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Trysts: Room Service (Sexy Hardcore Threesome) (PARAnormal Erotica: Trysts)

by D. Walters

TRYSTS: “ROOM SERVICE” (7600 words)

A night’s stay in a hotel in Iowa City leads to four firsts: Michelle has a chance to seduce her old college crush, Lauren: Lauren has a chance to have sex with a woman for the first time; both of them have a chance to try a threesome; and a delivery guy finds himself the target of two lovely women exploring their new love, while still hungry for a new sexy experience.

This 7600 word short story contains graphic (hardcore) descriptions of f/f, m/f, f/m/f happy straight and bi oral, anal, and vanilla sex. Intended for mature readers only. Please do not purchase if easily offended by graphic sexual descriptions. As always, the sex in a TRYSTS story is raw and hot and… sexy. The excerpts are hardcore adult content too.

The Specifics
Trysts: Room Service is an erotic short story 7600 words in length. Also included: excerpts from the Danielle and Mandy adventures, Witchy Woman and Witchy Woman’s Weekend, and two from PARAnormal Erotica Volumes 1 and 2 (total 2200 more words).

Brought to you by the folks who publish the PARAnormal Erotica series (Volumes 1 and 2 and Combo 1), plus the Quick Ones series (Witchy Woman and others). Collected and edited by D. Walters.

Welcome to the PARAnormal Press series Trysts. Trysts are brief adult sexual encounter tales of the naughty kind — most might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales might tantalize you by skirting the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Like Quick Ones, Trysts is a series of self-contained short stories that present a quick reading experience, and we hope an intense one. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to the first Tryst. Enjoy!

Final Break: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (The Ellis Chronicles)

by T.E. Robbens

Note: This book contains some mature lesbian sex stories, sexual situations and explicit language. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.

Book 2 in The Ellis Chronicles – Ellis makes the final break with Katie after being pulled into her lies about an unexpected sexual tryst. Then Ellis is confronted by the new partner, who does not yet know that Katie lied to her about it as well.

Ellis is trying to move forward with a new romantic interest, Lynn, when she is visited by Paula, a newly single friend who is also on the prowl. What will happen to Ellis next?

This Erotic Lesbian Romance book is only available on Amazon, plus it’s on sale right now …but only for a limited time. Order your copy today and start reading this lesbian sex story instantly.

1st Person Singular – 300 pages of collected gay stories

by Dallas Sketchman

Part One of the large collection of Dallas Sketchman’s personal journals of his travels and sexual escapades around the world. 300 pages of hot sex with hot men: muscle gods, escorts, Arab princes, bears, jocks, footballers, etc.

By The Light Of The Moon (A Seth & Amber Erotic Tale)

by Nathan L Flamank

A Seth & Amber Erotic Tale #2 BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON (a Seth & Amber Erotic Tale)

From the Amazon Top 10 best-selling author comes another erotic encounter:
Seth and Amber were introduced to readers in “The Book Of Twenty Four”, now they return in an all new erotic story to entice and arouse.

Taking place several months after the events of TBOTF join them as they start to explore the new roles that they have agreed to undertake within their marriage.

In one night they will enjoy seductively addictive new experiences and we get to see a little more insight in to Seth’s tragic, turbulent past and what makes them who they are today.

Again boundaries will be pushed and limits will be expanded as Seth and Amber begin to realise that their love for one another can take them anywhere…

This erotic tale is a precursor for readers waiting for the full length ‘Seth & Amber’ novel coming later in 2013PLEASE NOTE: this tale features “water sports/play”, if that may offend this may not be the best story for you!

Approx 17,000 words.

NOTICE: this is an Adult Novel dealing with adult themes: contains explicit sex scenes including: public sex, water-sports, group sex and more…

Penetrating Claus: The Private (and uncensored) Confessions of Toysin Tinkerbottoms

by P.J. Stonetoe

When young and inexperienced Toysin Tinkerbottoms manages to land a dream job at Santa’s workshop – all is not as it seems when the seductive Mrs. Claus takes a lustful interest in the handsome elf. Will he succumb to the advances of this aged, yet tantalizing and forbidden woman?

A brief, but provocative novelette.

My Best Friend’s Sister (Erotic College Romance) (20 Minute Rule – Seducing Jay)

by KT Bowe

Jay is alone at his best friend’s house, editing his B-Movie horror flick. Well, almost alone – his best friend’s nineteen year old sister Sherry is there too. She’s bossy, temperamental, and has a smokin’ hot body.

Jay lusts after Sherry, but never till today did he realize how horny she was for him. She gets topless and offers Jay the ultimate temptation; twenty minutes to do anything he wants to her, before his best friend and the parents return home.

To add to the dilemma, Jay is getting engaged. Jay has to decide whether to think with his brain, or make the decision with the giant bulge in his pants. The clock is tickingâ?¦

This story is told from Jay’s point of view, but was written to be enjoyed by both men and women who love erotic short stories. (It’s also a comedy.)

WARNING: This 6800+ word story is an erotic college romance. It contains explicit descriptions of consensual sex, including oral and anal.

Hitchhiking : Will Pay (Justin Carter Pink Erotica (gay and bisexual))

by Justin Carter

Special pre-Christmas offer: SEX and BISEXUAL only £1.99/$2.99, FETISH only £2.99/$3.99. Minimum 16 stories in each, minimum 250 pages. Excellent value. Get them quick. Search Kindle Store for “Justin Carter collections”

You need to get down to London from Carlisle and no one will stop to give you a lift. Barry thought the solution was to add “Will pay” under “London”, and then get Clare to offer the probable male driver a blowjob. It would have gone to plan if the driver was not more interested in Barry.

The blowjob on the way is nothing to what happens when they stop for the night in this long short story, in which Clare discovers a new side to her boyfriend.

This is an explicit short story involving oral and anal sex between two men, and a man and a woman; also female masturbation. Please do not purchase if this is more than you can handle.

Please note the Amazon page count includes the (active) table of contents, list of titles available and other ‘stuff’, totalling about 10 pages. The remainder (about 23 pages) is the story!

** Also available in the value collection The Entire Sex So Far – Volume Two **

Four Shades of Recovery – Book 3 (Healing Heartbreak Series)

by J. S. Luxor

Megan broke my heart once and left to find herself but now she’s returned. She’s brought back a powerful competitor who knows few boundaries. Its up to me, Matt Frazier, to find a way to counter the equation and neutralize the threats to our relationship. Our future hangs in the balance. I want to demonstrate my skills at problem solving and bring closure to the past. I’ll let you be the judge.

My Wife’s Lover – The African Lion – He’s HUGE – ADULT ONLY

by Urbano Novelliere

  A professional wrestler from Uganda whose ring name was “The African Lion,” stopped a mugging attempt against me. Then he became my best friend, and my wife’s lover with my approval.

When the African Lion visited us again my wife wore nothing but shoes, Chanel Number 9, and a long necklace. We ate quickly, eager to satisfy another appetite.
When they were on our marital bed I marveled at the contrast in skin color and size. My wife’s long brown hair flowed behind her, almost covering her perfect bottom. Araali held her gently with his magnificent, barbell honed arms. His penis was as long, as thick, and as hard as one would expect. Finally my wife said, “Don’t make me wait any more. Get inside of me.”

Candice (Manipulated)

by Corinne E. Victoria

Candice (Manipulated Series): 27-year-old clinical psychologist and criminal investigator Candice Alexander becomes acquainted with coworker and handsome resident genius and scientists Max Feymann. Candice is a complex woman with eclectic tastes – she has a tryst with college co-ed Ashley, a surprising evening with former roommate Lady Lacey and an exciting climax with Max and Julia, an uninitiated but curious new friend. (8000 words)

A Wet Walk in the Woods (Pissing in the Woods) (Justin Carter Amber Erotica (fetish, watersports))

by Justin Carter

Special pre-Christmas offer: SEX and BISEXUAL only £1.99/$2.99, FETISH only £2.99/$3.99. Minimum 16 stories in each, minimum 250 pages. Excellent value. Get them quick. Search Kindle Store for “Justin Carter collections”

A couple go for a walk in the deserted woods not far from them, accessed from a small track of a quiet road. John had said for her to put a change of clothes in but not why.

When Kate realises she needs to pee, he tells he to wait. Each time he comes up with a good reason not to go yet. Until she is desperate. And ready to wet herself.

Please note this is an explicit short story involving public watersports, masturbation and sex (including oral and anal) between two consenting adults. Please do not purchase if this is more than you can handle.

*This title is also included within the collection: The Entire Sex So Far – Volume One *

Open Invitation (Prying Eyes)

by Candice Kicks

Sarah Jessop just wanted a nice, quiet vacation before she returned to her job as an English professor at Corbine Community College. She thought she would find just that during the off season of a luxurious and secluded rental cabin community. However, Sarah’s next door neighbors Cynthia, the only other guest in her group of cabins, has a penchant for keeping late nights and making loud noises. Nearing the end of her less than perfect vacation, Sara thinks she has finally worked up the nerve to confront Cynthia and her guests. Instead, Sarah realizes that this time the sounds coming from Cynthia’s room are more welcome than not, and pretty soon guilty listening gives way to not so secret spying. Sarah’s entrance into the affairs of her boisterous neighbor begins with frustration and shame, but ends with levels of release and rejuvenation she could never have imagined.

A 5,800 word short story.

The School Punisher – Gay HARDCORE – Get it Now!

by Chris Johns

WARNING: This book contains sexual exchanges and activities between Males involving a Student and a Teacher, Spanking, Gay Seduction, Blowjobs, Anal Sex and may be too much for timid readers!

Luke Roberts is one naughty boy in school. He enjoys playing pranks on his schoolmates and teachers.

But every misbehavior is entitled for a punishment and with a new Headmaster (coming from the military), discipline is now TOUGH. With the school’s new arrangement for disciplinary action, teachers can put a hand on students too! This isn’t good news for Luke.

Mr. Peter Williams is Luke’s P.E. teacher and his constant punisher. His countless blows are becoming tougher for Luke to bear. So he pleads for an alternative punishment.

Luke indeed gets his alternative punishment, but it’s not what he could ever have expected…

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Corporal Punishment

“Sorry Sir.” I said, obviously not meaning it.

“I don’t think you are, Roberts, so I will make your final four so hard that the eight you have just lost will mean nothing, unless of course you can think of some other penance to remove four seriously hard strokes.”

“Umm, I could get rid of that problem you have Sir that matches mine.”

“Whatever gives you the idea that I would want your hands on my penis Roberts?”

“Nothing Sir, but I don’t just have hands.”
He grinned. “Are you suggesting I let you suck my cock?”

SAMPLE 2:“Ok Kiddo, get on your back on the desk and hold your legs way back and wide.”

I did and he went to work with his tongue. He had done this before while playing with me and sucking my cock but it was still fantastic. He pulled my cheeks apart as far as he could and then buried his tongue in my anus before changing mode and nearly sucking my insides out. I was in heaven. He lubed my arse and his cock before resting it gently on my entry hole.

“Luke, this will hurt however gentle I am. As soon as I am over your sphincter I will hold still until the pain eases, or pull out completely if you say.”

“Ok Peter, I want you to fuck me so I’ll hold it.”

He held his hand over my mouth as he pushed over my muscle. Good thing he did because I sure as hell screamed.

Motel of 1001 Sluts –

by Erinyes Windson

  The motel of 1001 sluts’ is about a 20 year old virgin named Anata Kobiyashi whose life solely revolved around the mini-community of 10 people that cater to tourists and other passersby on an interstate in the middle of nowhere.

His parents own the motel where he helps out and is all he really knows. The only people of his own age range are two sisters and another guy who bullied him since he was young.

And then there is his own little problem where it comes to handling himself around the opposite gender. He has the tendency to get so tensed up that he shuts down and cums in his pants merely from being in front of one.

All this changes when he finds an antique oil lamp left behind in one of the rooms. Half jokingly rubbing it, a jinn actually appears to grant him his wishes. Making the wish to have his ‘problem’ fixed, the jinn shows her true colors by telling him that for the wish to come true he will need to master 1001 sluts in the room he has made the wish.

Any woman that enters the room will turn into a slut and it is up to him to convince these sluts that only he is the one that can give them what no one else can. He has to master sluts.

Fortunately for Anata, the jinn is also a woman and falls trap to her own trickery. She is his first slut and proves to have a thing for his cum. With this opener, the stage is set for a long line of sluts that Anata will have to master, while stuck with a tricky jinn to add only to his grief.

Gay Photographer’s Journal: hot stories from the studio (Photo Journals)

by Dallas Sketchman

Here are hot stories of the experiences of a gay photographer who worked with some of the hottest men in the Dallas area.

The Yacht Sins – Suspense Erotica – Get it Now!

by Amy Redek

WARNING: If sex scenes with men and women or men and men offend you then don’t read this book.

Daniel Redgrave, whose first novel became a best-seller, couldn’t seem to come up with a story for his second novel and he turned his hand to writing biographies.
Daniel is invited to write a biography on Sir Tobias Felting, a millionaire with more than a few skeletons in his closet.
Daniel worked months on the biography, spoke with many people who knew Sir Felting, but never got the chance to speak to the man long enough to get anything meaningful. Then Daniel was finally invited by the millionaire Felting to join him on board his yacht for a cruise in the Caribbean. 
On board Mr. Felting’s yacht, Daniel learned many strange and illuminating facts about the millionaire, not the least of which was that Sir Felting is a sadist…
Daniel grabbed the opportunity to sleep with Stella and Tricia. Both are models and both are Sir Felting’s girlfriends. Stephen, chief of design for Tobias’ clothing line, also came knocking on his cabin door …
After a two days and as many murders, tension on the Felting yacht began to build … 
Apparently, Daniel is not the only one with skeletons in his closet….

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Retribution

Bisexual Oral, Gay Anal, Multiple Sex Partners, Murder Mystery

‘Steady Stephen, steady now. We’ve got all night,’ Daniel said as I eased him off my cock, lifting him up from his knees. He was of a slight build and was easy to get him upright and let him kiss me as our bodies came close together. The kiss lasted several minutes before he became feverish again in getting me fully undressed and quickly got his clothes off.
I stroked his slim waist as I moved behind him and got between his legs, running my hands over the pale white cheeks of his bum, making him shiver. It had been a long time since I last fucked a man up the backside and it was pure joy for me to enter the tightness of one once again. Stephen gave out a gasp as I widened him enough for the head of my cock to get past his sphincter muscle. To have the whole thing as well as the shaft again surrounded by the body heat of the man I was now fucking, using slow strokes to almost pull out, widening him again before moving back till my thighs touched the cheeks of his bum.
He even started to croon as I moved inside him, feeling his muscle keep flexing against my shaft, making my cock twitch in response. But I couldn’t hold back for very long and so I was grasping his hips tighter and pulling him back as I rammed up into him, moving faster until I began to come inside him. Then it was just my hips jerking away, sending out my seed into the condom, though I would rather have ridden him bareback but I didn’t know how many others had had their cock up his backside. Better safe than sorry.
I fell onto his back as I finished coming and my weight bore him down onto the bed sheet and slid my hands up under his shoulders, palms upwards for me to grip and pull him back onto my prick which was still embedded inside him.

Winter – Romance and Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Rhys Lysander

  There’s ANOTHER Ellie??!

You heard it right, there are two Ellies.

Jon is in love with Ellie. Ellie as in Eleanor Prentiss. But unbeknownst to all, another Ellie has come into the scene unnoticed. She is Elena Isaacson, Ellie’s twin sister.

This evil twin sister will bring about a twist, a complication, and more in Ellie and Jon’s love story…

Ellie loves being Jons sex slave and obeying his every command.
Will her sister destroy all of that?

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Winter, A Love Story in Three Seasons
This is a must-read with romance, hardcore sex and some humor all contained within the pages of this book as well as the other books of this series!


Returning back downstairs he found Ellie nude and waiting for him with her feet comfortably apart and her arms behind her back. She moaned in appreciation as he began to knead her breasts. She thought he did this for a particularly long time before he stopped and began to suck on her nipples. As she started to squirm, he reached between her legs and spread her pussy open with two fingers before sliding a third between them and up inside her.

“Good girl. Now, go upstairs and follow the directions you will find in the spare bedroom.”

