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The Lifted Veil

by George Eliot

The Lifted Veil is considered one of the great works of Victorian horror fiction. Heraklion Press has included a linked table of contents in this edition.


by RJ Barker

Not everything in the garden wants to be there.

‘Interment’ is a disturbing and idiosyncratic work of psychological horror. Part graphic novelette, part story, part poem and partly art.
This is the first of three illustrated prose poems written by RJ Barker and illustrated by Mikko Sovijärvi . It will be followed by ‘The Social Diary of a Ghoul’ (originally published in ‘Champagne Shivers’ where it received a nomination for the James B Baker award for literature) and finally ‘The Boy Who Listened in at Doors.’

The Undead Day One. (Book One of The Undead Series)

by RR Haywood

The Undead. The Number One Bestselling UK zombie horror series.

A deadly infection spreads across Europe.

The Undead Series: A terrifying account of one man desperately struggling to survive this harrowing event.

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“5 stars isn’t enough! Far and away the best zombie series around!”

“This is a sure-fire, cult hit of a series ”

“One of the best series out there and one of the best authors of this genre – totally gripping and will have you at the edge of your seat.”

“each and every book will leave you begging for the next one.”

“each one is a masterpiece all on its own.”

“Another amazing instalment.”

“Haywood sure is improving like a fine wine.”

“this story simply gets better and better.”

“Once again the sub plots weave around one another, coming together with quality timing.”

“Each time I finish reading I’m exhausted, overjoyed, anxious and fearful of what’s coming next.”

“Brilliant writing from start to end.”

“Well done RR Haywood, please do not stop doing what you are doing.”

“This has been the best zombie series I’ve read.”

“I cannot begin to describe how exciting and spellbinding The Unread series is.”

“I just want to keep getting lost in the story.”

“I like zombie books. A lot. But the character development, the humour, the action and the banter in this series make it the best I have ever read.”


by J. Paul Stephens

Magdalene believes that she has found the love of her life in James; an enigmatic young man who becomes entranced with her. Soon though she finds herself trapped in torment and James her tormentor. Her life devolves into a constant assault where she is forced to endure relentless abuse and humiliation. To survive Magdalene must fight back, and be victorious, because for the loser there’s hell to pay.

The Twister

by Kevin J MacLeod

Meet The Twister. A creature created by the death of the first subatomic particle. It is, at is essence, violent death…

Meet the town of Jerome Missouri, population nine hundred, but not for long. They have a visitor coming, and he’s bringing some friends…

The children come like a raging wave. They are fear realized, pain perpetual. They are a prayer for those that beg for darkest release, this night they shall indulge. This night they shall slake their thirst upon the unwitting inhabitants of this quiet little town, for tonight marks their hundred years. The day they have been waiting for, the night when they will raise their blades high and once again welcome their father home…

The Lodestone: Book 1: The Pure at Heart

by W A Harbinson

It is said that whoever holds the Lodestone will own the entire world…

It was originally the apex of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Its function was to create fusion between Earth and the Cosmos. It holds the key to the infinite mysteries of the universe. And it has been missing for centuries…

Wilhelm Zweig, ageing master-criminal, is determined to find it – and with it the key to immortality…

But in his way stands the legendary Count de Saint Germain, history’s most mysterious figure, believed to be the protector of the magical stone. And against him is Gerry Remick, a young American with a passion for unexplained phenomena – and for Zweig’s unhappy daughter, Ingrid.

Together, and relentlessly pursued by the evil Zweig, Gerry and Ingrid embark upon a dangerous quest for the Lodestone, an epic voyage that takes them through Europe and the Orient, past the sites of the Seven Wonders of the World, and on to a final magical confrontation on the summit of the Earth…

This is the first book in an amazing trilogy by the bestselling author of GENESIS and REVELATION.

Dream Maker

by W. A. Harbinson


DREAM MAKER… A mysterious force growing stronger in the ever-expanding hole in the ozone layer… a force that feeds off people’s minds and transports them into an alien dream world filled with UFOs and ghosts, monsters and resurrected loved ones… a world in which the line between dreaming and reality is gradually being eroded.

This in turn brings fire and flood, famine and disease… and America, the most powerful nation on Earth, is being forced back to its pre-industrial age and facing total breakdown. The race is on to prevent this…

DREAM MAKER is a fascinating combination of love story, the occult, science fiction and hard facts – a prediction of the world to come if we don’t deal with today’s terrifying environmental problems.

Another astounding novel by the best-selling author of GENESIS and REVELATION.

Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Part 5

by Stacy Buck

The fight is on In Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead Part 5. The series reaches its finale in a ferocious battle between Squanto and his tribe the Patuxet, and the combined forces of Unbooko’s Native army. With no chance of escape and no chance either side will back down, its a fight to the death. It’s time to Wake the Undead.

Brain Nation

by Kristy Oberlander

Ric knew that he was going to be picked. I mean what else was he born for except to either be a Zombie slave or Zombie food? But, he would like a little more notice before being picked to go on a man hunt for the CEO of the Zombie branding corporation NyoCene.

Night Visitors (Southbound Tales)

by Vincent Breit

1…”Few ever stay”: A man searches for Reason at a filling station.

2…”Night Visitors”: Creatures run amok in a man’s rental house.

3…”Blind Date”: A man and woman meet at a restaurant with time to kill.

4…”Roundabout”: A bank robber learns he may not be able to live with himself.

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