Free politics and current events Kindle books for 10 Dec 13

The Book of Faith

by Colin Craic

A book about honest ways to accrue faith in the modern religious marketplace.

A Touch of Poetry

by Melinda De Ross

The questions of an inquisitive philosophical mind, its visions on life, love and the mysteries of the Universe.

Who are we?

by Adebanjo Olalekan

I see men not in cordial relationship with themselves, the animals, plants and God. We think we are a different body from everything created by God and God himself, but we are not. It is just an illusion of the mind sending a false message to the eyes. This book is sincerely written and dedicated to the world, to show the human race the purpose of their creation and what they are capable of doing.

Hayek and Praxeology

by Adam Knott

One of the pillars of Hayekian social thought is Hayek’s contention that study of the market cannot be a priori. But Hayek seems not to have realized the implications of his own conception of the Pure Logic of Choice. He didn’t realize that the method of deductive analysis he envisioned could easily be applied to the market and its various objects and phenomena (prices, interest, etc.).

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