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Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters

by Lon Strickler

A collection of personal encounter reports submitted by regular people who felt compelled to find answers about their unexplained experience. A variety of paranormal and supernatural incidents are covered, including phantoms / apparitions, humanoids / other beings, unexplained phenomena, aliens, UFOs, monsters & cryptids. I keep an open mind when reading and discussing witness accounts since I truly understand how they feel…because few people believed my extraordinary encounters either.

Anxiety Cure: How to Overcome Anxiety with Meditation and be Anxiety-Free for Life (anxiety, anxiety cure, anxiety management, anxiety meditation, anxiety relief)

by Isabelle Parker

Discover how you can finally experience effective and safe relief from anxiety through the age-old practice of meditation.

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You’re about to discover how YOU hold the power to overcome anxiety through the healing practice of meditation. Anxiety can manifest as several different feelings, including worry, apprehension, nervousness and fear. Anxiety has become commonplace in our modern society due to several factors, such high stress workplaces, unhealthy family dynamics, and financial uncertainty, to name a few. The good news is there are effective treatment options available, and not all of them involve pharmaceuticals.

This ebook will provide you with detailed description of how you can start meditating today and how it works to relieve anxiety. Meditation has been recognized as an effective intervention for many conditions, including anxiety, and public awareness of this natural anti-anxiety practice has increased substantially in recent years thanks to the booming popularity of yoga and mind-body medicine.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Presenting Symptoms of Different Types of Anxiety
  • How Anxiety Can Sometimes be a Good Thing
  • Descriptions of Traditional Treatments for Anxiety and Their Effectiveness
  • Evidence for the Effectiveness of Meditation as a Treatment for Anxiety
  • Detailed, Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Meditate
  • Compelling Reasons Why if You Suffer From Anxiety you MUST start Meditating TODAY
  • Much, much more!

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Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? How Moralism Suffocates Grace

by Samuel C. Williamson

In this collection of pithy and thought-provoking writings, Sam Williamson shows why being saved by grace isn’t enough: we needâ??indeed we longâ??to live by it.


Several years ago I met with a woman distraught over her son’s rejection of Christianity.

She said, “I did everything I could to raise him right. I taught him to be like the â??heroes of faith,’ with the faithfulness of Abraham, the goodness of Joseph, the pure heart of David, and the obedience of Esther.”

She wondered why he had rejected Christianity.

I wondered why it took him so long.

â??From the book

People often reject Christianity simply because they can’t distinguish it from mere morality. The world needs moralityâ??oppression thrives when consciences are abandonedâ??but we need more than that alone. We need the gospel of grace. A gospel that has largely been lost amid the dos and don’ts and preoccupations of religious culture.

People often pit grace against moralism. And they should. Moralism circumvents heart-changed morality. We need moral men and women, but moralism damages the foundation of heart-change. While it’s okay to pit grace against moralism, let’s not pit grace against morality. Grace is the source of real morality, and graceâ??thank God!â??breaks the bars of moralism that imprison us.

Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids exposes moralism for its false pretensionsâ??the sham that it isâ??and it moves our hearts to believe the gospel, for the first, or the hundred-and-first, time.

From readers:

I like what Sam Williamson has to say about how good peopleâ??people like usâ??may be piling burdens on our children they can’t possibly bear. Has the good news of the gospel magically morphed into bad news for them? Read Sam’s provocative new book to find out.

-Ann Spangler, Author, Praying the Names of God (and many other books)

These days we hear so much and think so little. We consume without digesting and then wonder why our body is acting strangely. In this book, Sam helps us look carefully, graciously, and wonder-fully at the Gospel and the beliefs of our heart.

-Gary Barkalow, founding director of The Noble Heart, and Author, It’s Your Call.

