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The Code of Buddyhood

by William Bernhardt

Bobby Beresford and Mark Szasz, the self-appointed “Knights Templar of the Code of Buddyhood,” are undergraduates at the University of Oklahoma in 1979. There couldn’t be a more unlikely pair of best friends. Bobby’s cautious, social ineptitude and romantic fumblings offset Mark’s flamboyant, devil-may-care attitude, his irrepressible pranks, and his prowess with shapely coeds. But the cardinal rule of the Code–“A buddy does not move in on another buddy’s girl”–requires Bobby to watch quietly as Mark makes time with Annie, the woman of Bobby’s dreams. Mark and Bobby’s college exploits include crashing frat parties, arranging elaborate double dates (that, at least for Bobby, go disastrously and hilariously wrong), and shuttling a decomposing corpse across campus. But inevitably, the girl they both love becomes a wedge that divides the buddies not only during their college days, but well into the future…

The Rowan Tree

by Robert W. Fuller

As Arthurian myth sowed the seeds of democracy, The Rowan Tree
foretells an international culture of dignity. Anchored by a pair
of interlocking love stories, this unflinching novel of ideas brims
with passionate quests, revelatory failures, and inextinguishable hope.

The Rowan Tree is an inspirational tour de force
that reaches from the rebellious American ’60s into humanity’s global
future. Soul-searching treks around the world intersect with campus
revolution, basketball, math, ballet, and a destined rise to the White
House. Love runs ahead of politics and lights the way for nations to

IBERIAN NIGHTS, an erotic literary novel

by Enrico Antiporda

Seduction, temptation, infidelity, and redemption. These are the themes explored in this erotic literary thriller set in the arid landscape of Andalusia, Spain. The evocative narrative is meant to titillate the mind, the heart, and the reader’s libido. People who had the pleasure of reading The Band of Gypsies are familiar with the touching love story of Jaime and Allison, two beautiful but extremely insecure people deeply in love but haunted by their respective pasts. In that novel, tragic events, both past and present plague their relationship as they navigate through a turbulent life as foreign interns in tumultuous Basque separatist Northern Spain.

Iberian Nights brings these troubled lovers and their foreign roommates from the cool climes of Northern Spain to the passionate land of Andalusia where seduction and temptation lurk in every cobblestoned alley. Whereas The Band of Gypsies is a coming-of-age novel of love and self-discovery, Iberian Nights explores the aforementioned erotic themes. In writing the novel, the author decided to put Jaime and Allison’s damaged psyche and consequently their love for each other to the test. More than the erotic tone of the novel, the narrative takes the reader on a cultural ride through a passionate landscape where matadors and death-defying bullfights share pages with Gypsy caravans, mystical fortune tellers, and flamenco dancers.

As this is foremost a literary novel, the main focus is the advancement of plot, conflict, and character development with the erotic themes and scenes meant to set up the overarching mood. The sex scenes lean toward the sensual. Although most sexual encounters are imagined and/or suggestive rather than graphic, there are some non-gratuitous graphic scenes that slipped into the pages. Readers who are faint-hearted may skip these pages.

Willows and Violets

by Erin McNelis

Heartache, betrayal, lovers and lies are explored in this beautifully written short story collection. A woman working on the home front during World War II learns that her G.I. fiancé plans to come home to somebody elseâ?¦ Another gets trapped in a storm with a man she has been fantasizing about but things don’t turn out as she plannedâ?¦ One leaves her real life behind to hike the Appalachian Trailâ?¦

Find out what happens to the women of Willows and Violets, the debut literary short story collection by Glimmer Train Finalist Erin McNelis. The collection features the previously published literary short, “Like a Beggar Alone.” Willows and Violets follows the tradition of turning everyday occurrences into extraordinary revelations.

The Reality of Being Lovers

by Gail L. Winfree

Miriam, a 35-year-old professional IT manager, leads a life consumed by books. When she’s not working, she’s reading. She has a handful of friends and a questionable social life. Though attractive and well-kept, Miriam chooses to hide herself from men and has led a life of celibacy since her first and only lover ditched her after a two-year romance in college. Then one day, she discovers an obscure book by an obscure author in a used book shop. The book is called “The Reality of Being Lovers” and its main character Josh is “a man who gets what he wants and sometimes more than he bargains for,” according to the book jacket description.

Josh is a sexual powerhouse who has his way with women. Josh is also a lonely man looking for real love, eternal loveâ??a love he cannot find in his book characterâ??a man whose true character is revealed only to Miriam after she begins to read it.

Miriam soon realizes that her life is changing. Something strange, something good is happening to her and she looks to the book and Josh for the answer to why.

“The Reality of Being Lovers” is an erotic love story for book lovers. It’s a book for people who believe in the magic of books and the magic of love. It breaks down the barrier between reader and book character. It’s a love story between Miriam and Josh. It’s a book that will let you dream.

Finding What’s Lost

by Gail L. Winfree

It’s 1972 and 24-year-old Adrian Berger’s life is about to change. An only child with well-to-do parents, Adrian has everything, everything except friends, and his sheltered childhood has crippled him emotionally and sexually and has made him a selfish, arrogant loner. And he has no regrets about it until he is faced with a tragedy that sends him on a journey to unlock a family secret and reveal the lies of his life. Along the way, Adrian discovers love, explores loss, finds a hidden identity, and faces difficulties he?s not prepared to meet. He experiences the joys of Zen, naked women, and BBK beer. He finds God the hard way. He learns about love and sex the hard way. He learns to make friends the hard way. He learns life the hard way, finding reality a difficult concept to grasp at times. This journey takes Adrian to Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he must find the two people who can help him put the pieces of his puzzled life together and unravel the lies he has lived. And all he has are names: Joseph and Katherina Iwanovitz.

Barty’s Americana Diner (Mustache Petes)

by Bobby D. Lux

While en route to another job in the middle of nowhere for the mob, brothers Ernie and Vinnie Morelli stop off at a local Americana-themed diner for a quick bite. They get a good look at the illusion of being an American versus what it really looks like for some of the more unfortunate out there.

How Dark is the Future

by Neno Umbra

The Tanner Trilogy begins with Let Right be Done. How Dark is The Future is a short prequel of some nine thousand words.

William Barton has a comfortable and prosperous future ahead of him – but for how long?

A strange woman, melancholy amidst great beauty, has a sad and uncomfortable future ahead of her – but for how long?

About the Author

Neno Umbra has an obsession with personal privacyâ?¦

One Morning In Paris

by Keziah Shepherd

When asked to go to bed with a charming artist, Daniel Levine, Emily hesitates. Recently having woken up one morning and deciding to trust her intuition more, acting rather for love, she has learnt some pretty painful home truths of her past errors and seen through some of her own delusions.

Her friend Trudy who sails through love with ease, it seems, offers advice, but can healthy relationships form from love’s feeling or is love doomed to failure every time for Emily?

Having escaped to Paris, she starts to learn through some serious errors, how to perfect her boundaries against seducers. Yet when Emily comes face to face with what seems like her nemeses in Daniel Levine, she must make some very strong decisions.

However, the more she resists him, the more he tries. Yet as time goes on she realises that her pains and misfortunes in the past have been blessings.

Yet can she really rise up and transform her heart from victim to hero in love’s very difficult path?

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