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JIM ROHN, Ultimate Success & Goal Setting Plan, Best Teaching’s on Ambition,Success & Wisdom (Jim Rohn Kindle Books, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Canfield)

by Kathryn Sandberg

DISCLAIMER – Jim Rohn was in NO WAY associated while preparing this book.

Discover The Best Teachings By Jim Rohn

Is it possible for you to succeed?

People are always looking for ways to succeed. This book will teach you how to be successful by setting your own attainable goals and making plans to achieve them.

Although you can develop your own principles of success, you should still be able to understand the basic guidelines in achieving them. The question whether you can be successful or not largely depends on what you are willing to do to be successful. This book will help you realize that achieving success is more than a question of possibility; it is a question of how you can develop a plan to achieve it. Jim Rohn has established easy to follow steps for success which you can implement in your life.

What do you need to do in order to succeed?

Contrary to popular belief, being successful is not an impossible goal. Jim Rohn was a well-known motivational speaker who has helped people by sharing his own principles and ideas. With more than 46 years of experience, Jim had already established himself as a great mentor who has guided people through their toughest challenges.

If you want to know how he managed to go from being poor at 25 to being a millionaire at 31, then you have to read this book to learn his secrets. Being successful is not a mystical process, but it does involve several principles that can make a huge difference in your life. Follow these principles and learn the ways of how you can be successful.

Here are some of what you’ll uncover in this book:.

– How can you be successful?

– How important is perception in succeeding?

– How can you change for the better?

– How to overcome challenges?

– How do you reframe your mind?

– What are the twelve pillars?

– How can the twelve pillars help you succeed?

– Why is it important to build relationships?

– Why is writing essential in achieving your goals?

– How do you learn from others?

– How do you take charge of your destiny?

– What is the SMART system?

– How can you use the SMART system in your daily life?

– How can you put your goal into action?

– How do you set your goals?

– Why is making a deadline for your goals important?

– How can listening and observing be beneficial for your goal?

– How do you make your goals attainable?

– How can you learn from past mistakes?

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SACK THE ECONOMISTS and disband their departments

by Geoff Davies

Mainstream economists completely failed to anticipate the financial market crash of 2007-8. They then called it an unforeseeable event. This is a clear admission that they don’t understand how economies work. Yet many non-mainstream, marginalised economists gave clear warning of the approaching crash. This book shows how mainstream economics has not one but many fundamental flaws. It is not a science, it is pseudo-science. It lacks scholarly rigour and integrity. Once you understand this, it is not a mystery why the mainstreamers missed the approaching crash, nor why wealth is so unequally distributed, why we are so materialistic and unfulfilled, and why the planet is being destroyed. But modern knowledge and systems ideas reveal market economies to be self-organising systems, and they can be managed to support dignified livelihoods in equitable societies that can survive into the indefinite future, with nature thriving along with them.

‘This book raises many interesting questions, most importantly, why does anyone take

economists seriously when it comes to discussing the economy?’

– Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Washington D.C.

‘Geoff Davies has a very good idea. Economics has locked itself into an intellectual cul-desac.Even its failure to anticipate the global economic crisis was not enough to force it out.

So let’s sack the economists and let real scientists take over this vital but currently

dangerous discipline.’

– Steve Keen, Economist and author of the popular book Debunking Economics.

‘With delightful wit and insightful analogies, geophysicist Geoff Davies dissects the

inconsistencies â?? and the inanities â?? of mainstream economics.’

– Sam Pizzigati, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington, D.C., and author of The Rich

Don’t Always Win.

This Time WE WIN – The Ultime Guide For Win Win Negotiations – How To Improve Negotiaton Skills, Getting To Yes Every Time, Find Negotiations With Win Win Result

by David Kimberly

Gain The Confidence Of a Great Negotiator and Discover True Mening Of Win – Win Negotiations

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This book was created with ONE POWERFUL Intention in mind, to get the essence of what true negotiations are, and that the WIN WIN conclusion is present as a possibility in every negotiation that we have. Whatever it’s day to day conversation with our spouse, friend, car dealer or important meeting wit a CEO of a large corporation, there is always a possible solution for win-win ! By reading this book I will reveal to you fundamentals of true negotiations, tactics that will deliver your arguments in a strong and decisive way, styles that will fit precisely for your personality and temper. This great book will build and develop your negotiations skills and tools to a degree in which they will become your second nature. It is my great wish that everyone that will reach for this book will gain a full confidence in their negotiation skills to a degree when no opponent will take you by suspire, challenging your arguments. Please let yourself the comfort and the confidence of a great negotiator, and receive the knowledge and experience that is contained within this book.

