Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 11 Dec 13

Christmas on the Farm: A Rhyming Picture Book About Christmas

by Beau Blackwell

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It’s Christmas on the farm, and the animals know that Christmas isn’t just about presents- it’s about friendship, family, generosity, and love!

Your kids will love this bright, colorful rhyming picture book, and you’ll love that it reminds them of what the Christmas season is really all about. It shows them that Christmas is more than just presents and Santa, and that true Christmas joy comes from being with the ones we love and remembering to be kind and grateful for all that we have.

Featuring fun, simple rhymes and adorably illustrated animals, this book will quickly become a Christmas favorite with your kids!

For fans of Lily Lexington, Michael Yu, Shelley Admont, and Gerald Hawksley.

Marine Life 4-Pack: Amazing Photos & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Sea Turtles) (Our Amazing World Series)

by Kay de Silva

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The “Marine Life 4-Pack” comprises Kay de Silva’s four marine life bestsellers in one pack. These include: “Whales”, “Dolphins”, “Sharks” and “Turtles”. The books use captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach children about sea animals.

This series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. The description in the large text beneath is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through.

There are also a picture captions, which provides more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty.

This book depicts the wonder of marine life in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of these beautiful creatures: their anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

I enjoyed compiling these books. I even learned a few things along the way. Perhaps you will too.

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Forever Home (A true short story about second chances & forever friendships)

by Kimberly Kinrade

Girl meets dog. Girl loses dog. Girl gets dog back.

It’s that kind of love story.

When 14-year-old Cory Smith loses her best furry friend to a stroke three days before Christmas, she doesn’t think she’ll ever recover.

Until she sets eyes on the sad rescue dog about to be put down.

Will fate be on their side as she works to save the dog who stole her heart? Or will her New Year fall to another broken heart?


This is based on a true story and was written as a birthday present for the author’s sister. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a shelter or organization of Cory’s choice, to help more dogs find their forever home.

Dinosaur Alphabet: Learn ABCs with Rex the Dinosaur (A Children’s Picture Book)

by Steve Smith Bestseller!

Learn Alphabet through this Dinosaurs ABC Picture Book.

The concept for this Dinosaurs ABC book is:

  • A is for…
  • Picture
  • Dinosaur name
  • How to pronounce the dinosaur name

Then we move on to:

  • B is for…

Your children will learn how to pronounce the dinosaur name.

The high quality color illustrations will charm your little ones into visiting this ABC Picture Book over and over again.

This is a must have Dinosaur book for your favorite preschooler to 1st grader!

Fields of the Fatherless: Revolutionary War and Colonial America Novel (Historical Fiction, Military & Wars)

by Elaine Marie Cooper

In the early months of 1775, war is brewing in the American colonies. Although frightened, eighteen-year-old Betsy Russell of Menotomy Village, Massachusetts, wants to be prepared in case of attack by British troops. Her father, prosperous farmer Jason, is the fourth generation of Russells on this land yet their very rights as British Colonials are being stripped away one by one. Will the King of England take their land as well? Tensions are growing here in the countryside west of Boston and the outbreak of battle seems a certainty. Jason desperately wants to protect his family his wife, children and grandchildren and their future. Betsy makes every attempt to be prepared for the worst. But not even the American militia could have predicted the bloody massacre that was about to occur right on the Russells doorstep. If Betsy loses everything she holds dear, are the rights of all the Colonists endangered? Based on a true story.

If you buy a new print edition of this book (or purchased one in the past), you can buy the Kindle edition for only $0.99 (Save 67%).


by Julia Dweck

“Not another mermaid story,” little Minnow wails, as Mama minnow tucks him into his coral bed. Readers will learn that this is no ordinary mermaid tale. This mermaid’s “tale” is quite extraordinary. Readers will delight in the bold and colorful illustrations and tender story line. Swim along with Finoor on her very first enchanting underwater adventure.

