Free romance Kindle books for 09 Dec 13

Official Girl

by Charmanie Saquea

Reneice “Neicey” Peake is a hardworking 18 year old that goes to school and works a 9 to 5. Losing her mother at a young age and never knowing who her father was forced her to be raised by her older brother, Ramone. Ramone did the best he could to keep his sister on the straight and narrow but, when he gets locked up, he leaves his sister to fend for herself. Neicey meets Le’Lani and they form an unwavering friendship. However, Neicey’s life changes forever when she is introduced to Mykell, Le’Lani’s older brother. She falls head over heels for Mykell but what she doesn’t know is he

comes with some extra baggage! Will Neicey be able to handle Mykell and all of his drama and be his Official Girl, or will they be forced to go their separate ways in the end?

Love is… (A Mr Write Trilogy Spin-off)

by Cassandra P Lewis

After years of kissing frogs, neither Rafael or Matthew are on the lookout for their prince but when their siblings cause their paths to cross, fate steps in…After all, everyone deserves a happy ever after!

Not suitable for readers under 18/total prudes/raging homophobes!

This is a spin off of from The Mr Write Trilogy

The Theory of Attraction (The Science of Temptation)

by Delphine Dryden

Camilla can set her watch by her hunky rocket-scientist neighbor who jogs past her window each day. She relishes each glimpse of his shirtless abs, and is dying to see more. But it’s hard to connect with a man who doesn’t seem to know she exists…

Ivan feels at home in the lab, not in social situations. When he finally approaches his attractive neighbor, it’s not for a dateâ??he wants tutoring in how to behave at an important fundraiser. Ivan doesn’t expect the chemistry between them to be quite so explosive, and is surprised when Cami actually accepts his proposal to embark on a series of “lessons.”

Cami soon discovers Ivan’s schedule isn’t the only thing he likes to be strict aboutâ??he needs to be charge in the bedroom as well. She’s shocked at how much she comes to enjoy her submissive side, but wonders if a real relationship is in the equation…

47,000 words

Not A Chance (Sweet Nothings)

by Carter Ashby

Small-town heiress, Arden Butler, is as pragmatic and rational as they come. Until the worst snowstorm in Missouri history throws a wrench in the well-laid machinery of her life’s plans. That wrench comes in the form of her rescuer, hunky, flirtatious mechanic, Travis Lanier.
Travis, a live-in-the-moment, romantic-at-heart kind of guy, isn’t too interested in the spoiled, ice queen he’s been forced to rescue. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try to get her into bed. Until he gets to know her, and suddenly wants so much more.
After five days snowbound together, Arden and Travis find themselves forever changed. Returning to their regularly scheduled lives proves more difficult than either of them would have expected. When events ranging from troublesome to tragic interfere in Travis’s life, Arden is forced to choose. She can have the pristine future she has planned with her fiancé. Or she can embrace the messier, albeit more passionate, life with Travis. The result is a struggle to balance reason and romance, passion and practicality. And to ultimately find happiness and a forever kind of love.

Love Unbroken (Love, Life, & Happiness)

by Sheena Binkley


I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone when I arrived at Shaw University. After my last stint at love, the only thing I wanted to focus on is getting through my first semester of college without any drama. That was my intentions, until I met Shawn Walker. At first I didn’t like him. He was arrogant and cocky; someone that I could easily despised, if he wasn’t so damn sexy. But one night changed my thoughts about him. I was able to let down my guard and be myself. Now, I have a second chance at love. Will I let myself love again, or will I continue to live in the past?


After my last girlfriend cheated on me, love was not on my agenda. I tried to escape it at all costs, until I met Riana Robertson. After thinking she was like every other girl, I easily avoided being around her, but that night, when I saw what happened to her, I had to help her. I had to protect her. That night changed the way I felt about her and I realized I could fall hard for her. But will our relationship survive once she finds out the truth about me. Or will I lose her foreverâ?¦

This story is intended for readers 17+ (adult content/language, sexual content/language).

Blind Faith – an uplifting journey empowering one man to live and love again.

by Michael Kintz

Have you ever…

* Felt the sting of rejection, or the emptiness of desertion?
* Suffered the pain of a broken heart; the deep ache of grief?
* Or simply felt lost, and searched for something to fill the void, but didn’t know what?

