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Hebrew Titles: ×?×?×?רר×?ם (Israeli Palestinian Conflict)

by Israel Shimony

×¢×? רקע ×?א×?×?ם ×?א×?ראנ×?, ×?×?×?פ×?×?ת ש×?ת×?×?×?×?×?ת ×?א×?×?רנ×?, ×?×?ס×?×?×? ×?פ×?×?×?×¢×? ×?×?ר×?ר ×?×?א×?×?×?×?ם ×?×?×? ×¢×?ר, ×?ק×?×? ×?×?קר ×?×?×?ר א×?×? ×?רס×? ×?×?×?×?×?, ×¢×?ר×? ×?×?×? ×?×?×?ר ×?×¢×? ×?×?× ×?×?×?×? ×?ת×?×?ם ×?×?×?רר×?ת, ×?צע×? ×?פת×?×¢×?. ×?×?א ×?ת×?קש ×?×?×?שם את ×?×?×?×¢ ×?×?× ×?ס×?×?×? שצ×?ר, ×?×?×?×?×?א ×?×?ר×?תת ×?ס×?ם ש×?×?ם ×?×?×? ×?×?×?נת ×?שרא×? ×?×?×?×? ×?רש×?ת ×?פ×?ס×?×?× ×?ת ×?×?ר×? ש×? ×?×?רר×?ת ×?ס×?×?×?ת ×?×?×? ר×?×?×? אק×?×?א×?×? ×?רתק ×?×?×?×?סס ×¢×? רע×?×?×? ×?ק×?ר×? ש×?×?×? ×?×?×?ר×?, ×?”ר ×?שרא×? ש×?×¢×?× ×?, ש×?×?ש ×?×?×? ×?×?×?×?ר×?, ×?ם ×?×?א ×¢×?ר×? ×?×?×? ×?×?×?רר. ×?שרא×? ש×?×¢×?× ×?, ×?”ר ×?×?שפ×?×?ם, × ×?×?×? ×?×?×?× ×?ס ×?×¢×?×? ×?ארץ ×?שנת 1948 . ×?ת×?×?רר ×?ת×? א×?×?×?, ×?×?×?ס×?, ×?×¢×?×?ם ×?×?× ×?×? ”×?תר×?” – ×?×?ס×? ×?פתר×?×? ס×?ס×?×?×?ם. ש×?×?ש ×?×?רצ×? ×?×?ר×?×? ×?×?×?ש×?×? ס×?ס×?×?×?ם ×?א×?× ×?×?רס×?×?ת ת×? א×?×?×?. ספר×? ×?ראש×?×?, ”א×?פק ×?×?ש ×?×?×?רר×?ת עם ער×?את ערע×?ר”, ×?צ×?×?×? ×?ר×? ק×?×¢ ×?פסק×? ×?×?×? ×?ת×?×?ם ×?×?×?רר×?ת.

Asian Highway: An Odyssey of Travel, War and the Counterculture

by John Thompson

“Asian Highway: An Odyssey of Travel, War and the Counterculture” brings a unique perspective to travel and backpacking. It is a singular narrative that mixes war, Marine Corps life and overland travel from Lisbon, Portugal through Morocco, Europe and South Asia to the coast of the Khmer Republic (Cambodia) in 1974. In the course of the author’s nine month backpacking trip he reflects on student life at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and gives an accurate and honest account of low-budget travel in the Third World. His story also provides personal and multiple primary and secondary sources of information on the Cambodian War in 1974, a year that most military historians have largely neglected.

With over one hundred never-before-published photos, hand-drawn maps and ten pages of footnotes author John C. Thompson provides a thought-provoking and integrated account of his coming to age in the hectic, early 1970s. Backpackers, students of the Indochina War and baby-boomers who were part of the hippie phenomena will find “Asian Highway” of intense interest. From the final blow-out of 60’s radicalism on the “Strip” in Knoxville to hippiedom playing out on the slopes of the Himalayas and with vivid descriptions of war-torn Cambodia, “Asian Highway” provides tantalizing and fascinating insight into what constitutes pure freedom.

The End of Days

by Reggie Frasier

Have you ever been perplexed when studying end-time prophecy, confused by the current model prevalent in the Christian world?

The current model is lacking in many major ways, and after studying the Bible, especially end-time prophecy, for over forty years, Reggie Frasier has prevailed to understand the events as the Bible declares them.

In your hands is an exposé on the fallibility of the current prophetic teaching on the end times with a thorough explanation of the proper understanding of the prophecies involved, using the Bible to prove the Bible and not the traditions of man or the dogma of his beliefs.

You must read this book.

God is waiting to reveal his truths to you in a new and compelling manner.
When you finish reading this book, you will have a more complete understanding of the events leading to the close of this age.

Mysteries of Britain

by Michelle Brachet

All around us our country’s long history is hidden in the local present – in towns, villages, in the countryside, and on the landscape. With a little bit of knowledge, research and sometimes luck, the story behind that monument you pass every day, mysterious hidden passageway in your house, or chalk carving on the hill can be unlocked and discovered for the first time.

Mysteries of Britain begins by uncovering an array of historical mysteries, exposing the tales of the past that are sitting right underneath us in the present. From the secrets of 17th and 18th-century smuggler’s tunnels to the flight of Mary, Queen of Scots, particular mysteries are researched, studied and explained in detail. Proving also to be a good â??do-it-yourself’ guide, if there is a local mystery that you have always wanted to get to the bottom of, you will learn how to get your very own investigations underway.

Mysteries of Britain also looks at various intriguing, often famous and certainly mysterious landscape features. From the fascinating revelations about the British landscape before the Ice Age to the ingenuity of the Tower People of Shetland, some quite remarkable aspects of the land we live on are revealed. The tour of the British Isles detailed here highlights just how our landscape is laden with our past, and how it has influenced our present. Often oblivious to how our long and magical history is all around us, this will open your eyes to just what can be discovered with a little curiosity and know-how.

Remember The Days

by Crystal Achterkirch

When I was little I never thought this would happen. I never thought I would be here but here I am with tattoo number on my arm. I can’t escape, I can’t see them again, I’m here, and nobody will save me or the people I am with.

There are many of us, I can’t even tell you how many people are here but I know it’s past the thousand mark. We are here because of one thing, we are different.

In their eyes different is bad. I guess it is, well it seems like it is but it’s really not.

See this one guy had this plan. This plan was to destroy a group of people who didn’t believe in what he believed. He put it in people’s mind that these people were not even human just animals and that we needed to be taught a lesson. Because we were different that was the problem.

My name is Holly Amelia Cohen and this is my story.

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