Yours Truly
David Kimberly


  • What Is Negotiation
  • Negotiation Styles and Strategies
  • The Win Win Negotiation Style
  • Negotiations And Conflict
  • Traits Of Successful Negotiator
  • How To Become Great Negotiator
  • Much Much More !!!

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Convert Likes to Sales for Insurance Agents – 23 Insider Tips to Outsmart Your Competition!

by Binh Nguyen

Social media marketing and social marketing has been the buzz word for the last several years. Many independent sales agents and reps struggle online with building a personal brand and lead generation. In this book, the author shares his knowledge of how insurance agents and other independent sales reps can use Facebook marketing and social media to convert likes into leads and sales. This book is compact with 23 helpful tips and marketing strategies for use with Facebook and online marketing.

ENFJ: Discover Your Strengths and Thrive as a Leader (Unlock Your True Potential, Discover Your Myers Briggs Personality and Thrive In Your Work, Happiness and Relationships)

by Dan Johnston

This Book Is For The Millions of ENFJs Who Know They’re Capable Of Amazing Achievements and Want An Upper Hand In Living An Extraordinary Life

This book is for all the ENFJs who want to squeeze every last drop from their lives and become their best selves. It’s also for friends, family, dates and bosses who want to understand ENFJs in a new way. If you’re someone who wants to make the most of yourself and create the most fulfilling relationships possible then you must indulge yourself in this book. 

When they are anywhere close to their full potential, ENFJs have an incredible ability to move people, change thinking and literally reshape political landscapes. Just consider famous ENFJs like Oprah Winfrey and Martin Luther King Jr. When you buy this book you’ll discover the most comprehensive guide in existence to succeeding as an ENFJ.

Sex, Love and Relationships

-How To Find Your Perfect Mate and Build a Relationship That Works

-Discover how to overcome the most common relationship challenges as an ENFJ

-Are you dating an ENFJ? Learn how avoid the most common ENFJ “traps”, minimize fights, maximize love and avoid heartbreak.

Discover Your Perfect Career

It’s not enough to know what careers an ENFJ could do, you want to know where an ENFJ will thrive and be able to achieve financial success, happiness and fulfillment. That’s what you’ll find here.

Thrive At Work and Reap The Financial Rewards

Discover the strategies used by successful ENFJs to thrive at work and answer questions like:

What career will make me happiest?

-Why does conflict at work rattle me so much?

-Why am I so stressed about certain parts of my job but excited for others?

-How can I earn more money?

-How can I be happier at work?

ENFJ Secret Weapons Revealed (aka Your Strengths)

-Discover your natural gifts and how to apply them to work and social situations.

-Learn what ENFJs can do that no other type is as capable of.

-How to harness your strengths and make yourself priceless to friends, lovers and bosses.

ENFJ Kryptonite (aka Your Weak Spots)

-Discover why many ENFJs falter and fail to reach their full potential and how to reach yours.

-Understand where your weaknesses come from and how to easily overcome them.

-Why so many ENFJs suffer from ridged thinking and and how to cure yourself of it.  

Also Inside:

-10 Strategies For Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as an ENFJ

-Following Giants:Discover what famous ENFJs have in common and what you can learn from them.

-An Introduction To Myers-Briggs and Personality Psychology: Finally understand what those 4 letters mean and how different types relate.

-The Four Groups – There are 16 personality types but these types can actually be broken down into just 4 groups. Understanding these groups can save you hours and allow you to quickly understand the core personality of those around you and how the two of you will relate.

The Difference Between “Getting By” and Thriving

Abraham Maslow put the desire for “self-actualization” at the top of his famous pyramid of human needs. Maslow taught us that we will never really be complete, happy, or satisfied unless we are striving for our full potential. That is why I wrote this book. This book is about thriving as your best self. It’s about thriving in a world where so many people settle for average.

Other books on personality types include brief descriptions of each type, sometimes with a few tips. This book goes deeper than any other book, website or guide and includes the reasoning behind the strategies so you can truly understand the ENFJ.

Gel Candles How to Make for Fun and Profit! Revised Edition

by Craftdrawer Craft Patterns

Gel Candles How To Make For Fun & Profit! When you use gel to make gel candles the results are quick, easy, and spectacular. Gel candles are popular because they last a long time and are fun to make!

This book will tell you what you need to get started, where you can purchase supplies, and provide you with some wonderful candle recipes. It will also provide you with great web sites for Gel Candle enthusiasts and information on how you can sell your gel candles. So let’s get started making gel candles for gifts or to create them to sell for profit!

Eat Your Spinach: Spend Less & Invest More (And How to do it)

by John Gordon

Eat Your Spinach provides advice on why and how to save and invest for retirement in the current financial and investment world. It is especially suitable for beginning investors and tells how to save, choose investment advice and how to be your own asset manager.

