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THE HEALING FOODS – Heal Your Body & Lose Weight with Delicious, Earth-friendly, Healthy Food

by Joey Avniel

If you want the food you eat to be your best healing medicine, then you are like me. And maybe just like me, you’ve experienced the sometimes worrisome questions of people who don’t understand the healing power of foods. When I first started to investigate eating a healthier diet, I heard things like:

  • Where are you going to get your b12, protein, iron and calcium from?
  • I f you eat a plant-based diet, you must take supplements to stay healthy.
  • Are you crazy to eat only salads for the rest of your life?
  • You live only once, you need to enjoy it!

I have to admit that the first time I attempted a plant-based eating lifestyle, I had to quit just after a couple of months because I became anemic.

No one told me that there are risks in being vegetarian or vegan when you don’t know how to manage your food choices in the right way.

No one told me that a vegan diet can be unhealthy if you eat the wrong foods for your body.

No one told me that what can be a great diet for one person, can actually be risky for another.

And it’s also true that no one told me that a vegan diet can be fun, interesting and delicious!

If you are in the same place that I was when I first started out, then I invite you to read “The Healing Foods” and learn from experts, chefs, health consultants as well as long-time vegans; how to become healthy in a simple, fun, delicious, and eco-friendly way.

In order to give you a complete picture, I interviewed people who don’t necessarily agree with each other, to get all sides of the story regarding eating a whole-foods diet. I interviewed long time vegetarian moms about how they feed their kids. And I also interviewed a vegan Olympic Games gold medalist, to provide information for those of you who are very active and need extra nutrition, getting his input on a super-healthy diet, for a super-high performance athletic lifestyle.

You will learn how to:

  • Naturally detoxify your body so you don’t get sick anymore
  • Why diets don’t work and what you can do about it
  • How food can be your best medicine for your mental and physical health
  • How to be healthy without using any supplements, just nature’s super foods
  • The Secret Nutritionist Ingredient that will help you absorb more nutrition
  • What to do about your children’s diet so they love plant-based foods and stay healthier
  • And much more

Eating healthy should be a yummy life style, rather than a “diet”.

Enjoy your food and be healthy,

Joey Avniel, the founder of “The Healing Foods”


by Dr. Stephen Schultz

In UNDERSTANDING AUTISM: My Quest for Nathan, I describe how my son was taken by autism leaving only a reflection of the child I knew. He still looked the same, but inside his mind was scrambled and he was like someone from a different world. Something had reversed his normal brain development. As I took him from doctor to doctor, it became clear to me that no one knew what caused his autism and there were no effective medical treatments. It was up to me to discover the answers for myself, and after 17 years of research, I am able to make sense of what autism is about. I know what causes autism, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. This book explains what I have discovered.

Algebra Made Easy: Learn How To Solve Algebra Fractions In Easy Steps!

by Joseph E

Are you a Student or a Teacher? Learn How To Solve Algebra Fractions in The Most Easiest of Ways following Simple step by step guide.

This is a must have for all High School Students or Teachers or any individual who wants to understand Algebra Fractions!

The Perfect Piggy

by Joanne Rowe

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Micro Pig?

Are you fascinated by these cute little pets?

Would you like to learn more about these miniature pigs?

Whether you’re simply fascinated by these mini pets, or you want own one, the â??The Perfect Piggy’ book will teach you everything you need to know about these mini pigs

The Perfect Piggy Kindle Book covers the origins of Micro Pig – who created them and where they came from. It’s also explains what it’s like own a miniature pig. The book also shows you how to potty train them and teach them cute tricks.

The Perfect Piggy Kindle book gives you a set of explicit, practical, step by step guidelines that will help you with buying, owning, and training your dream pet.

Seven things this book does for you:

1. Saves you money – Micro Pigs are expensive, but are you aware that they’re cheap alternatives which are a fraction of the cost and equally as cute. In some cases you can even get a pet pig for FREE.