Ellie nodded and waited for him to remove his fingers before she walked away. On the bed she found two boxes. She opened the box labeled “Me First” and found an enema bottle. It did not take her long to figure out what it was and what she was supposed to do with it. As much as she did not like the idea, she followed all the directions and fifteen minutes later she was as clean inside as she was on the outside. She opened box number two.


While she was in the shower, Jon took off his clothes and pulled on a pair of shorts. Straightening up the room, he picked up both passports and went to put them in the small safe. Bumping his hand, he dropped both of them. Ellie’s landed on edge, and without intending to, his fingers slipped between the pages and he looked at her picture. He smiled. Then he noticed the name.

“Ellie,” he called.

“Hmm?” she said as she walked out of the bathroom in a robe. She stopped when she saw what he was holding.

He shook the passport. “Is there something I need to know?”

Forgotten Identity – Am I Gay? – Gay Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Amy Redek

He’s awakened by a wonderful fuck.
Isn’t it great to wake up having a sexy gorgeous naked woman fucking you in the morning? But this is a gorgeous naked man!  “What the fuck?”
Unable to comprehend why he’s with another man, he ponders, “Am I gay?” He struggles to remember where and why he is here. But he can’t answer these questions. He doesn’t even know his own name!
Here he lies, unable to remember his own name, fucking a man dressed as a woman and in a place unknown to him. What the hell happened?
An amnesiac, with the help of a transvestite, gathers clues to his strange identity while being chased by villains he can’t even identify.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Kane, Kane Series Bk.1

I then opened my eyes to see what gorgeous creature had given me such a wonderful fuck and then wished I hadn’t. Instead of seeing a wonderful pair of breasts on the body astride me, all I saw was a flat hairless chest of an incredible handsome youth.
‘Oh shit,’ I groaned and closed my eyes again. I’d just been fucking a youth! I say youth in a loose term because anyone younger than my thirty years I always considered them that way. What the hell was I doing in bed with another male? I tried to get my pulsating head round as to the why, how and when did I finish up like this.
While I was trying to work this out, the lad had got off my still hard cock and had stripped off the condom and was now sucking on me. I couldn’t help but groan again as the hot mouth took in the head of my piece and give me a very good tongue wash in the process of having the dregs of my sperm being pulled out of me as though by a vacuum cleaner.
I opened my eyes again, or rather, I squinted through the slits because of the sunlight and ran them round what I could see of the room we were in. I didn’t recognise it, so where the hell was I? I also hadn’t recognised the youth whose head was now bobbing up and down on me and wondered if it was his room we were in.
But how on earth had I finished up with him was the question, and I couldn’t come up with any answer. I couldn’t even remember last night at all, or any other night, but what was even worse was that I couldn’t even remember my own name.
‘Be as rough as you like,’ he said as he got back onto the bed, his eyes still bright and smiling as he turned and went onto his knees, presenting me with another view of his backside. I got up onto my knees, my cock feeling heavy as it swayed before me as I got behind him.
I ran my hands over the cheeks of his bum and felt him quiver at my touch. They were like two smooth round stones. Firm and hard yet soft to the touch. His thighs too were smooth and I could feel the strength he had in them as my hands wandered up and down them before I placed one hand on his hip and took hold of my sheathed cock with the other. I could see now where the hand had put the cream and I nuzzled the tip of my cock into the middle of it and felt him tremble again.
I slowly moved my hips forward and felt the pressure against my cock head as I pressed it to him and then watched as the head began to disappear inside him and felt the pressure all round it as it moved in.

Keeping My Boss Happy – Sharing My Beautiful Wife – Hardcore! – Get it Now!

by Urbano Novelliere


Steve is a company man with the perfect wife. Sure, he’s dreamed about sharing his wife with other men, but he’s decided that it’s just a harmless fantasy and, frankly, that’s all it should ever be.

But everything changes when Steve’s boss, Mr. Bouton, expresses a desire to “enjoy” his wife. All of sudden, Steve’s fantasies are within reach.  

But how will his wife react? One the one hand, they were both virgins on our wedding night and have only ever been with one another. But what will happen to Steve if he can’t keep his boss happy?


“I think that by making love to your wife while you watch I will create a stronger bond with you. I know it will enhance my feelings for you. I also believe that by asserting my dominance over you in this most intimate area of your life I will help you to become a better subordinate. Please keep in mind how important this is to me.”

“It is not unusual for a man to enjoy watching another man make love to his wife, my employer continued. “I think it is likely that when you watch your wife undress for me you will be nearly as aroused as I know I will be.”

“But you do not know my wife. You have never met her.”

“I have seen the photos of her that you have in your cubicle. Your wife is a handsome woman, Steve. I must have her.”

“We were virgins on our wedding night. We have been faithful to each other ever since.”

“That is delightful, Steve. It will enhance my enjoyment.”

“I have never asked this about an assignment before Mr. Bouton. Is this necessary?”

“Yes, I believe it is.”

I took a deep breath. Clearly, there was no saying no to my boss. He had hiredme after I had endured a long period of unemployment. With the uncertain economy I was reluctant to disappoint him. “When do you want to come over?”


When I told my wife about my new assignment, she blushed crimson. My wife is a modest and proper woman, one in whose presence one should never mention anything indecent. She is shy with strangers.

“How can he expect that of us?” she protested.

“He thinks this will make me more of an asset to his firm,” I replied.

“I have never met Mr. Bouton.”

“He thinks your photos are beautiful. You know that in the past I told you that watching you have sex with him was an agreeable fantasy with me.”

“It’s an agreeable fantasy with me,” my wife admitted, “but we decided that it should remain a fantasy.”

“We didn’t know how to approach him. We were afraid he would thing I was trying to win his favors unfairly. Mr. Bouton has taken care of that for us. He did the selecting.”

“We also did not know how we would respond.”

“We are going to learn.”

“What should I cook for dinner?”

“My parents liked the venison and wild rice you prepared for them on their last visit. I will buy some at Whole Foods, and get several bottles of French wine.”

“What should I wear?”

“A modest dress. The fact that you have been chaste up to now is a real turn on for him.”

“I don’t even know what Mr. Bouton looks like.”

“I think you will find him attractive. People say he looks dignified.”

“Will you respect me when this is over?” my wife asked. 

Private Secretary Secrets – Office Affairs Erotica

by Uther Pendragon

  Meghan accepts a job as a private secretary to Paul Monroe, but little does she know that she is expected to do things beyond her secretarial duties.

The firm’s HR advises her clearly of the job descriptions: good pay, good benefits, bad hours, but no job security.

And her boss, Paul, is a man who gets what he wants. He wants his requests done, no matter what they are. And he emphasizes on brutal honesty.

When he asks her to book for a private room in a restaurant to have dinner together, he asks something of her. Will she be able to give him his brutal honesty and say no or will she risk her integrity to keep her job?

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Dinner Service
He kissed the back of her ear again. Her nipples turned traitor and rose to the strokes of his fingers. She was frightened and offended. She was also a little aroused. It was now impossible to leave the room, at least to leave before getting dressed again.

His kisses trailed down her ear and then down her neck. Finally, he stopped touching her for a moment. Should she grab her clothes and run? Run where?

His jacket dropped on her clothes, and the opportunity passed — if there ever had been an opportunity. He turned her around by her shoulder. He kissed her again, holding her breasts with one hand and her left butt cheek with the other.

“Now my clothes,” he said..

The Body Search – Gay Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Chris Johns

WARNING This Book contains: Gay Sex, Gay Anal, and my personal favorite, Gay Oral.   Zack is ready to get on board the plane back home from Amsterdam. He is in line to the security check-in at the airport.

Zack carries with him a chunk of weed bought legally at a coffee shop in Amsterdam, thinking he won’t get caught or that he can get away with it. He usually gets away with anything with the help of his charm.

Peter, fairly new to the airport security department, finds out about the weed and threatens to put Zack into prison. Zack pleads that he will do anything for Peter to let him get away….. ANYTHING!?!

“I’m going all the way in with this finger Zack, to check you have nothing concealed up here.”

Zack was feeling too humiliated to say anything but it did feel amazing as Peter eased all the way in and then moved the finger around inside him. Pulling the finger out Peter re-entered with a second finger. He eased them both all the way in again before slowly rotating them and finger fucking Zack a couple of times and then withdrawing them.

“Mmm, I’m not sure that’s clear in there, hop up on the table on your back Zack. – Spread your legs wide and then bend them pulling your knees back as far as you can.”

“Crikey, Peter, anything, anything at all.”

“Does that include your anal virginity?”

Zack was shocked, he had never considered the idea of gay sex. He wasn’t in to women either because bottom line was that Zack was more than a little narcissistic.

He gulped and looking at Peter nodded his head, “Yeah, I guess. What else?”
“I want to make love to you Zack, completely, I want to satisfy you as well as myself.”

Zack didn’t know what to say so he said nothing, but he watched Peter as he went to lock the door and then started stripping off….

A Wonderful Love – Gay Romance – Get it Now!

by Chris Johns

WARNING:  If Man on Man Sex offends you, DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!
Brett has lived a good, religious life. He truly has a good heart.

On his way home one night, he passes through a graveyard. There he sees a boy so small for his age, shaking and crying on a woman’s grave. He convinces the boy to come home with him.

The boy wouldn’t even utter a word. He’s clearly traumatized. Brett takes care of him until eventually, he started talking. He says his name is Daniel.

Brett calls for Social Services asking for the custody of this boy for he has learned to love him. Daniel makes Brett happy for no reason at all. Custody is granted but will be taken away so soon. Police officers arrest Brett for apparently having sex with Daniel who’s still a minor. But he didn’t. Daniel goes away unnoticed for he would only want Brett to take care of him and nobody else.

Brett gets back home after being falsely accused. He looks around for Daniel and finds him. He loves him more than anything and gives him the comfort that he needs. He also fixed Daniel’s going back to school.

But all this kindness Brett shows Daniel is going to be repaid with ungratefulness. Two years of a good and happy life together turns Daniel into someone Brett never thought he would be…

Then, they break it off. Brett is deeply hurt! He lives his life as if there’s no reason for living. But destiny has set their paths to cross and ten years later, they will meet again…

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Brett and Daniel
Brett wasn’t prepared for what happened when they closed the door of his house. Daniel threw himself into his arms, again, and reiterated his courtroom statement.

“I really do love you Brett. I never expected this much happiness in my life again after my mother died.”

Brett couldn’t hold it all together. This small bundle of boy had brought more joy into his life than he could imagine. The tears were testament to those feelings, but they shocked Daniel.

“I’m sorry Brett, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Oh God, Daniel, you have no idea do you? I have loved you since I first washed all the grunge off you in the bath that first night. You are so beautiful, I would give my life to keep you with me forever.”

Daniel beamed. “Does that mean I can stay here forever?”

Brett laughed through his tears, “Yes my lovely boy, until eternity and beyond.”

“We have a warrant here for the arrest of a Mr. Brett Salmon on a charge of unlawful sex with a minor.”

Daniel was shocked into a temporary paralysis. He couldn’t move until a struggling Brett appeared cuffed and being dragged by the two police officers.

“You’ll have to come with me now Daniel. You’ll be safe at the children’s home.”

Daniel took a good look at what was happening and ran. Too late for anyone to stop him he banged hard on the door of the vicarage until the vicar answered.

Daniel threw himself at the vicar and dissolved.

Just Another Boring Sales Conference

by Alyx Niks

Chloe is attending just another boring sales convention until she meets Tom.

“Just Another Boring Sales Convention” is an erotic shorty story for adults only! If you’ve ever attended a boring convention for work, you’ll emphasize with this sexy romp. You might have even fantasized about it. 🙂

Another quickie, in and out from Alyx Niks. Words: 2,400 (about 12 pages).

Yuletide Sex Shocker – Gay Hardcore

by Sebastian Couder


Rich Logan and Jason Towne are roommates in college. They stay on campus over Christmas, neither of them can afford to go home.

Rich comes right out and tells Jason that he’s gay, so he can get another roommate if he wants to. But he didn’t.

Rich surprises Jason one day with a Christmas gift. Feeling embarrassed of not having given him anything in return, he decides to give himself to Rich since he’s been sensing that Rich desires him and his body.

They enjoy having sex and does it regularly, however they forget to lock the door that one time! Someone sees them in bed together, but who? They discover it’s the school jock Ryan Cooke. He shows up the next day with a blackmail prepared for Rich.

Rich gives in and offers his lovely ass to Ryan against his will. But Ryan is evil. He has asked someone to take photos of them while doing the deed without letting Rich know. He has prepared another blackmail.

Upon knowing that, Rich is mad and depressed. He leaves campus without telling Jason where he’s going. But Jason now cares for Rich and plans the revenge…

We were heading on up the stairs. Half way down the hallway I slowed. “Do you want to do a threesome?” I asked.

“Do you?’

“I will, if you want to,” I agreed.

“Truth? This is the wildest fantasy I’ve ever had. I’ve always wanted to try getting fucked by two guys at the same time.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know what Cooke’s got, but you know what I’ve got. How much more do you think you can you handle?”

“That’s what I want to find out.”

They changed positions with Ryan stretched out on his back with his arms up over his head and Rich mounted him. He rode down then rode his big cock like he was on a bucking bronc. Rich being in control was driving Ryan nuts. I had to admit it was exciting as hell to watch, too, but I wanted in on the action. I wanted to see if Rich could actually take us both. I climbed on the bunk behind him. He glanced over his shoulder with a slack smile and bent down over Ryan’s torso, tilting his butt up for me.

“What the hellâ?¦? What’re you gonna do?” Ryan asked.

“I’m getting tired of waiting,” I said as I positioned my cock between Rich’s butt along the top of Ryan’s cock.

“Aww, your cock is hot,” Ryan said.

“Just move over and make room for a real cock,” I said.

“Shit, that monster is going to crush mine,” he whined.

I pushed and maneuvered and shoved and had a hell of a time but Rich’s ass finally, suddenly gave way and the head of my cock slipped insideâ?¦


by Alexia Stark

Simone has a dirty mouth and a nasty attitude. Archer thinks maybe a good down and dirty session will teach her a lesson.

Content Warning: This story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language as well as a fetish some readers might not enjoy.

Word count: 3,400+

Summer – Romance and Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Rhys Lysander

  It’s not love at first sight for them.

A widower for quite some time, Jon really isn’t prepared to love again. He’s been with a couple of women but none of them made his heart go crazy, until he meets Ellie.

On a fateful chance Jon Edson, CEO of Racor Incorporated, meets Ellie, owner of a small flower shop. It’s an unpleasant first meeting, not very romantic if told in a story to be passed on to children and grandchildren. But over time, it will change not only the course of the story but also the lives of both Ellie and Jon.

Jon is about to find out something about Ellie that sets her apart from any other woman he knows…

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Summer,A Love Story in Three Seasons
This is a must-read with romance, hardcore sex and some humor all contained within the pages of this book as well as the other books of this series!

Grab a copy NOW.

“I have one last question for you, Jon,” she said as she let the two of them into her apartment. “Are you the kind of man who takes what he wants?” She slid the straps of her dress to her sides, her ample bosom still holding her dress up. She looked at him impassively.

He smiled and said, “Only in the boardroom, not in the bedroom. In the bedroom I’ll take only what is offered.” He slipped his fingers under the fabric and pushed it down to reveal the marvelous breasts hidden beneath. He bent a knee and kept pushing the fabric of the dress until it dropped and pooled at her feet. As promised, she was nude, and shaved, beneath.

As she stepped out of the dress Jon removed her heels, and she put her feet down on either side of the dress. She placed her hands behind his neck and pulled him in for a kiss as his hands found her breasts, “Well then, I am offering.”

She said, “Give me two minutes, then follow.”

Jon watched her dimpled backside walk down the hall and turn into a room. A moment later a light came on. He hastily removed his jacket and kicked off his shoes. In moments he was naked, his cock at full attention and ready to service Ellie in whatever manner she desired.

Certain the two minutes were up, Jon walked the short distance to the open door. Turning into the bedroom he saw Ellie on her knees at the edge of the bed. Her face was down on the bed, her hands on either side of her lovely butt, her fingers holding her pussy open in an explicit, lewd, and completely obvious invitation. It was also plainly submissive.

Standing right behind her he put his hands on her inner thighs and pushed her knees a bit further apart. Satisfied with her position, he pushed down between her shoulder blades, arching her back and forcing her to stick her exposed ass out just a little more.

