlight is solely on Annie as she takes us on a wild ride and gains fame, fortune and international celebrity status.The taste, smell and smoke from her owners’ “Happy Garden” (where copious quantities of cannabis are cultivated!) propel her out of the Catskills and the site of the renown Woodstock Festival. She involves herself in the glamorous world of touring and performing with her own All-Animal Rock and Rock Review Band. She steps on the stages of famous venues like the Hollywood Bowl, the Olympia in Paris and The Royal Albert Hall in London. Her life intersects with rockers like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and The Beatles, not to mention personages in high places such as Queen Elizabeth II and President Richard M. Nixon! It seems almost too good to be true. You, the reader, will have to be the judge of where fantasy ends and reality begins. Whatever happens, you’ll fall in love with Annie!

The Composition Book (Submissive Teacher Erotica)

by E.B. Jones

A married teacher falls into a lurid fantasy that thrusts her back into her college classroom and into the control of a young man with dark fantasies.An erotic short story. 

Death’s Twisted Tales

by John J. White

“Every story ends in death if one waits long enough.”
So quotes Death as he introduces twenty-eight twisted tales for your literary enjoyment. Written by award-winning author, J. J. White, these stories weave their way through the odd, the eccentric, the suspenseful, the vengeful, the evil, and even the hopeful, with the hapless characters hurtling toward their surprising and inevitable demise, much to the approval of our macabre narrator.
All of these tales have been previously published in both national and international publications with many winning awards in distinguished competitions put on by Writer’s Digest, the California Writers Club, the Oregon Writers Colony, the Arizona Mystery Writers and the Florida Writers Association, to name a few.
So sit back and enjoy, for as The Grim Reaper promises, each story has a happy ending.
Someone dies.


by john stevenson

In the peaceful green fields of the English countryside, there is a village that hides a secret; and it’s hungry.


by Paul Levas

Hate. Anger. Violence.

My name is Kevin Hickey, and if I knew then what I know now, I know I would have done better: treated people good and loving, but now all I can do is…hope.

Cooper Collection 108 (Go To Heller)

by Bill Bernico

This is not your typical Cooper story. That is, the main character in this story, Eddie Heller, crosses paths with Matt Cooper but the story is really about Eddie and his quest to become a cop in Hollywood during the 1930s. It follows Eddie life from birth on, ending up on the streets of Hollywood in the 1950s.

The Cooper Collection consists of 131 stories (so far)

Love & Marry

by L.K. Campbell

Marry Markham is an overworked wedding planner in desperate need of a vacation. Leave it to her meddling mother to book her at what Marry not-so-fondly calls a lonely heart’s last resort. Radio psychologist Dr. Allen Love has brought his show to the La Luna Resort to help singles connect. It doesn’t take long for Marry and Dr. Love to connect, but she’s not interested, and he’s determined to change her mind.

Bonus Short Story: In this Valentine quickie, Nicole is a divorced woman facing another Valentine’s Day alone, or is she?

Based on a Bold Faced Lie

by David Greene

Based on a Bold Faced Lie is a collection of nine short stories with slightly unique twists:

Pages of Life – Tired of civilization, Professor Lloyd Wagner takes a sabbatical, chronicling his journey. But when he returns, he finds everyone is gone. What happened to the people? How does he cope with his new found loneliness? Read his journal to find out!

Undead Love РWhen Paul is taken before his time, he is given the rare chance to be reunited with his fianc̩e. Sadly, discovering she has moved on, he blames love and plots a revenge that only a divine intervention can stop!

Illmoonati – What does the moon have to do with the secretive Illuminati? Eric, a determined teen, discovers the truth and sets out to uncover their plans!

Censored – After being reunited with his long lost love of poetry, David uses his rhyming rhetoric to seduce a younger woman. Soon, he discovers that what happens behind closed doors happens behind closed doors for a humorous and slightly sexy reason!

And More!

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