You’re not alone…

Dr. Paul Lassiter is wounded by his wife’s infidelity and succumbs to the despair of a broken heart. Seeking companionship, he wades into the dating pool where he’s befuddled by women whose dispositions range from ridiculous to murderous. When he finally meets ‘the one’, a freak accident renders him blind. Anticipating further difficulties, he’s surprised when his remaining senses, especially his heart, compensate by opening wider, exposing a new world and revealing a new self. Paul’s discovery proves powerful, but is it enough to carry him past his biggest obstacle, and unite him with the love of his life? Paul’s journey from darkness will inspire your eyes to open.

* * *

With over twenty years emergency room experience, Michael Kintz has witnessed it all; illness, injury, death. . . and worse.

What could be worse than death? Living without hope.

Michael tells Paul’s unique story to teach the world to believe in the power of hope, love and blind faith.

The Italian Inheritance

by Louise Rose-Innes

After discovering a letter written by her mother shortly before her death, Anna Crawford, a London-based nurse, decides to travel to the Italian island of Capri in search of her father. What she doesn’t expect to find is that she’s heir to a vast family fortune. She’s even more surprised when the suspicious trust attorney questions her very identity.

Rafael Vialli has a suspicious nature – it’s the reason he became a lawyer. He blames his rough childhood. It may also have something to do with the fact that in the months since Giovanni Albertosi’s death, he’s been inundated with opportunistic women claiming to be his client’s missing heir.

Can Anna prove to Rafael that she really is the legitimate heir? And can Rafael trust enough to award her the inheritanceâ?¦ as well as his heart?

Yankee Swap

by Lynn Ricci

Claire Singleton, a woman on hiatus from men, gets dragged to the company holiday party by her colleagues and says just a little too much to the wrong guy. A contemporary romance short story for the holidays.

Her Royal Seduction (Royal Chronicles of Denmark)

by Kiki Leach

In this dark retelling of a classic Cinderella tale set in 1818 Denmark, a poverty stricken woman accidentally kills the first born son of the king and soon finds herself blackmailed into marriage by the very man who witnessed her commit the crime: her victim’s younger brother.

Nicknamed for the ashes she acquired during her chimney sweeping days, twenty-three year old Cinder has been living alone in a one bedroom rundown cottage in her small village in Hadenville, Denmark since she was twelve years old. For years, she hunted the woods and forests for food and has committed numerous acts of thievery within the village in order to survive.

While in search of game near the king’s palace one night, she comes across Willem, a known drunkard and apprentice to the king, who accuses her of trespassing. To keep from dying at his hands like so many maiden’s have before her, a fearful Cinder runs for her life, but is caught by Willem who assaults her. They tussle before she pierces his heart with her sword and rolls his body into the flowing rivers at the far end of the forest. When she hears the Sheriff and his men searching for Willem and the girl he was chasing, Cinder dashes off into the night unscathed.

The next day, she learns the king has offered a reward for any information regarding Prince Willem’s death and panics. Taken aback by this previously unknown information, Cinder concludes that Willem was the illegitimate son of the king and his first mistress. Figuring the residents have already begun making false accusations against one another in the hopes of receiving compensation, she remembers that someone saw her in the forest and may have witnessed the murder.

Believing her fate will soon be sealed by this nameless, faceless stranger, Cinder travels to the village square for one last act of thievery after a month of laying low and learns of the king’s plan to invite all maiden’s between the ages of 18-25 to take part in a mating game with his other son, the very handsome and regal Prince Norvack. The goal is to find him a wife for his twenty-seventh birthday. Though intrigued by the proposition and benefits, she ultimately refuses to sign up for the game, fearing that being too close to the royal family will indeed expose her crime.

A rejected Norvack later confronts her at her cottage and confesses that he has been in love with her since they were children, hoping she feels the same. When she rebuffs his advances, he angrily admits that he was the one in the forest the night she killed his brother, but agrees to keep her safe in exchange for her hand in marriage. She reluctantly agrees after much debate, and soon thereafter moves into the palace.

On the night of their wedding, Norvack is sent into battle with the King of England and falls from his horse, injuring his back. Now his wife, Cinder must care for him and as a result, begins to see a different side of the roguish prince. Realizing she’s falling in love, she becomes more vulnerable to his advances and forms an unbreakable bond between them.

But when the Sheriff gets wind of Cinder’s crime, will he allow them to live happily ever after? Or ultimately ruin their chances by exposing her truth to the king, sealing her deadly fate?