Jokes for Kids

by Dave Childs

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes, This ebook for kids includes knock-knock jokes, riddles, one liners and much more. Fun joke book for young kids with appropriate, clean humor.

Kids love clean humor that they can share with their friends. Each page in this book contains a new and fun joke for children. Full of 65 jokes for kids under 10 years old.

Children’s Book – The First Rainbow

by Joy Findlay

The First Rainbow is a telling of the Noah’s Ark story as one would tell a child. Beautifully illustrated, it uses the different colours of the rainbow to help children remember the different parts of the story. While telling the biblical flood story, parents can teach their children colours and about God’s love.

This book is recommended for children up to 5 years of age.

Animals ABC Book : Learn ABCs with Animals (A Children’s Picture Book)

by Lily Lyman

Amazon Bestseller!

Learn Alphabet through this Animals ABC Picture Book.

The high quality color illustrations will charm your little ones into visiting this Animals ABC book over and over again.

This is a must have ABC book for your favorite baby or preschooler.

Bird Song

by George Pessin

Bird Song is a heartwarming story for all ages. Two birds, one with a broken wing, the other blind, must fly together on their migratory journey south. They encounter various adventures along the way and learn first-hand the power of song.

Ice Cream Airlines Goes To London: The Adventures of the Queen’s Corgi. A Fun and Educational Travel Adventure Book Series for Kids Ages 3-8

by Linda A Kajda

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Embark on a journey across the globe as you board Ice Cream Airlines with your pilot Bert, a friendly polar bear who welcomes you with a warm smile. Along with his crew of cheerful penguins, he is about to take you and your child on a worldwide adventure spanning several books in Linda Kajda’s brilliantly illustrated educational books for kids ages 4-8.

And it all starts right here, in Buckingham Palace of course! Here you will meet the Queen herself and her adorable Corgi dogs as you learn about the history of the palace itself, as well as the River Thames and other famous architecture found in the city of London.

Ice Cream Airlines Goes to London is the best vacation your kids will take without leaving their rooms. Kids will learn new words which they can revisit in the glossary, pick up fun new facts about the cities featured in each book and they will fall in love with their new animal friends who are along for the journey.

Caarina the Cooking Fairy (KiteReaders Fairy Series)

by Julia Dweck

Caarina lives among the cooks that write the recipes in books. They’re master chefs who work all night. To mix and simmer’s their delight. Today, the Fairy Queen decrees, and all the fairies there agree, a special feast will soon be served–a rich reward that all deserve. Who should cook this special feast prepared with flour, oil, and yeast? Who can roll and brown a bun? Caarina is the chosen one! Join Caarina, the cooking fairy, in this humorous, rhyming adventure. Caarina is all set to create a delicious feast for the Fairy Queen; however, a pesky gremlin attempts to foil Caarina’s plan. Can Caarina “beat” him? Who will be “whipped,” gremlin or fairy? Young readers will enjoy this clever fantasy adventure, sprinkled with word play and more than a dash of fabulous fairy fun for all!

No More (Inspirational and Motivational Children’s Books Series)

by Ben Shomer

“No More” is a delightful children’s motivational and inspirational story about the ability to be determined, to say no to situations we don’t like and the prevention of bullying.

It is written in a simple and clear language, which means that your child will be able to understand and assimilate the information in it.

Every child is confronted with some form of violence and bullying at some point. In “No More”, our hero, Sam, suffers from bullying from a rascal in his class and he is unable to cope with the aggression and violence he is exposed to. He cannot say no.

But this all changes, when Sam experiences a constitutive moment and decides to never allow anyone to hurt him again. He decides to say “No!” Learning Judo and self-defense helps him come to this realization. Judo builds his confidence and self-esteem and his ability to stand for his own and say No when it is required.

As a parent, you surely want to see your child confident, secure, with a high self-image and high self-esteem. This book will open up a new horizon and new paradigms, both for you as a parent and for your child.