This has got to be one of the best books on raising Godly children (or simply new believers) I’ve ever read. Thank you. -Brian

This is as clearly and as beautifully communicated as I have heard the Gospel for a long time. -Bob

This is such an excellent read!!! I wish all Christians could read it. What a great blessing to see this truth presented in a way that it is so easily understood. Thank you for this thoughtful book. – Linda

This is a fitting warning that Christian education could fall into moralization (and idolizing “heroes of faith”). The same warning is applicable even to the whole teaching/preaching ministry of many churches. – Ray

Putting On the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms

by Katie Hornor

For busy moms of all ages and in all stages of life. We all know what it is like to be busy. And we all have times when we wish we weren’t so busy. The question is, how do you feed your soul in the busy seasons? This one month study of the fruit of the Spirit will challenge you to examine yourself in light of the Scriptures and give you something to apply to your life each day. And the best part is that each day’s study can be done in just TEN MINUTES or less! Comes with a free downloadable workbook on the author’s website.

Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God

by Gail Thackray

Experience miraculous healer, John of God, as seen through the eyes of medium Gail Thackray who sees, feels, and hears things that most “normal” people do not. Follow Gail on her personal journey to the spiritual healing center of John of God in Brazil. Experience miraculous healings, supernatural activity, and astonishing psychic events. Gail gives a unique view of the powerful healings that occur in this blessed place. As a medium and healer herself, Gail initially thinks she is going to “assist” in the work here. She is told by the spirits, “you can leave your ego at the door, you’re here to be healed too!” She shares the personal details of her own healing which requires an intimate look at her relationships and life. As she starts to open up again, she finds her life taking unexpected twists and turns, and a budding romance appears.

It is in this quaint village in Brazil that Gail receives her most profound spiritual experience yet–a direct connection to Source. Overwhelmed with emotion, Gail asks the spirits if she can share this “feeling” with those back home. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Gail unexpectedly finds that her clients are now experiencing the healing energies from Brazil, receiving spontaneous healings through her live events and writings. The spirits in Brazil have taken Gail to a whole new level.

Spiritually empowering yet refreshingly funny, Gail takes us on her otherworldly journey while dealing with everyday issues we can relate to.

10 Minute Meditation for Deep Relaxation (Mind Body and Soul Wellness Series)

by Dr. Alka Khurana

Meditation practice helps us to completely relax our body as well as mind and just experience the present moment with complete awareness. When we are in such state all thoughts cease to exist as in our deep sleep and we are totally aware of our self as in the waking state. In the beginning, we have to make some effort to get into such state because we have to recondition our mind to get into this natural state of being.
This book is aimed at the beginner’s meditation practice and answers the most important questions about their practice. Based on my extensive experience as a meditation practitioner as well as teacher, I have listed the most effective and easy to follow techniques in this book. It will help everyone, irrespective of their experience in the meditation practice. The powerful techniques explained in the book, help the practitioners to meditate effortlessly and enjoy their practice everyday.
I wish that everyone makes meditation practice a core part of their daily lifestyle. The daily meditation practice generates positive vibrations which stay with us all the time, and as we practice more they keep compounding like the snowball effect. Love, peace, compassion and calmness become our nature. We never get overwhelmed in face of challenging situations. Life becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling. We are able to discover the Pure Love and Joy within us and express the essence of Divine in all our actions.

Astrology – A Deep look into each Zodiac Sign

by Chloe Miller

Astrology – A Deep look into each Zodiac Sign

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According to history, the practice of astrology dates back to the third century when people used to predict shifts in seasons by means of the calendar system. This has something to do with calculating dates and converting a current date to its equivalent in past calendar systems.

Learning more about your Astrological Sign will help you reflect more about your life and understand what you are about. Also, by learning more about Astrological Signs, you will get to understand others better and know why they are the way they are. All in all, it will help you in getting more at peace with yourself and with the world because you will understand that everyone has different characteristics and that astrology is truly a big part of everyone’s lives.

* Aries

* Taurus

* Gemini

* Cancer

* Leo

* Virgo

* Libra

* Scorpio

* Sagittarius

* Capricorn

* Aquarius

* Pisces

I, Chloe Miller, truely believe in order to be with someone you need to understand all their needs and wants. I have studied astrology for many years and can promise you this book will not disappoint.