Quexistence: The Quest for the Meaning of Existence: TIME DREAMS

by Tom Stafford

Time Dreams are dreams, like any other dream. They are dreams about space and Time. They seem real, but so does life.

Dreams are thoughts. You’ve heard it before, “I think, therefore I am.” (Rene’ Descartes). But, the fact is – nobody even knows where thoughts come from.

Most people believe they have free will. They believe they have a choice. They believe they act of their own volition. But, will is not an action. It is only a thought. You cannot will something to happen. You are only free to choose the thoughts in your head. And, no one knows where they come from.

Life is a fantasy. No one knows what Life is or where it came from. No one knows what Time is. No one knows where Man came from or how long he’s been on this planet. No one knows if their actions are truly theirs. No one knows where dreams come from. No one knows what reality is.

Quexistence: The Quest for the Meaning of Existence: TIME DREAMS is a philosophical fantasy of dreams, space, Time, and love. It is the story of one man’s search to find the meaning of his existence. While Angie assembles and decorates the family Christmas tree, Gork shares his story of how he met Angie’s grandmother, Amani.

Gork has been studying prehistoric history at college and goes to California to volunteer at an archaeological site near the Calico Hills. No one knows where Man came from or how long he’s been on this planet. Gork hopes to find some insights on the origin of Man.

He is met at the airport by Charlie, who has lived in the area for many years, and is helping at the site. During the drive across the desert, Gork has his first dream, a dream that takes him to another time, another world. In his dream he sees a girl, the girl of his dreams, Amani.

Gork travels through space and time, compelled to follow his dream. His dreams take him back to a time and place long forgotten. While in reality he discovers an underground cavern that holds the secret to Man’s past. A secret buried in Time.


by Paul C Steffy

Pearl Harbor forces the U.S. into World War II. Bill Cameron joins the Army Air Force and becomes a B-17 pilot. He and his crew are a brotherhood. Five days ago, his aircraft received heavy flak damage over enemy territory. Seven B17s in his flight did not return: entire crews, lost, the target only partially destroyed. On Bill’s aircraft, during the bombing mission, two crewmembers died. After his last two engines failed, on the return flight to England, he ditched in the middle of English Channel. Obscured by fog, other flights did not notice them. Moments later, survivors barely in their life rafts shivered uncontrollably from the cold and watched their plane sink: slowly, ever so slowly, beneath the frigid dark waters. She slid quietly below the surface and disappeared under consuming waves. Onboard, his two dead friends are gone forever: the finality of war. Bill and his remaining crew spend five horrific days onboard two life rafts loosely lashed together. Due to an oversight, there are no food rations and drinking water is gone after the third day. As a final uncertainty, he knows the war is going badly for Eighth Air Force Bomber Command. Losses in men and aircraft are horrendous. At this rate, American crews will not survive long enough to win the war!

Enter the Love Story: Rescuers finally arrive on a cold windy afternoon; the Channel is unusually rough. The British seaplane pilot took great risk landing in such high seas. His crew hurriedly assists the downed B17 pilot, Bill Cameron and his crew. They fly to an Army hospital near London to spend a few richly deserved recuperation days. During his stay, Bill sees a familiar nurse assisting another patient. He had dated the attractive young nurse in college. Bill believed with all his heart that, in beauty, poise and character, Marlene stood apart from others: upon her own justly earned golden pedestal. In addition, years ago during their sensuous, single night together, Marlene proved that she, alone, could light his fire. Bills knows straightaway, that now, he would do anything to feel burning love for her again! Marlene did not notice Bill, while she aided the other flyer. He watches her impatiently: every supple move by the gorgeous love of his life. Exhaustion from his recent ordeal weakens him. Breathless desire and wild anticipation emerge while he watches Marlene; in her presence, he feels profuse restless energy.

Marlene finishes with her patient and Bill excitedly calls her over. They joyfully reunite. Later that night, they have a plan. They both use five days leave and stay in Bath, England. Their relationship swiftly rekindles; this time, when her heart light illuminates, she will share the deep, passionate love and devotion she has always wanted. Bill wants her love so badly; for him, it is almost an obsession. Their mutual longing for love and affection is unswerving. During their stay in Bath, they become devoted, steadfast lovers. They share a dream, a realistic goal: to eventually see the war end and spend their lives together. Both return to duty. They begin a surprising and unexpected new chapter in their war-torn lives; their optimism is limitless.