Kneeling, he moved his face within an inch of her pink and very wet pussy. She jumped when his tongue touched her folds. He covered her hands with his own and held her firmly in place as he lapped at her juices. Eager to see if he could get her off quickly, he tongue fucked her pussy and intermittently flicked the tip of his tongue against her clit.

Cathy’s Day – HOT ADULT HARDCORE – Get it Now!

by Benjamin Knight

Cathy finds herself stranded at a bus stop in a suburb with the next bus a long time away.

An old man convinces her to accompany him to a nearby adult store and watch him masturbate in a video booth. One thing leads to another and she finds herself in a predicament she couldn’t have imagined.

MF, MMF, Non Cons, Oral, Glory Hole, Exhibition

Cathy felt tired. The heat was intense yet as the warmth radiated through her body, a sensation of laziness washed through her. She yawned and stretched her arms over her head while lifting her toes off the ground. It was then that she noticed a man in sex shop window. He was stealing glances at her through the storefront from across the street. Feeling mischievous she arched her back as she stretched, allowing her breasts to push against the fabric of her shirt causing it to open wider revealing more of her breasts. She chuckled as she noticed him staring mouth agape. Feeling bolder she decided to give him a bit more. She relaxed her body and slowly uncrossed her legs swinging them in a wide arc before crossing them again, giving the man a glimpse of the contents between. She could tell from the man’s expression that he was clearly embarrassed. She chuckled to herself as she saw him scamper away from the window. Odd she thought that a man openly reading a nudie magazine in a storefront window would be embarrassed by a mild display of sexuality like that.

With nothing else to distract her she leaned back against the bench and sighed wearily. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she opened her eyes again. Instead of the brilliant sunlight that had bathed her moments ago, she found herself staring at the silhouette of a person looming above her. She looked up at this person’s face and realized that it was none other than her “friend” from the storefront. He was a distinguished looking gentleman, about 5′-8″, and a tanned complexion. She guessed he was about early to mid sixties, and from up close he didn’t seem like the type who would visit a seedy sex shop, or be reading dirty magazines in an open storefront for that matter.

Unsure of his intentions Cathy tried to think of something to say. But she didn’t have to as he broke the silence.
“Excuse me miss…” He was looking right down at her, perhaps straight down through her open blouse. However she didn’t adjust her clothing, letting him enjoy the view of her creamy breasts.
“I…err..well…” he stammered, “I was wondering…ummm..”

“Can I help you?” Cathy asked, smiling sweetly as she arched her back slightly making her breasts push out against her shirt again. She was clearly enjoying teasing this old man. Perhaps it was the heat, but she realized she was being uncharacteristically naughty. She was probably giving this old man the best show he’d ever gotten outside of a strip club she thought to herself.

“Ahem…aa..hem…” He cleared his throat and tried again. “Miss I was wondering if you could maybe… well this will sound strange, but would you come with me to…umm” Unable to complete the sentence he pointed across the street to the sex shop.

For a moment Cathy could not believe what she has just heard. But she saw the man blushing beet red and realized she had indeed heard it correctly. This strange old man, who looked like a perfectly nice, normal guy, had just asked her to accompany him into a sex shop.

Realizing that Cathy was still silent, the man pressed his case. “Miss please, I know it sounds strange, and well, I saw you and…if only for five minutes even…you would make an old man happy.”

Infidelity Strikes – The Sibling Rivalry – Lesbian Sex – Get it Now!

by Miranda Mars

WARNING: This book contains interracial lesbian seduction and sex, cunnulingus, tribadism, jealousy, sex with secretaries, love and passion. If lesbian sex offends you, then DO NOT buy this book. Otherwise, ENJOY!

When Laura approaches Sara’s place to hook up, she doesn’t find her there; she’s had to go out of town because of an emergency. Instead, she finds Sara’s sister Dee Dee.

Curious of what it’s like to be with a lesbian, Dee Dee seduces Laura.

Laura fights the temptation, God knows how hard she fights, but Dee Dee is determined. Laura is trapped! There’s no stopping Dee Dee…


“Honey, your boobs are so pretty,” Laura murmured, slurping Dee Dee’s nipples thirstily. “And your beautiful nipples are so black and shiny.”

“Oh . . . suck!” Dee Dee gasped, her head falling back after the effort of keeping it up so long to watch Laura’s mouth and fingers on her breasts. “Please, Laura . . . do it! Do it hard!”

She sucked Dee Dee’s other nipple deep into her mouth, now holding Dee Dee’s small breast in both hands, kneading the round firm flesh, pinching her thick wet nipple between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, until Dee Dee was literally thrashing and moaning under her.

Laura really mouth-mauled Dee Dee’s beautiful small breasts, first one, then the other, then back again, not letting up, sensing that Dee Dee did not want her to let up. In the back of Laura’s mind, even though she did not let the thought get anywhere near her present consciousness, was the certainty that this would never happen again. She had done what she could to prevent it from happening at all, but since that hadn’t worked, she knew she and Dee Dee would never share this moment again, and she had to make the most of it. Her lust, having been unsuccessfully bottled up and suppressed, seemed doubly strong now as she unleashed it on the lovely writhing woman who whimpered and moaned under her on the bed.


Dee Dee’s black eyes were wide and shiny, imploring Laura, begging to be taken, ravished, consumed, and Laura was dying to do it. She removed her wet fingers from Dee Dee’s ass, wiping them hastily on the sheet, and used the same hand to guide both monstrous appendages toward Dee Dee’s well-lubricated passages. The upper prong, of course, slid easily into the girl’s puckered wet pussy–it was fat enough to stretch her glistening black cunt lips taut as it sank in, causing a tight little groan deep in Dee Dee’s chest–but even though Laura had loosened it, Dee Dee’s asshole still clenched tight to prevent the bottom one from sliding in fast.

“Ommnggg!” Dee Dee grunted, her eyes watering again as she looked down at the huge stalks protruding from her groin in a sort of mild panic, her nostrils flaring, as Laura pushed with her hips slowly forward, inching them in.

“Just a little . . . more . . .” she panted, also watching, as the last few inches disappeared slowly inside Dee Dee’s impaled pussy and crammed asshole, between her amazingly round and hard black cheeks.

The Books in Laura and Sara’s Love Affair in order: 

Book 1 - Love and Pain at the Dentist
Book 2 - A New Love Nest
Book 3 - Infidelity Strikes
Book 4 - Her Undoing

Get them Now! And enjoy 🙂

School Lessons & Confessions – Hardcore

by R.W. Pell

  WARNING: This story contains Student-Teacher Seduction, Spanking, Teasing, FEMDOM, Blowjob, Clitoris-Stimulation and may be too much to handle!

Suzanne is in trouble… AGAIN.

College has put her into series of punishments from Mr. French, a faculty whom she’s been eyeing for quite some time. She lusts at her and puts herself in for punishment over and over again just to have his hands on her.

Nevermind the pain, Suzanne loves it. Again and again she misbehaves, hoping to be punished by Mr. French. Until Mr. French complains about her constant misbehavior. Suzanne then confesses her true reasons.

Yes, she’s been lusting at Mr. French. Mr. French takes this to his advantage… not for himself, but in punishing Suzanne.

Suzanne is about to get the punishment she longs for… Well, not exactly.

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Suzzane’s Lesson

“You are a bad girl Suzanne,” He told her “And bad girls get punished don’t they?”

“Yes.” She answered in a whisper, fearing another slap to her already sore ass.

He lightly tapped her again, managing to catch exactly the same spot as before, increasing the sensitivity.

“I didn’t hear you.” He teased a little.

“I said, yes.”

Captivated Attractions – Friends with Benefits – Gay Hardcore Erotica

by Chris Johns

When his mother died, it seemed as though Matt Stator died with her. Robbed of hope, he sets out on a self-destructive path of everything from piercings and tattoos to drugs.

In fear for what might happen to his son, Mark seeks help and soon a plan of action is underway. Sky’s help is enlisted, and his job includes abducting Matt and straightening him out. Determined to to see his work through, Sky teaches Matt to obey by way of rewards and punishments. What he didn’t expect is teaching him more than that…

As Matt slowly regains his old self, he makes those around him proud by paving his way to a brighter future. But with life comes disappointments, and his pride leaves him losing what he cherishes the most.

A story of love, grief, sexuality, and forgiveness, with a romantic
twist of events that turns captor into captive…

This story is also known as “A Friend in Need”


Matt was shaking now and looking round to see what was coming. He saw Sky pick up the cane that Alexander had carried.

“Ten Matt.”

With no more ado Sky positioned himself and administered the first stroke. Matt heard it coming and tensed his bottom muscles. When it struck the pain was unbelievable. He was unable to scream for several seconds, nothing in his world had prepared him for this level of pain. Sky waited a full minute before delivering the next one. This time the scream was almost instantaneous followed by a very broken plea.

“Oh God Master, please no more. I promise I will be good.”

The pain was spreading throughout his body like a forest fire and Matt thought he would die long before he had received all ten…

Exotic Erotica Exhibition – Extra Hardcore!!!

by R.W. Pell

Erotica, the best and most awaited exhibition show of the year is about to begin…

Robin and his wife Jenni are out to see the fourth Erotica Show in London. They’re excited, just as everyone else is.

Robin came back from getting drinks for him and his wife. He noticed that a lady has joined their table and was having a good conversation with his wife. Her name is Sally and he thought she’s hot!

Then, the show has begun. Robin didn’t even notice that the lady’s company, her husband Trevor, has arrived. After the show, Robin and Jenni invite this couple to give them company for the night.

Their libidos are sky high! They went to Robin and Sally’s home where they tried a mini erotica exhibition show of their own…

Warning: You are about to be amused and entertained. Beware of the dripping of different kinds of secretions. This book will take you to the edge… and over.


“We have, for the first time in England, obtained the first, the one and only, full nudity licence.” As she screamed the last few words, she grabbed her uniform and yanked it off, Velcro letting the garment part to reveal her complete nudity underneath. All that she had on while the tumultuous applause washed over her, was her boots that did indeed almost reach her upper thighs, a belly jewel and a clit stud with a coloured stone, sparkling in the harsh stage lights. I noticed as I took her loveliness in, that she was totally hairless, not even eyebrows, not a single hair on her body. God! I thought she’s so fucking hot!

Lucy treated us to a very erotic dance with a black partner with a large schlong. Then the show went on…


Trevor’s eyes were large and round at the sight of these two beautiful women, virtually naked that stood before us. An extended moment passed until I took charge of the situation.

“Come here, Sally. Stand in the centre of the room.” She complied obediently, showing little hesitation. Jenni, get the whip and two blindfolds, bring the cuffs and do it quickly. Her training came to the fore and she hurried to fulfil my wishes. She returned within a minute with the things I had ordered.

Put a blindfold on Sally, Jenni and then come here to me. Jenni put Sally’s new lacy frilled blind on over her eyes and then scurried to stand in front of me. Her years of training were paying off, but were about to be put to the test. She had never been treated as a slave in front of anyone before, but she seemed not to be too troubled by Trevor’s hungry gaze on her body.

I took the blindfold from her and placed it over her eyes. Then I looped her cuff link chain through the ring of her collar and fastened her hands, restricting her movements. The effect was to push her tits together and the harness bit into the soft flesh of her orbs.

I stood her next to Sally in the centre of the room while Trevor and I admired them. Then, with no warning, I swished the whip and flicked it across Jenni’s buttocks…

Bite Me, Lovely

by Aaron Sparx

Alva has a gift for her handsome vampire lover Dom, a BDSM treat. Vulnerable, fragile human Emma finds herself in the bedroom chamber of two dangerous and sexy vampires. She’s under their spell, and instead of fear, she’s filled with lust and want for these creatures.

Will this be an unforgettable night of bondage and menage a trois, or should Emma fear for her life? Find out in Bite Me, Lovely, a sensual, dark erotic tale for women. Adults only. slight BDSM, M/F/F


“I have a gift for you,” Alva drawled and licked her bottom lip. She pressed her fang against the top of her chin and watched her handsome lover approach his gift. “Do you like it?”

Dom crossed the bedroom and stopped before the rose petal covered king-sized bed, studying his delectable gift. Sprawled atop the white sheets was a curvy and pale, unconscious brunette, wrapped with a silk crimson ribbon around her torso. Just like a Christmas present, Dom mused.

“Isn’t it lovely?” Alva smiled, her eyes glowing orange like coyotes in the dark.

Dom grinned, enjoying the way his Alva referred to the human as it. Humans to their kind were like cows to peopleâ??well except humans didn’t have hot sex with cows before devouring them. “She’s cute,” he replied, his c**k hardened beneath his slacks as his violet eyes trailed from her bare toes, to her sweet belly, to the pink, inviting peaks of her breasts. She breathed and her chest rose. He could hear the delicious blood her healthy heart pumped.

COVER: all the cover images used are free for use stock art found on

The Gigolo

by Isabella King

Men seemed to expect Kara Kavanagh to be as tough in the bedroom as she was in the boardroom but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. She may have been a tough business cookie with a hard nosed exterior but she had a delightfully soft and submissive centre and would rather find herself tied to the bedposts than stamping on his cock in her stilettos.

She didn’t have time for men, but when William Baron walked into her life Kara thought she’d found someone to love – someone she wouldn’t have to hide her secret from…

*NB: If you have already purchased In a Tight Hole (no longer available) you may not want to read The Gigolo. This is a replacement – same characters but totally different path.

The Gym Challenge – Gay HARDCORE – Get it Now!

by Chris Johns

WARNING! This book contains Gay sexual scenes, Gay Sex, Multiple Gay sex partners, Gay Anal Sex and Gay Oral Sex. If Man on Man Sex offends you, DO NOT read this book. Otherwise enjoy!

Nick finds something interesting at the gym!

Being told that he’s becoming a slob, Nick gets his act straight and heads to the gym. Working out at least three times a week, Nick can now look in the mirror and say he looks pretty good for his age.

At the gym, Nick sees four young “Drop Dead Gorgeous” men who works out at the same time he usually does. They’ve become his eye candy.

Unexpectedly, Joey (one of the guys), makes a snide comment about Nick’s manhood being “tiny”. Because of it, Joey makes a bet with Nick. The prize: whoever has the bigger penis will ass-fuck the one with the smaller penis. The conclusion of this bet will surely surprise everyone!

After that episode, the three other guys visit Nick’s place individually without letting the others know. Why is that so?

There’s something going on behind closed doors that will surely surprise you! Being friends for 10 long YEARS will never guarantee you really know your so-called “friends”.

“You really ought to get your gaydar serviced, all of you.”

Sample 1:
As soon as we are naked, we move close together so that we can play with each other’s dicks. When we are both hard if there is any doubt about who has the biggest, one of your mates can measure them.

If I win, I am going to get comfortable in this chair and you can get between my legs and blow me. When I am ready, I want you on your back, in the middle of the floor, with your legs in the air. I will stretch you as much as I can with my fingers before sticking my cock up your arse. It will hurt but I will be as gentle as I can be. If you win, you do your own thing but only in this room. Agreed?”

Sample 2:
“You have my respect whatever your friends might say or do. If they are true friends they will never mention this again.”

They left soon after and I was sure they would not give Joey a hard time or broadcast what had happened here. I had rather put them on their honour to be discreet.

You can imagine my surprise when an hour after they left, while I was having my nightcap of coffee and Cointreau there was a tap at my door. Through the spy hole, I could see Colin, Joey’s friend. I let him in and asked him what I could do for him. He was looking everywhere but at me as he said…

Diary Of A Slut – Hardcore! – Get it Now!

by Jen Rogers

WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes, seduction, threesome, professor and student, voyeurism, and public sex. If these things and events offend you, then DO NOT buy this book.

Jen Rogers is a self-professed slut and is damn proud of it! When it comes to sex, “too much” isn’t even close to enough. So when she finally turns eighteen and the last restrictions are off, Jen quickly finds there’s nothing she won’t do to get what she wants.


God, it was so hot watching from the darkness as she stroked his cock until he shot his “white stuff” all over and she let it drip down her hand. If it was a special guy, she’d suck on him. It always started with her saying, “OK, but just don’t cum in my mouth!” Usually they’d warn her but sometimes they didn’t. She’d be sucking and bobbing her head and all of a sudden, she’d pull away, spitting and sputtering!