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Feng Shui For Wellness And Wealth: Simple Feng Shui Tricks for Personal and Professional Success. Health, Money and Happiness with Feng Shui Tips for Work … Law of Attraction, Successful People)

by James Adler

Feng Shui Made Simple And Easy to Apply For Your Personal and Professional Success. Ready for Success…? Be Prepared: this book will show you how to attract all the good things in life…

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You’re about to discover how to create positive energy around you so as to attract massive success and overcome negativity. No false claims: only presentation of a very powerful, ancient tool that you can use to start attracting the life you want. It’s up to you if you want to try it and to apply itâ?¦ But if you get committed to Feng-Shui, practice it and live by its rules it will get committed to obeying your demands tooâ?¦

There is a prevalent belief that Feng Shui is something that only rich people can practice, another belief that is promoted by many other â??experts’. In fact, anybody can practice Feng Shui if they understand its basic principles. You don’t need to buy any expensive â??cures’ or other special equipment to practice Feng Shui in your home.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn From Feng Shui For Wellness And Wealth

  • The Simple Rules of Feng Shui that can be applied inexpensively and even if you live in a small apartment
  • Feng Shui Tricks for your office: stay focused and attract abundance!
  • How to attract health and vital energy for you and your loved ones
  • How to use Feng Shui to bring overall Wellness
  • The most common mistakes that we make with Feng Shui
  • How to re-arrange your bedroom to attract love and sexual vitality
  • How to create positive energy around you and let it work for you
  • Much, much more!

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    James Adler says:

    ‘My own personal experience was that, ever since I discovered Feng Shui, I have managed to actually use it to improve my life in many ways. For example, since I used the principles of Feng Shui to rearrange the environment of my home and office, I have felt lighter and more positive. This has allowed me to become more productive and earn more. And of course, I have more fun since my living environment has become more positive.

    It is well-known and accepted in the East that the way a particular environment is set up can affect the way that people within it feel, and even act. In the West, however, this belief is often dismissed as superstition. After all, how can interior decoration have an effect on people? But this belief has become increasingly validated by research. For example, it has become widely accepted that the primary color scheme of a room has an effect on the mood of people inside it. My dear Friend and Reader, I hope that my book will inspire you in certain way and that Feng Shui will help you achieve the balance you needâ?¦’

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World of Jesus, The: Making Sense of the People and Places of Jesus’ Day

by Dr. William H. Marty

Popular Author Provides the Market’s Most Accessible Introduction to the World of Jesus’ Time

To understand Jesus’ life and ministry, we need to understand the history and culture of his world. Marty, author of the popular The Whole Bible Story, provides readers with a thoroughly readable, easy-to-understand history of Israel leading up to the time of Christ. Each chapter ties closely to the events of the New Testament as Marty carefully answers such questions as

-Who were the Pharisees and why was Jesus upset with them?
-Why didn’t anyone like the Samaritans?
-When and why did the Jews start worshiping in “synagogues” rather than the Temple?

The book will include call-out boxes, summaries, and other tools to make this the most accessible book available on the topic.

Crashing into Christmas

by Matthew Eldridge

Karl Thompkins hates life. Encompassed by regret and bitterness, the thirty-something year old encounters his greatest fearsâ??memories of his past mingled with ghosts of the present, after a serious car accident leaves him stranded the day before Christmas. However, every new year deserves a new beginning.

This suspenseful tale will leave you on the edge of your seat. Be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby.

Quoted as a modern day version of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

Also, check out Matthew Eldridge’s Christmas novel, Saint Nicholas, the Christmas Story, considered the “Next Christmas Classic.”

Where’s My Edward?: Seeking A Twilight Romance

by Laura Gallier

He’s passionate, thoughtful, courageous, and committed. Edward is more than Bella’s Twilight soul mateâ??he’s an icon for what nearly every woman hopes to find in a man. In response to the masses of women asking, “Where’s my Edward?” author Laura Gallier insightfully separates fact from fiction and presents the reality of what it takes to find and cultivate a lasting love connection. Single and married readers will find answers to their most pressing love-related questions and uncertainties, along with timeless, biblical principles for finding and maintaining romance. Twilight fan or not, you will be encouraged that in the midst of widespread relational instability, marital conflict, and divorce, it is possible to cultivate a healthy, lasting love

Unknown Biologic

by Travis Perry

At a remote hospital station in an interstellar conflict, an alien appears that is genetically linked to a familiar Earth creature. Joseph Walter, raised in a strict Hutterite pacifist tradition like that of the Amish, finds himself wrenched out of everything familiar and plunged into the heart of a personal war.