“No More” is inspiring, educating, highly motivational and entertaining. Children will easily identify with Sam and his inner struggles with the fear of opposing bullying and violence and with his sweet victory over his aggressor and over his fear.

The most important theme of this book is determination. Determination they say, is the key to success. Using an imaginative blend of simple explanation and interesting storytelling, this book teaches children about the most essential characteristics of highly successful people – determination.

“No More” will make your child understand the importance of being determined in everything he or she is doing. It will put in him/her the spirit of determination which will help him succeed in all his/her life endeavors.

The book will provide children an object of identification and a problem solving story related to bullying and building of self-worth and self-confidence. It also gives parents a healthy view on how to build self confidence in the child. The comprehensive preface for parents will provide you with some deep and

powerful insights, as well as practical keys on handling these issues, whether your child is currently exposed to bullying or not.

The Mitten Tree

by Kelly Young

The joy of giving builds as a little girl learns why her mother and grandmother are knitting items throughout the year for The Mitten Tree.

Pigs: facts and pictures of pigs

by Derek Scott

Pigs and cute and fun little animals. This ebook for kids contains facts and pictures about pigs including what it would be like to be the owner of a pet pig. This book is a fun and easy read and filled with fun facts about pigs of all kinds.

Benny, This Christmas is Different – Learn Spanish for Kids (includes a BONUS BOOK)

by Michael Hodge

Bilingual Benny, the most beloved “Spanish for Kids” book series is back. Before, Christmas was all about Benny. Gifts, sweets, a full stocking, and a lot of attention from his family. This year it’s different. Benny’s parents take him and his little sis to give gifts to others. How do Benny and Monica feel about not getting any gifts this year?

Includes a complete Bonus Book – Christine Learns the Purpose of Practice!

This is a BookLingual book which is specially designed in English & Spanish. Children (and parents) will learn about Christmas words, verbs, and grammar. You will love this book!! This book is also wonderful for ESL learners and for those wanting to learn English.

The Morris Mouse Collection: All 5 Stories for Kids in the Morris Mouse Series Ages 4-8

by Munro Wilder

***FIVE Morris Mouse adventures all in ONE volume!***

In this book containing all 5 of the Morris Mouse stories, you will thoroughly enjoy sharing these adventures with your little ones as they befriend a cute and adorable little mouse named Morris.

Told using simple poetic verses, Morris is a storybook character your children will get excited about meeting as they become involved in his unexpected adventures and learn some valuable lessons.

Engage your child in these stories to discover how Morris:

  • Manages to escape from Kitty Cat
  • Outsmarts an Elfnewt
  • Receives a huge and unexpected surprise when he ends up at the beach
  • Figures out one of life’s most important lessons
  • Ultimately decides “there’s no place like home”

Snuggle up as you share with a new generation of readers these sweet and innocent stories of a polite and endearing little mouse named Morris.

Wild Cats: Lions, Panthers, Cheetahs and More!

by Michelle Powers

Perfect for the child who loves animals, especially lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs and more! This book contains awesome images and facts about these amazing wild cats! Big cats are kings of their domain and this book brings their awesome power straight to your handheld device for your child to learn.

American Sign Language Alphabet (a picture and practice book for kids)

by Jackie Jeffrey

American Sign Language Alphabet is a picture and practice book for kids. This book presents each letter of the alphabet with a picture of the American Sign Language letter. Children can practice forming each letter while learning the basic American Sign Language alphabet. Your child will have fun learning to spell their name with sign language letters. Also included are sign language numbers 0-9 and signs for I, love, you, mom, eat/food. Great for children learning American Sign Language basics.

Mandala Magic–An Interactive Book for Children and their Parents

by Sara Deutsch

Mandala Magic is an interactive book, for children from 7-14 years old and their parents, about a universal art form based on a circle. It might be a visual treat for even younger, curious, creative children, inspiring new ways of looking at other cultures, nature and art.

