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How to Make a Great Living Teaching Online

by John Purcell

Discover how to make a great living creating tutorial videos. Whether you want to teach English, cookery or a highly specialised technical skill, creating your own online business may be easier than you think. In this book I’ll explain exactly how to go about it, as well as telling you my own story.

I built a successful online business making $80,000 in the first year and a half after almost two decades of cluelessly failing at one thing after another; hopefully by reading this book you can avoid making the same stupid mistakes I made.

In this book you’ll find out how to build up an online business with minimal time, effort and money; no dawn power walks, fourteen-hour workdays or massive investments here!

Methods of Persuasion: How to Use Psychology to Influence Human Behavior

by Nick Kolenda

Best known for his viral video, “Chat Roulette Mind Reading,” Nick Kolenda is finally revealing some of the psychological secrets behind his so-called “mind reading” feats.

Using principles from cognitive psychology, Nick has developed ways to subconsciously influence people’s thoughts, and his “mind reading” demonstrations have been seen by over a million people across the globe.

Methods of Persuasion reveals that fascinating secret for the first time, and it explains how you can use those principles to subconsciously influence people’s thoughts in your own life. Drawing on cutting-edge research in psychology and neuroscience, the entire book culminates a powerful 7-step persuasion process that follows the acronym, METHODS:

  • Step 1: Mold Their Perception
  • Step 2: Elicit Congruent Attitudes
  • Step 3: Trigger Social Pressure
  • Step 4: Habituate Your Message
  • Step 5: Optimize Your Message
  • Step 6: Drive Their Momentum
  • Step 7: Sustain Their Compliance

This book teaches you the psychology behind each step, and it explains how you can use METHODS to influence people’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior in nearly any situation.

5 Minute Business – Growth Hacking Secrets Revealed

by Mark Middo

You spend the 9-5 building someone else’s dream. Now spend 5 minutes on your own.

Mark Middo is who major brands hire to skyrocket their online sales.

Mark’s secret? Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is the practise of taking an unconventional and innovative approach to lighting a fire under the sale of any product online or offline. Find out how Mark growth hacked his way from the 9-5 slog to developing and selling his own online product for a 6-figure sum in under 3 months.

Inside you will discover growth hacking secrets like:

  • Hacks to create and profit from world class brand for $297
  • Hacks to get you a $50,000 website for $137
  • Hacks that get Google to instantly send you “buyers with cash”
  • Hacks to network yourself into the inner circle of any industry
  • Hacks to convert website visitors into consistent cash

Plus … free exclusive access to the 5 Minute Business “Growth Hackers Vault” for life, with video tutorials to guide you every step of the way.

Mark Middo is a Growth Hacker and renowned Freedom & Lifestyle Advocate. Mark has over 10 years experience boosting the online revenues for some of the largest companies in the world like Formula 1, MotoGP and McDonalds.

Get your copy today!

One Call Closing

by Claude Whitacre

The Ultimate Solution To Stop The Unending Follow Up Cycle Once And For All!

Imagine Closing 80-90% Of Your Prospects On Your First Call…

Without Call Backs Or Having To Negotiate Price.

One Call Closing Reveals How To Do This.

Have you ever had a prospect give you any of these objections?

  • “I want to think about it”
  • “I need to talk to my lawyer/brother/spouse before I go ahead with this”
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I can buy it cheaper at (your nasty competitor)”
  • “We always sleep on it before we decide”

Are you tired of talking to prospects that won’t ever buy, and string you along?

Does It make you sick to tell your loved ones “It’s a number’s game, I’ll get the next one”?

That all ends now.

Start Increasing You Sales by 200-500%

The Insider’s Guide To Closing Sales: Secrets Your Sales Manager Will Never Tell You And Probably Doesn’t Know.

You have been lied to by Sales Trainers and Sales Gurus. Stop listening to Sales Trainers that only close sales in their dreams. Stop reading sales books by authors who have never made a sale.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The closing myths sales trainers tell you that are hurting your sales
  • How to prepare the customer to buy, even before they see you.
  • The best way to discuss price, and when to bring it up.
  • What not to tell prospects, that will guarantee they won’t buy. You’re doing it now.
  • How to handle competition, and make it irrelevant
  • When to answer objections. It’s not what you’ve been taught.
  • All the questions you need to ask for the customer to close themselves.

And yes…..
The Single Most Profitable Answer To Any Buying Objection You Will Hear..

Every method in the book is proven in the field. Everything taught has been used successfully in thousands of sales presentations. Everything you read here works.

Most sales books are like digging a ton of dirt for a few nuggets of gold.