No One Guide Book

by Lisa Turner

Have you ever had burning questions about the future, or wanted a deeper understanding of your life? Have you ever had a problem that you would love to know why you have it, or even better, to be able to solve it easily? Have you ever wondered why your life is so hard, why you have so many challenges with health, career, finances and relationships? Or maybe you just want to know more about how the universe works and why things turn out the way they do.

Well if you’ve ever wondered this then you’re in the right place. In this book you can get the answers to some of your most burning questions. As you read this book you’ll discover that you’re not alone. Others have struggled in exactly the same ways you have. They’ve asked the same questions and had the similar challenges.

The information in this book comes not from Lisa Turner, but through Lisa. She knows very well that it’s not that easy to believe, given her background is as an engineer with a PhD in Aero-acoustics. So this isn’t your usual fluffy “you’re loved so much by us in the spiritual realm” kind of channelling book. Lisa’s guides give it to you straight – they don’t flatter with platitudes.

Lisa refers to her “guides” only because she doesn’t have a better term or label for them. She refers to them as “they” because it’s not one person. It’s not one soul. The best way of describing them is like a consciousness or awareness. They don’t have a physical body, and they have never experienced a physical body. What that means is, contrary to the popular belief about many “spirit guides”, that they are not the dead spirit of someone who once lived.

This book is a collection of questions posed by Lisa’s students, clients and herself along with the answers to those questions from No-One-Guide.

Betting on the Quilt, A Christmas Gamble

by Hank Bruce

New Mexico is known for the diversity of its people, so it is only natural that among the state’s teenagers, a variety of personalities and cultures also exists. Some appreciate this, even encourage it; where others judge the youth and have an entirely different set of expectations. When a high school principal goes to bat for some of her students, the resulting bet with the judge will show the true character of the kids involved. Will they become heroes, or confirm the suspicions of those who think they are all a bunch of hoodlums? You are invited to wrap up in soft quilt and read this story to warm your heart in this special season of the year. Betting on the Quilt gives you a taste of the type stories you will find in Hank Bruce’s book, Enchanted by the Light, 15 Short Stories Celebrating Christmas in New Mexico, also available in Kindle or paperback from

A Tom Slemen Selection

by Tom Slemen

If you’re new to the works of Tom Slemen – Liverpool’s most popular author – and don’t know where to start, may I recommend “A Tom Slemen Selection” to whet your appetite? For a specially-reduced price, you can read some of Tom’s most popular stories in this ebook. Read about the mystical vagrant who foretold a Liverpool schoolboy that he would one day become the most famous person in the world – and this prophecy did indeed come to pass – and read about such strange and perplexing beings as the Seven Whistlers whose eerie music foretells a tragedy, Waterloo’s chilling Man in Black who tried to persuade a child to commit a suicide because he was a lonely ghost who yearned company – and – learn about the gruesome “Devil Dolls” of the Dingle, a cabbie’s terrifying experience in West Derby, the creepy stalker who was a master of disguise, the bizarre life-cycles of reported vampires, the Headless Horseman of Whiston, the weird history of Spring-Heeled Jack, plus Renshaw Street’s enigmatic and violent top-hatted ghosts, plus many more uncanny tales of Liverpool and beyond. “A Tom Slemen Selection” is an excellent introduction to the writings of the man who singlehandedly put Liverpool on the paranormal map and established a cult following in the process.

THE EPISTLES of JESUS CHRIST and ABGARUS KING of EDESSA (Lost & Forgotten Books of the New Testament)

by Michael Gore

THE EPISTLES of JESUS CHRIST and ABGARUS KING of EDESSA – Complete with Scripture & Commentary covering a letter by Abgarus King of Edessa to Jesus and the replying letter from Jesusâ?¦ This correspondence took place just a few months before the crucifixion its short but amazing this affirmation will build your faith!