I thought it was funny as hell seeing her cough, cum dribbling down her chin and onto her huge boobs. The first time I saw I burst into uncontrollable laughter. She almost shit and begged me not to tell Mom and Dad. I got a lot of mileage out of that. I never had to take the bus again. But back to the sleepovers…


Anyway, after class I went up and apologized for being late and he said it was ok. I pretended to be interested in what he had on his desk and leaned over so that one of my tits brushed his cheek. I saw him looking down my gaping blouse and I’m sure he could see all the way to my nipples.

I let him look for a couple of minutes then said, “You like my tits?” I think I shocked him, ’cause he mumbled something like he was sorry. I told him that it was okay and that I like guys looking at them. I took his hand and put it on one of my boobs. He held it there, feeling its weight and then ran his thumb over the hard nipple.

I reached down and squeezed his stiff cock. It felt kinda small so I was a little disappointed. He mumbled something about not getting involved with his students. I told him, “I’m not interested in getting involved. A blow job or a quick fuck isn’t going to hurt anything, is it?” I felt his dick jump when I talked dirty to him.

I knew this was his last class of the day so I walked over and locked the door. I went back and pulled off my blouse, giving him a good look at my boobs. “Would you like me to suck your dick, Mr. Jenkins, or do you want to fuck me?”

A Film Festival to Remember – Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Chris Camino


A husband has a surprise for his lovely wife. But it’s not tickets to the Spanish film festival like he promised. Instead he’s arranged a gangbang with her in the starring role. His treat? The pleasure of sitting back and watching his wife forced to take on all comers. Although they’ve had many sexual adventures together, this will be a night that neither of them will forget.


I step back and release my now stiff member into the night air. I pump it a couple times. I draw you forward over the rail and you shuffle your feet to balance on top of the rail. Your mouth finds my cock. Your hips and the very tops of your thighs balance on the rail, your legs are spread slightly to balance.

The steel door that you hadn’t yet given much notice to opens behind you and you hear footsteps on the concrete loading dock. “Oh look at this!”, emanates from behind you in a heavily accented Spanish baritone. You move to turn towards the newcomer, but I command you to keep sucking me. With one hand in your hair, I shove my cock deep into your throat, gagging you slightly. Your head bobs up and down obediently while I hold you steady with one hand and caress your head with the other.

You feel your dress being lifted up and tucked under your cuffed hands, exposing your gorgeous panty clad bottom to the stranger. His hand caresses your exposed cheek, and slides warmly over your hip and down your thigh. In a flash your panties are cut from you. You feel the night air on your moistening mound. You are frantic to stand. I hold you firm. Stranger hands trace the curves of your hips and ever so softly, from front to back, a warm finger runs the length of your labia. Front to back, again, and again.

Beginning Fire – Paranormal Romance / Vampire Romance / Vampire Erotica Book Part 1 (Hot Vampire Erotic Romance Novel Book Series)

by Tara Gleeson

On a fall day a woman sits watching the trees die one by one. She thinks of death as she watches the trees and suddenly realizes there is a man walking toward her in the field across from her. Her first time with a man comes suddenly and soon she in the throes of passion with this unfamiliar man. She comes to find out that this man is more than he comes across as, and that she has now become like him. For the first time in her life she feels the fire of passion burning inside her. But who or what is this mysterious man?
Short story

Gloria and Jim – She learns to love Girls too – ADULT ONLY – Get it Now!

by Jen Rogers

  The Introduction of a young married woman to girl/girl sex. Gloria has been curious about sex with another female for a long time but has been afraid to act on the desire.

Jen meets Gloria in college and Introduces her to the pleasures of girl on girl sex. After numerous trysts, Gloria introduces Jen to her husband, Jim…

Mini Sales Sample or Samples:* I’d met Gloria in one of my college classes and we’d hit it off right away. She was a beauty, bright twinkling eyes, luscious full lips and skin the color of caramel. We’d had coffee between classes a couple times and one afternoon we decided to stop for a drink.

Our conversation eventually turned to sex as the drinks began to hit us. She bragged about her husband having a 12″ cock and joked that she getting tired handling it all by herself. The way she said it, I was sure it was a hint.

“I’d be thrilled to help you with that problem!” I giggled. “Any time you want a threesome, you just let me know!”

She looked at me for a bit and asked, “Have you ever done a threesome?” I nodded. “With another girl or two guys?” She asked. “Both,” I answered.

She looked at me like she had a question she didn’t quite know how to ask. “When you did the threesome with the other girl, did you do anything with her? I mean, like just you and her doing anything together?”

Now I knew what she was leading up to. I told her yes. “Did you like it? You don’t think it’s weird wanting to be with another woman; I mean, being with another woman?”

“No, it’s not weird.” I told her. “I love a big hard cock, but it’s so different and more sensual with another woman. Who knows better how to satisfy you than another woman? I take it that you’re interested but never tried it? It’s so fucking hot to be made love to by another girl!”

She explained, “When I was kid and we’d have sleepovers, we’d practice kiss and compare boobies but not much else. I’ve always wanted to but I was afraid they’d call me a lez or something.”

As Emeril Lagasse says, I decided to “kick it up a notch”! The drinks I’d had didn’t hurt either. “I’d love to be your first woman. Do you have to go home right away or do you want to come to my apartment and try it?” I asked. She thought for just a minute and said she’d call her husband, Jim, to say she wouldn’t be home for a while.

A Reunion to Remember – Lesbian Hardcore

by Miranda Mars

  “You are way better than anyone I’ve ever fucked with.”

It’s been a year and a half since Laura hasn’t met and kept in touch with Tamara. With one year of drastic change for Tamara, she reunites with Laura with a gold ring on her finger: she’s married.

After a long time of not seeing each other, Tamara invites Laura to her place in Santa Clara where she and Laura could have a friendly talk. But Laura is still lusting at Tamara and she just couldn’t pull out the whole sexy act again because Tamara is already married.

Just as Laura was about to leave brokenhearted, Tamara grabs her the last second and tells her she wants her.

Laura starts to feel the heat arising…

———————————————————————————– THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS A Reuinion With The LInebackers Wife

Provisional Test
Lustful Temptations
Chocolate Sandwich
A Reunion to Remember

This series is also known as “Laura and Tamara Chronicles”

Sample 1:
“You poor darling, you haven’t had a hot little girl-fuck since the three of us did it that day over a year ago?” she murmured, sucking one of Tamara’s earlobes.

“Ooohh . . . that tickles!” Tamara laughed and quivered.

Laura breathed hot breath into her ear. “I want to fuck you, you beautiful creature,” she breathed.

“Oh god. I think I want you to, too. That’s why I invited you here. I keep thinking about . . . when we did it. Before. God, it was good.”

“Yes, it was very good.”

“I’m really wet, Laura,” Tamara whispered, as if it were a secret…

Sample 2:
“I want to suck your beautiful nipples,” she breathed into Tamara’s ear.

Tamara beamed at her. “They’re all yours. You can go ahead and suck them until I come, if you want.”

“Mmmm,” Laura purred, kissing her way down Tamara’s shapely bare shoulder to her upper chest, cupping one delicious breast in her palm as her lips approached it. “Do you think you really could do that?”

Already Tamara’s breathing was accelerating. “I don’t know. I remember how hard you sucked them before. Nobody ever did that to me. I almost think I could.”

By this time Laura already had one thick, bulbous, mauve nipple inside her.

Craving for SEX – New Kind of Independence – Hardcore Erotica

by R.W. Pell

  Jean lives a very dull life, but that is about to change…

After years of being married to Bill, their relationship loses its magic. Jean is tired of being a plain housewife, with a husband who controls her. Her life is a ritual. Not to mention, her sex life is nothing to look forward to anymore.

Jean’s cancelled lunch date with her best friend Judy takes her to a new world of independence and opportunities.

For the first time, Jean gains control of her life. After going to a manpower agency to get a job, she meets a man who will awaken her non-existent sex life.

Thinking that it’s just going to be a normal afternoon at the park, Jean doesn’t expect things to turn VERY interesting…

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS A Day In A Life

Sample 1:
“I have to tell you Frank, this isn’t something I have done before. I’m not in the habit of going with a relative stranger into their room and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know what happens next.” Jean thought that she should be uncomfortable, should be ready for flight from the predicament, but she didn’t, she was quite taken by the ease she felt, was happily drinking a g and t with this beautiful man in his room, was perfectly comfortable in the knowledge that she would fuck him in a while and all this was just a prelude.

“Jean, if I thought for one second, that you were that type of woman, I can assure you, we would not be sitting here now.” His voice softened to a deep rumble, she liked it very much.

Jean got up from her chair and looked at him. Her hands found buttons and one by one, from the neck down, she undid them, leaving her white blouse open…

Sample 2:
Frank knelt between her parted legs, supporting them behind the knees and descended towards his object of desire. His tongue flicked out, tasting immediately her readiness, brushing lightly against her hairy labia. She was intoxicating to him, he wanted nothing more than to plunge into her until he was spent, but he also wanted this experience to last for as long as he could, his self control took over.

The tip of his tongue worked between her lips, adding his saliva to her natural essence, questing for and then finding her clit. Lightly, he teased her nub with just the very tip of his pointed tongue, feeling her shiver and gasp as he increased the pressure and tempo of his attentions. Judging the time to be right, Frank sucked her clit into his mouth, gratified by her hardness, her taste and the sudden screech that issued from her mouth that seemed to be remote from his vantage point. Her knees jerked up, altering his angle somewhat and needing an adjustment from him. Finding the right position, Frank once again sucked her into his mouth, between his teeth and began to flick his tongue tip over the sensitive nub. Jean gasped and shivered her breathing rapid and shallow between clenched teeth. Without thought, her legs opened wider, as far apart as possible to allow him full access. The pleasure his mouth was giving her was electric, all consuming, an endless high that had her panting and coming in wave over wave of delirious, nerve jangling euphoria. Then she did something that she had never managed before…

Sharing Sweet and Sexy Wives – The More, The Merrier! – ADULT ONLY – Get it Now!

by Arius Pandarius

WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit scenes, including but not limited to voyeurism, interracial action, female cum, a little cheating, a lot of ménage, and some good, old-fashioned sex on the beach. Not for the faint of heart!

Every one of these stories is selling well on Amazon on its own. These are super-hot sensual stories to introduce you to your new favorite authors.

Sharing Sweet and Sexy Wives is a collection of five erotic short-stories featuring loving, naughty wives who are always up for anything and anyone…or two or three.

Stories include:

My Wife the Party Treat by Urbano NovelliereHow I Got My Wife by Arius PandariusMy Wife’s Lover: The African Lion by Urbano NovelliereHoneymoon Instruction by Urbano NovelliereBoring? by Adam Gunn

EXCERPT – “My Wife the Party Treat”

My wife began. “At work I was feeling really sexy. I could hardly wait to come home to make love to you. Your call was a real disappointment, but I know that your job is important. When I came home from work, I took off my clothes, drank a few glasses of wine, and waited for you in the living room. When I heard a car drive up I thought it was you. I wanted to surprise you at the door, completely naked, and surprised your boss instead.

“He walked in, and held me gently, but you know how strong he is. I could not get away from him. He kissed me several times. I shook my head back and forth, saying, ‘This is wrong. Please let me go’. The wine and the desire I had been feeling for you went to my head. When he asked permission to have sex with me I did not want to anger him because of the layoffs. I hoped that I would be able to strengthen your job security without you learning about it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.


EXCERPT – “My Wife’s Lover: The African Lion”

When the African Lion visited us again my wife wore nothing but shoes, Chanel Number 9, and a long necklace. We ate quickly, eager to satisfy another appetite.

When they were on our marital bed I marveled at the contrast in skin color and size. My wife’s long brown hair flowed behind her, almost covering her perfect bottom. Araali held her gently with his magnificent, barbell honed arms. His penis was as long, as thick, and as hard as one would expect. Finally my wife said, “Don’t make me wait any more. Get inside of me.”

EXCERPT – “Boring?”

Before they unyoked, I pulled Beth to the side of the bed, got her to kneel and entered her from the rear. I took my time with her, caressing the interior of her tunnel with my manhood, using a finger to flick her clitoris, ensuring her g-spot was kneaded properly. Beth’s chest sank to the mattress, she concentrated on the pummeling I was giving her, I heard her say, “It’s a big one,” and then simply moan…

These stories will give you wonderful, sexy, sensual, fun new fantasies.

Plus, here’s a sample of Sweet Young Things – Giving It Up to Older Men. Enjoy!

A Breach in the Preacher’s Daughter – Lesbian Hardcore

by Miranda Mars

  Laura flies out to Dallas and meets Lila…again.

She’s been sent by her company for an assignment that she happily accepts, mainly because of Lila. She misses her so much. She still can’t understand why Lila just so suddenly left.

Landing on the airport, Laura calls Lila. Being the brave persistent woman that she is, she asks Lila out to dinner. Lila says yes and arranges a candlelit dinner in a steak house.

Laura asks her to come up to her hotel room and stay for awhile, take a shower perhaps like they used to. She knows Lila wouldn’t be able to resist that… Or can she be more wrong?

———————————————————————————– THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Another Shower With the Preacher’s Daughter
Lila’s breasts were so beautiful–large, springy, round, wet gourds of flesh, her nipples bulging and bursting and swollen and black and shiny wet–that Laura had to restrain herself from being too rough in her voracious love-assault. She wanted to just suck them down and swallow them greedily.

In the middle of kissing and kneading them, she remembered that unlike most women, Lila could actually come just from having them sucked, which she had done once or twice with Laura, to her and Laura’s happy surprise. What made Laura remember it was the way Lila’s body was quivering and trembling even now, in anticipation of Laura’s mouth on her nipples. They were very sensitive, as well as being large, mouth-tempting bulbs of delight.

Laura didn’t make her wait. She quickly took one wet black plum deep into her mouth, sucking the water from it and swallowing eagerly, pulling on Lila’s plump nipple so sharply that she could hear a tiny cawing gurgle rise up in Lila’s throat, even over the noise of the shower water…

True Colors Behind Her Underwear – Hardcore Erotica

by Rhys Lysander

  Tim takes a job during the summer thinking it will be a busy one this year. On his second day on the job, he forgets his cash and goes home to grab some lunch. It was a lucky strike perhaps because he is in for a really good surprise.

Unbeknownst to him, a girl walks into their neighbor’s backyard in a skimpy bikini on. when he finally gets sight of this, his eyes does not leave her. She moves the chair where it exactly hits a perfect view for him and starts touching herself.

In wild amusement, he moves closer for an even clearer view of her and involuntarily strokes his cock. They both cum together sending his sperm shooting across their neighbor’s fence.

The next day, the girl comes up to him and introduces herself as Tanya. She asks her if he enjoyed the show she put on for him the day before and he’s lost for words.

This story is the FIRST book in “Pornstar Girlfriend Series” 
The books in this series are listed below in order:

  1. “True Colors” Behind Her Underwear 
  2. Pornstar Weekend 

“So you really enjoyed my little show yesterday?”

“I, er, uh–“

“Oh come now. If it wasn’t you then someone else blew a big load on your fence the last two days while I was sunbathing.” Once again, my mouth was wide open and I had nothing to say. She stood slowly. “But if you weren’t watching then I guess I was wasting my time by moving the chair so you would have a better view. I suppose I should go then.” She turned away.

I swallowed dryly then blurted out, “Wait! Yes, I watched you. You were amazing.”

She turned back to me and grinned. It was a wicked look. “I like to show off once in a while. Especially when there is such an appreciative audience.”

“Oh, I definitely appreciated it.”

“So, show me.”

Blissful Love – Gay Romance and Drama

by Chris Johns

  A love that lasts is a love worth dying for. Consider yourself lucky if you’ll find this kind of love…

Nathaniel “Nat” Pridoe has been in love with Air Force pilot Zackary “Zack” Scott from the moment he saw him. The sight of Zack completes Nat’s day.

A short stuttered conversation leads to a wonderful love affair between Nat and Zack. Everything seems perfect until five years later, when Nat has become an Air Force pilot himself, something will happen that will shake Zack’s world forever…


This story is also known as “Nathaniel and Zack’s Story”

When I turned back round he was stood with legs astride and hands on hips in a very provocative pose.

“Well what do you think? Will I do as a boyfriend?” He turned through 360 degrees so that I could see all of him.

He took my breath away. He looked more like a model than a pilot. He must have worked out an awful lot to have a body like his.