Thirty-two images include mandalas from different cultures including Tibetan and Native American mandalas. Tibetans may spend weeks creating sand mandalas while focusing on a prayer. When it is finished, they destroy it to release its blessing. Native Americans create medicine wheels representing harmony and peace among all living beings on Earth. From something as small as a raindrop, as simple as a bird’s nest, to the greatest cycles of the seasons or the cycle of life, all are circles. All are mandalas.

Many nature mandalas including vegetables, fruit, flowers, spider webs, sea creatures and shells are included in the book. Pictures of food mandalas show artful salads with edible flowers and delicious dessert mandalas. Many examples of the author’s original art inspire new ways of looking at nature to see the essential energy of butterflies, turtles, birds, frost, fire, and zebras. The author shows samples of personal mandalas from the handwriting and colors of different people showing their energy and personalities.

The last section of the book offers a variety of ideas for children to do: finding mandalas to color, using mandalas for self discovery and meditation, and making mandalas from a variety of different materials: pictures, words, flowers, stamps, stones, chalk, magazines, bottle caps, food lids, shells, string, fabric, ribbons, buttons, scraps of colorful paper, scarves, stickers, and sometimes a little glitter to add a finishing touch.

The author, Sara Deutsch is an Arts in Education teacher, multimedia artist, and Creative Arts Therapist who helps children expand their creativity and discover and develop their unique talents.

Last Bus Home

by Robert Fowler

This short story kindle book is taking a look at the different lives of teens on the streets today. It is a fiction short stories book about 2 teenagers who come from completely different backgrounds.

A chance meeting in a coffee shop begins an eventful evening for fifteen-year-old schoolboy Scott Williams. Dressed in full school uniform, and in town to buy a book, he finds himself accosted by a strange girl, dressed boyishly, with red flecks in her hair. Although they are the same age, she is far more streetwise than the naive Scott; her life almost the reverse of the boy’s.

Scott lives in an affluent area, with his parents and sister; Jet lives in a second floor flat with her alcoholic single mother. Scott is at a private school, Jet’s education is the streets she spends her nights walking.

For some inexplicable reason, instead of ignoring Jet and catching the next bus home, Scott allows the girl to manipulate him into missing it. As the evening becomes more bizarre, he becomes mesmerized by the world she inhabits. Sadly the evening will have tragic consequences for both of them.

Please Note: This book contains some strong language, it is relative to the story line, but may/could offend.

Real Planet Nine (Spime Adventures)

by Paul E Park

After all these years of searching, Aunt Rachel would finally learn the secrets behind the mysterious door….

“Here goes,” whispered Aunt Rachel.

Aunt Rachel took the key and inserted it into the door. Everyone held their breath. It was a perfect fit! She turned the key and there was a clicking noise. Aunt Rachel pushed on the door but it didn’t budge.

“It’s stuck.”

Aunt Rachel pushed some more and the children joined her, pushing with all their might. When all seemed lost, sudden small vibrations could be felt on the ground accompanied by a barely audible humming noise that grew steadily louder.

The door groaned deeply and little by little the door began to creak open. It was a marvel to behold, as if the door after being asleep for thousands of years was awakening. When the door came to a stop and opened fully, Aunt Rachel slowly took a step inside, followed by the children. They did this very carefully, as if they were sneaking into someone else’s house.

They gasped at what they saw….


â??A drive across the desert leads Durant and his younger brother and sister to their Aunt Rachel’s house for the first time. Expecting a dull, hot summer in the New Mexico desert and faraway from their California home, they’ve heard rumors that their aunt has been up to something strange in the mountains behind her backyard.

Soon, the children learn that Aunt Rachel is on the verge of discovering a secret older than human history. What they don’t know is that they are about to embark on a journey that will take them to places beyond their wildest imagination. Going along for the ride has taken on a whole new meaning.

Don’t miss this exciting new series that is pushing the outer limit of readers’ imagination everywhere!