If you seriously want to increase your sales, and make closing in one call a habit…You have just hit the Motherload.

“The Only Thing You Won’t Be Able To Close…Is This Book”

#FRUGALITYPAYS Money Saving Tips For the Underachiever

by Antonio Starr

Thank You for your interest in #FRUGALITYPAYS. Your feedback is VERY important to me so once you’re finished reading the book, please take a few moments to write a review. There are a lot of people looking for a book with real results led by easy to follow instructions. By letting others know what you take away from this book will aide them with making a great decision in wise spending. 

In this book readers are given simple suggestions on how to either put money back into their pockets or prevent money from fleeing in the first place. The author speaks from the experience of being a former haphazard spender to developing a disciplined frugal mind by using strategy and creativity to save money. This book is ideal for people who never took, or had time to educate themselves on how to maintain a frugal lifestyle while not cutting into their couch time. The underachievers.

No mistaking, this book isn’t just for the underachievers, it contains numerous money saving tips and strategies that everyone can benefit from. This isn’t just a book, it’s a reference manual that you can continually refer back to for guidance and motivation. I promise that If you follow and execute any of these simple steps, you will start seeing savings immediately. I put my name on it.

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn In This Book:

  • Creative strategies that when implemented will save you thousands of dollars. GUARANTEED!
  • You will learn to properly automate your bill payments and a lot of your monotonous shopping needs without ever having to leave your couch.
  • I will show you how I saved over $20,000 a year just by improving the way I shop and paid for my entertainment. You will learn to do the same thing.
  • I will show why everyone should have credit cards and how to make them make you money without the threat of interest charges.
  • I will show you how frugality is more than just saving as much money as you can. Frugality is a mentality that when perfected will change your view of life in general. You will learn that what you thought you really wanted, you do not need. The difference between needs and wants is what the frugal person is exceptional at identifying.

  • The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook

    by Tami Angelo

    The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook© will help new Sales Managers, Business Owners and even Senior Corporate Executives deploy a Sales Management Plan that will deliver measurable results in less than 90 days.

    Although The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook is written primarily for the new Sales Manager, it is guaranteed to help business owners managing a sales force or sales leaders in corporate America who strive for success.

    Here’s what The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook© includes:

    – A 90-Day Quick Start Action Plan

    – An easy to follow Sales Management Planning Calendar

    – Worksheets and Examples of Sales Processes

    – A Blueprint to Measurable Success

    – A Post 90 Day Continuous Improvement Suggested Guide

    The author, Tami Angelo, has over 20 years experience working with start up divisions with large organizations such as Xerox Global Services and Staples Technology Solutions. Tami’s proven success record, along with her entrepreneurial experience in the small to mid-sized business space, has helped business leaders design strategy, improve productivity and develop exceptional talent with her consultative training programs.

    In The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook, Tami shows her passion for results and it’s obvious her love of all things sales (and process) that she truly wants to help people achieve success like never before.

    Tami shares valuable insights that are proven, reliable and sustainable so that a new Sales Manager can start out day one, month one, year one with a repeatable Sales Management Plan and processes that will drive results and participation across the entire sales team.

    If you follow Tami’s recommendations, there is no doubt you will gain measurable results in less than 90 days. This survival handbook won’t help you be humorous, although you may find yourself laughing out loud at the parts you’ve already experienced.

    The New Sales Manager’s Survival Handbook will not provide you with information and techniques to improve sales training, however, you will be able to access proven techniques and invaluable information in Tami’s next Handbook in this series.

    Tami’s clients, peers, and friends appreciate her unswerving, down-to-earth approach, allowing company leaders, individual sales contributors and valuable support resources to take complex strategies and make them simple and easy to execute. Bottom line, the techniques work and will help you attain success.

    Overcoming Procrastination: 31 Strategies to Crush Procrastination, Get Unstuck, and become a Productivity Machine (Procrastination Cure Handbook, Procrastination Workbook)

    by Jason Bracht

    How to Cure Procrastination and become a Productivity Machine

    Would you like to finally overcome your debilitating procrastination once and for all? This book is jam packed with 31 highly actionable anti-procrastination techniques that will get you laser focused on your goals and super charged towards success.

    Today only, get this best selling book for just $2.99. Before the price goes back up to $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle

    If you are struggling with Procrastination this book will show you that it can be easily overcome by following tried and true methods that have been proven to work for years.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

    * The Science of Procrastination and how to crush it

    * How to set daily reminders

    * How to find your optimum working tim

    * The importance of avoiding online traps

    * The top procrastination myths

    * Avoiding Procrastination and getting things done

    * Un-Scheudling to get more done

    * Planning for and avoiding a Crisis

    * Understanding root causes of Procrastination

    * Much, much more!

