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Easy Homemade Facial Masks Recipes: How To Make Your Own Skin Care Products

by Alice Parker

Make Your Own Skin Care Products

Did you know that many skin care products can be prepared right there at home with all natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy products, honey, cosmetic clay, herbs, and such?

So what are you waiting for?

Make your own facial masks, it’s so easy, less expensive and safer!


This book has a lot of natural recipes for all skin types and offers solutions for many common skin problems.

Table of contents

  • How to determine your skin type
  • Homemade face wash
  • Natural remedies for acne
  • Recipes for dry skin
  • Recipes for oily skin
  • Masks for combined skin
  • Masks for aging skin
  • Organic scrubs recipes

Hypertension The Silent Killer A Complete Guide For HomoSapiens 2014

by Dr. Chirag Navadia

From the Author of “ECG Short Rapid Review” , A Revolutionary Complete A-Z guide for each and every person living on this Planet with brief description about all etiologies , epidemiology , classifications , presentations , workouts , diet regimens , complications etc .

Book begins with basics about hypertension and as it moves forward , you will come to know each and every facts about Hypertension which u had never read in any other hypertensive books. At the end it also discuss about the Pharmacological and Non Pharmacological managements***. This book is a complete quick summary guide , which covers almost every things about hypertension and its relationships.

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100% Money Back guarenteed , if you find information inside it being not helpfull to you.



Acne & Pimple Free Skin Forever: The Proven Guide for Acne Treatment & Prevention for Life!

by Michael Plein

Acne & Pimple Free Skin Forever: The Proven Guide for Acne Treatment & Prevention for Life!

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You’re about to discover how to effectively relieve your skin of unwanted blemishes and get the clear skin you want! This Guide will give you a new outlook on the problem and a new approach to the solution. It will reveal hidden home remedies and other dermatologist recommended solutions!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What acne and pimples really are!
  • Dermatologist recommended skin maintenance techniques!
  • Amazing home remedies!
  • The shocking truth about skin care products!
  • Vital skin care mistakes your currently making!
  • A whole new approach to saving your skin!
  • Much, much more!

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GREETINGS EARTHLINGS My name is Appleton and I come from the Planet Reginta

by J. Jack Bergeron

My name is Appleton, and I come from the planet Reginta in the Omega Centauri Globular cluster.

I would like to thank J. Jack Bergeron for co-writing this book with me since as an extraterrestrial life form from another planet, I am not trained in audible communication. This book has been written because we have officially decided to reveal ourselves as having visited your planet.
This should resolve all the controversies that have been going on for ages on Earth as to whether extraterrestrial life and UFOs actually exist.

We tell the truth about the following topics:

  • What Stonehenge, the Lockness Monster, Phoenix lights, and crop circles are about.
  • The truth about Noah’s flood, Roswell incident, the Face on Mars, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Barney and Betty Hill, Marshall Applewhite, Heaven’s Gate, Area 51, and others.
  • How humans got out of Africa.
  • How humans migrated to the Americas.
  • How the Egyptian pyramids and Great Wall of China were influenced.
  • As of Nov 6th we guarantee that we have no more “representation” in the Democratic and Republican parties.
  • Our technology is so advanced, it has allowed us to travel to heaven and back.
  • All atheists should read this book.
  • God has an opinion of this book, we’re just not sure what it is yet.

Many other topics are disclosed . . . here . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
-> I would like to interrupt this dialogue.
My name is Massage DeMessuer, and I am the extraterrestrial ruler from where Appleton comes from.
I would like to thank Amazon publishing and J. Jack Bergeron for letting me interrupt Appleton’s “alien invasion of Earth” in this description.
We may be placing him under arrest to deal with his transgressions.

In Search of the Howler Monkeys of Nicaragua

by Kim Hornsby

A Short Story – Non Fiction
Plus, First chapters of Kim’s Bestselling Novels -Necessary Detour and The Dream Jumper’s Promise

Author Kim Hornsby visits Nicaragua to reunite with her cousin and delights in the quest to find the elusive Howler Monkeys.