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Wizzie the Magical Mystery Cat

by Emmeline Costa-Wagner

Wizzie is a magical, black tuxedo cat who has lots of fun at night time when the moon is full. Illustrated childrens story.


by Russell Hehn

When a mysterious egg hatches in Twixby Forest, the forest critters have never seen a bird like this. “Who are you?!” they ask. “I don’t know!” he says. And so begins Bird’s journey to the Big Water to find out who he really is. Follow Bird through the dark, brambly edge of the forest when he narrowly escapes the knives and forks of Raccoon and Opossum, up and over Mountain Goat Mountain where he’s jailed and accused of being a spy sent by the Billy Goats Gruff, across the Hot Sandy Desert where he’s nearly eaten alive by Mr. and Mrs. Vulture, and finally, hopefully, to the Big Water.

Dinosaurs: Dinosaur facts for kids. Interesting info and amazing pictures! (Learn about animals)

by Kelly Morris

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to introduce your child to the wonderful world of dinosaurs?

You’ve seen the characters on TV and the inaccurate dinosaurs for kids they put in magazines. Now it’s time to show them what they were really like with this handy non-fiction book entitled “Dinosaurs: Dinosaur facts for kids. Interesting info and amazing pictures!”.

It shows you the true faces of famous predators and prey like the T-Rex, stegosaurus, and sauropod.

It takes information from the latest scientific knowledge and combines it with the realistic minds and bodies of these vicious creatures. Introduce your child to a whole new world with this wonderful little book.

It doesn’t just speak to your child. It encourages them to think. We chart the progress of dinosaur history, through the way we discovered it, through research and the earliest fossils. It’s no conventional dinosaurs picture book. This is a real scientific account of dinosaurs communicated in a way children can understand.

It’s impossible to tell them everything in a single book. The world of 230 million years ago is a world we still don’t know everything about. It’s vast and rich in ecology. It’s why this book acts as the starting point. Your offspring will be clamouring for more when they learn about the intriguing lives of dinosaurs.

They’ll follow in the claw prints of both herbivore and carnivore and know what it was like to live in the eat or be eaten world which so ended with a devastating asteroid crash which changed the very face of the planet forever and signalled the arrival of Homo sapiens; us.

Let them understand where they came from and what the world was like before iPods and the X-Factor by purchasing them this factual account of the dinosaurs today.

This book will help you and your child learn about:

What is the job of a paleontologists.
When Did Dinosaurs Live on Earth?
What Do We Know About Dinosaurs?
Cool Dinosaur Facts :The oldest fossil
Why Did the Dinosaurs Die?
The first dinosaur
The largest dinosaur
The tallest dinosaur
The smallest dinosaur
Different shapes and sizes of dinosaurs
The most intelligent dinosaur
The longest name

This children’s book is s available at low prices and we’re confident you’ll find it a worthwhile addition to your child’s bookshelf.

Yours Sincerely,

Kelly Morris

Santa’s short surprise letter (An interactive adventure)

by Roy Thomas

Santa gets a letter from a child who thinks it’s about time he had a present. Santa sends his list back. You then have to try to find out what the child is making for Santa.

The interactive story gives clues about what the present actually is, but can you try to guess? This is a shortened version of the full story. Enjoy!

The Genesis of Jazrael (The Irem Chronicles)

by Jeannie Ingraham

15 year-old American Danielle De Voss has big plans for the future, but all those hopes are shattered when her plane crashes in the Rub Al Khali, where she must literally deal with nightmares out of 1001 Arabian Nights.

After Danielle’s plane crashes in the desert killing all of its passengers, including Danielle’s grandmother, she is forced to make a new life in the ancient, mythical Arabic city of Irem. With a little help from the local hero and a filthy thief, Danielle overcomes challenges set between her and a way home, including an eccentric evil sorcerer. Danielle eventually wins over the heart of the city, but more importantly Irem has won her over and she decides that this quirky city is more of her home than America ever was.

Saving the Horse We Love

by Seraphina Dahle

Do you want to save a horse?!