2. Demonstrates how to train a pig – Learn why some pet pigs are well behaved and others trash their owner’s homes? I reveal the secrets of training your pet, and underline the simple rules you need to follow to ensure yours is well behaved pet.

3. Stops you being scammed – Learn the things to watch for when choosing your piglet – following these essential rules will help prevent you becoming a victim of the Micro Pig scammers.

4. Shows you how to buy the best quality stock – Make sure you get the best value for money when buying a Micro Pig. You’ll learn what a healthy pig looks like and how to make sure it’s free from diseases and infection.

5. Takes you the through the safe way to introduce your pig to other pets and small children.

6. Covers legal guidelines you must follow when moving your pigs – This is the only book that covers USA and UK law, it also offers general advice for those living on other countries.

7. Highlights the importance of correct diet – A good diet ensures your pet will life a long and healthy life, minimising the chances of obesity which can lead to additional vets bills.


As you know, there’s lots of conflicting advice on micro pigs. It can be hard making sense of it all. With horror stories in the newspapers about micro pigs turning into monsters, it’s essential that you learn the truth about these pigs with the help of my book.

With the help of my book you’ll get to see what Micro Pigs looks like and how big they’ll actually grow. You’ll also be shown how to setup the perfect pig proof fencing at your home. How to trim and polish your pet’s hoofs, how to build the perfect piggy home and sty, and much much moreâ?¦It’s a must for anyone mad about pigs.

Pigs are fantastic creatures when they are treated correctly, but they’re a nightmare if you get their care wrong. Make sure learn the right way to take care of a Micro Pig – get the Perfect Piggy Ebook today


The author of this guide is Miss J Rowe an expert in Micro Pig care and the owner of – one of the UK’s leading sites on miniature pigs

Secrets for a Slimmer, Sharper, and Healthier Life

by Dr. George Ekema

â??Secrets for a Slimmer, Sharper, and Healthier Life’ is based on a list of medicinal foods, weight loss foods, and methods that have been proven to significantly improve physical appearance and health. The lists have their backing in science and are designed to have a significant effect upon the reader’s health and physique with only modest or no lifestyle changes.


The health and weight loss benefits of this book are amazing as long as the reader is willing to pay the modest price of proper kitchen behavior. The kitchen is the definitive place for healing. When we consume the right foods, in the wrong way, or when we consume the wrong foods, our bodies react by gaining weight, aging ungracefully, and falling apart. Drugs cannot repair this type of damage that is done over a long period of eating the right foods in the wrong way or of eating the wrong foods. This type of damage to the body can only be repaired by reverting to proper kitchen behavior. In other words, it has to be repaired in the reverse manner in which it was broken.


The weight loss secret presented in this book is based on a new scientific formula that has been shown to be highly effective for weight loss. Even persons who ordinarily have a tough time losing weight will notice a significant difference within the first two weeks of using this book.


It opens with a list of medicinal foods. These foods actively treat existing diseases and prevent diseases. The first chapter presents these foods, their therapeutic and preventive benefits, and the proper means of ingesting them to experience these benefits.


Chapter Two lists weight loss foods that affect a rapid weight loss and a second list of weight loss foods that prevent the dreaded weight loss plateau. The foods in the list have unique weight loss indexes (numbers). The lower the weight loss index the better the food is for rapid weight loss or for preventing the weight loss plateau. The weight loss indices are derived from two scientific formulas. Chapter Four covers the derivation of these scientific formulas.


Chapter Three covers the fundamental principles of obesity and weight loss. It presents the factors that cause weight gain, including one that will shock most readers. Weight gain is generally not caused by overeating, and one common food additive may be responsible for most cases of weight gain. The physiological principles affecting weight gain and weight loss are discussed in general terms to empower the reader with decision making off the food lists.


Chapter Four covers the derivation of the weight loss formulas.


Chapter Five covers some important facts and fiction on health and weight loss. It dispels common rumors about health and body weight and supplies vital facts for enjoying key health and weight loss benefits of proper kitchen behavior.

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