    I will take you by the hand and show you that beating procrastination is easy and fun. This book is laid out in an easily digestible formula that will allow you to pin-point exactly how procrastination and delaying things have been hurting your productivity.

    If you have read this far you are obviously looking for ways to overcome your procrastination. For less than a cup of coffee you could learn tactics that will change your life!

    What are you waiting for?

    Take action and start living the life you were destined to live!

    Scroll up and click the buy button to instantly download Overcoming Procrastination – 31 Strategies to Crush Procrastination, Get Unstuck, & become a Productivity Machine.

    You won’t regret it.

    TAGS: Overcoming Procrastination, Beat Procrastination, Cure Procrastination

    Affordable Healthcare Act Handbook for Small Business

    by S. J. Olsen

    Simple to follow help for small business owners on how to navigate through the new requirements for healthcare. Includes information on the new enrollment process until the website is fully operational

    5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

    by Victor Adetiba

    Serial Entrepreneur, Super-Director, Successful Business Man, Author, and Speaker, Victor O. Adetiba has done what many of the so-called gurus haven’t been able to do.

    He has been able to condense the most important information on starting a business in to a concise and easy to use guide for the person (s) that desires to start a business.

    In 5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business, Adetiba shares his personal success & failures that helped him start 7 business by the age of 28. He’s done business on 4 continents, been hired by Universal Music Group and multiple major recording artists for his expertise, and helped countless of individuals realize and grow their own business.

    Five Things is a perfect starting place for the young and seasoned individual.

    ~Dallas Entrepreneurs Magazine

    How Do I Find A Job

    by Jasper Riley

    This book provides the job seeker a step by step plan for obtaining employment from the hiring manager’s/HR supervisor’s/recruiter’s perspective. It offers advice on determining the best strategy for the job search, cover letter and resume basics, and interview guidelines. It also provides information about unexpected resources that are valuable to the search.

    What is Odesk?…Work from Home, Make Money

    by J.P. Rienhardt

    If you are simply just tired of working for an impossible employer or are unemployed, you will also benefit from this powerful book which will show you the “little-known” secrets of to stay employed while performing work that you really always wanted to do.

    There are many stay-at-home parents and people with issues which force them to stay at home.

    This unique book is written by a freelancer who faced a severe hardship with her health and had no choice but to stay home.

    ~~~Today, I am well aware that I am one of the lucky ones. There are many people that had to face tremendous hardships. They can be found on odesk trying and succeeding in building a career online. Some are young wives who have small children and would rather dedicate to them than to their careers. Some have suffered accidents and can no longer work in an office. Some are unemployed and found an opportunity to earn their living online. Some simply prefer working from the comfort of their home rather than an office in the city. This is the category that I admire most…

    Credit Cheat Code 101: 4 Simple Tricks To Unlock Good Credit In Less Than 30 Days. Learn Forbidden Information That Banks, Creditors And FICO Doesn’t Want You To Know. (Forbidden Fruit Books: Credit)

    by Jeremiah Bernstien

    Improve Your

    Credit Score

    In Only 30 Days!!!

    Your Bad Credit Could Be Killing You!

    ï?? Do you want to be able to buy a nice car?

    ï?? Do you want to be able to buy the house of your dreams with a decent interest rate?

    ï?? Are you interested in getting a better job?

    ï?? Do you want to be able to purchase insurance for your home?

    All of these things are made more difficult if you have bad credit, or a low credit score.

    But there is hope. Our new book offers you

    The Credit Cheat Code:

    4 Simple Tricks to Unlock Good Credit In Less Than 30 Days.

    Did you know that when you apply for a new job, at some point in the hiring process, there is a 90% chance that they will pull your credit report.

    Is it fair that your potential employer will consider the fact that you missed a payment once when they decide to hire you? Of course not, but it’s perfectly legal.

    So, do you want the past to prevent you from getting a better job? NO! You want to be hired on your own merits, not because of your credit report. If that is how you feel, then The Credit Cheat Code is perfect for you!

    4 simple tricks, and you will be on the road to better credit within only 30 days!

    With a good credit score, you’ll be hired on your skills and experience, not your credit.

    What About Home Owners Insurance? How much of a difference can that make? I didn’t even know that they cared about my credit score!

    Well, for a lot of people, this is a pretty big surprise. Insurance companies check your credit before they insure your property.

