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No Damn Contact: The No Contact Rule for Idiots (V3)

by Timiarah Camburn

*This is Volume 3 of a series/continuing story.*

Have you ever tried to do the “no contact rule” and failed miserably? Have you tried several times to let go of that one destructive relationship that almost left you emotionally dead? Are you tired of making excuses for yourself? Well, so is T. Enough is enough. No more damn contact. Set your cell phone on fire, handcuff yourself, or pluck yourself in the thigh. You’re not talking to that person anymore.

“No Damn Contact” is a hybrid diary-manual type work that provides you with a modernized version of the no contact rule guidelines from a deeply emotional and insightful first person perspective. You will travel on a long journey with the main character as she struggles against temptations, addictive patterns, and her resistance to change.

In Volume 3, T transitions from depression into peacefulness, but not before sucking on a few lemons and slapping a few wankers. She also shares some tips on how to get through a depressive episode.

Attila, King of the Huns, and His Predecessors

by William Herbert

Attila, king of the Huns, conquered as far west as Italy during the 5th century, but was famously turned away from Rome by Pope Leo. This biography of Attila includes a table of contents.

The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor

by Henry Montgomery

The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor is a great biography of America’s 12th president. Montgomery’s biography includes a short history of the Taylor family, and focuses on his military career rather than time as president. A table of contents is included.

A Life of Confusion

by Peggy Holloway

This is my life as I remember and understand it. In this book I reveal my shame of growing up in poverty and the confusion of being punished after being sexually abused. I divulge my struggle with anorexia, my search for a place in the world, and the many careers I embarked upon: from the stripper pole to the oil fields, to the psychiatrist’s couch, to the other side of the psychiatrist’s couch, to retirement, and finally to realizing my calling as an author.

Harriet the Moses of Her People

by Sarah Bradford

Sarah Hopkins Bradford’s Harriet, the Moses of Her People is a biography of Harriet Tubman. This edition was reworked with input from Tubman herself. A table of contents is included.

The Life of George Washington

by David Ramsay

David Ramsay wrote a widely-acclaimed biography of George Washington which was published 8 years after Washington’s death. This version of Ramsay’s The Life of George Washington includes a table of contents.

An Autobiography: The Story of My Life and Work

by Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington became one of the most important figures of the early 20th century America. Despite being born a slave, Washington believed in peaceful protest. Washington wrote extensively on his time as a slave as well as other parts of his life. This edition of Washington’s An Autobiography: The Story of My Life and Work includes a table of contents.

The Education of Henry Adams

by Henry Adams

Henry Adams (1838-1918) was the great grandson of America’s 2nd President John Adams and the grandson of America’s 6th President John Quincy Adams. Henry was also a well accomplished writer best known for the autobiography The Education of Henry Adams. This version includes a table of contents.

Return to Purdue – An Experience of a Lifetime

by Abhishek Garg

I graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana in December 2003 with a degree in Industrial Management from Krannert School of Management and stayed on campus till my final departure in August 2005 for Storrs, Connecticut to join the full time two year MBA program at The University of Connecticut.

I returned to Purdue for a visit on the morning of Saturday, the 8th of May 2010 and stayed till mid day on Wednesday, the 12th of May 2010 and had a touching and emotional experience, that inspired me to write a thirty page summary of my experiences with different people and some of the memories that came back to me. I sent it in June 2010 to a select group of family and friends and it was fairly well received.

My uncle Satya Garg based in Hopkins, Minnesota inspired me to write on my entire experience at Purdue University and the prospect of writing a book appealed to me. However, I was apprehensive and kept delaying the seemingly monumental task as I just could not find the courage to start writing and felt I did not deserve to complete a comprehensive memoir, after all, I am just another alumni from this great university.

But then I read this famous book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho recommended by a close friend Sandeep Kaundal and found it to be very impressive. It talks about the story of a shepherd boy who finds his calling in life with help from the Alchemist, who encourages him to listen to his heart, saying “People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams because they think they don’t deserve them or cannot achieve them”.

I decided to make a list of the various experiences that came back to me from Purdue and expand on my short memoir. On January 31, 2011; I finally found the courage to start writing and I was able to complete the pre-edited version of the book by middle of May.