“I thought I wanted to be a Royal Marine until I was eighteen so I worked my butt off in the gym. I guess it became a habit so I still do it about four times a week.”

“Zack, you are perfect.” I whispered. Well he was. He had hip hugger briefs on, brilliant white and so tight they left nothing to the imagination. I don’t think I had ever seen a more perfect human being in my life.

“You can get like me or I can put a set of trackies on and we can go back downstairs.”

I was naked in about thirty seconds. Well, almost naked. I still had my briefs on.

“Stand still Nat, I want to make a very close inspection of you.”…

Grey Memories – Where It All Began – Gay HARDCORE – Get it Now!

by Amy Redek

His amnesia is gone! Marcus Kane remembers everything now.

It takes a bullet through his head to lose all of his memories. But it takes a hit in the head to get everything back again.

Waking up in a hospital bed, Marcus Kane realizes he’s regained his memory back! His wife, Tracey Spencer (a male transvestite), is excited to hear the story of his husband’s life. You see, Tracey married Marcus without the slightest idea of who he really is, because of his gunshot-caused amnesia.

Marcus begins his tale about his life. In his story, Tracey will find out about when and how he became gay, his past male relationships, and why he came to be the undercover intelligence of the Foreign Office which led him to meet Tracey, have amnesia in the first place, and more importantly… find love.

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Kane, Early Years 

With a big smile on his face, he turned round on the bed and rose up onto his knees, presenting me with the sight of his bum cheeks high up just waiting for me to part them and shove my cock up his backside. I didn’t hesitate. I was soon between his legs and parted those cheeks and placed the head of my uncovered cock to his rear entrance and pushed forward.

God was it tight! The head of my cock was squeezed as it widened the entrance to his body and he gave out a cry as I enlarged it until it slipped in with the rest of the shaft following until my thighs were tight up to the cheeks of his bum and could go no further.

He then surprised me by gurgling as he flexed his internal muscle making my cock twitch inside that incredible heat that was now surrounding my cock.

I was in bed and drinking my second one when he came in and quickly got into bed and drank his before we muttered our goodnights as I turned out the light. I don’t know what he was dreaming about half an hour later, for he rolled over onto his side, nestling himself up to my back and I could feel that he had an erection.

Mine started to rise up at feeling his and came fully erect when I felt his hand come over my thigh and take hold of it.

‘Corporal,’ I said, wanting to say more as the hand suddenly whipped away.

‘Wh…what…oh, oh sorry sir,’ he stuttered. ‘I…I was dreaming. Sorry sir. I must have been dreaming you were somebody else.’ I rolled onto my back and looked at his face in the dim light coming in from the window.

‘You’ve slept with another man then?’ I asked softly.

‘Ye…yes sir,’ he said in a low mutter.

‘Did you have sex with him?’ was the question I asked, my cock really throbbing now hoping for the right answer.

Center Stage – Gay Romance – Get it Now!

by Chris Johns

  WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes, Gay Sex, Multiple Gay sex partners, Gay Anal Sex and Gay Oral Sex. If Man on Man Sex offends you then DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!

He knows he has talent.

He could dance the pants off anyone, he could sing and he knew that if given the opportunity, he could act too! Call him a big head and an arrogant little shit, but Peter Donavan wasn’t going to give up his dream.

Mike Andrews is certainly the best director in Broadway. Promoters, actors and actresses would grovel at his feet just to have him direct their shows. He’s a very strong and influential man in his industry. Here he met Peter and they both fell in love. But infidelity broke them apart.

Broken hearted and emotionally wounded, Peter picked himself up and pushed himself out of misery. Then he met Kurt, the one person who stood by him when everything else in his world was falling apart…

Peter is still in love with Mike. But Kurt is more than willing to make Peter happy. But pain, as they say, cripples a well person.

Will he ever see Kurt loving him from a distance now that his heartache with Mike has blinded him for love? Or will Kurt end up alone with only his unrequited love for Peter?

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Musical
He took me in his arms when I said that and looking into my eyes he said,

“It’s not going to end anytime soon from this side Peter. You know I love you don’t you.”

I actually didn’t. It had never occurred to me that what we had was more than just for the duration of the show and then we would both move on. Me a lot richer for the experience and happy that I had such a wonderful lover for that time.

“Mike, that is wonderful. I haven’t dared to fall in love with you because I didn’t think you would want me after the show closed. You have been a fantastic lover, you have given me more than I could ever have wished for at this stage in my life, but love. Phew, that is really heady stuff. I have admired you ever since I was a kid, I have loved what we have now, but you sound as though you are thinking long term and that is too awesome for me to consider even.”

“Well, start considering because I mean it. Peter you are adorable, I can’t imagine life without you now. I really do love you so much.”

He kissed me then and I cried. Well, so would you if you had any soul. This gorgeous, famous man loved me. He had made me so happy for the last couple of months….

The Order – Sci-Fi Gay Hardcore – Get it Now!

by Jason Crawford

There’s a battle raging between The Order and The Enemy with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, but The Order is losing it’s people.
Dr. Aaron Thomas wants to save The Order and mankind so he creates a new breed of warriors genetically enhanced with incredible physical and mental abilities.
Unaware of the true purpose for their recruitment, the men volunteer for a secret government project run by Dr. Thomas. After completing the Program, the men are paired as one Body and one Mind. Dr. Thomas still hasn’t revealed his true purpose, but he is guiding them and helping them grow into the men he needs them to be. 
Follow the exciting and erotic adventures of the two leaders of the group, Ken and Brad, as their lives change and their abilities grow and strengthen. Absent the knowledge of The Order’s and doctor’s true purpose, The Enemy is nonetheless aware of them and fears them. The Enemy is beginning to indirectly attack and test them. 
Ken and Brad love each other passionately, but can that love stand the trials and tribulations they are being thrust into?
As he moved his body down so he could take more of Ken’s dick in his mouth, Brad made sure his own leaking dick was rubbing against Ken’s leg. Knowing Ken doesn’t like a gentle blow job so he started using his tongue and throat to get him going even more.
With the pleasure Brad was giving him, Ken thought to himself, God I love this man so much. He almost started to tear up from the emotions he was feeling.
After about five minutes of Brad working over Ken’s dick he pulled off and said, “Ok buddy you’ve worn me out. I need a recharge courtesy of Ken Jr.” With that he got up and straddled Ken’s stomach again and lifted himself up to give Ken access to him. With one hand on Ken’s chest to keep him balanced, he reached back with his other hand and guided Ken’s dick into his warm waiting hole.
“Hey B, let’s flip over bro so I can take care of you now.” With that he sat up, and put his arms around Brad’s back, while Brad moved his legs around Ken’s waist and locked his ankles together. Ken effortlessly flipped them about two feet off the mattress and twisted them in the air so Brad landed on his back with Ken on top of him. He learned early on to brace himself for this maneuver, because even though he is a strong guy having Ken’s heavy frame come down on him could take his breath away if it caught him by surprise. As soon as they stopped bouncing on the mattress Ken lifted himself by his arms to ease his weight off Brad a little and started full stroking his dick into his lover. Brad raised his hips and Ken adjusted his aim so his dick started to rub itself over Brad’s prostrate with every stroke.
“Ohhhhhh… God Ken. Buddy… if you only knew how you make me feel when you do that…”

Strangers in a Hidden Haven – Romance and Seduction

by Julian Valens

  In a deserted part of town is a man and a woman waiting the train. For all the seemingly wrong reasons, they are stuck waiting for the train at the wrong hour. Late and desolate, they find themselves in a conversation that spark up an interesting but unsettling kind of emotion that neither one of them expects.

Fate brings together a man and a woman who are both stuck waiting for the train at the wrong hour in a deserted part of town.

Late and desolate, they find themselves in a conversation that sparks up an interesting but unsettling kind of emotion that neither one of them expects.

The night weaves them closer to each other as they learn about the unfamiliar parts of their lives. Yet she stays distanced and unassuming. Even so, it springs forth a deep emotion in him and stirs to life his sensual desires.

But one can only do so much when fate intervenes. They finally succumb to the emotions that hang so thickly in the air between them. He wants to take her home only to find her gone after waking up from a deep slumber.

Will he be able to find her again? Or will this be just a one night stand he’ll never ever forget?

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Wrong Choice
As the train sped along, I increased my own speed, one hand holding her waist as the other squeezed her tits. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open in a permanent moan as I slammed harder and harder, faster and faster into her. She wrapped her legs round my neck, her slender legs pressing me gently as I pounded her; her hands were caressing my chest, neck and face, stroking my hair when I moved in to suck her nipple, my other hand gently cupping her other tit, feeling it bounce in my hand from the fucking.

As I steadily approached orgasm, I raised myself up, grabbing her tits, using them as handles as I fucked her like a piston, the sound of our bodies slapping against each other complemented by the small screams that accompanied each tug on her milk glands.

Her breathing had become rapid now, with plenty of encouragement for me, both verbal and labial. Her hands were on my shoulders, digging in, squeezing and pinching them as she neared orgasm. Her tits bounced before me, the heavy jugs that I’d just punished asking for more pleasure. I obliged. Grabbing one and squeezing the soft meat till I could feel my own fingers through the flesh, all the while keeping up the effort on her pussy.

“Faster……harder……” And harder I went, her tits becoming redder and her pussy wetter. “ah..aahhh…ahhhhhh….” she was close. Grabbing a nipple, I twisted hard, pushing her over the edge…

Cybersex Expose – Hardcore Fantasy

by I.M. Byron

  Glen is bored. His wife has just started working for a law firm and her focus is all about getting settled in.

To kill his boredom, Glen explores forums on the internet with live cams. He chances upon a hot chick and later on realizes it is his sister-in-law. He works out a way to blackmail her and obliges her to do as he wants.

Will she fall into the trap he has set out for her? Or will she find a way out and tell her sister about his threats?

———————————————————————————–THIS STORY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Roulette Blackmail
Sample:His glee at seeing a new email from Lauren soon sank when he read her email.

What the hell! Is this some sort of prank? You expect me to do that shit? And what, let you record me again?!?

Glen tried to think through the situation and finally wrote a response.

This is no joke. You WILL be on at 10 pm. You WILL have something sexy on. You WILL have a toy or something to play with.

How many cocks did you get hard and then leave them high and dry? Tonight you’ll finish the job.

You are welcome to make sure your face isn’t visible if you are afraid I’ll record.

Be a no show… and you’ll have some explaining to do.

The Dress – Seduction and Romance – Get it Now!

by Michelle Steele

  A full-figured 27-year-old woman hates wearing a dress. Well, she has her reasons.

She never wears one until that one time that she HAS to.

You see, her boyfriend asks her to wear, even just for once, a dress. She loves him and he loves her more than anything in this world, so she finds his little request so hard to refuse.

It took her quite some time to make her choice but here it is, the DRESS. She buys it and gets a pair of lovely heels to pair it with.

She intends to keep her dress purchase a secret, silently praying that her boyfriend will forget his behest. But she isn’t so lucky this time; the request is now being called for.

Wearing that dress might cause her to lose all of her self-dignity….. Or perhaps not.

I avoided for a moment, sat with him and had a cigarette. I know he knew me well enough to know I was delaying the inevitable. That I was savoring my last moments of dignity and safety. But with the end of my cigarette came the snapping of my safety harness. I wasn’t wearing makeup, and truly if I’m going to do something I AM going to do it right. He laid on my futon and watched patiently as I put on makeup, brushed my hair, and sighed dramatically at every possible chance.

Finally I was done. There were no more excuses, no more diversion tactics in my arsenal. Well, there may have been a few, but he would have seen straight through them and if there is one thing I can say about the man who holds my fragile being in his hands, he does NOT tolerate my bullshit.

If I had dropped to my knees right at that moment and reached for his cock, the one way I had left to distract him, he would have lovingly and sternly denied me. Told me he thought I was beautiful and demanded that I get my “sweet ass” up and put on the damn dress already. My last chance at controlling the tragedy to come. I made MY choice to get up and walk into the bedroom, and finally face my dilemma head on.

“Let’s see how fast I can do this…” What I didn’t necessarily expect was to feel his already-hard cock pushing against my ass, separated by millimeters of lace panties and khakis. It wasn’t enough to just make sure the heels would be the right height for a good standing fuck, not with him. He stayed there for a moment, then moved quickly away and back, fucking me without penetration, fucking my mind before he even touched my pussy.

Fun In The Park – Mature Sexy Swingers – Very Hot – Get it Now!

by Leon Randall


Jan and her husband are both in their fifties and are recently married after divorce for one and long widowhood for the other. They enjoy their sex life but are intrigued by the concept of sharing erotic experiences with strangers.

They join a swingers’ website and their profile quickly catches the attention of Tony, a married man with hang-ups of his own.


To say my senses were heightened is an understatement. I was more sexually excited than I had been for I don’t know how long, and I could tell by the way she squeezed my hand and was breathing fast that Jan, my wife, who was enjoying this scene with me, felt just the same.

Like Tony, we were both naked, feeling the breeze cool on our perspiration as we half-reclined in the dappled light of a grassy, tree-lined corner of the park. We had chosen the spot carefully – neutral ground and secluded enough where we could get away with this outdoor “event” without interruption (we hoped, though the possibility of being discovered by a passer-by added a delicious tension). We had just watched Tony jerk off while we indulged in some foreplay for his visual enjoyment and our own building excitement. That was part of “the deal”. Now it was our turn to “entertain” him by…. what? Making love? They would be the polite words for it but, the way we felt at that moment, I think “root each other like rabbits” is closer to the truth – and do so while he watched us and enjoyed the view.

This scene, with its blankets on the ground, the warm balmy day and the bottles of wine we were sharing, was the culmination of a fantasy which had later become a plan – a plan that had been a long, long time in, if you’ll pardon the expression, coming about.

Jan and I are in our early fifties, fairly recently married, and very happily so. I imagine that most readers of these erotic stories are much younger than we are and probably think that sex over fifty is a revolting idea. Well, let me just say that those who think that way will change their minds when the years have ticked over for them, too. I am pleased to report that we are frisky as rabbits, love each other very much and have a great sex life – albeit, a private one which doesn’t, or at least until now, push any boundaries by involving other people


“You just enjoy the view for a moment over there,” I said to Tony as I sat down next to Jan and began to undo her blouse. Although we hadn’t talked about it prior, I can see now that she had dressed for the event, choosing clothing both easy to remove and, if necessary, to throw back on fast. I fumbled with the buttons but got there, Jan just smiling and sipping her wine as I did. At last the blouse was open all the way, showing bra and skin. I eased the blouse off her and carefully put it aside (within emergency reach should a passer-by loom along the path).

“Looking good from here,” Tony remarked. “And from here,” I added. Jan just smiled, and sipped again. The bra was next, and I confess to always being a klutz in undoing them. I slipped the straps down and eased Jan into a forward lean to use both hands on the clasp. “Need help?” she asked. But I didn’t, and then it was off and her lovely (and quite large) breasts were free to the air.

There’s something about guys and breasts. We can’t help ourselves. As soon as the bra was off, I caressed Jan’s left breast without even thinking about what I was doing, cupping it, feeling its weight, running my fingers around the pink aureole, then gently squeezing and slightly “tweaking” the nipple in the way I know she likes. An “Mmmm,” escaped from her, and she settled down a little more on the blanket, closer to lying than sitting.

One Night Stand – Romance and Seduction – Get it Now!

by Mason Hess

  Casey gives in!

Casey couldn’t believe she allowed herself to a one night stand. But she has convinced herself that David is different. He’s not like any other man. But she’s not like any other woman either.

Casey thinks the sex was amazing but she left without him knowing. She doesn’t have any intention of seeing him again but somehow, deep inside, she wants a guy exactly like David.

There’s a powerful attraction between the two of them. Casey feels differently towards David, something that has never ever happened to her with a guy. She thinks that David is not like any other… or is she wrong?


***If you like 50 Shades Of Grey, you will love this one.***

This is the SECOND book of “Does She Like It Rough?” Series.

The other books in this series are listed below in order:

1. One Hell of a Weekend

2. One Night Stand

3. Fragmented Memories

4. The Picnic

5. Claiming Her Property

6. Complications

7. Together At Last..

8. Dark Past – BLOCKED because it contains very hard scenes Amazon did not allow published. (This can be read in the Compilation to come soon OR email the author, he may give it out for free.)