Natural Medicine Primer: Women’s Health

by Dr. Mark Fredericksen

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The Rock Star’s Sheriff: A rock diva, a hot sheriff, and cold winter nights…oh, my!
Echo Falls, Texas Short Story Collection: 3 short stories filled with beloved Echo Falls

Get a head start on your spiritual and physical new year’s resolutions with DR. MARK FREDERICKSEN, Christian theologian and naturopathic physician.
Stand By Me: A 30-day devotional filled with relevant Bible verses, daily meditations, and heartfelt prayers.
Women’s Health: Get to know your own body just a little bit better from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy an escape with beloved short story writer and debut novelist ANNE M. CARPENTER.
The Mommy Letters: A missing girl. A brokenhearted mom. A family torn apart. How will it all end?
Take a Peek: Curiosity killed the cat…but will that stop Angela?

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Check In Sit Down Shut Up: Have you ever stood in line at the airport and wished that the
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Scars: An unexpected friendship with complications…
Hearts in Bloom: If only love could be as easy as pollinating flowers in the greenhouse.

A great deal of mystery surrounds the female body – cramps here, lumps there, an itch, an ouch and cyclical patterns that seem to make no sense. Women are the primary users of healthcare services, but may avoid asking embarrassing questions…even if the answers could lead to simple solutions. Use this natural health primer from Dr. Mark to learn more about women-centric issues from puberty to menopause and discover natural ways to address hormonal issues and achieve better health.

A preview of topics covered: PMS, heavy periods, yeast infections, birth control, pregnancy and infertility, uterine fibroids, painful intercourse, endometriosis, ovarian pain, fibrocystic breast disease, post-partum depression, cervical health, bone health, mammograms and menopause.

Get to know your own body just a little bit better from the comfort of your own home with bestselling naturopathic doctor and author Dr. Mark Fredericksen.

Depression A New Approach To Lasting Peace

by Josh Barrington Bowler

FREE audio download included: Holiday season can be a time of depression. This guidebook teaches you very powerful techniques that can give immediate and lasting benefits to the quality of your life. Written in a straightforward, to the point way so that you can start to dissolve depression and feel better right now!

Guided Visual Meditations (Book 9) – The Last Meditation

by Viv Rosser

This book is a guided meditation that will take you through the last gestalt law of perception called Pragnanz.

It is about being present to both the detail and the overall picture as in the often quoted phrase, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.’

This holistic view of life is a colourful visual display appropriate to celebrate Christmas with.

These visual meditations are for kindle fire and kindle fire apps on PC or tablets. They are best seen slowly tapping the screen to maximise the picture or using PC slide shows.

I hope you enjoy this one.

Hebrew Books: ×?×?ר×?ס ×?×?× ×? ×?×? 213 (Future of Medicine)

