Free poetry Kindle books for 10 Dec 13

Zeal Aspiring

by Ophelia – Marie Flowers

Zeal Aspiring is Ophelia’s second book of poetry. Containing 92 of her poems, Zeal Aspiring examines lessons learned from walking with God, and shares her ponderings about friendship, growing up, hardships, life, and redemption.


by Moan Lisa

This is a book of poems about longing, desire; love, as well as the darker parts of the mind: loneliness, regret; pain.

Things I Remember

by Gail L. Winfree

This is a collection of poems and short fiction of 2000 words or less. The poems and stories chronicle the life of the author in dreams and illusions, events and people, fantasies and fears, common and uncommon occurrences, and a little bit of wacky surreal fun. Terse writing and simple language combined with symbolism, metaphors, and parody convey deeply layered emotional concerns about life, love, relationships, and the modern world. Though he has been writing nonfiction for many years, this is the author’s first collection of fiction.

Hebrew Books: ש×?ר×?ם ×?ק×?×? ס×?×?×? (Poems)

by Izthak Yanay

אַ×? תֹּא×?ְר×?Ö¼ ×?Ö¼Ö´×? ×?ַסְ×?Ö´×?×? ×?Öµ×¢×?Ö¹×?ָם

×?ֹא ×?Ö¸×?ְתָ×?.

אֲנִ×? רְאִ×?תִ×?×?Ö¸ ×?ִּשְׁתֵּ×? ×¢Öµ×?× Ö·×? רָצָ×? ×¢Ö·×? ×?Ö·×?×?Ö¹×£.

רְ×?Ö·×?ְתֶּם ×?Ö¼Ö´×? אֵ×?× Ö¸×?Ö¼ א×?Ö¹×?Ö¶×?ֶת אֶת ×?Ö·×?ָּם,

א×?Ö¼×?ָם ×?ָּרְ×?×?Ö¹×?×?ֹת אֲנִ×? ×?Ö¼Ö¸×?×?Ö¼×?Ö· ×?Ö¼Ö´×?Ö°×?×?ּתָ×?Ö¼,

× Ö¸×?×?Ö¹×? ×?Ö¶×? ×?Ö¸×?Ö¸×? ×?ִפְנֵ×? שָׁנִ×?ם,

אֲ×?Ö¸×? ×?Ö´×?א ×?Ö¸×?ְתָ×?.

אֲנִ×? ×?×?Ö¹×?ֵר אֶת רֵ×?×?Ö· ×?ְק×?Ö¹×?×?ֹתֶ×?×?Ö¸

×¢Ö·×? ×?Ö¼×?ּפִ×?,

אֲנִ×? ×¢Ö²×?Ö·×?Ö´×? ×?ָשׁ אֶת ×?Ö¸×?Ö¶×?×?Ö¸

×?ְש×?Ö·×?ֲק×?ֹת ×¢Ö´×?Ö¼Ö´×? ×?Ö¼Ö°×?Ö·×?Ö²×?×?ֹאִ×?ם.

×?צ×?ק ×?נא×?, ×?×?ר ק×?×?×?×¥ ×¢×?נת, נש×?×? ×?א×? ×?×?×?×?ש×?

×?×¢×? ת×?אר ש×?×?ש×? ×?×?×?×¢×? ×?×?×?ר×? ×?א×?× ×?×?רס×?×?ת ת×? א×?×?×?

פס×? ×?צ×?×?ר, ×?צ×?×? ×?ספר ר×? ש×? תער×?×?×?ת ×?×?×?×?

×?שתתף ×?תער×?×?×?ת ק×?×?צת×?×?ת ×?פ×?ס×?×? ×?×?צ×?×?ר ×?×?×?ר×?×?ת ש×?× ×?ת ×?ר×?×?×? ×?ארץ.

×?×?×? ספר ×?ש×?ר×? ×?ש×?ש×? ש×?×?, ×?א×?ר ספר×?×? ×?ק×?×?×?×?ם שרא×? א×?ר:

“שע×?×? ש×? צ×?×?ת×?ת” 1975;

“סע ×?×?×?- ×?א×?” 1977;

“×?אם אש×?×? אנ×?×?×? א×? ×?ם ×?×¢×?×?×¢×?×?” 1982;

“×?×?×? ×¢× × ×?ם ר×?×?ם ×?ספ×?ר” 1986;

“ש×?ר×?ם שא×?א ×?ת×? ×?×?×?×?×?×?” (ספר ש×?ר×?ם ×?×?×?×?×?ם שא×?ת×? ×?ם א×?×?ר) 1998.

My Secret Heart…

by Samishii Suzume

Deep, heart-felt, romantic poetry for all those who have ever really been in love…and for those who would like to be…

Purple Night

by Andrew Wells

A book of lyrical and narrative poems that explore the depths of emotion provoked by love and loss. At times poignant, at times melancholic, the depth of emotion in this poetry is clear. With beautiful imagery and setting this book provides a moving read.

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