Days later, a German V-1 rocket approaches London. Its fuel-load depleted, it falls to earth. The powerful explosion is dangerously close to Marlene’s duty station; there are many casualties and deaths; her chances of survival are slim. On the same afternoon, Bill’s new home is a Germany POW camp for Allied flyers. Can Marlene and Bill remain lovers; more importantly, will they survive the war? The obstacles in their war-torn lives are enormous. Although their hope eternal never fades, will they endure the on-going hardships? Will fate let them meet again?

Two separate major events must occur or they cannot reunite. When devoted lovers follow destiny, is success assured? Scroll up and – Add to Cart – this fascinating story!

Ivory and Steel (Bow Street’s Best, Book One)

by Janice Bennett

Bow Street’s Best, Book One

Miss Phyllida Dearne loves tragedy but she prefers it to remain on the stage. After their opera party is drugged, Phyllida awakens to find her sister Louisa, Marchioness of Allbury, has been murderedâ??with a steel blade hidden beneath the ivory sticks of Phyllida’s fan. First on the scene is the marquis’s old friend, Captain Lord Ingram. Phyllida’s immediate attraction to him is shattered as he makes it clear he disapproves of her as much as he did her sister. But dreams of romance die hard.

Benjamin Frake of Bow Street sets to work at once uncovering clues and investigating suspects. Phyllida and Ingram join forces to assist the Runner and Ingram’s antipathy toward Phyllida blossoms into friendshipâ??and something much more. Phyllida fights against what she is certain are her unfounded hopes of love as she fears he has an ulterior motive. Frake has made it clear Ingram is a very likely suspect and Phyllida finds her logical mind, which can believe in Ingram’s guilt, in aching conflict with her heart, which cannot.

Ring Around The Rosy

by Roseanne Dowell

Harassing phone calls from a killer terrify journalist, Susan Weston after her first big byline.

Detective David Morgan investigates the calls and the fact Susan’s bracelet was found at the murder scene. Sparks fly between them in more ways than one. To make matters worse, someone is leaving roses in front of Susan’s door. Is she being stalked by a killer?

The Marriage Market

by Cathy Spencer

A determined young woman in search of a husband with two best friends competing for her affections. An ambitious widow who defies social convention by going into business for herself. A rakish lawyer who falls disastrously in love for the first time. These are the central players in this old-fashioned Regency romance. The Marriage Market will sweep you from the ballrooms of the “haute ton” in Bath to a romantic vineyard in Tuscany.”

“Originally published as Good Intentions.


“An excellent read to be sure.” â?? iampeachy

“the characters were interesting and i couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen to them next.” â?? Mel N

Shades of Love, stories from the heart

by Sunny Lockwood

Six short stories explore how love can heal, can hurt, can calm and comfort, or can twirl you around and set you dancing. If you’ve ever longed for romance, walked away from a troubled relationship, struggled with a parent or child, or laughed about a date gone wrong, you’ll identify with these stories.

Black Warlock’s Woman

by Mysty McPartland

Horrified and terrified hearing she was being forced to marry a man called The Black Warlock, Trista was determined not to cower or let him brow beat her. When she first sees him she admits she finds him terrible attractive and wondered why a man so fair and with such bright blue eyes was named so darkly. It didn’t take her long to find out why and it frightened her. However, when he treats her with tender consideration hastily changes her mind about the terrifying stories she’d heard. She decided all the whispers couldn’t be true. Only a short time later she was swiftly disabused of the idea when she’d defied him and he punished her. She vowed never to forgive him until the fateful day he had been injured and she could no longer deny she loved him. However, would her love survive or was the happiness doomed.
Though he wasn’t anywhere near ready to wed, Rieph didn’t have a choice, but he decided once he set eyes on his bonny bride thought it might not be so bad after all. Once they were wed, he quickly changed his mind though, the woman drove him to distraction. She not only refused to obey him, she insults him at every turn and also doesn’t hesitate lying to him. He would regret to the day he treating her so callously and he could only be eternally grateful when she finally forgave him for abusing her. Now though because of enemies wanting to destroy him, he had to protect her life at all costs. Could he keep her safe or was he destined to lose the most precious gift he owned. For a little while he was given a taste of heaven before it was cruelly snatched away from him.
Can Rieph tame his defiant wife? Can he keep her safe? But the question burning his soul was would she ever give him her heart and love him?

