Free horror Kindle books for 09 Dec 13

Book of the Dead: Ghosts

by LJ Bale

Warning, these short stories contain a haunted house, moronic ghost hunters, sex, violence and words your mother wouldn’t like! Mature readers only!

The Summoning

A man struggling with a terrible loss resorts to a Ouija board to contact the dead but who or what has he made contact with?

Ghost Baggers

An unlikely trio brave a night in a haunted house to film their debut hit documentary. They do so in the hopes of starting a TV series but how long will they last and more importantly will they come up with a better name for the show?

Bones in the Basement

Can a spirit remain after the flesh has left the body? Can old bones infect the living?

At the Brand house beneath the earth of the basement something is reaching out to be discovered. A secret lay dormant for many years. Now that secret will be uncovered no matter what the cost.

Book of the Dead is made up of six short stories; all six are now available together in one book! ASIN: B00DEX6EFA

Candie Apple – A Halloween Tale

by Evans Light

Halloween was his birthday, and all poor Bob Talley wanted was for his family to be together again.

This year, his wish might come true…

CANDIE APPLE is a creepy Halloween tale from the bestselling author of SCREAMSCAPES: TALES OF TERROR, Evans Light.

The Devil’s on Facebook

by Randy Turner

Cassandra Harper is a date rape victim and her father has been murdered, but things are only going to get worse for the 15-year-old because her biggest nightmare is waiting for her on her computer screen. She is about to learn that the devil is on Facebook.

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