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Daddy Knows Best: A Raw, Uncut True Story

by Matt Gable

Re-edited January 20, 2012

My father was my best friend until I was 10 years old. Thereafter, he was my worst enemy. A tough-as-nails father who firmly enforces his old-fashioned ways, a mother who has little or no say, and a son with a penchant for getting into misadventures. The boy tries to convince his parents that something is wrong with him, and he is really physically ill. He suffers through three years of humiliation, agony, and punishment from the school and his father. They misjudge him almost costing him his life.

The parents get a divorce. The mother and brothers find themselves in an all-black housing project, being the only whites there for almost four years. He grows up quick and learns that life isn’t as simple as black and white.

When he turns 18, he decides to move back to Texas in a small country town with his father and new mother. He hasn’t seen or talked to his father in almost four years. Things fall apart fast. The young man and his younger brother end up out on the streets being homeless for two months and encounters unpredictable adventures.

A raw, uncut true story.

Collapsity: When All Falls Down At Once

by Richard Diefenbeck Jr.

“POWERFUL WOW WRITING, really! I felt like I was at the birth of something new; I felt like I was reading a new kind of prose ala Richard Brautigan or Tom Robbins or Douglas Adams, but it was you, Dr. Menlo!!!! [Diefenbeck]” â?? Dan Bloom, coiner & populizer of “clifi”

“It has a kind of graphic-novel-without-illustrations slash Bukowski-vernacular slash Saramago-symbolism mash-up kind of thing happening. I’m impressed.” – Elizabeth Kennedy, editor to the stars

Perhaps it was the rain, the adrenaline of getting punched, the pot, the sad realization that America would never be the same, or what, that first gave Tip the vision: first of John Cusack holding a boombox over his head, then Einstein holding a scrolling LCD news ticker – a new beacon was needed, for a new age. Collapsity is about the aggregate negative effect of climate change, stratification and peak oil, but it is also about human ingenuity against overwhelming odds, science against ignorance, and much, much more.

Richard Diefenbeck, Jr. is best known on the internets as “Dr. Menlo” – the creator of the first picture blog in 2000 and possibly the creator of the first group political blog (American Samizdat). He founded the Gonzo at Georgetown University back in 1993, which became the first college humor newspaper put online according to, garnered him a jar of pickles from Art Buchwald, a writing audition for the Letterman Show (which he did not get) and possibly inspired the first tagline of “The Daily Show.”

His online work has been linked by Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing, Robot Wisdom, Metafilter, Fark, and many more. He has been profiled or mentioned in the DC City Paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Seattle Weekly and others. He has been published in Andrei Codrescu’s Exquisite Corpse ( and Seattle’s anti-authoritarian rag Eat the State! This is his first novel.

Please leave a review! (This is Collapsity v.1.)

Martyr’s Inferno (A Jim Hunter Novel)

by Scott Gamboe

After killing a man in the line of duty, Detective Jim Hunter finds himself crippled by recurring panic attacks and bouts of claustrophobia. Desperate to pull his life back from the edge, Hunter throws himself into his job. So, when he’s pegged to investigate the suicide of a college professor, he takes to the task with all he has left. In the process, he uncovers more than he bargained for.

Now, framed for murder and running for his life, Hunter finds himself trapped in the middle of an international conspiracy that takes him from the back alleys of Chicago to the white sands of the Caribbean. With the help of a few unlikely allies, Hunter must avoid both the police and the mob if he wants to prove his innocence and unravel the mystery of the Martyr’s Inferno.

Did Anyone Die? (Little Wychwell Mysteries)

by Stella Stafford

A gunfight with no bodies, a missing wheelie bin, abandoned groceries, can they possibly all be connected? Is Elodea suffering from over active imagination and if not Did Anyone Die? Some are born detectives, some become detectives and some have detectiveship thrust upon them. In this last category are Priscilla, dedicated classicist and Oxford academic, and Barnabus, her un-nephew, who are left to solve the mystery and to discover that dog sitting can be dangerous.

This novel is set in the City of Dreaming Spires and the imaginary village of Little Wychwell, situated deep in darkest Oxfordshire.

A Cat Called Hope’s Christmas Carol

by Oliver Clarke

Marx returns in a festive tale that will warm your heart.