When Man Has Fallen: Renegade (WMHF)

by Preston Bullard

When an alien scourge begins to reap planet Earth’s most precious resource — Mankind — One fated young man must find it within himself to shoulder the burden of the world, and strike down tyranny.

And although he may struggle against his destiny, he is the only one who can save us…


THE DEVIL PAYS THE PIPER (The Bolandville Stories)

by David Barnato

This is a novel about a woman’s struggle with TIK and love.
Bolandville does not exist. It is an invention of my imagination. All the characters in this novel are also created by me and are entirely fictitious. However, the Boland area of South Africa is real and the drug menace portrayed is sadly very real. The beautiful Drakenstein Mountains are also real and stand like guardians, brooding helplessly over the area where drug taking is a horrible reality.
Although heroin is the more addictive and gives a bigger hit, TIK is the more destructive and being cheaper has become the drug of choice. It is estimated that one in every ten people in the Western Cape are TIK addicts.

Revenge It is not Over Short Story

by Alta Pridi

PRICE $0.99

Kate is an employee in a garment factory which is quite well known. She was falling in love with the fellow employees who have worked with her for about three years, David. Kate’s uncle is also one of the CEO at the factory that was well respected. But for the love matters, wait a second. Kate is a type of introvert woman who has difficulty to express her love.

Almost every day she met David, but when she wanted to express her feelings Kate was always clumsy and then retreated away. Her friends, Wanda and Rose, have tried to help her up but never succeeded. David is like a vicious monster that scary for Kate, but she loved him anyway.

Teresa was mocking at her, but after that she offers a help that is by using a letter to be delivered to David. She initially thought that Teresa has a special relationship with David but Teresa denied it right away. She and David were limited to be just friend.

That’s when Teresa offered herself as an introductory letter to David of course with appropriate rewards. Kate agreed to, then wrote three letters and trusted to Teresa. At the first place, she was very confident that this is would work.

And then at a valentine party she wanted to meets David as written in her letters. But what Kate found is very far from her original thought. It turns out David does not know her at all and instead holding hands in intimate with Teresa, her introductory letters.

Kate is very upset and she will definitely take revenge to Teresa. What really happened with Kate? Is she managed to take revenge?

Without Dreams

by Ames Pointer

The car tumbled across the road killing Lyla Strait’s parents, leaving her without a memory of the night of the accident, and robbing her of her ability to dream.

Years later, her husband is killed in a coal mining accident, leaving her with two young sons. Lyla lives a secluded life on a farm, haunted by memories of her husband when she is awake, and plagued by black emptiness when she is asleep.

Beau Kellen ran away from the small town he grew up in and from the only girl he ever loved to serve ten years in the Army. An Iraq war veteran, Beau tries to distract himself from a case of PTSD by buying and fixing up a large farm house. When two bright eyed boys show up in his back yard urging him to meet their mother, Beau is shocked to discover Lyla, his former lover, is his only neighbor within miles. She is the only person who knew why he left, but he doesn’t know that she can’t remember why.

Lyla doesn’t know Beau asked her to marry him before he left. Beau doesn’t know Lyla is a recovering alcoholic. They hide from the prying eyes and gossiping mouths of the people in their town and find that they have each changed completely, yet something is still there. A spark still exists between the hidden war hero and the heartbroken widow…

The Christmas Gift

by V. K. Mullins

Angela longs for a career in the medical field instead of her dead end job serving the self entitled rich. Due to her previous marriage when her ex-husband ran off and left her broke, she was not able to continue her education. Through divine intervention or just coincidence, she meets Nick. Nick, known throughout the world is at the top of his profession until an accident not only robs him of his career, but also leaves him with a big blank spot in his memory. Nick and Angela are thrown into a situation which neither can escape, literally. Here they turn to each other and share their deepest desires. After they are rescued, both try to deny the attraction they felt and put many obstacles in their own ways eventually finding their way back into each other’s lives.

Shadow Wars: With All Your Heart

by Nina Joy

With All Your Heartis the story of a girl who wants to be a dancer, whose father agrees to give her every lesson necessary to become a dancer provided she will also study and get her education so she can be self-supporting and independent in a profession. Once he sees her pouring her heart and soul into the dancing, he allows her much latitude, even letting her do movies and study with him on the side. But at his death, she is required to support her family; her mother becomes her agent and pushes her to more and more acting and singing in musicals; raped on the set, she refuses to give up her baby and hides herself and him both while continuing to pursue her studies and her dancing. When her husband of hours is murdered, she uses all her educational and experiential skills to draw out and bring his killer to justice, even though she must marry a mobster in order to bring him to justice and, in the process, she discovers her true love and the task puts further limits on any possible relationship between them. The dancer becomes the prosecutor and the witness in multiple cases, pursuing everything with all her heart, yet never quite getting her own heart’s desire, the man she has come to love more than she could have dreamed possible.

