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iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks: How to Take Great Pictures with Your iPhone Camera and Apps

by Steven Keller

Do you want to learn how to take amazing photographs with your iPhone? Have you discovered how easy it is to edit photos and use special effects? Apple’s iPhone offers you the most versatile and customized camera in the world today. You don’t need a pricey digital camera when you can take amazing photos with your iPhone.

With iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks, you can transform your camera into:

  • a digital darkroom
  • a photoblogging tool
  • a photo editing suite…

All with the addition of some incredible apps available in The App Store.

This how-to guide will show you how the convenience, fun, and easiness of your iPhone camera will allow you to create amazing photo techniques by:

  • Applying different types of filters
  • Creating panoramic images
  • Adding motion blur

After you have created your photos, then learn how to share them with friends and family through social media apps and techniques.

How to Take Great Pictures with Your iPhone Camera and Apps will also show you how to:

  1. Use the secret power of the high dynamic range (HDR) effects
  2. Find and install some of the best iPhone apps for creating exposure and contrast, edit your photos, and learn how to crop them
  3. Share your photos with the rest of the world, right from your iPhone
  4. Create vintage-style photobooth strips
  5. And many more effects and techniques

Purchase this digital photography guide, full of tips and tricks for using your iPhone camera and you will discover how to create photo that are memorable, lasting, and unique.

DIY Projects: How to Design Your Own Landscape

by Lori Kelly


Discover how you too can add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Designing your own landscape not only saves you money, but increases your home’s value and gives you the opportunity to use your imagination to create an incredible space. Landscape architects charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars to design a landscape. Using the steps and ideas in DIY Projects – How to Design Your Own Landscape, you too can create your own landscape and be the envy of your neighbors and friends.

The first in this series, DIY Projects – How to Design Your Own Landscape, is written in easy-to-understand language and takes you through the design process. Starting with the basics of landscape design, to color schemes, hardscape elements, low maintenance tips, and 15 money saving ideas.

Whether you’re starting with a clean slate or revamping your existing landscape, this book offers information on:

– The basics – form, scale, colors, and textures.

– Setting a budget, sketching your design, hardscape elements, problem areas, building retaining walls and more.

– Paths, patios, decks, fences, walls, pergolas, and arbors.

– Flowers, succulents, grasses, shrubs, groundcover and trees.

– 15 money saving ideas.

– Low maintenance tips.

DIY Projects – How to Design Your Own Landscape is packed with information and ideas to help you create the landscape of your dreams.

Where Do I Find Auditions?

by David Neal Levin

After years of acting training you’re ready to audition, but you don’t have an agent. Or you do have an agent but he isn’t sending you out as much as you’d like. Roughly 90% of actors find work without an agent. Even if you do have an agent, don’t sit back and wait for him to get you work. You have to hustle. In “Where Do I Find Auditions?” working NYC actor David Neal Levin passes on the knowledge of years of experience on how to find auditions in a clear, concise guide. Inside you will also find 9 interviews with agents and casting directors offering their insights on the audition process in addition on where to find them. Don’t miss another opportunity because you didn’t know where to look.

“It turns out there are tons and tons of different places producers and directors go to post auditions. And as an actor it’s your job to find those auditions. David Neal Levin has done a LOT of homework and discovered a way to quickly and simply find those auditions. It worked for me – I found a gig immediately.” –Adam Nowak, Actor, SAG-AFTRA, client of Cunningham, Escott, Slevin and Dougherty Talent Agency

The Beauty of Simplicity: A Photobook of Inspiration

by Faith Janes

The Beauty of Simplicity is a collection of gorgeous photography and inspirational quotes about simplicity.

So much of our daily lives are either too busy or too crowded that we miss out on much of what life has to offer.

This photo book is a reminder to slow down, set some priorities, and appreciate the beauty around us.

Busy bee goes on holiday

by Emmeline Costa-Wagner

A busy bee goes on holiday to a tropical island. Childrens illustrated story.

The Audacity of Hate: Thoughts And Words From Pessimistic Americans (re-election, impeachment, politics, Barack Obama, government, drones ) (Forbidden Fruit Books: Political Science)

by Suparna Sil

The Audacity Of Hate is a collection and analysis of the false rumors and hatred that had been going on against Barack Obama during his Presidential campaign and first term in office as the commander in chief. The Audacity Of Hate sheds light on the resistance he had to face at different platforms and levels to get America out of the dark hole of recession and bring into a new era of hope. The Audacity Of Hate also tributes Barack Obama’s determination and will-power to successfully overcome all these circumstances and win reelection in a landslide, only to silencing all his critics who had considered him over. The Audacity Of Hate also serves a broader purpose by actually portraying how politics can go from bad to worse and the negative feelings and emotions can go in an uncontrolled manner.

The target audiences for the book are all people who are interested in knowing the truth behind these false propaganda and how Obama overcame all this to become the President of the United States once again.

