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Wrap with Love: Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy

by Lisa Bader

Do you know the secret to making sure the holiday gifts you give delight the recipients?

How to avoid the biggest gift giving mistake?

How to transform that generic gift card into a truly special gift?

“Wrap with Love: Holiday Gift Giving with Less Stress and More Joy” provides these answers and more! Make your holiday gift giving easier to do, more enjoyable, and more meaningful than ever by learning the simple, three step system of Ready, Select, Wrap. Readers will develop a gift giving plan to help them save time and effort; learn how to select gifts for everyone on her list; and discover ways to wrap up the season in a delightful way. Through a combination of research, personal stories and practical tips, readers will find themselves having more fun than ever this holiday gift giving season! Check out and for more gift giving ideas year-round!

The Tangi Bridge – Common Core Standards Lesson Plan (Zwoodle Books Education)

by Zwoodle Books

A comprehensive lesson plan aligned with the Common Core Standards for Reading: Literature for grades 9-12 (3-4 classroom hours).

CCS: RL: 9-10.1 – 10.10
CCS: RL: 11-12.1 – 12.10

Follows the Madeline Hunter format.


-Concepts Taught (CCS and Enrichment)
-Resources Needed (CCS and Enrichment)
-Anticipatory Set
-Instructional Input
-Guided Practice
-Quick Links (to following sections)
-Vocabulary List (teacher reference)
-Vocabulary Answer Sheet (with parts of speech, definitions and links to definitions online)
-Question List (teacher reference – CCS and enrichment)
-Question List (organized by CCS)
-Enrichment Activities (for class or independent work) that appeal to a variety of learning styles, such as linguistic, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, plus enrichment that connects to other Core Standard subjects, such as math, science, social studies, and foreign language.

Questions that satisfy more than one requirement are annotated (annotations link to the CCS in the document). CCS explanations are provided and also link to the Common Core Standards website for each requirement.

This is an extremely comprehensive lesson plan designed with you in mind – to provide quick references and give you as much flexibility in the classroom as possible.

“The Tangi Bridge” is a short story by KM Zafari (845 words) comparable to “The Lottery” and “The Lady or the Tiger”. The author encourages derivative works, especially by students.

College Boot Camp

by M.S. Johnson

If you are seriously considering college, get this handy, no-nonsense guide without all of the fluff. This is a quick read that will save you valuable time and money without boring you to death! Look for my upcoming title ‘Apartment Hunter’s Boot Camp’ coming soon!

A Bug-Like Creature Opera

by Curtis Elmore

A fun poem and audio book exploring the fear of bugs, and the often violent reaction to the unknown.

helping hand (school guide for elementary, high school and college)

by franz yabut

This book aims to help student achieve the grades they always wanted. This book will show the how and what on things that students need to excel in the class.

Key Words for Kids

by Isabella Bello

This book helps young children learn to read. It contains many of the key words that are essential for reading the English language. Key words are demonstrated by pleasant, fun color diagrams that are easy for children understand.

Mastering University Writing for Success

by Jennifer M Ryan

This book is the perfect support for anyone embarking on a course of study that requires them to write professional essays.

Using the Jennifer Ryan Consultancy Services motto (Communicate, Educate, Achieve More) this Pathway Series of documents aims to assist those striving to achieve an academic or literary goal. The resources are practical; simple but not simplistic. The document starts with the obvious – the audience, and proceeds to name, explain, list and give examples of how to develop a logical and well presented essay suitable for the assignment given.

The information provided in the document covers all aspects of assignment preparation and writing:

1. Writing for University

2. Checklists for รข??judgment’ criteria:

3. Proofreading Deadly Errors

4. Hints and Tips for Writing Undergraduate Assignments

5. How to analyse a task

6. Stages and Sections of the Essay

7. Writing the Assignment

8. How to incorporate other writers’ work into your own writing

The tables, checklists, definitions and explanations included support basic skills, clarify important points and provide avenues to success.

Wisdom Quotes 101: Learn 101 Words Of Wisdom To Help You In Life!

by Joseph E

Read These Powerful Words of Wisdom to Help You Become Wiser, Smarter, and Truly Independent.

101 Badass Quotes: Inspire Yourself, Motivate Others, Shock Your Enemies

by Leszek Skrzypczynski

101 Badass Quotes provides a range of inspirational, motivational, and thought provoking quotations from famous and infamous individuals ranging from humble authors to ancient warriors. If you are struggling to get off from your couch, procrastinating before an exam, about to stand before a corporate audience, and you need a boost in self confidence, leadership, and energy, this book is for you. Share in the success of millionaires and ride with ancient warriors across battlefields. The adventure is waiting to unfold in all of us. Let 101 Badass Quotes bring it out of you.

Edwin makes a mistake (Edwin the Entrepreneurial Bear)

by Mark Quinn

“Edwin, what’s happened here? This order is wrong…which means we could lose a very good customer,” Percy enquires as he hands the order sheet over to Edwin.

“I know sir, I could not sleep last night through thinking about this,” a nervous Edwin declares, “but you know me sir, I will sort this out because I never hide from my problems, NEVER!”

Join Edwin as he bravely faces a problem in his second adventure…

Edwin makes a mistake.

He’s educational,



It’s Edwin the Bear!

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