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Super Simple Home Cleaning – The Best House Cleaning Tips for Green Cleaning the Home

by Judith Turnbridge

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Would you like to get your cleaning done without putting the rest of your life on hold?

Would you like your house cleaning to have a professional makeover?

If you do, then Super Simple Home Cleaning will help you do just that, and more!

This easy to read how-to-guide by Amazon bestselling author Judith Turnbridge will not only help make your home clean, safe and harmonious for you and your family to live in, but to do so in a way which is easy on your pocket and friendly on the environment.

Here’s how…

Whether you are doing your weekly chores or embarking on some serious deep cleaning, this book will show you how easily it can be done without using harsh chemicals and products with dubious environmental claims. You will be able to say goodbye to amassing a closet full of cleaning products in the vain hope that something is going to make it easier – when in fact it doesn’t! Instead you’ll be able to streamline down to just a few inexpensive but effective items – most of which can already be found in the kitchen pantry! With the many great tips included, you’ll learn how to properly do the jobs and care for your home.

Also included in this great book is a 31-day cleaning plan which will help you to break your cleaning routine down into easy-to-perform manageable chunks. This will mean that you’ll be able to spend your quality-time doing those things you really want to do.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Cleaning your fridge and freezer – including how to keep a stainless steel refrigerator clean and free of fingerprints
  • How to de-frost your freezer without flooding your home
  • Cleaning your microwave oven – including the lazy way to clean your microwave
  • Cleaning the stove – including how to manually clean a self-cleaning oven
  • Cleaning the sink – including how to de-scale taps and plugholes
  • How to clean countertops and kitchen cabinets – including really greasy cabinets
  • Cleaning the kitchen floor – including how to use a mop the proper way
  • How to clean your couch, armchair and cushions – including how to get your couch free of pet smells
  • How to clear a living room in just 12 minutes – great if you have visitors arriving soon
  • How to take care of your dining room table – including how to hide scratches
  • How to clean the toilet so it will look and smell brand new – even including the toilet’s waste pipe
  • How to remove soap scum and kill mold
  • How to clean / de-scale a shower-head
  • How to clean a bathtub or sink drain
  • How to clean mirrors
  • How to clean the bedding – including how to clean ink from bedspreads
  • How to clean the mattress – including how to remove stains
  • How to clean windows, drapes and blinds
  • How to clean rugs and carpets
  • How to clean books, CDs and DVDs
  • How to clean lampshades
  • How to clean silver, gold, brass, copper and pewter
  • How to clean wood furniture – make your wood cabinets sparkle!
  • How to clean audio visual gear and computers
  • How to clean your walls without taking the paint off
  • How to reduce the amount of dust forming in your home
  • Sharing the chores – including when’s the best age to start getting your kids involved and what kind of chores would be best

There’s also much more in this no-fluff (pun not intended) cleaning guide!

You owe it to yourself to read Super Simple Home Cleaning because no other book will help you make your home cleaner, easier to maintain and best of all, save you from breaking the bank in the process.

Marriage Counseling that WORKS – How to Improve Your Marriage, Reignite Attraction & Enhance Communication Through The Power of Effective Marriage Counseling … Couples Therapy, Marriage, Marriage Help)

by Sophie Kane

Marriage Counseling that Actually WORKS!

Today only, get this 1# Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You are about to find out how to take your marriage to an entirely different level. Whoever you are, I know what you are feeling because I’ve helped many couples to improve their relationships, making each day better than the day before. The fact is that being barried is not always easy, and no one taught us how to make the most out of it without losing our head in the process. Some people even say that you can’t fix things because “they are what they are”, but know what? They are wrong! They are absolutely wrong! Improving your marriage is not only possible and feasible; if you set yourself up to the task, it’s ultimately unavoidable.

My goal is simple. I will help you transform your marriage altogether. We will fix what needs to be fixed, enhance what needs to be enhanced, and let go what’s breaking you apart. Together, we will go to the roots of relationships & marriage help and transform that knoweldge into an simple step by step guide that will set you right on track to get what is yours. Indeed, it’s time to reclaim the marriage you both deserve. So let’s go for it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Read This Book

  • What are the Most Common Marriage Spoilers & How to Get Rid of Them
  • Proven Strategies to Fix & Enhance Your Marriage
  • How to Address Conflict Without Messing Up Your Relationship
  • Simple Gestures That Will Make You Both Feel Closer Than Ever
  • How to Improve Your Communication Immediately
  • How to Your Bullet Proof Your Marriage
  • Top Keys to Build an Amazing Relationship Today!
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Pregnancy Guide: Don’t worry, you’ll be a Perfect Mom!