    When you buy Property and Casualty insurance, your premiums can increase up to 20% if you have a low credit score, or bad credit!

    Bad credit or low credit scores are hurting you, not helping you. Get the underground secrets that Banks, Creditors and FICO do not want you to know about. Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now!

    Cell phones? Are you serious? They check my credit for a cell phone?

    Yes, they do! And if you have bad credit or a low credit score, you may not get access to a good monthly plan.

    You may end up paying hundreds more for a pre-paid cell phone!

    But you can fix it. Within 30 days you could be enjoying significantly better credit.

    Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now!

    You’ll never have to worry about a bad cell phone plan again!

    How about my car loan? How much of a difference could it make to me when buying a car?

    Well, if you have a low credit score or credit problems, first off, you could be denied the loan in the first place.

    If you are able to even get a loan, your interest rate will be higher. A higher interest rate means a higher payment. When the bank decides how much to lend you for your car, one of the things they take a look at as how much of a payment you can afford. Since you are paying higher interest, the bank may not be willing to loan you enough to get the car you want.

    Of course, the best way to avoid this is to improve your credit. Learn our 4 secret techniques for improving your credit, and get the car you want!

    Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now!

    OMG what about a mortgage? What kind of affect will bad credit have on my mortgage?

    The effect can be pretty severe. Obviously, if you have credit problems or a low credit score, you could pay A LOT higher interest.

    And with high dollar amounts like a mortgage, the damage can be pretty severe.

    On a $150,000 house, an extra 1.5% interest means an extra $2,000 in interest EVERY YEAR! On a 30-year mortgage, you will be paying an extra $60,000. That is over one-third of the purchase price of your house, EXTRA, just because you have to pay a higher interest rate.

    Luckily, this can all be avoided.

    You could be enjoying a significantly improved credit rating in less than 1 month.

    That’s right! Using our insanely simple 4 tricks to unlock good credit, you could improve your credit picture in under 30 days.

    Stop waiting, and start fixing

    101 Home Business Success Tips

    by Ron Taylor

    Receive expert tips, tricks, and advice on starting and building a profitable home business from author and home based business expert, Ron Taylor.

    The home business industry is exploding in popularity as millions of people around the world look to small businesses and independent distributorships as a way to make money outside the traditional job environment. 101 Home Business Tips gives you the latest information available on what it takes to succeed in the home business industry, and is based on the author’s extensive experience in the field. Here are some of the important topics discussed in this book:

    * 4 Trends Impacting the Home Business Industry
    * How My Favorite Opportunity Website Can Transform Your Business Overnight
    * 5 Traits of the Successful Home Business Entrepreneur
    * 4 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Home Business
    * 9 Ways Your Home Office Saves You Money
    * 10 Critical Rules for Home Franchise Success
    * Your 30 Day Jumpstart to Success Plan
    * 7 Ways to Avoid a Home Business Scam
    * Escaping the Prosperity Paradox
    * Assessing Your Motivation for Starting a Home Business
    * How Spending Less to Start a Home Business is Smart
    * A Question of Licenses and Permits
    * 10 Things Your MLM Sponsor Won’t Tell You
    * Top 10 MLM Home Business Opportunity Survival Tips
    * 3 Keys to Building an Automated Home Profit System

    101 Home Business Tips offers hard hitting advice on how to start and build your home business and focuses on specific strategies you can use in a variety of home business models, including network marketing, franchising, online businesses, and independent cottage industries, among others. The book contains approximately 21,000 words and is available for instant download on your Kindle, Kindle PC, and mobile apps.

    Questions 1 – 10 (Common Interview Questions)

    by Jasper E. Riley

    This series provides the best answers to some of the most common questions asked during a job interview.

    How to Fix the United States Government

    by Travis Holley

    A thought provoking look at simple solutions to MAJOR problems facing the United States.

    How To Make Money As a Psychic

    by M. Schmidt

    Want to learn how to make money as a psychic? Learn how to build up your client base and get your name out there quickly! The psychic industry is a billion dollar industry and this book shows you how to get a piece of the pie quickly. Learn how successful psychics market their services to get more readings at little or no cost.

    Even if your psychic ability is not perfect, this ebook will show you how you can still make money as a psychic. It also provides information on how to deal with bad reviews and bounce back. It can take years to build up a solid client base but with the tips in this book, you will learn how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars as a psychic quickly. Learn how the pros are doing it now!

    Chapters Include:


    How Do I Get Clients?

    Connecting With Clients

    In Person Readings

    Helping Those In Need

    Good Reviews and Bad Reviews

    How Much Money Can I Make as a Psychic?