When a cat living all alone on the hard winter streets meets a man who terrorises a neighbourhood his first instinct is to run. Instead of fleeing he decides to stand and fight and in doing so realises there is more to the man than he first thought.

‘A Cat Called Hope’s Christmas Carol’ is a standalone tale in the Cat Called Hope series that can be enjoyed by new readers and existing fans alike. It is a festive treat for cat lovers everywhere that blends elements of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ with the kind of gritty realism and social commentary that have made the series so popular.

Reunion (political crime thriller) (The Gangster and The Politician Chronicles)

by James Kipling

Reunion is the first book in a series entitled The Gangster and The Politician Chronicles.

Reunion is about:

– a politician who is ready to change how his political party works,

– two industrial conglomerates ready to fight to any extent to grab an invaluable parcel of land,

– a powerless kid turned into a ruthless gangster, willing to do anything it takes to bring the crime world under one roof.

The story is all about the rise to power. At one end, the assassination attempt on a popular politician fails. On the other, a righteous child-turned gangster rises to power in the slums of Mumbai.

A politician is against a criminal adversary. To defeat him, there is only one way. Join with the crime world. The impetus is on the mayoral elections in the city of Mumbai. But there are obstacles. Will the politician achieve his ends? Will he succeed in the path which he deems to be true? Track his journey as he lives in the national capital and plans his endgame. There are greater forces at work and he has to do everything he can to stop them.

A recently turned gangster is against the controlling nature of his mentor. To barter an alliance, he must make a terrible decision. Track his journey as he takes part in the power play. With a violent past, he really has nothing to lose.

When the Deep Purple Falls

by E.A. Aymar

A thriller about the cost of loyalty, hit man Frank Peterson finds his life turned upside down in this novella, the action-packed prequel to I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead.Includes original black and white photography depicting locations in the story, as well as an illustrated murderers row featuring the cast of characters. And it’s currently available as a FREE EBOOK!Already reeling from the loss of his girlfriend, Frank discovers that he is also in danger of losing his job and his life, and finds himself confronted with a choice to abandon the only family he has ever known…his dangerous and shadowy employer.

EGYPT AND THE MEDAL OF HONOR (The Egypt Rosen Chronicles #2)

by Pete Palamountain

Book 2 in The Egypt Rosen Chronicles series

Comments regarding Egypt:

“Egypt is so funny, and her mother and sisters are hilarious.”

“The author interacts with the reader, and it is very appealing.”

“I really liked the detective Egypt Rosen, and I liked her sisters China and Persia.”

“It’s obvious that Egypt will be returning because this is part of the Egypt Rosen Chronicles. I can’t wait.”

“The author expertly catches the Southern California culture.”

Why did Lt. General Merlin Skelton (USMC ret.) commit suicide in his dress blues with his Medal of Honor draped around his neck? Egypt Rosen, Southern California P.I., is hired to find out. And as always, her pal, Vo Binh Dinh master Vin Tran, helps out.

The powerful Skelton family (noted for military heroism) sets up roadblocks at every turn. And the marines circle the wagons to protect one of their own.

The daughter of one of General Skelton’s Vietnam comrades is murdered; and Egypt becomes convinced her murder and the general’s suicide are somehow linked.

Mattie Lee, owner of the Garvey Times, hires Egypt to write a column called PRIVATE EYE, and stands beside her as controversy erupts over Egypt’s exposés regarding stolen valor.

The deeper Egypt digs, the more the danger increasesâ??to herself, her friends, and her sister China.

And Spotty King, a blonde giant police detective, partners with Egypt (personally and professionally) to unravel the mysteries.

“Looking forward to reading other books by Pete Palamountain.”

“I wish there were twenty Egypt books.”

“â?¦fascinating Marine Corp mystery.”

“Military mysteryâ?¦loved it.”

THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS: A Story about Politics, Crime and Corruption

by Tony Manera

THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS is a political mystery/thriller involving the assassination of Elizabeth Stone, the first woman elected US president. There are no clues, suspects or apparent motive. Despite the use of the most sophisticated forensic tools, all initial efforts to find the killer fail to produce results. Is this the perfect murder? Frustrated, but determined to see that justice is done, FBI agent George Baker penetrates the twisted sub-culture of the underworld, breaking through the wall of silence that shields the perpetrator of such a heinous crime. The killer is charged, convicted and sentenced to death. But the question of motive remains unanswered. Did he act alone, or was he hired by someone?