The Paradise

by Abdullah Bahjat

One of the most amazing things imaginable is that one could hear about Paradise and what Allaah has prepared in it and still fail to be moved to work for it in order to reach it. When the Companions and those who followed them from the righteous Salaf heard about it, they would mention it day and night and strive hard to achieve it.

We hear about it and are certain of its existence; we believe in it and yet we ignore it!

We have become heedless of it and do not think about it at all, and anything that one fails to keep in his mind will soon become forgotten.

How do we wake up from our heedlessness? How can one become like that wonderful first generation and hear and see things from their perspective? How can we hear about it and not be eager and feel our hearts burning with the desire to enter it; this is how that generation would feel, how can we become as obsessed with it as they were?

One of the reasons why people have shunned the constant mention of Paradise and endeavoring for it, is because they do not have a correct and comprehensive image of it in their minds; this is because we are in an era that is a very long time away from prophethood, and because our hearts have become corroded, overwhelmed with heedlessness, disturbed by disputes and distracted by others living in fancy houses and luxurious mansions; it is also because people have been exposed to ‘paradise-like’ places such as Malaysia, Germany, America, Hawaii and others, as well as the fact that the means that display and advertise them have entered into most people’s homes.

All the aforementioned, in addition to weak faith and people indulging in lusts and desires, means that people favor the fast current prize over the await one; they look at Paradise with eyes that have been saturated with all that they possess in this life, and favor eating and relaxing to striving. If one were to attempt to enthuse such people about the mansions of Paradise, they would say: “We have the same in this life”; if we were to tell them about the rivers and springs of Paradise, they would reply: “We have seen the same.” If we were to describe for them the gardens of Paradise and their shade, they would answer by saying: “There are plenty of them.” Even if we were to encourage them by describing the amazingly attractive women in Paradise, they would say: “We are fed up with them”. How can one, who has gorged himself with different types of pleasures of this life, think about additional food, even if it is far better? How can who has fulfilled his desires think of anything else after that? If we add to this the fact that faith, the desire to meet Allaah and the longing to see Him weakens the more one indulges in his desires, then it fully explains why people are no longer striving to attain Paradise.

Perhaps this explains the difference between our actions and those of the Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them, who would look forward to Paradise and exert great efforts to attain it. They would think of the position that they would occupy next to the King, the Almighty, The One and Only and the Great, glory be to Him; they would look forward to it whilst freeing their souls from all desires; they would look forward to it with eyes that refrained from seeing any of this life’s desires and pleasures; they would look forward to it with hearts that were thirsty for the source of guidance. Those who favor current pleasures over the promised future ones have forgotten the precious value of the reward that is awaiting them; they seem to think that what they are promised is the same as what they already possess in this life. Such people have failed to truly comprehend what they are promised.

Modern civilization and its beautification has deceived and amazed many people; its pleasures have deeply affected their hearts, to the extent that many of them have succumbed to it, despite the fact that its pleasure is in no way comparable to that of Paradise.

Your Purpose in Life

by Alexandra Louisington

Are you living your purpose for which God created you? Do you understand your eternal purpose? Are you fulfilling God’s destiny for you? Learn how in this exciting book that is filled with truth from the Word of God. Get the book now!

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The Osiriad

by Sue Vincent

“There was a time we did not walk the earth. A time when our nascent essence flowed, undifferentiated, in the Source of Being.”

In forgotten ages, the stories tell, the gods lived and ruled amongst men. Many tales were told, across many times and cultures, following the themes common to all mankind. Stories were woven of love and loss, magic and mystery, life and death. One such story has survived from the most distant times. In the Two Lands of Ancient Egypt a mythical history has been preserved across millennia. It begins with the dawn of Creation itself and spans one of the greatest stories ever to capture the heart and imagination. Myths are, by their very nature, organic. They grow from a seed sown around a hearthfire, perhaps, and the stories travelled the ancient highways, embellished and adapted with each retelling. Who knows what the first story told?