How To Make A Ton of Money With Affiliate Marketing – Become A Master At Affiliate Marketing (Passive Income)

by Patrick Kennedy

Are you curious how so many people are making a 6-Figure Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing?

This book was designed for beginners to affiliate marketing. It is a step-by-step guide to get you on your way to joining the thousands of affiliate marketers who are making a TON of money, and are able to work from home! If you’re sick of your day job or want to earn extra cash, then this book is for you. It was made from years of experience, and years of trial and error, cutting through the BS and getting straight to the point.

Topics Discussed Include:

-How To Save Money

-What Products To Market

-What Affiliate Marketing Actually Is And How It Works

-How To Get Traffic

-How To Track Your Profits

-Powerful Keyword Tools

-And Much, Much More!

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Compatible With Your Kindle, iPhone, Laptop, PC, Mac, or Smart Phone

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How to Make Money Online from Horse Racing

by Edwin Ballard

This is not about picking winners, because anyone can do that — just back short-priced favourites. You’ll get plenty of winners, but you won’t make any profit, because the losers will soak up your surplus … and then some!

No, the trick is to find horses with odds high enough to pay for the losers AND give you a profit. It’s about identifying prospects that will run like favourites but pay like outsiders.

No form study is involved. No maths is required. All you need to know is which factors falsely inflate odds, and how to spot them. That’s exactly what you’ll learn. It can be done from 10.30 onwards in the morning – place your bets then walk away. No waiting for race-time!

Is this information unique? No … but it’s ignored by most of the betting public. Which is enough to put profit in YOUR pocket!

Motivational Speeches Learn Powerful Speeches To Motivate People Help Others

by Kyle Manning

Motivational Speeches This book is for people who want to be motivational speakers. I have listed some speeches here to help you get started. It’s about exercises and how to relate to people. This is a short book but straight to the point. I have given you 5 different speeches that are all related to different circumstances. Also I have given you exercises and how to use body language during the speech. This is for someone looking to maybe help someone, a group, a employer, someone that has issues regarding drugs or alcohol. It’s for a coach trying to motivate his team, there are no political speeches here. This is a great book we have gotten some amazing feedback from other speakers. It’s a short easy to read motivational book that covers everything, even if your looking to do consulting work for large companies we have laid everything out for you.

Professional Website Advertising

by Doug Muraski

Professional Website Advertising Is For People With New and Existing Websites. I Have Given You a Step By Step Program That Will Give You The Necessary Information For Marketing Your Website Or Blog To The Masses. I Have Worked For Some Of The Largest Companies In The World Helping Them With Social Media Advertising, Reaching The 1st Page Of Google and Giving Them Tips and Advice On How To Do It Themselves. Though It’s a Short Book, It Is Straight To The Point. There Are Also Some Tricks That I’ve Learned Over The Years To Guide You Through The Process. Online Promotion Has Changed Quite a Bit Over The Years, You Have To Stay Up To Date. I Have Listed The Best Ways (Paid and Free) To Maximize Your Marketing Budget. Like I Said This Is a No Frills Guide, It is Designed To Help The Newbie To The Seasoned Professional. I Have Listed Some Of My Own Personal Experiences As A Marketing Consultant, To Give You A Idea What To Look For and What Not To Look For. Some Professional Advertising Companies Are Better In A Certain Niche, Others Are Not. This Is A Overall View On How To Advertise Any Website, Where To Go, and How To Do It.

Selling Techniques: Seal the Deal with a Smile, Him and Him – The Approach (Art of Selling)

by Avi Idan

Part 2

A book about the art of selling that anyone can understand.

Do you suffer from “Salesphobia”? Do you feel you just don’t have any sales skills?

Have you ever said to yourself: “Selling is not for me, I’m not a good sales person and I definitely don’t want to spend my time trying to persuade people to buy things from me!”?

After reading this book, you will be persuaded otherwise. This book is intended for anyone who hates selling but understands that selling is essential for success in life. This is a guide for those who wants to learn How to be a sales person.

In a simple, easy to read manner and with penetrating insights into the art of selling, Avi Idan explains how to implement basic selling techniques in everyday life: “I promise you that reading this book will help you develop and improve your ability to sell, an ability that will have a positive effect in every part of life – from your personal relationships, through your family dynamics, to your social life and career. Learn how to sell, communicate better, create new opportunities and seal the deal with a smile!”

Strategic Management: Seal the Deal and Smile. Choosing Success – Creating a Winner Mentality (Art of Selling)

by Avi Idan

Part 4

A book about the art of selling that anyone can understand.

Do you suffer from “Salesphobia”? Do you feel you just don’t have any sales skills?