Have you ever wanted to help rescue one, but didn’t know where to find one?

Well, now you can meet and help a rescue horse that is being saved from death by a little girl and others who realize how important this horse truely is. This book is written by that same girl!

You get to see what his daily life is like.
Experience what his personality is like.
See how he helps people who are afraid of horses.
See how he has helps kids, teens, and adults learn to love being around horses.

You also get some bonus tips on how to save money when you are riding and showing!

Also this book will give you a good feel for what to look for in a children’s riding horse.

And you get to feel good knowing you are helping the very horse you are reading so much about.

Frostbite – Poems For Children And Adults ; p

by Serena Silenced

Winter poetry for children. Mom and Dad might enjoy them too ; p

Colm & the Lazarus Key

by Kieran Mark Crowley

Nominated for the Bisto Children’s Book of the Year Award! Colm thinks that spending a fortnight with his cousin – The Brute – is the worst thing that can happen to him this summer. He’s about to find out he’s wrong. While driving The Brute home, Colm and his parents stop for the night at a quiet, old hotel. The Brute falls in love for the first time, with the mysterious American granddaughter of their hotel owner and forces Colm to help him win her over.

When strange things begin to happen, Colm finds himself in the middle of a baffling and exciting adventure. Colm and The Brute must overcome their dislike of each other and work together if they’re going to find Colm’s parents and solve the murky mystery of the Lazarus Key.

Super Smelly Socks: The Strange Kids (Part 1)

by Joseph Hernandez

The epic story about a flying baby, Super Smelly Socks, continues when three kids with physical disabilities leave earth and enter an enchanted society ruled by a cruel being named Evil Erin. The children find friendship when Super Smelly Socks saves them and shows kindness, something they rarely got from anyone before.

Red Shoes with White Squiggles (Woodhill Whiskers)

by Carol Pavelin

Sisters, author Carol Pavelin from Solihull, England and artist Stephanie Conroy from Texas, USA, have collaborated to create this rhyming children’s book, the first in a series about a family of five mice.

The locations in the book are loosely based on the sisters’ happy memories of growing up on Woodhill Road in Portishead, England, which was the inspiration for the name ‘Woodhill Whiskers’.

They remember getting into trouble for feeding some mice in the basement with biscuits!

Carol’s writing, in combination with Stephanie’s artwork, has created a colourful children’s book suitable for a bedtime story or early reading.

Alligators! Monsters of the Swamp: Facts and Pictures

by Steven Green

Alligators! Monsters of the Swamp is a fun book for children that includes facts and pictures of these amazing creatures. Your child will love looking at these awesome animals as they flip through the pages and learn about alligators. Perfect for any child who loves animals, swamps, zoos, crocodiles, and alligators.

Animal Kisses

by Sally Harris

A cute animal can turn a bad day into a wonderful day! This book is full of pictures of animals kissing and a brief article about animals kissing. Perfect for anyone who needs a little pick me up or for the animal lover in us all. With pictures of dogs, horses, cows, monkeys, kangaroos and more kissing this book will lift your spirit and put a smile on your face.

Ants! Facts and Pictures of Ants

by Gigi Smith

Does your child love animals? Do they love playing outside and learning new things? This book is perfect for them. With awesome facts and cool pictures of ants your child will learn as they have fun flipping through the pages of this ebook for kids. With high quality closeup pictures your child will be able to see ants up close and personal like never before. Perfect for entertaining your child and allowing them to learn in the process.

Balloon Animals:Pictures and Instructions

by Christa Farnsworth

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Are you looking for some fun birthday ideas for your little one? Are you looking for a new hobby? Making balloon animals is an art, and it is so fun and entertaining. Kids love watching the balloon animals being made and it is a great souvenir when they go home. This book provides instructions and lots of pictures to help you learn the art of making balloon animals.

