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People on the Bus: What people on the bus taught me about parenting

by Milt Haws

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If you are looking for a book to aid with oppositional defiant disorder or desire to improve your relationship with your children. This brief read is the perfect parenting ebook to read to give you a bright ray of optimism and hope in your parenting efforts. Improving communication with your children is possible and this book can serve as a glimmer of hope as a parenting book to help with children and adolescents.

The train that night was crowded. He was large, loud, drunk, and in a raucous mood. She was a twenty something, petite, business woman, obviously trying her best to avoid his verbal overtures. Thoughts of a movie subway crime scene crossed my mind. Now would be a very good time for Transit police office to board the train. Crime on the subway, stabbing, assault and many other terrible screen passed through my mind.

Hopefully nothing in this situation resembles your home. Although it may feel like it sometimes. So what can be learned about child rearing, parenting, discipline and family from the subway?

That night I watched events unfold in detached curiosity. In the row ahead of me two obviously tired laborers sat in silence starring out at the blur of city lights as the train speed to its next stop. Their heavy work boots were covered with white hardened plaster, as were their pants and shirts. Across the aisle from the laborers a businessman, tie undone, and briefcase on his lap, talked excitedly to what sounded like a subordinate about the events of the day. Ahead of him a medical intern leaned his head against the window and slept. Fatigue making him unconscious to the crowd and noise.

What can be learned about parenting from riding mass transit? Surprisingly much more than I thought. Characters such as “Two Dollar Dave” and “Stinky Steve” have taught me things I never had considered before about parenting. “Stinky Steve” was an annoying person that I encountered each day on the city bus, and as unlikely as it was to me Steve taught me things I needed to know about how to be a better parent to my children and a better spouse to my partner.
A tram in Zurich seemed an unlikely place to learn about how to deal with a child’s tantrum. Stories in this book are true as are the lessons to be learned about dealing with family situations. No parent has to be told how difficult child rearing is. The challenges are endless, from bad behavior, tantrums, and rebellion to conflicts with your spouse about how to parent.

The lessons in this book are valuable to any parent regardless of the age of you children. This book can be borrowed for free. Real world experiences from the author will help the reader in their efforts with an oppositional-defiant child and in other parenting styles and efforts.

Runaway Teenager the first 48 Hours

by Michael Gore

Runaway Teenager the first 48 Hours: Is a self-help book for parents in trouble! This is a tremendous tool for any parent no matter what your beliefs may be! The first 48 hours of a runaway or teenager that leaves the family home is the most crucial and most dangerous!!! If your aim is to rebuild your broken & damaged family then this book superbly written by Pastor Michael Gore will help give you the tools to rebuilding your family unit!

Life Is A Blender – Book 3 – Radical Parenting Tips For Keeping Your Family Together – Parenting skills that work for single, divorced and happily married couples (Strict Parenting Series)

by Yana Berlin

Yana Berlin has written a new three-part parenting series
“Life Is A Blender” that reads like a novel. Her frank views
regarding the topics of marriage, divorce, single-parenting, re-marriage,
blending a family, rules and discipline, the role of grandparents and siblings,
chores, responsibilities and schooling are utterly refreshing. The treasures
found in Ms. Berlin’s work portray a bold approach to parenting. Some of her
remarks regarding consistency in discipline may actually risk the reader’s ire!
What? What did she say?


Life Is A
Blender is chock full of humorous, yet crucial, tips and advice on raising your
kids to be happy, honest and successful adults–adults who will want to
continue the family bond throughout their lives. This book should be required
reading for all newlyweds and anyone considering the decision to start a

This is the last book of the series.
In this book, Berlin, ties it all together on
how to raise honest and successful adults–adults who will want to continue the
family bond throughout their lives. It also includes tips on ensuring the
extended family relationships. It should be a required read for all newlyweds
and anyone considering the decision to start a family.


A Flower in the Rain

by Heather Fields

Vanessa embarks on a journey to find purpose after being abused by her parents. She is sent to a foster home after a relative’s home is deemed unstable. Learning of God’s love, she surrenders to it. Feelings of inadequacy lead her to succumb to the men that greet her. After realizing she’s competent, addiction sets in. Broken and lost, her purpose is found amidst the flower in the rain.

To laugh, to cry, and to relate to those who need a friend, Vanessa expresses her thoughts. To inform, to educate, to give an honest testament of who reigns in her life, Vanessa unveils her struggles with her own expectations as well as the expectations of others. To motivate, to encourage, and to inspire those who have felt like they weren’t good enough, the flower silently blossoms amidst the rain. To heal, to rejoice, and to glorify the one who paid the price, the flower surrenders to her calling.

Complete Series: Understanding the Unique Personality of your Child

by Cynthia Todd

Enjoy the complete series including titles “Understanding the Introverted Child” , “Understanding the Extroverted Child” and “Understanding the Child with an Atypical Personality”.

My Thoughts, Exactly!

by Jim Ross

Points of view coupled with humour, fiction, true life and the banal. Many topics are covered: they include Politics; Witch Finder Generals; and travel, etc.

Where Does The Christmas Spirit Live? (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Collection)

by Bernard Muzeen

Santa is invited by grandma to explain where the Christmas Spirit resides in between each holiday season to her granddaughter and a group of adolescent Girlfriends. His conclusion to this often asked question is magical, insightful and practical. To solve the mystery with your youngsters you can find the answer in “Where does the Christmas Spirit Live?” in the SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS Collection.

“SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” a collection of short stories, are fully illustrated, and based upon real encounters between Children and Santa.

A collection of true, charming and insightful stories inspired by children and adolescents, ages 3 to 12, written by SANTA.

Your own Star (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS)

by Bernard Muzeen

Santa explains why we put a star on our Christmas tree and why there are so many stars in the sky. Children are delighted to read and learn that shining in the night sky is their own star, according to Santa.

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