Free world literature Kindle books for 10 Dec 13


by Lois Ruff

Arthur Moscowitz is a young Jewish boy in The United States of America, a teenager orphaned by polio, who is given the task of saving his religion and all of mankind from Adolf Hitler and the Devil by his guardian angel. The story opens in the spring of 1941 when the boy, Arthur, is in the hospital waiting to be taken to live with either his uncle or his grandparents. How he matures and meets his first real love, but then runs into antisemitism, and German foreign agents intent on destroying the United States before Pearl Harbor adds excitement to the tale, which also contains historical facts on early methods of fighting racism and prejudice in the North, such as the 1941 March on Washington for jobs and equality, which though never carried through resulted in the Fair Employment Practices Act of 1941.This is discussed by Arthur and his friends at High School,two of which are coloured. They run into prejudice and antisemitism at school, and murder outside of school, Mae, a German Jewish refuge’ and Arthur’s love, along with his guardian angel help to sustain him, however, so that he can try to win over Hitler and the Devil and save America.

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