Chimpanzee Pictures and Fun Facts

by Chris Sharp

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If you have spent time around the Chimpanzee you are probably fascinated by home human they seem. If you are planning a trip to the zoo or recently visited your little one probably loved the chimp. This book contains amazing pictures and fun facts, and is a great learning tool for kids. Add this book to your ebook collection today.

Christine The Christmas Tree. A Shorty Photo Story Book (Shorty Picture Story Books for Children)

by Raymara Barwil

Christine The Christmas Tree is a fun shorty edutainment photo story book, good for reading with your child, or letting them enjoy and imagine their own story with the inspiring photos.

Learning should be fun. I’m sure you agree. Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s young children’s shorty Christmas picture book, with a beautiful full colour photo and text on each page.

You’ll join Christine the Christmas tree on her colourful journey from the tree farm to when Christmas and the New Year celebrations have ended… gaining insight and having fun and capturing the Christmas charm, all wrapped up together in this Christmas package.

Can you guess what will happen to Christine?

Your child will love going from one colourful (and sometimes magical) photo to another, and their imagination will be captivated with each step through Christine’s journey…

Scroll up and grab your copy of Christine The Christmas Tree now! You will see your Christmas tree in a different light from now on.

Clowns: Pictures and Fun Facts

by Mark Potts

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Have you always been fascinated by clowns? Are you thinking about becoming a clown? Either way this book includes great information about clowns and different things they do to entertain and make people laugh. There are lots of great pictures of clowns each with their own unique style. If your little one recently went to the circus or a party and loves clowns download this book today!!

Early Readers: A special cake (Bilingual) (Fun Time)

by sigal Magen

Everybody has a different taste:

Adina likes pears, Tamar likes Bananas, Mina likes Plums.

And what about Aurelia?

This little story gives in a sweet way the message that it is OK to like different things, with an extra bonus of learning few words in a different Language.

The story is told in a repetitive pattern, which helps small kids and bilingual kids to understand it and predict the next sentence.

Electric Trains!

by Fred Vahed

Train lovers unite. This ebook for kids contains information about electric train sets with amazing pictures of actual real life electric trains rolling down the tracks. Perfect for the inquisitive child who love working with their hands, loves trains, or loves big machines, trucks, or tractors. This book will provide facts about trains and help to entertain your child while you are at the store, waiting in line at the bank or otherwise busy!

Elephant Facts and Pictures

by Devin Sims

Elephants are one of the most amazing and intelligent animals on the earth. This ebook for kids outlines facts and provides images of these lovable giants. With many fun and interesting facts about elephants your child will have fun learning as they flip through this full color ebook.

Elephants! A Kids Book About Elephants. An Exciting Fun Facts Informational Picture Book About Elephants.

by Catherine Wilder

Discover Fun facts About Elephants For kids!

Are Your Kids Interested In Elephants?

Now your kids will learn to read in a fun and exciting way. This Kids book about Elephants by nature lover and author Catherine Wilder is filled with large, high quality photos along with many fun facts about Elephants your kids will love reading about.

Written in an easy to read and understand style, this book is prefect for kids ages 7-13, or younger with an adults help. Your children will thoroughly enjoy learning about what elephants eat, how big they can be, and their habitats, social life, conservation and more.

Be prepared though, they will be completely hooked in, and stay interested until the very end of the book.

Pick up this wonderful Elephant book for kids today, a new world of discovery awaits!

Find the Red Dot, Learning counting and colors Activity Book, Bonus book

by Red Hair Dottie

Limited Time Offer: Free–Bonus Book Educational Children Toys

Red Hair Dottie has a simple game of Find the Red Dot on the page. Each page also has you counting a certain color as well. Fun Activities for Ages 4 thru 8.

Ford F150 Truck:Picture Book

by Hank Franch

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The Ford Truck is a classic American built truck. If you are thinking about getting a new truck or have a little one that loves trucks download this picture book today. Enjoy 30+ pictures of the Ford F150. This is a great book for kids that love trucks and dream about having one some day. This is a great addition to any ebook collection.

