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Light The Hidden Things

by Don McQuinn

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Carter Crow has been wandering the country for years, denying and fleeing from the terrors of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
He doesn’t expect Lupine to be any different from the hundreds of little towns he’s passed through in the years since he retired from the Marines. But when he meets the strong and beautiful Lila Milam, he knows there must be something special about the quiet mountain town.
As the people of Lupine start to force their way into Crow’s solitary life, he will soon be faced with a choice: accept the help and support being offered or let the trauma of his past finally destroy him.

Praise for Light The Hidden Things“Light The Hidden Things is a beautiful story about the haunting weight of the past, the hope that comes from second chances, and most of all, the healing power of love. It’s written with power and skill by a seasoned author who understands the nuances of the human heart. Carter Crow’s emotional journey is deeply personal, yet universal. Recommended for romantics everywhere.”Susan Wiggs#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

Low Down

by Ian Truman

* Intended for mature readers*

Samuel Lee has known three days of freedom in the last eighteen years. Three days to come out of prison, see his daughter, settle a score with the mother of his child and her dangerous new boyfriend. Finding shelter in the unlikely company of a group of prostitutes, Sam will have to challenge his friends, his family, and ultimately, himself.

Told in the tradition of the best literary noir, Low Down is a modern and gritty take on the genre. Inspired by the cinema of Akira Kurosawa and Samuel Fuller as well as the music of Tom Waits, Sage Francis, Neurosis and Marilyn Manson, it is a novel that is sure to please anyone who has ever found themselves trapped and cast aside from the world.

What people are saying about it :

“Truman has an incredible ear for dialogue[…]There aren’t two pens like his in the writing business.” – Dead End Follies

“If you are searching for a break in the linear-plot stock and trade of most novels today, looking for a gritty, human story, Tales of Lust, Hate and Despair is the one for you!” – Creative Writing Addict

“Author Ian Truman brings Samuel’s story to light in a brutally realistic way.”

– Jersey girl book review

“An evocative tour of a Montreal now lost with a thread of believable violence that runs through both the characters and the places themselves. Oh, and a lot of blood.”

– Jessica Rose Marcotte, Author of A Repository of Immature Fiction.

About the title/cover changes : Numerous people have mentionned that the title and cover didn’t quite fit the novel and I’ve come to agree with them. So I went for a more straight forward title and design that allowed the darker nature of the novel to stand out more. I think “tales of lust, hate and despair” felt like a good idea at the time, turns out it wasn’t.

A Horse Named Liquor (Sample Chapters)

by J M

There’s a three-hundred-year-old colonial estate in historic Saratoga Springs, New York. Berkeley Thatch is the owner. She spends most of her time maintaining the grounds and addressing the needs of her animals; twelve horses, two kennels of dogs, a cat always on the prowl, fish, and a polecat with a must-see coat.

Her day job, she’s a F.B.I. detective.

After the murders of three people, she’s assigned the cases. There’s one clue at each scene and it points to infinite regression; that riddle that deals with how existence came into being. Only a person with a knowledge of irrational numbers will discover them. Berkeley’s the leading expert in the marriage of mathematics and metaphysics. Plus, her colonial estate rivals in any America; it includes an extensive library and a rare letter by Leonardo Da Vinci; the letter touches on the origin of creation.

There aren’t any leviathans in the glossy dark waters of Berkeley’s subconscious: she’s the high-priestess in the temple of reason; but she has problems to deal with; a lecherous drifter has his eye on her; and something ungodly has possessed her barn full of horses; and the psychological stains of the murders have a spectral chokehold on the well-being of her estate.

The next potential victim is a pregnant college girl.

Berkeley has fourteen days to save her.

Literary Mystery with suspense, horror, the paranormal and divine phenomenon.

Available March 17, 2014


by R P Marshall

â??Someone broke a window the day we buried my father.’

A split second in time, but for scientist Daniel Hayden this shattering of glass doesn’t just let in the cold winter wind, but also a disturbing secret.

What terrible crime lurks in his family’s past? And how far do the sins of the father extend to Daniel’s own life?

As his emotional and scientific worlds blur, Daniel begins to see parallels between his dark urges and the discredited theories of an 18th-century naturalist, Lamarck.

His obsessive pursuit for the truth brings him to the edge of sanity, as he is forced to confront the very nature of what makes us who we are, in this sinister and compulsively gripping thriller.


by Phillip Vargas

Abasi is a 12-year old boy living in the Takataka Dumps, one of the largest landfills in Tanzania. He spends his days struggling to find food, searching the mountainous heaps of garbage for anything worth keeping, and living in constant fear that someone will discover his secret.

Abasi is an albino.

In eastern Africa, where some people believe albino body parts are a source of magic, this can be a death sentence. Until now, Abasi has managed to stay one step ahead and remain hidden in the shadows. But when a group of rebelsâ??led by a witchdoctorâ??arrives at the landfill, Abasi’s secret is revealed and he’s forced to run for his life.



John Boone has been collecting spidey memrobilia, comics, figurines, movies and um flannels for three decades, he has grown up on him, and his creator the great Stan Lee, now bit by bit he is bringing his spidey sense to the wider public. Through reviews, interviews, and pain staking collections, John is going to bring you everything Spidey related to the Kindle, come and follow his adventure as he spins a web of intrigue and excitement.

The Nick Tales

by Sascha Benjamin Cohen

Young self-indulgent man discovers some of his emotional limits as he traverses the geographies of his relationships with others.

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