Someone Like You

by Yvonne Lee Craig

Lily Archibald is looking for her future. Following the death of her husband of almost twenty-five years she’s lost, lonely and afraid. In a bid to escape the comfort and security of her home and family she travels to Los Angeles intent on coming to terms with her loss and recapturing the spirit of the woman that she used to be.

Doug Ryan has everything he could ever want – fame, success, wealth…but the one thing that he prizes above all the others has eluded him – love. Discontented and jaded by the life he leads he doubts that he will ever find a soul-mate and the thought of spending the rest of his life alone taints everything around him.

When fate throws Lily and Doug together when they are both at the lowest point in their lives, they sense an emptiness in each other that neither can explain or fully understand. Drawn to each other by forces out-with their control they set out on a journey of discovery that brings them happiness, contentment and a love that neither expected to find.

But as they start to consider the possibility of a future together there are others at work in the shadows, intent on exploiting and destroying the love that they have found. Greed and jealously force Doug and Lily to test the strength of their feelings for each other and in turn their vulnerabilities and fears are exposed.

As Lily faces her worst nightmare and risks losing everything that she cares about, can Doug stay strong enough to believe in her and put his fear of rejection aside? In a turmoil of emotion and conflict they are both forced to make decisions that will lead to potentially deadly consequences for one of them.

Will they find their way through the storm and be re-united, or will it be too late?

The Gem Thief (Sweet Tails)

by Donna Dean

Kayla Hope is expecting a day of sun, sand and the Pacific ocean. She is not expecting to need a lawyer. When the store salesman accuses her of stealing a very expensive ring, she is caught up by the police.

Clarrie MacMichael, the owner of the store spots to mistake right way on the store cameras. She hurries to get Kayla out of jail and apologize, but Kayla is seriously angry.

This story is about a lesbian sexual encounter. It is romance with strong erotica scenes.

Life Of Love – A Romance Novel

by Santonu Kumar Dhar

Full of emotion, charm, and compassion, this heartfelt story will take you along on John and Sarah’s journey as they discover their love for each other, travel along love’s sometimes’ rocky path, and ultimately try to adapt to the challenges their love will bring them.

It seemed destined for John and Sarah to fall in love after running into each other on several chance occasions. It all started out with seeing her at a busy bus station in Manhattan. Amidst all of those people hustling and bustling by, John was intrigued only by her. Little did her know, he’d be seeing her again at a wedding party. And after a third chance meeting on the street, both can’t help but feel a pull towards each other. As their relationship blossoms into a full-fledged, serious romance, like any couple, they weren’t without their trials and tribulations. With the stress of John’s job and pressure from his mother, who isn’t keen on his relationship with Sarah, the couple’s relationship isn’t looking very promising. And as John turns to alcohol to subdue his troubles, things don’t look good for a future with Sarah. But not even a misunderstanding that breaks them apart can keep them out of each other’s lives for long. Finding their way back to each other, they have a renewed faith in their love. After their reconciliation, John and Sarah decide to take a trip to India, hoping to get a fresh start on things while being surrounded by the mystery and intrigue of a foreign country. Upon finding themselves at the Taj Mahal, John takes this symbol of love literally and asks Sarah to marry him. But when the newly engaged, happy couple returns to New York, tragedy strikes, testing the faith, strength, and courage of everyone involved. And now Sarah must dig deep within to follow her heart with making decisions that will affect her future.

Being a Melodrama: {in sixteen parts}

by Jmm Kazi

Being a Melodrama { in sixteen parts } is a series of short (telegraphic) stories that were first published on In Coltrane We Trust, Jmm Kazi’s first attempt into serious literature. This debut is a selection from the blog In Coltrane We Trust, kept for more than five years before its migration to facebook (

In Coltrane We Trust é a primeira incursão de Jmm Kazi no mundo da dita “literatura séria”. Este livro de estreia é uma coletânea dos melhores contos do Blog homônimo que foi mantido por mais de cinco anos antes da sua migração para o facebook (

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