Further investigation establishes linkages between the president’s assassin, several corrupt politicians and The Company of Friends, a secretive organization that runs some legitimate businesses, pays all taxes and supports a variety of charities. Its most lucrative activities, however, are illegal, driven by insatiable greed and made possible by corruption in high places. They involve bribery, insider trading, buying and selling of information and a variety of other illicit schemes.

The reader is taken through the seamy side of American politics, exposing how money can buy influence, breeding corruption and subverting the democratic process. The multi-layered structure designed to insulate the masterminds behind this house of corruption is brought down by the relentless efforts of the FBI and its law enforcement partners. The evil genius behind the complex and seemingly foolproof plot to assassinate the president is finally unmasked and brought to justice.

What makes the narrative so compelling is its sheer audacity and scope. Issues ranging from the economy, the environment, corruption in business and politics, to Québec secessionists, create a sense of the complexity of the world lived at the presidential level.

Furthermore, everything in the novel could actually happen. The reader does not have to suspend belief in reality to accept the characters and events as presented. The story winds up with a well-balanced and sometimes surprising conclusion for each of the major characters.

The Collins Chronicles; Keep Watching The Skies

by Anthony Reccoppa

A thrilling continuation to the science fiction classic “The Thing From Another World”. Linda Collins, a US Air Force officer committed to the protection of her country must balance her sense of duty and her obligation to family. A person who takes conspiracy’s as fictional tales discovers the world isn’t “black and white”. Linda uncovers a sixty year old mystery, one that according to official records never happened. Along with her brother and others, they begin a quest to find the truth. On that quest, tragedy strikes, and she suffers losses that no one should ever endure. When the truth is discovered, or what might be the truth, she is faced with another dilemma. Balancing her own beliefs (love and loss) and being asked to make a further more dangerous commitment.


by Nicola Thorne

There is a legend in the Yorkshire village of Hammersleigh that tells of the forbidden love between a monk, Abbot Roderick, and a nun, the beautiful Agatha, Prioress of Hammersleigh Priory. It has been five hundred years, so they say, since Roderick went abroad to seek permission for the marriage and returned to be told of the mysterious death of his beloved Agatha.

Karen Blackwood is not quite sure what she will find in Hammersleigh, her childhood home, when she returns there after the death of her husband. With powerful but misleading memories of childhood to guide her, she begins a new life, and discovers that she has very unusual artistic talents.

When she meets Hugh Fullerton, the reckless and handsome master of Hammersleigh Hall, Karen begins to wonder if her decision to return had been her own – or someone else’s. The ruins of Oldham Abbey lie near to the Fullerton estate, and there a woman’s figure approaches and then disappears into the mist, only to reappear in Karen’s paintings. A bereaved widow’s imagination? Or a bizarre case of reincarnation? Hammersleigh is a tale of frightening suspense and psychic force.

One Among the Sleepless

by Mike Bennett


A killer has come to town. The victims are connected; each pointing to the next, as if in answer to the question: Who is The One?

Is it Peter Reynolds: mild-mannered office clerk pouring petrol through his neighbour’s letterbox in the middle of the night?

Is it Wayne Dolan: a man whose sexual fantasies about his neighbour spiral into dangerous obsession when he learns of her secret life as a dominatrix?

Or is it Gaz: leader of three friends who love nothing more than sex, weed and partying? All women are easy prey for his charms. All except Sally. And the one who doesn’t want him, is the one he has to have – whether she likes it or not.

Mick Nixon has to find the connection, because people are disappearing – and if he and Sally are ever going to share more than just lunch, he’d better hurry up, or they could be next.

A dark, funny, and at times horrific ride, One Among the Sleepless is a thriller set just below the surface of suburban existence. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll throw it through your neighbour’s window tied to a house brick!

“A tale that’s harder to put down than a delicious bad habit.” Walt Kolenda.