In this retelling of the ancient story it is the Mistress of all Magic herself who tells the tale of the sacred family of Egypt.

“We have borne many names and many faces, my family and I. All races have called us after their own fashion and we live their stories for them, bringing to life the Universal Laws and Man’s own innermost heart. We have laughed and loved, taught and suffered, sharing the emotions that give richness to life. But for now, I will share a chapter of my family’s story. One that has survived intact through the millennia, known and remembered still, across your world. Carved in stone, written on papyrus, I will tell you of a time when my name was Isis.”

The Love Shack

by Don Nori

What makes a best-selling Christian book? The author touches your spirit, tingles your soul, and disturbs your confortableness. Author and publisher Don Nori examines current and past runaway-sales books and discovers a common thread that leads to the Love Shack-a place where all people are welcome and cherished. Books such as The Shack, The Purpose Driven Life, and The Love Dare stir spiritual hunger. But do they truly lead to the totally satisfying destination and real fellowship with the living God? How do you get from excitement and encouragement to the experimental reality we all want? Take a step-by-step journey toward finding ultimate peace and joy at the Love Shack where you will experience God’s Ultimate best.

1 Thessalonians – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes (Bible Study Guide)

by Raymond Suen

1 Thessalonians – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes

NOTE: This edition has a linked “Table of Contents” and has been beautifully formatted for easy navigation.

This is a Bible study method called “Block Sentence Diagramming”. I learned this sentence diagramming approach to study the Bible in the seminary and in the last 25 years, I have been using this to prepare all my sermons and Bible studies.

This series of Bible Books can be used for:

1. Personal Devotions

2. Bible study Preparations

3. Sermons

4. Sunday School

5. Personal Growth and spiritual enrichment

You will see the Entire Book in Sentence Block Diagram Form.

This is a non-conventional method of Bible studies. It is to make the whole book in block sentence diagram so that you can absorb the major themes using this visual method.

1. Once you know the focus of each section, you can easily compile your own Bible Study notes.

2. You don’t need to depend on Bible study outlines done by others. You would know the right questions to ask and discover the answers yourself through meditative studies.

3. When you see the final lay out of the sentence block diagram, you will have ready made (at least) 10 thematic sermons to preach with insights & great content.

The Astrology Guide for Dating, Friendships, Money, and Sex – Understand Your Signs Relationship With Finding Love, Improving Relationships, Money and Sex

by Timothy Wells

Are You Curious To Know What Kind Of Person You’re Most Compatible With?

How About What You And Your Partner Enjoy Most When It Comes To Sex And Romance?

Are You Wondering What Type Of Career Suits You Best?

For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee, You Can Own This eBook And Uncover The Answers In This Astrology Guide!!

Compatible With Your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Laptop, or Tablet

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Book of Ephesians – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes (Bible Study Guide)

by Raymond Suen

NOTE: This edition has a linked “Table of Contents” and has been beautifully formatted for easy navigation.

This is a Bible study method called “Block Sentence Diagramming”. I learned this sentence diagramming approach to study the Bible in the seminary and in the last 25 years, I have been using this to prepare all my sermons and Bible studies.

This series of Bible Books can be used for:

1. Personal Devotions

2. Bible study Preparations

3. Sermons

4. Sunday School

5. Personal Growth and spiritual enrichment

You will see the Entire Book in Sentence Block Diagram Form.

This is a non-conventional method of Bible studies. It is to make the whole book in â??block sentence diagrams’ so that you can absorb the major themes using this visual method.

1. Once you know the focus of each section, you can easily compile your own Bible Study notes.

2. You don’t need to depend on Bible study outlines done by others. You would know the right questions to ask and discover the answers yourself through meditative studies.

3. When you see the final lay out of the sentence block diagram, you will have ready made at least 10 thematic sermons to preach with insights & great content.


by Bill Francklin

This is a collection of articles, which are my response to some of the more common questions I have been asked personally during my time as a priest. They are entirely my own thoughts on these subjects.
I have specifically tried to write the answers in such a way as to make them easy to understand, whatever your age or understanding of the Bible.