9. Losing Control

10. Rough Use

11. Meeting His Clan

12. Blow It Inside Me!

13. Birthday Present: Sex

14. Crossing the Limits

15. Outdoor Rough

16. Accepting Her True Pleasure


As his fingers parted her sex and his tongue tasted her heat, she moaned and parted her legs further. His free hand came up and slipped across her tummy to cover one generous breast and squeeze tenderly as he captured the little pearl of her clitoris with his mouth and his strong, careful fingers delved her heat. She gasped and arched her back, catching his free hand in hers and lacing their fingers together as she felt the warmth of his tongue slip into her heat, tasting the juices that had begun to flow.


She gasped at the feel of him resting against her opening, but a moment later she gave a little cry as he shifted his hips and slowly started working his way into her heat. Her cries turned to gasps, and then to moans as inch after inch of him filled her; she was writhing under him, pressing her body up against him and raking her nails across his back as he slowly, slowly filled her…

Calico Heat: An Erotic Tale of the Old West

by Jamie Boone

An erotic tale of the Old West. The new sheriff brought in to clean up the town and a local gang soon found himself wanted by two widows with marriage on their minds. Warning: Adult language and scenes of explicit sex. Adults only, please! NOT FOR ANYONE OFFENDED BY ADULT SEXUALITY IN ALL ITS VARIATIONS.

Moving Experience – HARDCORE! – Get it Now!

by Uther Pendragon

  WARNING: This story contains Explicit Sex Scenes, Seduction, Sexual Stimulation, Descriptive Hot Steamy Sex and Lots and Lots of Teasing that will have you dripping with different kinds of secretions! CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?

It all began with a TIE.

Danielle is moving in with her boyfriend, Keith. Setting aside some space for her clothes, she digs into his closet to clear it up and finds some ties that he no longer wears.

Keith tells her that not even she would look good in that necktie. But Danielle disagrees. And oh, she takes that as a dare!

Danielle wears the necktie in a VERY different way. She teases Keith and continues to do so. For her to stop, he will have to admit that she indeed looks very good in that tie…

This teasing will lead to a prolonged, then explosive action!


He watched her take off the robe until it was draped from one arm and covering her from the lowest ribs down. The effect was a strip show, even sexier because she seemed unconscious of the effect. Her breast was almost hidden by her arm in the beginning, showing only the perky nipple poking out from the pale pink areola. It slowly emerged as she turned, revealing the soft curve of its underside.

Finally, its mate came into sight, turning a luscious pear into a perfect pair. Already a little hard in anticipation of her presence in his bed, he firmed more. When she was three quarters front-on, she looked at his face.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“And how!” He felt like whistling.

“Still like what you see?” Still giving him a three-quarter view, she slowly dropped the robe. Then she turned to face him.

He did whistle. She had turned the tie into a breechcloth. Dangling from a dark band around her waist, a patch of orange covered the space where her legs met. Concealing the area, it enhanced the mystery; swinging free, it implied access. He turned on his side so that his erection wouldn’t tent the sheet.

“Then take it back,” she said in her coldest tone.


Danielle sighed as the first layer of the tie was removed, but kisses and strokes on the outer lips added to her tension without promising the slightest chance of relief. The tugs on the thin end of the tie were a mixed blessing. While they changed the tension enough that different parts, at least, of her labia were being tickled, each of them drew a quarter inch of tie through her furrow.

The nipple was delightful to his lips and tongue, but the outer lips didn’t feel as engorged as they had a minute ago. He reached down to the broad part of the tie and pulled it tight. For a moment, her labia bulged as much as they ever had. He rubbed a finger across each, as lightly as possible.

The new tension was more than she could stand. She struggled to reach the knot in the thin tie. A moment’s fumbling before she was free. Raising her left leg, she pulled the whole contraption off…

And My Husband Makes Three – An Erotic Short

by Michelle LaFey

***** 18+ – Adults Only – XXX *****

When a night of strip poker goes too far, Nichola and Paul play a dangerous game – on the turn of a playing card, the winner can invite a lover into their bed. And the loser has to watch.

Could the young, handsome Daniel possibly match up to Nichola’s expectations? And how will Paul take to being the cuckold?

An erotic short (4000 words).

Staying in Together Watching a Porn Film (Justin Carter green erotica (MFF threesome))

by Justin Carter

Special pre-Christmas offer: SEX and BISEXUAL only £1.99/$2.99, FETISH only £2.99/$3.99. Minimum 16 stories in each, minimum 250 pages. Excellent value. Get them quick. Search Kindle Store for “Justin Carter collections”

It was going to be a quiet, intimate evening for Chris and his wife, Sian. Very intimate once she unexpectedly agreed to watching a porn film after dinner. Given a choice, she decides her first porno should be a threesome. As the plot unfolds on the screen, or what little of it there is, so real life gets hotter, eventually mirroring the action.

Please note this is an explicit short story involving sex between three consenting adults (MFF). Please do not purchase if this is more than you can handle.

** This title is also included within the collections: “The Entire Sex So Far – Volume One” and “Relatives, Noise and Pornos” (five stories for about the price of 3) **

Heart & Soul: The Meeting (Heartland Series)

by Nicola C Priest

This story unfolds over the course of multiple short novels, each one following the continuing story of Sam Westfield and Alistair Lockwood

Sam Westfield is like any other 25 year old. She has her own apartment and a good circle of friends. The downside, her love life is going nowhere. Her work life as a clerical assistant isn’t much better, but when she is asked to stand in for a sick colleague, she meets Alistair Lockwood, one of Hollywood’s leading men and the hottest guy she’s ever seen.

My Seven Enticing Sins

by Leah Colani

The ultimate erotica tale with dirty romance, sexy encounters and easy cash.

Chantelle moves to a new city in search of love. As she meets eligible wealthy bachelors waiting to sweep her off her feet, her life is becoming larger than she could have ever imagined. Marriage proposals, lavish restaurants and designer clothes are being handed to Chantelle one gift after the other. However the further she plunges into the swimming pool of men, the further confused she becomes about who and what she really wants.

Is it lust, greed or love that drives her taste for more of this sinful life? Perhaps it’s the fact that Chantelle has learnt to feed her growing desire for wealth and security by allowing herself to be treated like a princess in public, whilst being submissive behind closed doors.

On her initial quest for love, Chantelle finds herself entangled in the arms and mouths of several wealthy and sinful men.

Robert Maldron: Night of the Werewolves (Creatures from the Continuum)

by Hermione Chase

A virus invades the plane of existence of higher evolved creatures known as the Continuum, which affects the quality of the bodily fluids that they produce and consume from each other to survive. The virus also makes them sterile, unable to reproduce offspring to maintain quality reserves of fluid. These creatures aim to reach a state of spiritual perfection without physical form eventually like so many of the other Continuum members, but for now they must find a way to survive.

The Council of the Continuum devise an experiment where the spirits of the last remaining unborn infants are placed inside physical bodies and born on a parallel plane of existence, isolated from the virus. The experiment requires that the new born evolve and return over a finite life span, during which valuable body fluids will be harvested by the Continuum and its members during rest periods for their nourishment and continued existence. The experiment participants only become aware of their true origins when their physical life ends and they return to the Continuum plane. The plane on which they are to live out these lives is designated Project Earth, the unborn offspring given the generic name, human and the body fluid that is so important to the Continuum members is given the name blood.

Project Earth delivers on its promises until late in the 19th century when the human race evolves more quickly than the Continuum predicted with technological advances. Human race takes a direction contrary to the objectives of Project Earth with exploitation of the natural environment, such as the taking of natural resources and abuse of their physical bodies through the excessive drinking of alcohol, taking of narcotics and introduction of blood disorders and diseases. The quality of blood suffers and Continuum members begin to harvest an inferior product and once more begin to slowly lose their immortality.

Exploitation of the earth and its environment causes weaknesses to appear randomly around the planet between the Continuum plane and that of the earth and Continuum creatures, disenchanted with Project Earth, access the earth plane to take what they need to survive by force. Earth’s history over the millennia is littered with the legends of strange sightings of and battles with non-humans from the creatures of Greek myth to the werewolf and vampire of literary acclaim. One such creature, a vampire by human description, is Max Von Konstein, Continuum Project Earth director designate. It’s Von Konstein’s role on earth to find an antidote for the virus , steer human kind where possible without interfering directly and stop unauthorised access to earth by Continuum inhabitants.

To help him he calls upon the services of ex-union army doctor, Robert Maldron. Maldron was an officer in the American union army, fatally wound at Gettysburg until befriended by Von Konstein and his passing troop. With the option of death and that of having blood from a Continuum member in his veins, he chooses the latter and with it he acquires an extended life span and enhanced abilities. In repayment for sparing his life, Maldron is occasionally called upon by Von Konstein for help.

It’s 1945 and the dropping of the atom bomb over Hiroshima creates a weakness between the two planes off the east coast of North America and two Lycanthe slip through, werewolves in human mythology, in search of female mates to increase their species or alternatively, to take blood by force.

Maldron must stop them, by persuasion if possible, but he must stop them.

The Adventures of a Dirty Slut: All 8 Volumes

by JT Holland

From bestselling erotica author JT Holland comes all 8 volumes of the Adventures of a Dirty Slut, collected together for the first time. 40,000 words of hardcore, graphic sex from the female POV!

Hammered From Behind

Filthy First Date


Turning The Tables

Forcing The Issue

A Good Solid Pounding

Slammed By A Stranger

In The Mood For Anal

Hammered From Behind:

Our dirty slut hooks up with a man who wants to be in charge, but only after she gives him permission. And once it’s given, he turns into the animal she was hoping for . . .

Filthy First Date:

When a friend of a friend wants to take our dirty slut out on a date, she accepts. But as he’s about to find out, she isn’t one for wasting time. She’s going to test his limits right off the bat with a session of punishing, humiliating, female-dominant sex. And he’s going to like it.


Our dirty slut likes to have her fun all sorts of different ways. Usually she likes to be the one calling the shots, but sometimes she just needs a man that’s going to impart his will on her without any input. Sometimes she needs to be manhandled. Luckily she knows just the guy to take care of her needs.

Turning The Tables:

Our dirty slut likes her sex in a wide variety of ways. But usually she’s the one on the receiving end. Not this time, though. Tonight she’s in the mood to be the one giving instead of getting. So she calls one of her special male friends and gets her strap-on ready. It’s time to show the male race what it feels like to get penetrated. It’s time to turn the tables.

Forcing The Issue:

Our little slut has a regular roster of men she can go to whenever she wants. But sometimes she feels like trying out someone new. After a brief search of the nearby beaches, she comes across a familiar group of guys with one unfamiliar face amongst them. But he’s a little shy. In order to get him in the sack she’s going to have to force the issue.

A Good Solid Pounding:

Our dirty slut loves all kinds of deviant sex. Dominating men, submitting to them, getting smacked around, doing the smacking herself, anal, oral, threesomes, everything. But she’s not always in the mood for the extreme stuff. Sometimes she just wants a good solid pounding. And she knows just the man to give it to her. A young stud who’s just as good at giving as he is at getting.

Slammed By A Stranger:

Our dirty slut is on her way home alone after a girls night out when she spots Johnny drinking alone on his porch. She’s thought about making the moves on him before but the timing just hasn’t been right. Until now. All alone and horny as hell, she asks if he’s willing to share some of his alcohol with her. He accepts, and it isn’t long before they’re having filthy, perverted sex.

In The Mood For Anal:

Our dirty little slut is in the mood for anal. But she’s also in the mood for a little adventure. So instead of calling on one of her regulars to come on over, she ventures to a nearby pub to find a nice young college stud to satisfy her desires. Once there, it isn’t long before she’s approached by a hot blonde-haired young man who’s about to be taken on the ride of his life.

Contains graphic, hardcore, filthy, aggressive sex, including but not limited to dirty talk, rough sex, oral sex, anal sex, facesitting, pegging, femdom, maledom and much, much more. 18 and over only!


The Pornstar Next Door

My Pornstar Girlfriend

Confessions of an Escort Addict: Volumes 1-10

The Sexual Education of Alex T. Foxx: Days 1 & 2

Holiday Hook-Up: Volumes 1 & 2

The Cougar in 26B

Pounding The Ex

Filth and Lusting in Las Vegas

Banging Tammy 6 – Pam

by Johnny Ramrod

Johnny enlists Tammy in the game of breaking Pam but Johnny may have broken off more than he can chew.

Breaking Megan 6 The Truth

by Johnny Ramrod

The truth comes out and the real villain of the piece is revealed.

Constance Is Kinky: Ten Explicit Erotica Stories

by Constance Slight

Here are ten red hot explicit erotica stories from bestselling erotic author Constance Slight.

1. On My Stomach: A Rough Anal Gangbang Short with Bondage

She woke up tied spread eagled to the bed, completely naked with the cool air conditioning flowing over her skin. The men will go after their final target, her tiny ass as she experiences her first anal sex in the form of a very rough anal gangbang complete with deep throat and double penetration!

2. My Bar Pickup Bondage Fantasy: A BDSM Sex Erotica Short

Jenna isn’t the kind of girl who usually goes for one night stands, but on this particular night, she decides to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy a night of abandon. Before she knows it, Jenna is tied up on the side of the road, and Jamie is busy using her body for his own pleasure.

3. Reprimand: An Erotic Office Humiliation Short

Addy isn’t doing a very good job at all. Mr. Brent and his client will be taking every one of her holes, and taking them hard. Maybe some deep throat, rough anal sex, and double penetration is just what it will take to make Addy a team player.

4. Pink Cheeks: Belinda and the Briefcase, A First Bondage Humiliation Fantasy Erotica Story

Curiosity can get a girl into trouble, and Belinda is about to be cuffed and gagged and completely at Joshua’s mercy, feeling the sting of his hand, the riding crop, and complete and utter surrender.

5. Blind Date Domination: A Very Rough Public Gangbang Fantasy Erotica Story

Kara finds herself swept up in a desire to obey her date, even when that desire leads to an out of the way restaurant where she’s bent over the table for a very rough and very long gangbang complete with rough anal sex and her first lesbian experience.

6. The Stranger Takes Two: A First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Short

It’s been a tough week, so Carlene is looking forward to a night out with her best friend Jackie. Get a few drinks in this girl, though, and she’s ready for action. Action in this case means her first ever lesbian sex experience right in the middle of a ménage a troisâ?¦with a complete stranger!

7. Kelly Does More than Dance: A Reluctant First Anal Sex Erotica Story

Kelly ends up dancing in lingerie for the handsome lawyer Michael on his birthday. He definitely gets his money worth, but he wants more, and before long Kelly is right in the midst of a scorching sex encounter, and Michael wants her untouched little ass.

8. Taking Dani Together: A Husband Share MFF Threesome Sex Erotica Story

Before long, Beth finds herself in the midst of her very first lesbian sex experience in a torrid threesome, sharing her husband with her best friend!

9. TJ’s Tongue: A First Lesbian Sex Experience in Public

Colleen has her very first lesbian sex experience, right on the grassy hill at the high school where anybody could see their public sex encounter.

10. Banged in Blueberry: A Rough Gangbang Erotica Story

Gwen’s search for adventure will put her in a factory filled with young men enjoying a late night party, and she’s just become the entertainment. It’s a crazy gangbang filled with rough sex and boys everywhere.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various hardcore sexual encounters. It includes mff threesome sex, bondage, deepthroat, double team, humiliation, whipping, pinching, spanking, first anal sex, stripper sex, stranger sex, first lesbian sex, public sex, group sex, double penetration, gangbang sex, spanking, semen swallowing, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Cox Likes It Hardcore: Nine Explicit Erotica Stories

by Carolyne Cox

Cox Likes It Hardcore: Nine Explicit Erotica Stories

Here are nine hardcore sex stories from bestselling erotica writer Carolyne Cox. There’s group sex, rough sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sex, and more. It’s all just a click away!

1. Two Girls in Pink: An Erotic Threesome Short

His first threesome will be an experience to remember with two beautiful women having lesbian sex right in front of him until it’s time to turn girl on girl into a scorching mff ménage.

2. Dream Girl: An Erotic Night with a Call Girl

When he caught his wife with his best friend, he was devastated, but a tip from a cocktail waitress led him to call a girl who could help him get over her. He wasn’t sure it would work, but the lovely redhead took over, and it was just the night of call girl sex he needed.