A Gay Photographer’s Photo Collection No. 2 (Photo Collections)

A collection of beautiful naked man by a gay photographer and artist.

A little book of cat (polyrealism art)

by Poul Costinsky

Meditations on Japanese art of sumi-e and the essence of catness. Illustrations and word art by Poul A. Costinsky, Seattle artist.

My Quirky Art

by Emmeline Costa-Wagner

A coffee table e-book of quirky art pieces created in various mediums and a mix of subject matter, sketched and painted by Emmeline Costa-Wagner over a period of 20 years.

Park City Picture Book

by Sam Day

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If you are from Park City, Utah or have recently visited you will love this Park City picture book. This book includes 30+ beautiful pictures of Park City’s scenery. Enjoy some of the best skiing and nature in this mountainous place. This book will help bring back all your fond memories of the city. Add this book to your collection today.

Rosa’s Adult Piano Book – Fake Book No. 2 – 10 Standards & Popular Songs – Music Score Cheat Sheet & Chord Charts (Piano Fake Book)

by Rosa Suen

Rosa’s Fake Book 2 Songs is a unique Fake Book for all piano players. In a normal ‘Fake Book’, we get only the music score with the RH melody and the chords above it. This Special Fake Book No. 2 has an additional element that adds interest and fun to a piano player. Chord Movement Diagrams of the same song in its basic chords for beginners and rich sounding chords for the advanced piano players.

Rosa’s Fake Book No. 2 has 10 Standards & Popular Songs:

1. Love Me Tender

2. Some Enchanted Evening

3. Yesterday – Beattles

4. Misty

5. The Way We Were

6. For All We Know

7. Over The Rainbow

8. The Way You Look Tonight

9. Love Story: Where Do I Begin?

10. All I Ask Of You

There are 3 sections for each Song so that students can do 3 things:

1. Basic Chord Charts With Lyrics:

I give you a chord chart with the song lyrics. In order to abide to the copyright issues, I slightly changed some of the words.

The lyrics with chord chart is to show you where to put the basic chords (I, IV, V7) into the song so that you can start playing the song using only basic chords.

Sometimes the song has accidental tones, so I need to harmonize it with other chords and I give you the explanation at the bottom of the chart.

What you need to learn is that visually, you can see distinctive patterns in the song just by looking at the basic chord chart. You can also see repetitve chord progressions in the song. This will help you play the song in the flow because you learn to think in chord progression and not chord by chord. Just like when you talk, you don¡¦t think in words (word by word), but your thoughts come out in sentence form. This is what chord progression is about.

When you look at these basic chord charts, you can try to play the song by ear just looking at these chords. If you cannot, then you can go to the Music Score Cheat Sheet.

2. Music Score Cheat Sheet:

This is not a complete lead sheet because I want you to learn to play the song by ear. I purposely put only the first note of each bar in the song to guide you along. Once you hear the first note of the bar, you will be surprised how easily it is to pick out the melody tones in between. This is called Music Score Cheat Sheet.

For some piano players, they need the complete lead sheet to play the song. There is a site called Wikifonia that provides free distribution of lead sheets.

For your convenience, I provide a link for you in each section so that you can click on the link to download the full score lead sheet in pdf format for your resources.

3. Reharmonization: Places to put in Chord Substitutions:

Reharmonization is a music technique that uses an existing melodic line of a song and alters the harmonic progression to give the song a new color. It is like putting a new paint job on an old car. The most basic form of reharmonization is using chord substitution and chord extensions. The new chord changes provide new musical interest and variety. They can sometimes alter the mood of the original melody.

If you want to learn Reharmonization Skill, you need to take a complete course from Reharmonization Method 1 Kits on how to do reharmonization chord substitutions. You will find this method in my Reharmonization Method 1 Course. I won¡¦t be able to explain to you why I use those chords but I will give you the follow summary of what chord substitutions I use.

There are 10 Level of Chord Substitutions that I use:

I reharmonize the songs with the following advanced chords:

C, C6, CM7, C6/9, F6, FM7, F6/9, FM9, G7, G9

E Am7, Dm7, Em7

E C7, A7, D7,

E C7b9, D7b9, G7b9, A7b9

E C#dim7, D#dim7, Ebdim7, F#dim7

E C+, G+, A+, D+

E G7sus, C7sus, A7sus, D7sus

E Db7, Eb7, Gb7, Ab7, Bb7

E Cm7b5, Fm7b5, Bm7b5, Am7b5, Dm7b5, Gm7b5

Rosa’s Adult Piano Book: Fake Book No. 1 Music Sheets, Chord charts, Reharmonization Chords (Piano Fake Book)

by Rosa Suen

Rosa’s Adult Piano Book: Fake Book No. 1 Music Sheets, Chord charts, Reharmonization Chords (Basic and Advanced)

10 Classic Hymns & All-Time Favorite Gospel Songs:

1. Alleluia

2. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

3. Amazing Grace

4. Be Thou My Vision

5. Trust and Obey

6. Day By Day

7. Thanks To God

8. Silent Night

9. Onward Christian Soldiers

10. It is Well With My Soul

I am thrilled to produce this fake book for my students. From the feedback of students, I have now put in some extra features in this fake book.