“I just can’t get enough of this book! It is fantastic, filled with absolutely everything – comedy, romance, death, and a nice healthy dose of sexual activity. OKâ?¦perhaps healthy is pushing it a bitâ?¦ I didn’t find one dull chapter in this weird, raunchy, thrilling novel.”

Ella. Podiobooks review of the podcast version of One Among the Sleepless.

“It has everything, drama, suspense, humour and oddity; plus all the naughty bits. It’s a real human interest piece with a healthy dose of murder & bondage.”

Onion Petal. Podiobooks review of the podcast version of One Among the Sleepless.

“Horrifying, funny, scary, dramatic, entertainingâ?¦everything.”

Jason. Podiobooks review of the podcast version of One Among the Sleepless.

“Extraordinary! Absolute and unbridled genius. This novel, unrelenting in wit, humor, style and story offers just a glimpse at Bennett’s unique brilliance.”

Jake Slatnesky. Podiobooks review of the podcast version of One Among the Sleepless.

“Here you have a tale that will cause smiles, tears, laughter, shock, unease, horror and ultimately satisfaction. The pictures in my head were vivid and detailed as this story sped along and I am left feeling that I have lived with these people.”

Brella-Owul. Podiobooks review of the podcast version of One Among the Sleepless.

“Quirky and dark humored…Mike Bennett has his finger on the pulse of what creates multifaceted characters that sometimes do the strangest things.”

Rosanna Morris. Goodreads review of One Among the Sleepless.

“A dark humour which is compulsive reading. Nothing is predictable but everything is constant in its entertainment value.”

D.J. Hammond. review of the original paperback edition of One Among the Sleepless.

The Liquid Room

by Edwin Page

Steve is tormented by memories and misery in the wake of his wife’s departure. Cathy has moved in with her lover, Martin, but it becomes apparent that she’s gone missing. Both men are under suspicion as the police investigate Cathy’s disappearance, but will they discover the gruesome truth?

Dark and disturbing, The Liquid Room us an unforgettable tale about love’s desperation. A shocking psychological horror, this novella is not for the faint hearted and will become part of you forever.

â??One of the rising stars of dark and horror fiction, Mr Page’s series of novellas inspired by music never fails to shock, thrill and disturbâ?¦ Fantastic!’ – Cheryl Matthews, Mad 4 Horror

This book is the third in a series of dark fiction novellas written under the influence of specific music. In the case of The Liquid Room the music was The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration.

If you enjoy The Liquid Room then download one of the other novellas written under the influence of music or the psychological thrillers Minos or Synergy.

The Killer Loop

by U K

Geoffrey a graphologist from Montreal is planning a weekend workshop in New York . To promote his session he impanels an advertising agency “INFLUENCE” to come up with an impactful communication message. The agency fails to impress him and he re-briefs the agency with a small exercise so as to get their act / attempt right this time. The exercise introduces him to Willy a budding copywriter who has traits of a serial killer. Geoffrey being a professional maintains his silence and prefers to concentrate on the team coming up with a great advertising campaign.

Willy on the other hand totally unaware of his dark side takes over the mantle from his seniors to impress and win the pitch for the agency. He not only succeeds in attaining Geoffrey’s confidence as a promising copywriter but also wins a seat for himself in his session after a little persuasion. In his hearts of hearts Geoffrey holds the belief of correcting Willy over a period of time by modifying his handwriting but without exposing him to his dark side.

However what Geoffrey is unaware about is that Willy has him next on his list…………………………..


by Nik Edge

520 pages. 11-4-2013

The Feds call them insurgs. They are the survivors of a brutal conflict that saw the Fed soldiers decimate their pockets of resistance in the eastern US cities. The Feds used robots and drones to mangle and incinerate their enemies. Those that escaped flowed west, one particular group led by a former Fed soldier named Skid. He built an underground installation in the US Southwest desert, and started salvaging Fed military technology. He and his compatriot Skip devised a sentinel, a rocket powered lizard that could attach itself to the back of Fed military transports. On the other side a man named Steele presides with lethal efficiency over a Fed installation, which has created small armies of cat and dog robots, as well as flying cyborgs with bladed arms. While the two sides struggle for supremacy, a mysterious and hugely destructive force, perhaps extraterrestrial, announces itself with the wholesale destruction of a mountain. Everyone wonders if the entire earth is being threatened with extinction. Meanwhile, back east a strange, silvery type of being called the Flat Man begins to appear. From the red canyons of Arizona to the glass towers of New York City, machines and humans struggle to survive, wondering how much of their humanity will remain.