Needless to say, I am a huge Boilermaker fan and have been in love with Purdue University ever since I came to attend it in August 2000 and this book summarizes my experiences in my short trip back to Purdue and memoirs from places that I used to visit, as a student and resident of West Lafayette from August 2000 till August 2005.

I have written this book in conversational style and tried to make the readers feel as if they are experiencing my emotions themselves and not just reading a third party account. I hope my memoirs will bring back golden college day memories for some and enable others to catch a glimpse in to a truly world class education.

Please feel free to send your comments to [email protected]

Hail Purdue!

Loyalty Lives Here!!

Boilermaker Once => Boilermaker Forever!!!

Last Voyage and Beyond (Merchant Navy Series)

by Ian M Malcolm


Last Voyage and Beyond by Dundee author, Ian M. Malcolm

The author, a 1st radio officer/purser with Alfred Holt & Co, sets out for Australia on the old Glen Line ship Glenogle, now transferred into the Blue Funnel Line, renamed Deucalion, and commanded by irascible รข??Film Star’ Kerr. A great deal of bad weather is experienced on the outward passage, but there are days of sunshine when deck tennis is played. He attends the final day of the test match in Melbourne, flies to Canberra and Sydney, meets at girl while dancing at the Trocadero and goes with her on coach trips into the country. He dances again in Brisbane and visits Lone Pine Koala Bear Sanctuary, and, when in Townsville, enjoys the pleasures of Magnetic Island.

On arriving in Macassar, from Cairns, badjoes are embarked to assist in the loading of copra at Ternate, Bitung and Menado, but do a much better job at stealing the bags in which it is brought to the ship. Indonesia is approaching a state of anarchy and Kerr, in a rage, threatens to put the author in irons.

Dutch passengers, anxious to escape the country, embark for Amsterdam where Kerr, again in a rage, tells the author that he is to report him for going ashore when, according to him, there was work to be done. But, after only a mild rebuke from Lawrence Holt himself, he leaves the Company with an excellent reference.

Unable to find a suitable job in Dundee, the author spends three years at GPO Coast Stations. He enjoys living in Wick, but, as he resents how the Radio Station in run, transfers to Portishead Radio Station, located at Highbridge in Somerset. The two years which he and his wife spend living in Burnham-on-Sea are pleasant indeed, but, although he also enjoys working at the Radio Station, he resigns to train as a teacher in Edinburgh.

Outward Bound, Back To Sea, Via Suez and Last Voyage and Beyond are all post-war (ww2).

Last Voyage and Beyond is the final book in the author’s Merchant Navy Series and contains many historical photographs.

Nina’s Courage in Epilepsy

by Nadia Q. Davies

Nina lived her entire life with a secret. Beginning in infancy, she was one of as many as seventy million people worldwide living with epilepsy. Despite the grave diagnosis, she put on a brave face and fought the misunderstood disease until it took her life at age fifty-two.
Epilepsy remains a mystery, weighted down with stigma. Nina called it “dark cloud” that followed her throughout her life, when seizures struck with a vengeance and often without warning. She underwent two serious brain surgeries, but the disease was a battle she fought daily.
In this volume Nina’s mother lifts the veil on epilepsy. It is Nadia’s deepest wish that the book will offer honesty and insight into a discussion of epilepsy that is desperately needed. This is Nina Davies inspirational story of hope and triumph over adversity. It will touch your heart and be one you will never forget.


by Steve Wainwright

Fragments is written by an astronomer who started a revolution in amateur astronomical imaging.

This book is not just about that story, but entwined within it is how he became friends with the iconic astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore and how on occasions, they worked together, how it all became an astronomical adventure, and how Patrick influenced him, as he has so many others. Like all adventures, this one had to come to an end. The Grim Reaper had been held at bay for so long, but always prevails in the end.

This adventure is set among other writing that comes from the heart and mind, sometimes sad, other times purposeful and focussed.

Memories of childhood have been translated into a short story and a poem, and other poems range across, the astronomical, the artistic, the whimsical and war.

Margot Robbie Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Margot Robbie Unauthorized & Uncensored

“Great book, lots of good information,” – Laura Milton

“I love this book! It’s interesting to read, I love the videos too,” – Katherine Anne Goodman

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Margot Robbie.

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