by Alisa S. Carroll

Anxious about this amazing period of our life? It’s only natural, we all were. Truth be told, nine months fly by so fast that you won’t even have time to be anxious and your baby will be the priceless reward for all your nerves. Until then, I will help you every step of the way with advice and insights about how to become the perfect mother. Not only will you experience the miracle of childbirth, but you will instantly become your baby’s center of the universe. Being a parent can be an overwhelming situation when besides emotions of love and attachment arise thoughts of worry and uncertainty about your child’s next steps. But relying on parental instincts and offering unconditional love to your baby, alongside following my modest, yet helpful advice are the best starting points for your journey as a parent.

Bonus: Rich FAQ section

What are the earliest signs that I’m expecting?

Can I sleep on my back during my pregnancy?

How do I calculate my baby’s due date?

What medications can I take while I am pregnant?

Is it safe to have sex when pregnant?

How frequently should my baby move?

What should I expect from my first prenatal checkup?

Can I have my hair colored or permed?

How important is it to take prenatal vitamins?

What can I do to prevent this nasty heartburn?

Can I tan while I am pregnant?

How can I prevent stretch marks?

Why can’t I have another ultrasound?

Which types of fitness activities are safe?

Is it safe to use artificial sweetener in pregnancy?

Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

Why is smoking dangerous during pregnancy?

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Can I get in the hot tub or sauna during pregnancy?

How much weight should I gain during my pregnancy?

What do I do in case of an emergency?

Old Maid Syndrome: Why Men Don’t Marry Narcissistic Women

by Richard Saunders

Women become old maids because they make bad choices that leave them unequipped for mature relationships. Men prefer relationships with experienced, less troublesome women, so old maids miss the boat for marriage as a direct result of their lack of social and sexual experience.

Old maids often choose lifestyles that promote the development of psychological disorders such as sexual neuroses and anorexia, and many exhibit symptoms of narcissism. Choosing to live and breathe their careers round the clock leaves many old maids with little time to learn how to interact with men and develop relationships. This book examines the psychological differences between married women and old maids and how these differences influence their behavior, and explains why old maids are prone to develop specific types of delusions about men.

This book features hard-hitting critical analyses of old maids by male and female psychologists and commentators, and includes a chapter about the similarities and differences between old maids and old bachelors.


Chapter One: How Women Become Old Maids

Chapter Two: Different Types Of Old Maids

Chapter Three: Married To Their Careers

Chapter Four: Delusional Narcissism

Chapter Five: Supply And Demand For Men

Chapter Six: Married Women And Old Maids

Chapter Seven: Bitter Old Maids

Chapter Eight: Old Maids After Forty

Chapter Nine: Social Conditioning

Chapter Ten: Miseducating Narcissists

Chapter Eleven: Delusions About Men

Chapter Twelve: Old Maids And Old Bachelors


You Know You Are Getting Older… (You Know You Are…)

by Richard McChesney

The sixth book in the popular ‘You Know You Are’ series

‘You Know Are Getting Older’ will cheer up anyone who is frustrated with the ageing process. They say laughter is the best medicine!

This is the sixth book in the “You Know You Are” book series, and with 40 illustrated captions, you can’t help but see the humorous side of ageing.

Other titles include:

  • You Know You Are A Runner…
  • You Know You Are A Nurse…
  • You Know You Are An Engineer…
  • You Know You Are A Dog Lover…
  • You Know You Are A Golfer…

As well as:

  • You Know You Are A Mother…
  • You Know You Are A Triathlete…
  • You Know You Are A Teacher…

which are all planned for release in the near future.

Purchase either the Kindle or paperback editions of this book and go in the draw to win a ‘You know you are Getting Older’ t-shirt. Visit our website for further details.

Healing Stories for Children

by Carl Brahe

These stories were originally written for children who had fatal diseases. They were published as handmade booklets and most copies were given to children in the late 1990s. The booklets were as short as 6 pages. There were less than 10 copies of each made.

These copies began to show up for sale on the web. I was amazed when they were offered and sold for around $20 each. Over the years the price has risen to almost $1000 per copy on The individual books are being offered for $9,999.99 9/2013. I decided to make them available again. These stories are compiled here in one volume.

