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The ESL Teacher’s Guide to South Korea

by Katrina Baumann

Are you thinking about teaching English in South Korea but not really sure what to expect? Are you planning to move to South Korea but have no idea what to pack? Are you brand new to Korea and overwhelmed with flashing neon lights, throngs of people and signs all in Korean? If so, The ESL Teacher’s Guide to South Korea is the book for you.

Whether you’re in the planning stages or fresh off the plane, this book will help you understand the often intimidating culture and language of the Land of the Morning Calm. Learn the basics of Korea’s alphabet, Hangul; order confidently in Korea’s ubiquitous “orange restaurants”; get the scoop on travel, dating, dining, drinking and overall life as an ESL teacher in South Korea.


by Shawn Maloney

After completing his university studies, Shawn decided to set off on a once-in-a-lifetime backpacking trip with his best friend and sidekick, Patrick. The three-month, pre-planned Eurotrip took an unexpected turn after one week when a spontaneous decision in Amsterdam led the two travelers off the beaten path and on a haphazard adventure across Europe.

This fast-paced, true story lets the reader experience a journey filled with discovery and rich with history. From scaling waterfalls in the Swiss Alps to exploring lost caves in Sardinia, camel trekking in the Sahara Desert to examining the unearthed treasures of Pompeii รข?? this book offers a glimpse at the possibilities that await any aspiring young backpacker.

Cheap European Nights – Budget Travel Tips for Music, Theater, Cinema, and Restaurants in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Amsterdam

by Nola Chesworth

After you have enjoyed a busy day full of culture, art, history and more, you have two options. The first one is you head straight back to the place where you are staying, take a shower and get an early night, in preparation for another busy day tomorrow.

The other option is to quickly shower and head straight back out; every city has its own night culture, and as a tourist evening activities play just as much of an important role in your trip as what you do during the day.

Generally entertainment on an evening is a more costly experience than during the daytime, if you have read my guide “Cheap European Days” you will have discovered that there are many ways to save money during the day time; the money you have saved can be, in part put towards evening entertainment.

Many concerts and shows can be booked in advance; this sometimes involves saving a couple of euros, (as those of us traveling on a budget know, even a saving of a few euros can be helpful!) so it’s a good idea to do some research as to what’s happening in a city before you get there. Popular concerts and shows can sell out months in advance, so to avoid disappointment you should book in advance wherever possible; this can be done online through many booking websites.

It is advisable that if you have a specific place to be on an evening you have a clear idea of how to get there; being lost in a new city during the day can feel exciting and magical, but being lost in an unfamiliar place at night, in a country where you don’t speak the language fluently can be a scary experience. It goes without saying to be careful wherever you go, not just when you are traveling, but travelers, especially those traveling alone need to pay extra attention when they are exploring a new city by night.

In my previous guide I gave some examples of guided tours which are a great way of familiarizing yourself with a new city. The same tour companies’ offer evening tours; these are good ways of exploring a city with the comfort of having someone leading the way who knows exactly where they are going! If you are traveling alone, it can sometimes be daunting heading out at night by yourself, so an organized tour or one of the many pub crawls on offer can be a good way of experiencing the nightlife.

Obviously everyone has different ideas as to what a good night entails; in this guide I will cover the basic options each city has to offer, things that are well known by locals and that do not cost too much money, that I think you will enjoy, and that represent each city at its best after the sun has gone down.

I have included recommendations for the best experience at the cheapest price for Cinema, Theatre, Bars, Clubs, Music and Food in each of the following cities: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, and Amsterdam

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