Bad Luck And Trouble

by Keith Dumble

‘Hello Alexander…’

Have you ever been addicted to something? How far would you go to get your next fix? Alex Doig is about to find out.

A crime fiction short story told in an e-mail format.

Shortlisted in the 2013 Bloody Scotland Short Story Contest.

Angels and Snakes

by P. J. Gerrard-Gough

Mark picks up his babysitter’s daughter from the airport and they are driving home in the late evening. They see a pretty young woman broken down on the freeway and they stop to help but find themselves kidnapped and taken out into the Mojave Desert. It is a nightmare-comes-true until they decide to fight back. If they only knew that they were fighting. This story features some sex and violence necessary to the narrative and is intended for a mature audience.

The Bogan Swamp Murders

by Fred Thornton

Someone was kidnapping and murdering young girls, for no apparent reason, and burying them in Bogan Swamp. Why was this happening all at once in a County that hadn’t had a murder in over 70 years? With only two Deputies at his disposal, Sheriff Bill Hemphill could use all the help he could get. But would help come in time to save the lives of other young girls?

The Club in the Alley

by Alister Montgomery

Temptation. Fear. Addiction. These are things that face professional boxer Mason Bailey in his quest to become World Heavyweight Champion. Stood in front of him is the burly Russian Vladimir Rutschenko, however he is not the main obstacle in his way.

The book takes Mason on a journey through his emotions step by step on his road to the big fight at Wembley stadium. On route he will also have to fight things such as addiction, corruption and scandal.

The short story is around 15,000 words long and is the début novella by author Alister Montgomery who asks you to join him in discovering what is inside Mason’s psyche. The cover design was done by James Bailey.

Facebook Page:




After being abducted by her mothers rapist, Holly spends a childhood of extreme sexual abuse in his captivity cut off from the outside world. She is freed at the age of sixteen, but finds it hard to adjust. Only one thing is on her mind and when she gets to age twenty four she takes it…..

The Expirement – The Box

by Penelope Bailey

Time is ticking as yet another box gets delivered to Darktronics. James Kieran Folster is a young scientist at world leaders Darktronics; he is leading a normal life when it takes an unexpected and unwanted turn. This is his memoirs of the adventures he had with all the highs and lows.

Contains some violence and strong language


by Denham Bradley Cooper

A harrowing tale of violent teen angst torn from today’s headlines. A mentally imbalanced spree killer gets more than he bargained for when breaking news interrupts his plans for immortality. Controversial, thought provoking, and unforgettable…

The First Granny Smith Omnibus

by G. M. Dobbs

It’s Miss Marple on steroids!

This edition contains the first three books in the hugely popular Granny Smith series.

Granny Smith Investigates

Granny Smith and the Deadly Frogs

Granny Smith: The Welsh Connection

Three times the mayhem

Three times the thrills

Three times the fun

In this big value bumper edition.




To Dwell Among Us

by Paul R. Lloyd

In the drumbeat of a million raindrops comes a darkness marching to overpower the world where you and I live. We stand by without sensing the evil, never hearing the constant din of battle over our hearts, never feeling the bombardment upon our souls, never glimpsing the awesome power of our defenders. How can we live in this world and yet be so ignorant of the other?

To Dwell Among Us is the prequel to Fulfillment, the first century suspense drama with a huge twist of horror when Satan discovers he isn’t messing with an ordinary teenage girl. This kid has moxie and connections in high places. To Dwell Among Us tells the story of Zachariah, the elderly priest who becomes the father of John the Baptist. The story also introduces Mary, the girl chosen to become mother of Messiah.

If the thought of Satan out to get you isn’t enough to keep you awake at night, how about reading To Dwell Among Us? It will.

Better than caffeine.

This ebook contains 5,900 words in seven chapters.

Soul Pieces: Zero end Blob, the In a Dark Portal of the Middle World

by Goura Fotadar

The beginning in a series.

The twisted and questionable love of a daughter for her father. Written for an old friend.

A dark interpretation of your nightmares. Heaven, Hell, and choices.

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