Carl Brahe

There is a Place that Makes Your Face (Healing Stories for Children)

by Carl Brahe

A Little Boy’s Gift
In 1959 I read about a boy in my second grade, Weekly Reader. His family and medical team expected him to die from an inoperable brain tumor. Late at night he used his imagination to blast away the tumor by playing a game. His story stuck with me throughout my life.
I never expected to have to use the simple concepts I had read about, but in 1982 I was in a motorcycle accident that threatened to leave me paralyzed. I asked my doctor how my body would heal naturally if it could heal. He told me it was impossible, that surgery was my only option. I said, “That’s not what I asked. I asked, if a body could heal how would it do it.”
He gave me a theoretical model of my body healing my spine. I asked him to explain until I could see the process in my mind’s eye. I began using imagery based on what my doctor told me. I accompanied the visualization with music playing in my head. After a year and a half of constantly working in this way, I was told there was no medical reason I shouldn’t skydive if I wanted.
My experience led me to return to graduate school to learn more about mind/body healing. I was fortunate to study with many of the most outstanding teachers in the field.

This rhyme was originally written for a 4-year-old girl with ALD. She lived to be 7 despite her prognosis of death within days of when her mother brought her to me.

Original copies of this book are being offered for sell online for $9,999.99 at this time 9/2013

Who’s Your Daddy? Bible Based Stories for Modern Families : Vol 1

by David Robert Nelson

This book is not a collection of Bible stories but rather a collection of twelve Bible based stories for the family. It was born out of a desire to explore and express how individuals in the scriptures may have felt and thought as they went through different experiences in their lives and with family members.

The general theme is one that is evident and close to my heart; the yearning bond between sons and fathers and those who fill those places in our lives as we navigate through different issues and events.

Some of us have difficulty expressing our emotions and feelings, but if there is anything I pray for; is that this book may be an avenue for boys, girls, teens and young people to share how they feel with someone they can trust.

All stories are written in the first person with the hope that the reader will feel involved in the experience and not just reading about the experience.

It is with this back drop in my spirit I present this first book containing twelve stories.

51 Fun Affordable Family Activities (51 Fun Things)

by Susan Vandeyacht

Time spent with our families is one of the most important aspects of life. 51 Fun Affordable Family Activities can help you with ideas for wonder family times together.

Jocob Hears Voices

by Carl Brahe

This healing story is written to help children who hear voices relate to the voices in a way that facilitates moving from pathology to guidance. The story stresses that for each individual the healing process is different and can be assisted by conscious choice to face the challenge and meet it with all your resources.

Talking with Dogs: Mystical dogs that saved our dysfunctional family

by Lisa Hendricks

Miracles do happen… I am living proof.

The author is a domestic violence survivor who for years was plagued by depression from the memories of abuse and family violence due to untreated mental illness suffered by her father. But for a brief period, just at the right time in her life, a miracle dog transformed the family and broke the cycle of family violence. This is a true story of a true miracle, not an inspiring embellished story. It really happened.

She also helps readers understand how certain events can change you and how her faith in God was reaffirmed when witnessing the miracle of healing dogs.

For anyone struggling with dysfunctional family members, domestic violence, emotional abuse, elder abuse and all of the phases that a dysfunctional family goes through, this story will inspire you and help you understand that sometimes help can come from the most unexpected places. You are not alone and there are alternatives. Forgiveness, is possible through faith and understanding.

Alcoholism: Am I an Alcoholic? No Worries! Helpful Tips to Staying Drug and Alcohol Free. A Guide on How to Stop Substance Abuse.

by Tiffany Williams

My name is Tiffany Williams-Jallow and I have a show on BlogTalkRadio that is all about relationships. Oftentimes on my show, we look at factors that hinder relationships. I discovered that substance abuse is one of the more prevailing relationship wreckers, so I decided to write a book that will explore this issue further.

This book promotes the idea that it is possible to overcome substance abuse through treatment and other interventions; in other words to experience a turnaround and get on the road to full recovery. But that’s not all you’ll discover in this highly effective guide on how to stop substance abuse. You’ll also learn:

General Risk Factors For Substance Abuse

Difference Between Dependence and Substance Abuse

Different Types of Drugs Including Alcohol and Designer Drugs

Link Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

How To Stay Clean and Sober During The Holidays and Beyond

How To Do A Substance Abuse Intervention

And Much More!

Upon reading this book, you will be able to easily answer the question “Am I An Alcoholic?” plus learn helpful tips for staying drug and alcohol free while working to repair, build and maintain positive, long-lasting, character-based relationships.

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