Free sports Kindle books for 09 Dec 13

Snook on a Fly: Tackle, Tactics, and Tips for Catching the Great Saltwater Gamefish

by Norm Zeigler

With their voracious feeding habits and spectacular aerial antics, snook may be saltwater fly fishing’s most exciting gamefish. These elegant creatures can be elusive, but once they’re hooked, they strike hard, run far, and jump high. Zeigler introduces the thrills of fly fishing for snook to beginners and provides new insights for experienced snookers looking to build their knowledge and skills. He shares effective techniques for snooking in different seasons and environments, from mangrove estuaries to night fishing to sight fishing along the beaches. After discussing the necessary gear for snook fishing, Zeigler gives specific instructions on how to tie essential knots for snook and the best flies to use under various conditions. Sure to inspire, entertain, and enlighten fly fishers who have ever pursued or dreamed of pursuing these magnificent gamefish.

Duck Hunting Teal: The Early Duck Hunting Season (Blue Winged Teal, Green Winged Teal and Cinnamon Teal)

by Dan Ahote

Most states offer an early duck hunting season for teal. Teal hunting season is a great way for duck hunters to get out while the weather is still mild and it helps get us motivated for the upcoming duck hunting season.

The sound of these little winged rockets is one that many dedicated duck hunters never get to hear. That’s because teal hunting usually occurs very early in the fall. It is so different in many respects from later season hunting that many waterfowl hunters simply aren’t geared for it mentally.

It seems so out of place to wear lightweight, green-colored camo and to wear mosquito repellent on a duck hunt. It seems more like dove hunting than duck hunting.

It’s also a lot cheaper to hunt the early teal season than it is to hunt ducks in cold weather. It requires less gear, and hunting areas are usually easier to reach. As a bonus, skill with a duck call is less crucial with teal than with mallards, pintails and other fall ducks.

Equestrian Adventures: 10 years in Chile with horses and cowboys (South American Experiences)

by Rose Deakin

In this fascinating first-person account, Rose Deakin writes about her extraordinary decision to leave her busy London life as a computer specialist and move to the Andes in Chile. What started as a senior gap year turned into a decade of adventure and village life in a remote mountain valley, owning horses. As a participant-observer Rose gives a unique perspective on life at both ends of the economic spectrum in Chile. Here she shares experiences of herding livestock on horseback in the mountains with Chilean cowboys, rodeo culture in the countryside and camping with horses and family in the High Andes.

The Cruiserweight’s Daughter (The Cruiserweight Series)

by L. Anne Carrington

Autumn is now the grown-up daughter of retired cruiserweight superstar Brett Kerrigan, but in the love stakes she’s a heavyweight.

She is searching for two things: success as a wrestler, just like her father, and for the intoxication of intimacy – she longs for an injection of the real love her parents share for each other. Several failed relationships leave her disillusioned and alone.

Three men each play a prominent role in Autumn’s pursuit of professional and personal success: Peter Klass, a retired cruiserweight legend determined to help make Autumn a star while trying to reconcile his own personal and professional lives, Mike Stackhouse, the fellow student wrestler who wins Autumn’s heart while on the edge of stardom with International, the world’s largest stage in professional wrestling, and Marcus Tucker, Brett’s personal assistant, the shining star of Peter’s cruiserweight class, and one of Autumn’s closest friends – and confidant – who once harbored a crush on her.

One night following the graduation show at Brett’s academy, the lives of Autumn and one of these men took a turn no one expected – yet affected those around them who cared the most.

Will her relationship with Mike survive the pressures of both their budding careers and that fateful night?

Or will she once again be a singles performer in the romance division?

Hebrew Books: ש×?×?ת ×?×?× ×?×? (Bodybuilding)

by Moshe Kohenov

×?×?א × ×?×?×? ×?ש×?תק ×?עם ×?×?×?ת × ×?×?×?×? שר×?ר×?ם ×?ש×?×?ת ×?רפא.

×?ר×?פא×?ם ×?ש×?×? ×?×? ×?א ×?שר×?×?, א×?×? ×?×?א ×?ש×? א×?רת ×?×?×?ש את ת×?אר “×?ר × ×?×?” ×?×?שרא×?×?, עם תפק×?×? ×?×?א ×?×?×?×£ ×?× ×?×? ×?ת×?פ×?×?ת.

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