3. The Phantom at the Club: A Paranormal Short of First Anal Sex

How can she argue with a spirit that pushes into her right on stage? How can she deny the reality of a first anal experience with an apparition, right in front of an audience that only sees her?

4. Come On Boys: You’re Not Just Gonna Watch Are You?

Some very rough deep throat, hard fucking, and semen swallowing later, the girls don’t know what hit them!

5. A Kiss So Sweet: An Erotic Tale of First Lesbian Seduction

I couldn’t believe it! I had never been with a woman before and never really thought about it, but I was the one aggressively pursuing my best friend!

6. I Wonder What His Name Is: A Rough Sex with Stranger Erotica Story

She finds herself overwhelmed with desire and is glad she hasn’t lost her touch, but it’s when the stranger loses control and the rough sex begins that she really starts having fun!

7. Kissing Kassandra: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short

Mary finds herself alone with Kassandra for her very first lesbian sex experience.

8. Santa’s Little Helpers: A Christmas Threesome Erotica Story

Evidently Lindsey understands that Kelly needs some love because after a particularly trying shift, she decides to cheer her up by giving Kelly her first lesbian experience! From there, it’s a threesome filled with holiday cheer for a very happy Mall Santa and two spritely helpers. Watch out, Kelly, because Santa likes it a little rough!

9. Surprised by My Boss and My Best Friend: A Rough Group Sex Erotica Story

Kelly is supposed to be on a no work vacation, but there’s just no way this overachiever can keep from answering her phone when her boss calls. She’s very committed, and it doesn’t hurt that her boss is perfect man-candy either. She heads off to the appointment he’s set for her, but she’s not going to be buying antiques like she thinks! Oh no! The handsome customer will be bending her over for some rough sex, and she’s going to be surprised to find her best friend and her boss are already going at it right there!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various sex encounters. It includes public sex, rough sex, anal sex, mff threesome sex, lesbian seduction, stranger sex, deep throat, spanking, double team sex, first lesbian sex, sex toys, semen swallowing, and sex with a prostitute. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Fabulous Folk: Ten Explicit Erotica Stories

by Nycole Folk

Here are ten erotica stories from bestselling explicit erotica author Nycole Folk! There’s sweet and sexy but there’s also plenty of intense, rough sex. Group sex, first lesbian sex, first anal sexâ??you’re sure to find something you like whether you’re into romance or gangbangs!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first anal sex, group sex, rough sex, first lesbian sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this collection.

1. Shelia and I Decide to Share: A Double Penetration Wife Swap Erotica Story

Sheila and I had a plan. We joked about it for a while and then realized we both wanted a threesome, too. We finally decided that if a threesome was good a foursome would be even better, and that’s how we all ended up together!

2. What I Saved for My Man: A Wedding Night Erotica Story

I was almost twenty years old and I’d never been with a man. On my wedding night, I stood across from the man I loved with my heart beating fast and my body trembling. This was it!

3. Orgy at the Music Festival: A Tender Tale of Higher Learning and Group Sex

I visited several colleges, and when I came to Holly Cross Mountain University to tour, the summer session was in full swing. And when I say swing, I mean it, because that’s what happens at all their Music Festivals!

4. Noelle Gives Me Experience: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story

It wasn’t surprising when my best friend wanted to have a threesome, she came to me since I bragged about all my so called sexcapades. She had no idea that everything was new for me. I had my first lesbian sex and my first threesome. All the while, Noelle thought I was the experienced one!

5. Jonathan on the Couch: An Erotic Romance

It had been so long since I’d been with a man, and it wasn’t easy to open myself up to Jonathon, but he was wonderful and patient, and when I invited him to come to my house and watch a movie and then spend the night, I thought we’d take things slowly. When it came right down to it, though, I couldn’t take things slowly. It had been so long, and Jonathon was so right.

6. Ass Up and Overwhelmed: A First Anal Sex Gangbang Story

Zoey and her husband were pretty damned kinky, so when I received the invitation to be a hostess at their party, I knew it would be sexy. I had no idea that I’d be one of four girls servicing dozens of guests!

7. Being the Second Woman: An FFM Erotica Story

When Joanna asked Lynn to be the second woman in a threesome with her husband, she tried to act nonchalant about it. When push came to shove, though, she couldn’t even wait for Robert to arrive! Her first lesbian sex experience is already in swing by the time Joanna’s husband shows up for a scorching ménage a trois!

8. I Don’t Know If I Can Handle Both: An Erotic Story of Double Penetration

When two best friends decide to spice up their sex lives by writing down a bunch of adventurous acts, placing them in a jar, and choosing randomly; things get hot. It’s an MFM ménage a trois for her, and it includes her very first anal sex in the form of a powerful double penetration!

9. Robert Wants My Ass: First Anal Sex with a Stranger

When my best friend made the dare, I was committed to going through with it. I had to offer myself to the very first man I saw, and that man was Robert. His wife was with him, but she was absolutely game to let him have me. The deal was any way he wanted me. I never would have guessed he’d want my untouched ass!

10. Spin the Bottle: A Group Sex Erotica Story

When Holly turned the party into a game of spin the bottle, I thought it would be something like silly kissing games. I never thought it would turn into an all-out orgy complete with my first ever lesbian sex! I certainly never thought I’d watch Dani have a double penetration while a boy was screwing me!

Football Threesome: A Gay Erotic Short Story

by R-Jay

A Gay Erotic Short Story (3,000 words approx)

Randy is in his late twenties and is part of an amateur football team with sixteen other lads. He’s sporty and straight-acting but just loves being submissive to meaty cock!

After an important game, he is left in the changing rooms with two of the more athletic and sexy members of the team: Steve, the older and aggressive top; and Jack, the younger and filthy boy-next-door.

One things for sure, Randy is gonna get his fix of hot dick today!

Girl Plus Girl: Five Erotic Tales of Lesbian Sex

by Alice Farney

In this red hot collection, one of the most popular fantasies among women is explored, a first lesbian experience. It’s steamy and sweet and rough and reluctant andâ?¦well, there’s just so many ways to get that first touch!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexuality and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, rough sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. My Girl Candice: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Alice Farney

When Candice moved in across the street, I found myself attracted to her but I never thought anything would come of it. She took control, though, and before I knew it I was right in the middle of my first lesbian sex experience!

2. Rikki Comes Over: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Jael Long

The new girl in town was just beautiful. More than that, I knew that a small town like ours was going to be a little difficult for her. So, I invited her over. After all, I have my own secrets and my own frustrations. I never expected to have my first lesbian experience with Rikki!

3. On Camera and With a Woman! A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Paige Jamey

I worked in the porn industry, and it was my job to rustle up the talent. All was going well until one of my starlets didn’t show up. All of a sudden I was left with no choice. I was going to have to perform in front of the camera for the first time, and it would be with a woman! It was my first lesbian sex experience.

4. Kinky Kuma: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Brooke Weldon

From the moment I saw her, I knew I needed to have her. It was strange because I’d never been with a woman before. For Kuma, though, I was willing to make an exception. Hell, I was willing to make an exception and stick with it forever. When I had my first lesbian sex experience, I wanted it to be with her.

5. Loving Riley: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story by Allysin Range

I’d heard that you couldn’t ever be sure that people online were being honest. Nonetheless, when I got involved with a wonderful man online, I couldn’t help but give in. He just thrilled me in every way, shape and form. I had to meet him. Who could possibly have imagined that Riley would arrive and wouldn’t be a man at all? Who could have thought that I would still go through with it and have my first lesbian sex experience.

Hope for a Sexy Future: Ten Explicit Erotica Stories

by Hope Parsons

Hope Parsons is one of those rare erotica writers who can be very sweet and sexy or very hardcore rough and tumble. In this collection of ten steamy stories, you get romance and smut! It’s a click away from the sweet and spicy stories, so what are you waiting for?

1. The Geeky Girl Gets Double Teamed: An MMF First Anal Sex Erotica Story

What’s a theatre major to do when she’s invited to a frat party? All of her experience at parties is roleplaying games and intellectual conversation. This party is going to be a whole hell of a lot more than that, too. Walt is ready to have scorching sex, and he’s ready to share this geeky girl with a friend!

2. Vanessa Seduced By Her Best Friend and Her Husband: A BDSM MFF Threesome Short

When Vanessa heads over to help her friend Stef plan a party, she doesn’t expect her longtime girlfriend to suddenly want to share! That’s exactly what happens, though, a husband share ménage a trois with her first ever lesbian sex, bondage, and erotic torture!

3. Swinger Sex with Matt and Sarah: A Wife Swap Erotica Story

She’s nervous when she visits in their home, but her nerves soon give way to lust. Before long, Erin is a complete slut wife in the midst of a wife swap experience complete with group sex, rough sex, and her first lesbian sex!

4. My Vacation with Krystal: A First Lesbian Experience Erotica Story

Amy suddenly finds herself attracted to a woman for the first time in her life. This vacation to visit her friend and her family will turn out to be special indeed because Krystal is going to turn on the lesbian seduction and give Amy her very first lesbian experience!

5. Rose in Bloom: A Victorian Erotica Short

Rose desperately wants Daniel, but there are just some things a woman in Victorian England cannot do. She appeals to her friend Andria, who arranges a secret rendezvous, and the results are steamy!

6. Let Me Watch You Fuck! An FFM Ménage Sex Short

On this particular evening, she can’t help herself and breaks the rules, participating in the threesome sex, turning it from a voyeur sex encounter to an ffm ménage a trois sex extravaganza!

7. April’s Anal Awakening

She just consented without really hearing him. And now, Harry’s big cock has one destination: April’s tiny little rosebud asshole, her untouched asshole. Now she’s getting the surprise of her life, completely unexpected first anal sex.

8. Being Handy: Bobby’s First Threesome

When he finishes one project and searches them out for some direction to the next, they’re in the middle of hot lesbian sex! He’s floored, but the best is yet to come because the girls want him to join in for an FFM threesome complete with oral sex and anal sex!

9. My Boss and Her Husband Both Want Me: An MFF Threesome Short

Rory finds out she has extra job duties for her boss and her husband. Rory’s there to fuck the couple, and her first lesbian sex and first ménage sex are better than she ever thought possible.

10. The First Time in My Mouth: A Rough Blowjob Short

I had never given a blowjob before, but I found out quickly that it would include taking all of him into my mouth, and he expected me to swallow whatever came from the experience, and how could I resist when my throat was full?

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various hardcore sex encounters. It includes ffm threesome sex, bondage, threesome sex, sex toys, BDSM, first lesbian sex, double team sex, lesbian seduction, wife swap, swinger sex, deep throat, oral sex, rough sex, first anal sex, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

In the Blaze of His Hungers

by Dominique Frost

Ryan doesn’t mean to sleep with his best friend’s hot dad. It just happens.

Ryan is eighteen, inexperienced and in lust with Javier, his friend’s divorced father. Javier is dangerously charismatic, confident and overwhelmingly sexual, and when Ryan hints at his desires, Javier takes every opportunity to fulfill them. However, what begins as a torrid affair soon becomes something more than what either of them had anticipated, and the forbidden nature of their feelings threatens to rip their families apart.

With Ryan slowly discovering more about Javier’s dark past and Javier trying desperately to overcome it, their bond has the potential to become something truly transforming. But can they keep their relationship a secret, or will their story be forced to end before it even begins?

Jeanna Cranks Up the Heat: Ten Explicit Erotica Stories

by Jeanna Yung

Jeanna Yung brings an intensity to hardcore erotica rarely available in the genre. With plenty of rough sex, group sex, bondage, and characters withâ?¦well, with character; her writing is certain to impress.

1. White Christmas Domination: A Very Rough Erotica Story

It’s a punishment experience complete with spanking, domination, and very, very rough sex. The weather outside is frightful, but this story is so, so much more than delightfulâ?¦

2. Alice’s Ass and the Stranger: A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story

She’s so willing to let the handsome stranger do anything he wantsâ?¦make her call him mister, let him push his cock into her throat, and let him take her tiny ass as roughly as he wants. It’s an explosive first anal sex encounter that leaves her breathless.

3. Ell’s Wild Ride: A Rough Double Penetration Erotica Story

It’s a very rough double team encounter with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

4. Kelsey and the Working Woman: A Tale of Lesbian Seduction

One day I came home from work to find Kelsey watching a homemade porn video, and he was the star! Not only that, but the little slut was the other person in the video. Hey, she was a great nanny, but it was time for this little slut to be punished!

5. After Hours Office Orgy: A Group Sex Erotica Story

Before she knows it, she’s getting her wish with Mr. Landsâ?¦and also getting a whole lot she didn’t wish forâ?¦a whole bunch of the girls at the office joining in to make sure she has a very rough and overwhelming experience!

6. Wife Swap Surprise: A Wife Share Husband Share Erotica Short

A gathering of friends turns into a sweet and romantic time, but before long the romance turns wild as the evening degenerates into a wife swapping extravaganza with plenty of hot and steamy sex as the men turn to each other, perfectly happy to say, “Fuck my wife!”

7. The Sweetest Girl: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Short

She thinks it will be a normal afternoon swimming, but Patty has other plans, and before the afternoon is over, Mary will have her first lesbian experience!

8. He’s Taking My Ass! A Rough First Anal Sex Short

Neal likes it rough, and he’s after her tight, untouched ass. It’s a rough first anal sex experience as only Jeanna Yung can write it.

9. My First Foursome: Group Sex with Strippers

Eva is a beautiful and sexy dancer but strangely innocent when it comes to sexual adventures. So, her friend decides to set her up, and one evening after hours she brings two men over for a special performance. Before it’s over, Eva will have her first group sex, her first lesbian sex, and she’ll be swallowing down one of the men in a foursome extravaganza!

10. The Double Penetration of Della: A Rough Double Team Sex Short

Della has a fuck buddy named Curtis, and sex with him couldn’t be better. He pushes his luck, though, when he asks her to give his cousin a sympathy lay. It becomes white hot rough sex, with deepthroat, first anal sex, and a hard double penetration.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various hardcore sex encounters. It includes group sex, office sex, semen swallowing, slapping, stranger sex, first anal sex, deepthroat, spanking, ffm threesome sex, double team sex, double penetration, lesbian seduction, first lesbian sex, humiliation, domination, submission, and rough sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Lift Your Ass and Grit Your Teeth: Five Tales of Very Rough Sex

by Alice Farney

In this scorching collection of five hardcore rough sex erotica stories, nothing is gentle. Beautiful women get it very, very hardâ?¦and they love it!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit sexual activity and includes rough sex, rough anal sex, rough group sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Dale Likes It Rough: A Rough Sex Erotica Story by Alice Farney

We’ve been friends for a very long time, friends with benefits. When Dale came home, I could tell he’d had a really rough day. Well, there’s no better way to deal when things get rough than some really rough sex, and Dale gets it! With choking and plenty of intensity, it’s a night to remember.

2. Shelby’s New Job: A Rough Sex Double Team Story by Jael Long

When Shelby’s parents cut their rich-girl daughter off, Shelby figures she’ll teach them a lesson. She’ll get a job, but it’s not the kind of job they’ll like. Two men and a video cameraâ?¦if they’re concerned about her wild behavior now, wait until they see how she determines to maintain her lifestyle!

3. Teaching My Ex a Lesson: A Rough Sex Erotica Story by Paige Jamey

It was amazing to me that after several years of divorced life, my jerk ex-husband showed up. I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it was to take control and make the asshole please me!

4. The Church Girl’s Double Penetration: A Rough MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Brooke Weldon

I needed some excitement. Working in the church was wonderful but I had no outlet, no way to just let loose. Who would have thought when I finally had the chance it would happen with two men at the same time? Not only that, but they decided they would take my ass and my pussy at the same time! Double penetration for an innocent girl who worked at the church? You betcha!

5. Giving Vinnie My Ass: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Allysin Range

It was time. I was sick of being inexperienced when it came to anal sex. I was ready to take the plunge and I knew exactly what to do. I called Vinnie, and of course he was more than willing to help. I never expected my first anal sex would be really, really rough!

Not Noticing (Sweet Tails)

by Donna Dean

Jacqueline’s art gallery is doing brisk business with their new floor sales person, Bethany. Whether it is Bethany’s charm or her her knowledge of art, or her stunning good looks, is not certain.