The questions include:

  • Do I Believe In An After Life?
  • Did Christ Survive The Cross And Go To India?
  • Do I Believe The Church Should Refuse To Baptise Women Priests?
  • Do I Believe Women Should Be Allowed To Become Priests?
  • Does One Believe In Ghosts? If So, Are They Evil, Or What?
  • Why Is It That So Many Avowed Christians Are Judgmental And Critical?
  • If God Exists Why Does He Allow Terrible Things To Happen?
  • Who Is To Blame For Natural Disasters – Man Or God?
  • Floods, Droughts, Etc. Is God Punishing A Sinful World?
  • How Can We Be Sure There Is A God?
  • Someone Or Some Animal Even Is Suffering Beyond Belief – Where Is God In This Agony?

Feed Your Spirit – a collection of devotionals on prayer

by Kimberley Payne

Feed Your Spirit is a collection of devotionals on prayer. This book is a wonderful tool for Christians to develop a deeper relationship with God.

The Gnostic Centering Prayer: A Variation on the Centering Prayer directly focusing on the Soul as Awareness

by Sarah Toplikar

This is a small booklet outlining how to practice a gnostic variation of the centering prayer, focusing directly on the sense of “I” or “I am” as a vehicle to awaken to one’s inner divinity. Unlike more traditional forms of prayer and meditation, this form can be done anywhere, in any situation. It serves as a companion volume to my other work, Seven Gnostic Meditations.

Great Sexxx – A Complete Guide for Women – 100 ways and days to Great Sex

by Ruby Rose


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Happy Chanukah Santa (SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS)

by Bernard J. Muzeen

A five year old Jewish child finds himself in the midst of a Christmas Party. To his wonderment he learns that Santa is acquainted with the insights and meaning of Chanukah.

“Happy Chanukah Santa”

During a â??Pre-Christmas Craft Show’ a lady was leafing through the collection of 13 short storybooks in the “SANTA and the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS” collection. She came across “Happy Chanukah Santa” which she excitedly purchased immediately.

The story is based upon a true and charming encounter between a five year old Boy and SANTA, which occurred in a local Elementary School in Ottawa.

“Hello Boys and Girls! I’m Santa Clause and I am very old”. I said sitting on a big throne. “I’ve a treat for each and every one of you in my big red bag.”

Pointing to the boy sitting next to my bag, I asked. “Hello! What is your name?

“Gregory.” The child responded brightly.

“Hello my dear,” I said to the little girl sitting next to him. “You areâ?¦?”

“Linda,” she whispered.

“And do you believe in Christmas, Linda?” I inquired.

A vigorous nodding of her head was all the response she gave.

“And you, young fellow?” I asked the next boy. “Who are you andâ?¦”

The boy cut me off in mid-sentence. “My name is Morris and I am Jewish, he stated boldly as he stood up, while holding both hand to his chest.

“Wonderful!” I exclaimed. “Morris, you must celebrate Chanukah at home?”

“Yeah!” the five-year-old squealed with delight. The boy told how his family celebrated Chanukah by lighting the Menorah candlesâ?¦the special prayersâ?¦all the presentsâ?¦greeting cardsâ?¦ and special food.” Morris concluded his explanation with a bright smile and the heart felt greeting “Happy Chanukah Santa!”

The lady who purchased the first book returned several companions who proceeded to buy all the copies of “Happy Chanukah SANTA” for their Children and Grandchildren. Their prediction, “This will sell very wellâ?¦” has proven to be true.

Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets – Episode 1

by Olivia Newport

Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel from Shiloh Run Studios

Thirty years of small-town secretsâ??now the key to the mystery is gone.

The small town of Hidden Falls is abuzz. Former students, friends, and loved ones are prepping for tonight’s big event to honor Ted Quinn’s many years of compassionate service.

Quinn is reluctant about a night in the spotlight–but is tenderly prodded by Sylvia, mayor of Hidden Falls and Quinn’s dearest friend and confidante.