There are 3 sections for each Song so that students can do 3 things:

1. Lead Sheets With Basic Chords:

Play from the music score with chord notations.

2. Chord Charts:

Play by ear from the chord charts.

Visually see distinctive patterns in the songs

Listen to the repetitive chord progressions.

3. Reharmonization: Places to put in Chord Substitutions:

minor chord substitutions,

Major 7 chord substitutions,

Major 9 chord substitutions,

Secondary Dominant Chord Substitutions.

The Audit Sanction

by Jason Denaro

A propulsive tale of corruption, conspiracies and international intrigue. A blending of researched historical fact and literary license that takes the reader through Venice, London’s MI6, the Vatican, and Langley’s CIA. THE AUDIT exposes individual, societies and governments behind the manipulation of the Fort Knox bullion inventory, and clearly defines what now sits in place of that bullion. Will this affect the greenback?

When Ronald Regan took office in 1981, he appointed a group of men known as the Gold Commission. This group looked into the feasibility of returning to a gold standard to curb government spending. At the time, such a move appeared as a reasonable solution. President Reagan instructed the group to study the situation, to report their conclusions to congress.

The 1982 final report to congress revealed the following:

“The U.S. treasury possesses no gold. The Federal Reserve now owns all the gold that was left in Fort Knox. They are no more than a group of private bankers holding the gold as collateral against the national debt. This money has been stolen from the American citizens and placed into the hands of a small group of private investors in the Federal Reserve, the money changers.”

MI6 assigns Nick Page the task of exposing what the CIA failed to reveal. What follows is the unraveling of a murky conspiracy whose origins go back to the Roosevelt era, the trading off of America’s gold to supply weaponry for WW2 allied armies.

According to “The United States Bullion Depository Fort Knox, Kentucky” the record states:

– Amount of present gold holdings: 147.3 million ounces.

– The only gold removed has been very small quantities used to test the purity of gold during regularly scheduled audits. Except for these samples, no gold has been transferred to or from the Depository for many years.

– The gold is held as an asset of the United States at book value of $42.22 per ounce.

– The Depository opened in 1937; the first gold was moved to the depository in January that year.

– Highest gold holdings this century: 649.6 million ounces (December 31, 1941).

The figures above indicate a massive depletion of bullion between the years 1941 and 2013, in excess of 500 million ounces. Did President Johnson ship gold to Britain to bail out the British currency? If so, what is the inventory in Kentucky? The government auditors KPMG have failed to conduct a hands-on auditâ?¦why?

THE AUDIT SANCTION is a hard to put down novel that will awaken many readers to the subterfuge buried deeply in the recesses of The Oval Office.

Giving Vinnie My Ass: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

by Allysin Range

It was time. I was sick of being inexperienced when it came to anal sex. I was ready to take the plunge and I knew exactly what to do. I called Vinnie, and of course he was more than willing to help. I never expected my first anal sex would be really, really rough!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

When I mentioned the exact sex act to Vinnie, I could hear his cock throb through the phone. He told me he would be over in less than an hour and I said okay. I ran to the shower, shaved and got all cleaned up. Now, for some odd reason I felt the need to get dolled up, why I have no clue. I guess it was because I was going to get fucked in the ass for the very first time, and even though it was with my friend, I felt nervous and compelled to look my best. I made sure that my pussy was smooth as well as my legs and made sure that I didn’t miss a spot. I even went as far as putting on makeup and fixing my hair. I wore my sexiest bra and panty set, sprayed on perfume and busted out my fuck-me pumps. I sat on my couch and waited for Vinnie to show up. The door was unlocked and when he knocked, I told him to come in. He opened the door and when he saw me, his mouth dropped open and his eyes were wide open. I laughed and waited for him to say something. He finally shook his head and tried to speak, but the only thing that came out was a croak. I couldn’t help but laugh and knew that if I didn’t take control of things, he would just stand there and look at me the entire time.

The Winds of Change (The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands)

by Patrick Hall


WELCOME TO THE DRAGONLANDS, a place of love, friendship, tolerance, and peace. It is also a place of hate, betrayal, religious and ethnical discrimination, and war.

Follow William Bishop, a dragon hunterâ??a magical warriorâ??whose life is about to take a turn, for better and worse. With Keyha Kamara and Reselous Sivanna by his side, he fights to save the mortal world from Oblivion.

The Winds of Change is the first novel in the LLTD series, preceded only by the Blades in the Dark trilogy novelettes. It is the first in an exciting trilogy that will introduce you to the vast universe Patrick Hall has created and kick-start an amazing story that will always leave you wanting more…

Visit or for more information. Send an email to [email protected] to contact the author.

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