Bethany has captured more than customer’s hearts however. For six months Jacqueline has loved her â?? But how to cross the line between Employer an Lover?

Oh, Nycole! Twenty Explicit Erotica Stories

by Nycole Folk

In this powerhouse collection of twenty erotica stories, lovely women find themselves exploring the emotions, the nervousness, and of course the physicality of their sexuality. There’s romance and there’s roughness. There’s sweet first lesbian sex and explosively intense first anal sex. Group sex from a gentle threesome to a blistering gangbangâ?¦there’s enough in here to light your kindle on fire!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first anal sex, group sex, rough sex, first lesbian sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this collection.

1. Shelia and I Decide to Share: A Double Penetration Wife Swap Erotica Story

2. What I Saved for My Man: A Wedding Night Erotica Story

3. Orgy at the Music Festival: A Tender Tale of Higher Learning and Group Sex

4. Noelle Gives Me Experience: An FFM Threesome Erotica Story

5. Jonathan on the Couch: An Erotic Romance

6. Ass Up and Overwhelmed: A First Anal Sex Gangbang Story

7. Being the Second Woman: An FFM Erotica Story

8. I Don’t Know If I Can Handle Both: An Erotic Story of Double Penetration

9. Robert Wants My Ass: First Anal Sex with a Stranger

10. Spin the Bottle: A Group Sex Erotica Story

11. Alyssa Surprises Her Boss: A Tale of Reluctant Office Submission

12. Gangbanged by the Sailors: A Rough and Reluctant Group Sex Erotica Story

13. Breaking and Entering: A Rough Sex Erotica Story

14. Peaches and Cream: An FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story

15. Jessica Is All Mine: A Rough Sex Erotica Story

16. Finally David: A Group Sex Erotica Story

17. Jillian Can’t Resist: An Office Sex Erotica Story with First Anal Sex

18. Katie’s Massage: A Lesbian Group Sex Erotica Story

19. The Yard Sale: An Erotic Romance

20. Threesome with My Lesbian Friend: An FFM Ménage a Trois Erotica Story

Renee at the Laundromat: A First Lesbian Sex Encounter Erotica Story

by Cassie Hacthaw

Renee is a bit of a prude, at least that’s how she describes herself. She’s slept with one man, twice, and that was during the summer between high school and college three years ago. There’s been nothing since, and she hasn’t really been interested. When she does her laundry late one Tuesday evening, though, she meets the alluring and beautiful Gwen, and all of that flies out the window! Before long, she’s right in the middle of her first ever lesbian sex experience, and this one’s a doozy complete with oral sex, face sitting, and a sex toy double penetration!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a first lesbian sex encounter. It includes oral sex, rough sex, face sitting, sex toys, public sex, stranger sex, and double penetration. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

I never really understood what the big deal about sex was. In high school, right about my junior year, whispers about it started entering into conversations with my girlfriends. By the middle of our senior year, it looked like all of my friends were just fucking up a storm. Every Sunday afternoon when Sally, Georgia, Allison, and I would get together for our weekly swim in my backyard pool, I would hear about all of the fun they’d had with their boyfriends on dates on Saturday and Sunday night. I wasn’t even interested. It’s not that I didn’t like boys as much as the next girl; it’s just that the physical side of things didn’t really appeal to me much. I had some dates, and a few of the boys had gotten as far as groping me a bit and rubbing me through my clothes, but that was it. I was fine with that.

Finally, in the summer after graduation, I finally gave in to a boy named Christopher who had been extraordinarily persuasive. It was awkward and boring really. He touched me for a while, climbed on top of me, stuck it in, moved for a few minutes, and then collapsed on top of me. I didn’t really enjoy it, but I didn’t hate it. Also, the complete and utter look of devotion on his face afterward did make me feel special, so I even let him do it again about a week later. Then, Christopher headed off to college, and that was that. I went to college myself about a month later and that was that. The sum total of my sexual experience was those two times with Chris, and I would have been happy to live the rest of my life without ever having sex again. Three years went by and I didn’t.

So, it was a little bit strange to feel that huge silicon dick stretching my slit to its limits while I tried to breathe with my face covered in pussy.

Rough Sex Range: Five Rough Sex Erotica Stories

by Allysin Range

Nobody does rough sex like Allysin Range, and this collection is just packed with it! Stranger sex, first anal sex, lesbian sex, group sexâ?¦it doesn’t matter the situation. With Allysin Range you can be sure the sex will be rough!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes group sex, rough sex, first anal sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this collection.

1. Sex with a Stranger! An Erotica Story

I needed to get laid, and I wasn’t particular about how or who. The sexy mechanic would do just fine. It was just what I needed, a nice rough sex with stranger encounter to get my blood pumping!

2. Lucas and the Other Girl: A BDSM FFM Threesome Erotica Story

I didn’t know why my master was punishing me by making me watch him with another girl. I took the punishment, though. I was his to do with as he wished. Stillâ?¦ I desperately needed more than just the sight of him with another woman!

3. Research with Ronald: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

When my editor told me I had to write a story about anal sex, I didn’t know what to do! I’d never done it, so how the hell was I supposed to be realistic. Fortunately, I had a friend who was willing to help me research. In this case, research meant I’d be bent over and have my first anal sex experience ever!

4. Giving Vinnie My Ass: A First Anal Sex Erotica Story

It was time. I was sick of being inexperienced when it came to anal sex. I was ready to take the plunge and I knew exactly what to do. I called Vinnie, and of course he was more than willing to help. I never expected my first anal sex would be really, really rough!

5. Loving Riley: A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story

I’d heard that you couldn’t ever be sure that people online were being honest. Nonetheless, when I got involved with a wonderful man online, I couldn’t help but give in. He just thrilled me in every way, shape and form. I had to meet him. Who could possibly have imagined that Riley would arrive and wouldn’t be a man at all? Who could have thought that I would still go through with it and have my first lesbian sex experience.

Sweet Sexy Romance: Five Explicit Erotic Romance Stories

by Sarah Blitz

Sweet Romance punctuated by sexy overtones. In this collection, you’ll find plenty of steamâ??this isn’t safe for kids! Nonetheless, when you’re looking for something that gets your blood pumping AND hits your emotions, too, this collection is just what you need.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes lesbian sex, rough sex, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that content offensive should read this collection.

1. Come Dance with Me: An Explicit Erotic Romance by Angela Ward

My divorce was almost final, and I was miserable about it. When a friend took me out on a date, things were awkward because my soon-to-be ex-husband was at the same restaurant. I had to leave and clear my head, but my ex caught up with me. Was there still hope for us after all?

2. Rose in Bloom: A Victorian Erotica Short by Hope Parsons

Rose desperately wants Daniel, but there are just some things a woman in Victorian England cannot do. She appeals to her friend Andria, who arranges a secret rendezvous, and the results are steamy! A night of passion follows with real love culminated in a blaze of glorious and lusty sensuality follows!

3. Soft Jazz and Sweet Wine: A College Call Girl’s First Lesbian Client by Sally Whitley

Sally Whitley returns to writing her memoirs, Anything You Want: Memoirs of a College Call Girl. In this explicit erotica story, she recounts her experiences with his first client for lesbian sex. Of course, anything Miss Whitley writes is sexy and red hot, but her plain and honest approach to the forbidden profession is refreshing, poignant, and beautiful. Her recollections of the lovely and rich client Darlene call to mind attraction, love, and even bittersweet pity.

4. Whatever It Takes: An Erotic Romance by Sarah Blitz

I knew Freddie was going to break up with me, and I knew it was my own damned fault. I hadn’t made time for the physical part of our relationship. When he called me to say he wanted to talk, I felt despair well up within me. What a surprise when the breakup conversation was really a proposal! I didn’t lose a boyfriend, I gained a husband. It was time for me to make sure he knew that I could make our lovemaking wonderful.

5. When the Waves Crash Over the Pots: An Erotica Romance Short Story by Lisa Vickers

Karen has had an impossible time moving on with her life after the death of her fiancé. He was a crabber, fishing for crab in the dangerous seas; and the sea claimed him. Seven years later, she still mourns his loss, and when the opportunity to work on the very boat, in the very place of his death, arrives, she takes it in a desperate attempt to come to peace. Peace is coming, but it comes unexpectedly, in the form of a handsome and wonderful crabber named Crosby.

Taken in the Locker Room: A Rough First Anal Sex Threesome Erotica Story

by Susan Fletcher

Lizzie’s fitting nicely in with her new cheerleading squad. The team is getting better and better, and she’s got a handsome coach and a beautiful co-captain. Isn’t college nice? Things get a little strange in the locker room, though, because her lovely co-captain suddenly starts behaving more like a lover than a friend! As she’s trying to wrap her head around that, the coach catches her, and instead of correcting them, he joins in! It’s a rough threesome that follows. Pompoms, cheerleaders, and first anal sexâ?¦what more could anyone want?

Warning: this ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a first anal sex encounter. It includes lesbian seduction, first lesbian sex, rough sex, ffm threesome sex, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

“Honestly, Lizzie,” Gina continued as she pulled off her top and sports bra, “you’re getting better by the day! I think we have a great chance of winning this thing you know.”

“I hope you’re right, Gina,” Lizzie said, sitting down on the bench. She removed her t-shirt and struggled with the clasp of her bra “It will be nice to see all our hard work pay off.”

Gina looked at her and giggled. “Here, let me get that for you” she said, sitting behind Lizzie and undoing the clasp of her bra. Lizzie smiled again, but was shocked to feel goose bumps spreading over her body as Gina’s hand gently grazed the skin on her back.

“It’s all down to you, I hope you know that,” Gina said, playfully gathering up Lizzie’s hair into a ponytail, and running it through her fingers. Lizzie shuddered. The goose bumps returned

“I mean, the way the team has been improving,” Gina continued. Lizzie could feel her breath on the back of her neck, “since you took over as captain we’ve gone from strength to strength. We couldn’t have done it without you…”

Gina’s hands slid down Lizzie’s neck to rest on her shoulders “…I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Lizzie gasped in shock as Gina suddenly turned her around, and kissed her firmly on the mouth. It was so sudden! She had no time to protest before Gina’s tongue slipped inside and explored the warm wetness of her tongue. Before she could do anything, Gina had forced her hand down Lizzie’s shorts. She felt soft fingers pressing against the opening of her cunt and just had enough time to let out a desperate cry before a nimble finger slipped inside.

What the fuck was Gina doing? Lizzie was straight, and Gina knew it. And as far as Lizzie knew, Gina was too! It just didn’t make any sense. But what made even less sense was the fact that Lizzie’s pussy had begun to get very, very wet…

White Christmas Domination: A Very Rough Erotica Story

by Jeanna Yung

With the snow falling outside, it looks like this Christmas is going to be the best in years. Of course, it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy Christmas when the holiday meal is done correctly, and when Dana carelessly burns the turkey and all the rest, she knows she’s ruined things, and her husband isn’t going to let her forget her mistake, and she sure wouldn’t want him to! It’s an erotic experience complete with spanking, domination, and very, very rough sex. The weather outside is frightful, but this story is so, so much more than delightfulâ?¦

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a very rough domination sex encounter. It includes slapping, spanking, paddling with kitchen implements, humiliation, submission, ice torture, outdoor sex, whipping with a switch, and rough sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

“You’ve been very, very bad Dana” he said slowly “and I think you know what that means.”

“Iâ?¦ I’m sorry” I stuttered, taken aback by his outburst. But I didn’t have time to explain myself. He grabbed me by the arms, pulling me roughly to my feet. I felt a rush of excitement and apprehension as he marched me across the kitchen, and bent me over the kitchen table. It was all happening so fast, and I felt a rush of panic wash over me as I realized what was happening. But even though I was shaking, I felt my pussy start to twitch, and my panties begin to dampen.

I knew what I had to do. I reached around my waist and undid my apron ties. Then, with shaking hands, I undid the front button of my jeans, and he yanked them down to the floor. I knew I had to accept my punishment.

“You’ve really done it this time, Dana,” my husband crooned as he pinned me to the table with a firm hand. He pressed up against me, and I could feel his erection through his pants. He was hard and ready for me; I could tell he was particularly excited because he was trying to keep his breathing regular and failing to do it. He leaned over me, pressing me down with the weight of his body.

“You know what the penalty is for failing to please me, Dana” he growled into my ear. I braced myself, and felt his rough hand slamming down on my ass. I flinched with pain, but didn’t make a sound. I just braced myself and waited for the next slap, my pussy tingling uncontrollably.

Who’s Naughty and Nice? Five Explicit Erotica Stories

by Nycole Folk

Here are five erotica stories from bestselling explicit erotica author Nycole Folk! Whether you’re looking for a sweet and sexy diversion or a knockdown, drag out first anal sex gangbang, you’re sure to find a story in here that presses all the right buttons!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes first anal sex, group sex, rough sex, first lesbian sex, double penetration, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that kind of content offensive should read this collection.

1. Ass Up and Overwhelmed: A First Anal Sex Gangbang Story

Zoey and her husband were pretty damned kinky, so when I received the invitation to be a hostess at their party, I knew it would be sexy. I had no idea that I’d be one of four girls servicing dozens of guests. It was my first anal sex experience, and the cocks just kept coming and comingâ?¦and cumming!

2. Being the Second Woman: An FFM Erotica Story

When Joanna asked Lynn to be the second woman in a threesome with her husband, she tried to act nonchalant about it. When push came to shove, though, she couldn’t even wait for Robert to arrive! Her first lesbian sex experience is already in swing by the time Joanna’s husband shows up for a scorching ménage a trois!

3. I Don’t Know If I Can Handle Both: An Erotic Story of Double Penetration

When two best friends decide to spice up their sex lives by writing down a bunch of adventurous acts, placing them in a jar, and choosing randomly; things get hot. Who could have imagined the very first choice for one of them would be to take on two men at once? It’s an MFM ménage a trois for her, and it includes her very first anal sex in the form of a powerful double penetration!

4. Robert Wants My Ass: First Anal Sex with a Stranger

When my best friend made the dare, I was committed to going through with it. I had to offer myself to the very first man I saw, and that man was Robert. His wife was with him, but she was absolutely game to let him have me. The deal was any way he wanted me. I never would have guessed he’d want my untouched ass!

5. Spin the Bottle: A Group Sex Erotica Story

When Holly turned the party into a game of spin the bottle, I thought it would be something like silly kissing games. I never thought it would turn into an all-out orgy complete with my first ever lesbian sex! I certainly never thought I’d watch Dani have a double penetration while a boy was screwing me!

The Whole Softball Team: A Gangbang Erotica Story

by Nycole Folk

I told the Tallahoo Tigers that I’d take them all on at once if they won the national championships. It was silly thing to do, and I wasn’t thinking clearly. Nonetheless, the time came to pay up, and I was amazed at how quickly I went from terrified to turned on! It was wonderfulâ?¦at least it was wonderful until I discovered they intended to take my ass as well. It was my first anal sex ever, and it came when someone was already in my pussy!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, deep throat, first anal sex, double penetration, and more. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.

Here is a preview:

I was an absolute wreck by the time the shuttle bus arrived at the front steps, and even though I smiled at the men as they made their way up the porch and got their room assignments from the owners of the bed and breakfast, my heart was pounding. It didn’t help that almost every one of the men made leering faces or winked at me or blew me a kiss.

Once everyone checked in, I steeled myself and went to see Tommy. I knocked on his door, and he opened it with a smile. I was ready to make arrangements but before I could, he said, “Look, Miss Evans. I’ve been talking to the guys and we’re not gonna make you go through with it. Hell, four of the men are married and they backed out anyway. The rest of us, the single guys, we’re gonna let you bow out.”

There was something about suddenly having a choice that seemed to just take all of the stress away. I looked at Tommy and said, “Of course the married men shouldn’t participate, but when you work with us, you can count on our word. I’m not backing down and that’s that.” I heard a voice from inside the room make a surprised exclamation, and I stepped further in. It was Williams, the third baseman. He sat on the edge of the bed wearing just boxers. He was in the process of pulling off his sock. “You married?” I asked. He looked like a deer in headlights as he shook his head. “Good,” I said. “Better call everyone, Tommy,” I added and dropped to my knees. A quick yank brought Williams’ boxers to his knees and a moment later his cock was growing in my mouth. I don’t really understand what came over me. Really, I wasn’t a prude but I certainly wasn’t as adventurous as I was behaving.

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