Ethan and Nicole won’t let the shadows of their pasts stop them from returning to Hidden Falls–but only for Quinn–no matter how much it hurts.

Liam, a former student, and Jack, a town newcomer, are both hoping the night works toward their own gain–or, if they’ll admit it, their chance for redemption.

Like Quinn, Dani and Lauren are mainstays in Hidden Falls. They keep close to home–and have secrets to keep close, too.

Now it’s time. The guests are seated, introductions are made, the spotlight shines on center stage…and the unthinkable leaves the entire town scrambling for the truth.

A new must-read episode releases every week starting January 24! 

Don’t miss a single episodeâ?¦

Episode 1 – Ordinary Secrets releases 12/28/13

Episode 2 – Losing Quinn releases 1/24/14

Episode 3 – A Town in Trouble releases 1/31/2014

Episode 4 – Unexpected Hero releases 2/7/2104

Episode 5 – The Mayor’s Quandary releases 2/14/2014

Episode 6 – No Time for Answers releases 2/21/2014

Episode 7 – Yesterday’s Promise releases 2/28/2014

Episode 8 – All You Need to Know releases 3/7/2014

Episode 9 – A Fair Refuge releases 3/14/2014

Episode 10 – One Familiar Tune releases 3/21/2014

Episode 11 –  When Memory Came releases 3/28/2014

Episode 12 – The Groundskeeper Remembered releases 4/4/2104

Episode 13 – Distinguishing Marks releases 4/11/2014

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by Michael DeMarais

This is a story of ghetto survival and enlightenment of being.

Winning Your Husband: Your Do It Yourself Guide to a Lasting Marriage

by Joyce Immanuel

Are You About to Lose Your Husband? Or Your Marriage is Growing Cold

Here are the secret keys you need to win your husband back.

Just like we need to feel loved and valued in our relationship, so does our partner. However, the foundational drives and priorities we both have are very different. While we long for our man to always protect us, defend us and love us even to the point of death, men also desire to be that protector, provider and the one who can totally satisfy their woman.

In this book, the author (a wife, mother, a professional and a christian speaker to women), share with you what has worked for her and many women that she had coached and shared these keys with.

In this book, you will learn about the 8 keys that will help you in winning your husband and making your marriage the type you have secretly longed for.

This could be your best and cheapest investment for a long time as you put into use the keys laid out in this book. Buy it Now!

Eternal Life

by Henry Miranda

Eternal Life is an excellent description of the path described by Jesus Christ. His insights are backed by specific reference to scripture and provide clear answers to questions that many of us have. The text is easy ready to understand and proceeds in a logical manner to provide insight on how to walk the narrow path. The text gives comfort to those who are in need of God’s presence by giving clear descriptions of how the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven are always open and how we can enter by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. The text describes the presence of the Holy Spirit and aids in understanding our relationship with God and Jesus Christ.


by Charleston Parker

Author of the book ONE Soul Many FACES – REVEALING THE HIDDEN TRUTH, Charleston Parker is a prominent self-taught theologian and scholar and has dedicated many years of research within religion history, dogma and mysticism. He has come face to face to the amazing truth behind the fingerprint of the creator of all the universe we call God (The Source) and help unleash the greatest secret ever known to humankind keeping us in bondage or deception of life, understanding what happens after death and our purpose on earth. He has always believed if you want to find the truth in this world you have to be like an Indiana Jones and you have to go on a treasure hunt to find the truth. As a good explorer you have to go back to the beginning to piece the puzzle back together to discover the secrets of life. He will present to you in this book the unsolved mysteries of mankind and he has one desire for humanity that is to show the truth that all souls are a fractal of God (The Source) and we are by all accounts God’s (The Source) co-creators, God (The Source) ourselves. I hope this book will give you the discovery of finding yourself within yourself. Thousands of hours have gone in the research for this book to find the truth and my soul has a new transformation. I cannot go without expressing my sincere thankfulness to the creator we call God (The Source). No matter whom you are or what you have done in this world, everything has a purpose and I hope this book will open your eyes and allow for you to have peace in your life.

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