Have you ever said to yourself: “Selling is not for me, I’m not a good sales person and I definitely don’t want to spend my time trying to persuade people to buy things from me!”?

After reading this book, you will be persuaded otherwise. This book is intended for anyone who hates selling but understands that selling is essential for success in life. This is a guide for those who wants to learn How to be a sales person.

In a simple, easy to read manner and with penetrating insights into the art of selling, Avi Idan explains how to implement basic selling techniques in everyday life: “I promise you that reading this book will help you develop and improve your ability to sell, an ability that will have a positive effect in every part of life – from your personal relationships, through your family dynamics, to your social life and career. Learn how to sell, communicate better, create new opportunities and seal the deal with a smile!”


by Anthony Moore


Are you looking for clear insights into the importance of having a Business coach to work with, Collaborate with and achieve the results you are looking for in you business. Then this is the Book for you. 10 key areas of your Business that May require re-working are revealed !

Currently in Australia Business Failure is at a staggering average of 44 small businesses closing their doors each day, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data. – Is your Business going to be another one of those statistics?

– Businesses with less than 20 employees have rising failures on average 48% year on year.

– Aussie Business failures have trended upwards since 2008, growing over 30% in 3 years.

– #1 cause of Australian Business Failures “Poor Financial Control & Lack of Strategic Plan”

– Investing in an Experienced Business Coach with access to Resources, Systems, & Processes; Business Owners can Plan for Certainty & regain Financial Control

The Book opens with the Valid and sometimes unanswered question as to why Business owners do what they do in their business.

As David Sinek would say â?¦

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” Simon Sinek

If this is the case every Business owner needs to get clear and understand his or her WHY the sooner the better.

Here is a little piece of the opening Chapter.

1 Identify the big why you are doing what you do.

Many Business owners find themselves after many years of business in a rut working with difficult partners doing the same thing day in day out without feeling any sense of satisfaction or achievement. They find themselves not loving what they are doing and feel trapped and unmotivated. As a Business owner and a Coach this is the first and most important Question to ask when embarking on a business or when reviewing a business after some period of trials and challenges.

This is how I hope Business owners will feel as a result of engaging with the “10 top reasons to have a Business coach”

“How would you feel knowing that your business and your team where safe from the devastation and uncertainty of business failure. Comfortable in the knowledge that the legacy of your business will continue to grow and prosper. With a cohesive and innovative team building, customer loyalty and growth. This level of certainty allowing you to enjoy more time with you loved ones and friends”

Please enjoy the book and feel free to feedback and make suggestions for improvement

Regards Anthony Moore,

How to Buy Bitcoin: The Hassle Free Guide to Buying Digital Currency

by Evan Henri

A Step By Step Guide to Making Your First Bitcoin Purchase

Perfect Home Business For People Looking For Extra Income

by Ann Kearns

The Perfect Home Business is Just That. This is NOT MLM Or Internet Marketing. I Have Broken It Down For Everyone Involved. It’s Short and Sweet and to the Point. What would you consider the perfect home business? I did not want to write a long 100 page book, I wanted to give you answers to your questions. It’s a simple read, one I think you will enjoy. This book is great for someone that would like to get into their own home business but don’t know where to start. What to expect, questions and solutions. What this is and what it’s not. I have laid it out there for you with no frills.

Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. – Leadership Through a New Lens

by Neena Newberry

Give Neena Newberry five minutes, and she’ll show you a new way to become a better leader. Then she’ll show you another one. And another one. That’s because each chapter of Newberry’s book â?? Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Leadership Through a New Lens â?? takes less than five minutes to read. And each chapter identifies a proven strategy to help leaders take their business results and careers to the next level.

Why “a new lens”? Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Newberry noticed that people do not always see the opportunities in front of them, put what they know into play, or consistently focus on what really gets results.

Newberry invites you to question your leadership â?? literally. Many of her chapter titles address key questions related to your career: “Is self-care really selfish?” “What’s getting in the way of your success?” “Do you recognize the impact of your strengths?” “Can you afford not to ask for help?” “Are you missing the two most important steps in giving feedback?” And “what guides your leadership?”

What do readers say? Here’s a representative quote from Colleen Barrett, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines: “I think Neena hit a home run with this book, and I hope you will enjoy looking through her â??new lens.'”

Refocus your vision to achieve leadership success today with Show Up. Step Up. Step Out. Neena Newberry is president of the Dallas-based professional leadership development company Newberry Executive Solutions (, author of the WOW! Women On the Way to Peak Performance Program and the book Show Up. Step Up. Step Out., an experienced executive with Deloitte, adjunct professor at SMU Cox School of Business Executive Education, a champion of education reform, and an active board member of several nonprofit organizations.

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