    How To Make Serious Money With Binary Options – Things You Need To Know Before You Start Trading Binary Options

    by Todd Williams

    Do you want to make money fast?

    Do You Want To Make Money From Home?

    Discover The Way Thousands Of People Are Making Thousands More Each Month Straight From Their Home Computer Or Laptop.

    Things You’ll Learn In This Book:

    – How To Make Money Fast

    – How To Trade Binary Options(And Understand All The Terms)

    – What You Need To Look Out For When Trading Binary Options

    – How To Spot A Scam

    – How To Manage Risks

    – The Truth About Binary Options – The Advantages & Disadvantages

    – A Ton Of Tips And Tricks To Win

    – How To Successfully Trade Binary Options

    – And Much, Much More

    Tags: how to make money online, how to make money from home, how to make money in stocks, how to make money with binary options, how to make money in 24 hours, gambling, binary options, understand binary options, how to win at binary options

    Make Money Online: How To Make $2000 Each Month Building Niche Website Portfolios

    by Darren Stock

    How Does Earning A Few $1,000 Each Month Sound? What About If It Was A Passive Income?

    This is exactly what I will show you. Plus, you will receive my Free 5,000 Word Twitter Marketing Guide.


    Do I have Your Interest?

    By reading this book you will learn my secrets to building niche websites and NOT rely on Google to send you targeted visitors. I will show how to research a topic and ensure there’s money to be made, right through to SEO tips and how to get a constant flow of free targeted traffic (website visitors). Nothing is left out. This will result in building a portfolio of websites that will make thousands of dollars every month.


    All my advice is White Hat so no risk of getting banned by Google. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced affiliate marketer, this book is for you.


    Why Should You Believe Me?
    I am a keen and experienced affiliate marketer who has built a portfolio of WordPress websites which produce a combined income of over $2,000 each month. The best part is that I do this part time as I work full time as a Sales & Marketing Manager.


    Is This A Black Hat Blueprint And Is This Another Get Rich Quick Scheme?
    My blueprint is 100% White Hat and is not a get rich quick scheme. Yes it involves hard work; Rome was not built in a day! You will soon realise that what ever you put in, you will get out. I will give you some SEO tips, but my goal is to show you how to get free traffic and not rely on Google. With the continuous Google Algorithm updates, who knows what the future of SEO is. Could link building be a waste of time any time soon?


    For less than a price of a coffee, you could discover how to earn a nice income and supplement your monthly salary or work for yourself as an Internet Marketer.


    Scroll to the top, click the buy button and start reading my book within a few minutes.

    Wake Up Smell The Money – 10 Steps to a Better Retirement Life (WAKE UP, SMELL THE MONEY)

    by Pauline A Clarke

    Wake Up and Smell the Money: 10 Steps To A Better Retirement Life, is an essential read for anyone who has a pension and wishing to learn on how to maximise it. As a simple tool, this book encourages and shows every and anyone how to increase their investment and savings knowledge. WAKE UP, SMELL THE MONEY – 10 Steps to a Better Retirement Life, is a must have book.

    Ultimate Drop Shipping Guide

    by Ryan Gnauf

    Have a profit building plan in place in only a few weeks. Think it’s impossible? The Ultimate Drop Shipping Guide will show you how to build a legitimate online business from home. Learn from my experience and create a thriving ecommerce model, leveraging other people’s success, that has unlimited potential.

    Yahoo Answers

    by Bonnie NIvens

    Learn How To Use Yahoo Answers and Get FREE Traffic Headed Towards Your Website. Over Looked Marketing Technique That People Can Use Everyday.

    The Tipping Point Pivotal Points – The Pivotal Guide to Malcolm Gladwell’s Celebrated Book (Pivotal Point Papers)

    by Pivotal Point Papers

    The Tipping Point Pivotal Points is your aide to rapid comprehension of the essential business principles delineated in Malcolm Gladwell’s acclaimed book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

    Whether you are tracking a product in a company or a social problem, you will eventually see what is called the tipping point.

    Malcolm Gladwell, undertakes in The Tipping Point, the task to understand how small changes together cause a tipping point to occur in all situations. Big changes can happen from small events and they occur extremely quickly.

    Use this helpful paper to understand the essence of The Tipping Point, including how changing the context of a problem can have a great affect on ending or starting an epidemic. A huge factor within a group is the number of people that make up different divisions or the organization as a whole.

    As with all books in the Pivotal Point Papers Series, this book is intended to be purchased alongside the reviewed title, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.