by Yaakov Ben-Shaul

×?×?ִקנ×? × ×?פת×? ×¢×? ×?×?×?×? ×?אנ×?ש×? ×¢×? ×?×?. א×?×?ם, ×?×? שא×?×? ×?ער×?×? ש×?×?צ×? עש×?×? ×?×?שתנ×?ת. ×?×?×?קר×?ם ×¢×?ש×?×?×?×?ם ×?×?שרא×?, ×?×?×?ק×?ר×?ם ×?×?×?ר×?ת ×?×?×?×?×?× ×?×?×?×?×?×? ×?×?רא×?×?× ×?ת עם ×?×?קר×?ם ×?×?ש×?ר×? ×?ראש×?× ×?, ×?ר×?×?ת פר×?פ’ ×?×?ס×? ×?×?×?×¢×?ם, ×?×?×?×?×?×?×?×?ם ×?ת×?×?ם ×?× ×?×?ר×?-פר×?ק×?×?×?×?×?×? ×?×¢×?×?ם, ×?שר×?×? ×?×?×?×?ר את ק×?×?×?×? ש×? רפ×?את ×?עת×?×? שתתר×?ש ×?שנ×?ם ×?קר×?×?×?ת ×?×?ש. ×?ספר ×?×?צ×?×?ם ת×?א×?ר×?ם פש×?×?×?ם ×?×?×?×?× ×?ם ×?×?×? ×?צפ×?×? ×?×?תר×?ש ×?ת×?×?×?×? תא×? ×?×?×?×¢, ×?×?×?×?ר×?ם, ש×?×?×?×?×?ם, תרפ×?×?ת ×?× ×?ם, × × ×?-×?×?× ×?×?×?×?×?×?, ס×?×?×?×?ר×?×?ם, קשר ×?×?×? ×?×?×?×? ×?×?×?ש×?, א×?×?×?×?צ×?×? ×?×?×?×?נת, ×?×?ר×?פ×?×? ×?צפ×?×? ש×? ×?×?×?×?×?ת ×?×?ר×?× ×?×?ת. ×?פרק ×?ק×?×?ם ×?צ×?×?×¢ ×?×?×?×?ר ×?ת×?ר ×?×?×?×? ש×? ×?×?×?×¢ ×?×?×?×?×?× ×? “×?קש×?” ×?א×?צע ×?×?א×? ×?ק×?×?×?ת, ×?×?×? ×?קש×?ר ×?ת×?×?×?×?ת ×?× ×?×?×¢×?ת ×?×?אר×?ת ×?×?×?ם. ×?א×?צע×?ת ר×?פא ×?ר×?א×?ר×? ×?×?×?×?×? ×?×?×?א “×?×?×? ס×?× ×?×£ ×?×?ִקנ×?”, ×?×?×? א×?ש×? ראש×?×? ×?ס×?×?×? ×?אנש×?ם פע×?×?×?ם, ×?×¢×?× ×? ×?שא×?×? “×?אם אנ×? ×?ק×??” ×?×?א ת×?×?ת ×?×?×?×?. ×?פרק ×?ס×?×?ם ×?×?×?ר ×?×?×?×?ר ×?×?×?×?×?ר ×?פנ×? ×?×?×?×?ם ×?אר×?×?×?ם שע×?×?×?×?ם ×?×?צ×?ר ת×?×?שת “נר×?×?×? ×?ס×?ם”, ×?צ×?×¢ עקר×?× ×?ת ש×?× ×?ם ×?×?ר×?× ×?×?×?×?×?×?×? ×?נר×?×?×?×?ת, ×?×?×?×? ×?ר×? עצ×?×?ת ×?×?× ×?×?ת ×?תסר×?×? ×?עת×?×?×? ש×? ×?×?×?×?. ×?”ר ×?עק×? ×?×? שא×?×? ×?×?א ×?×?×?רם ש×? אר×?×¢×? ספר×?ם ×?×?רצ×? ×?×?×?קש ×?קר×? אנש×?ם ×?× ×?צא×?ם ×?קראת ×?א×?ר×? ×?×?×? ×?פר×?ש×? ×?×?×¢×?×?×?×?. ספר×? ×?א×?ר×?×?, ×?×?×? ×?×?×?ם, ת×?ר×?ם ×?×?×?פץ ×?×¢×?×?ם, ×?×?×? ×?ש×?×?×?ם ר×?×?ם ×?×?ס×?ק×?ר תקש×?רת×? ×?סר תק×?×?ם ×?×?שרא×?.

Mental Health Recovery Book: an expose by the mother of a son with schizophrenia including care, nutrition and living within the family unit

by Kaye Dennan

Who This Book Would Suit

“Mental Health Recovery Book: An Expose By The Mother Of A Son With Schizophrenia Including Care,
Nutrition And Living Within The Family Unit”
has been written by Kaye Dennan, a mother who has a son who has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

The book would be suitable for a carer or sibling of a person with a mental illness such as bi-polar, autism, schizophrenia or any other mood altering illness.

The purpose of the book is to give new carers an understanding about dealing with a loved one with a mental illness when they live under the same roof.  It has been written from an informative perspective rather than an emotional one.

In “Mental Health Recovery Book: An Expose By The Mother Of A Son With Schizophrenia Including Care,
Nutrition And Living Within The Family Unit” there are a lot of situations that are discussed, be they right or wrong, and I hope carers can get a positive feel for their situation.

ALSO in the book are suggestions for help and the book ends up with a look at recovery and how, as carers, we can contribute to that event.

Wishing you well with your journey as a carer.

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