Fox: Pictures and Information

by Sharon Frobid

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The fox is a beautiful clever animal that lives in the wild. If you have had the chance to see one in the wild you know how cute they are. If your little one loves the fox they will enjoy learning fun facts about the fox. Enjoy several high quality pictures of the fox. Add this book to your collection today.

Gorilla Pictures and Fun Facts

by Jack Ham

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Did you recently visit the zoo with your little ones? Were they fascinated with all the animals that they saw. A great way to encourage your children to read is to get books that are about their interests or things they have recently seen. It makes the learning process so much more complete. The gorilla is a fascinating creature, and the way they look at you makes you feel they know more then they can say. Download this book today for amazing pictures and great information about the gorilla.

Hamster, Pictures and Fun Facts

by Pat Shaw

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Do you have a pet hamster or are thinking about getting one soon? If you would like to learn a little more about hamster or see some incredibly cute pictures, this is the book for you. This is a great book for your children if they are wanting a pet hamster. It will help teach them what they will need to take care of their new pet. Add this book to your ebook collection today.

Hedgehogs Pictures and Fun Facts

by Holly Prime

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If you are looking for a fun new unique pet you should learn more about the hedgehog. These cute little creatures make fun family pets. They are smart, cute, and clean. This book includes great pictures and a lot of useful information about the hedgehog. Although you may not think the hedgehog is good for petting, their underbelly is actually very soft. If your child loves small animals, download this book today.

Jet Airplanes: The Raptor Picture Book

by Leslie Kpufner

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Is your kid fascinated by jet planes. They speed through the air and it is amazing to see one in the sky. If your little one loves looking up in the sky every time he hears a plane. They will love scrolling through pages of the raptor jet. This incredible jet is very fast will provide a lot of entertainment.

JETS! facts and pictures of jet planes

by Steve Raymond

JETS! This ebook for kids includes images and facts about jet planes for kids. With amazing pictures of awesome planes and fun facts about the history and more of these awesome flying machines your child will have fun reading this ebook for kids.

If your child has interest in big machines, planes, airplanes, jets, fighter planes, pilots and more this is the perfect book for you!

Journey to the Center of Minecraft – A Minecraft Novel

by Best Minecraft Novels

When Zed moved away from his village to start a farm, he knew he’d face some challenges, but he never expected this! A simple expedition to gather some iron turns into the adventure of a life time, when Zed falls down a crevice and finds himself battling monsters, dodging lava, and desperately trying to stay alive and find his way back to the surface before his food and torches run out.

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Little Jay’s Day Dreams

by Joshua Massenburg

Little Jay is worried about what he wants to be when he grows up and he goes through different scenarios of what he wanted his life to be when he got older. His daydreams take him on a journey from becoming a dragon rider to visiting china.

The Lonely Swan

by Viv Rosser

This is a story for both young children and adults who like beautiful illustrations.The story is simply told and is a testimony to the committed and devoted relationship shared by a pair of swans.

The book is designed for kindle fire being shown through coloured pictures and a few words. It can be used on PC or laptop and tablets.

I hope it brings the blessings of Christmas to all who read it.

Octopus: Pictures and Fun Facts

by Tim Morton

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Are you fascinated by the 8 legged slimy octopus. If you want to learn more and see some amazing pictures download this book today. This is a great book for older children that love ocean life and want to learn more. Reading is a great activity for kids, and with the convenience of ebooks they can read almost anywhere.

One-Eyed Tilly – The Pirate Cat

by Amy Webb

This is the inspirational story of a down-and-out homeless cat that forms an unbreakable bond with a young boy. Both of them then undertake the most amazing PIRATE ADVENTURES of all TIME!

Pirate Witches of the Caribbean

by Emmeline Costa-Wagner

Three magical witch pirates live on Coconut Island in the Caribbean and have an arch enemy called Captain Bucklebury who is helped by his only friend, a sea monster. The bad Captain Bucklebury and his sea monster conspire to take away the witch pirates treasure. They do not succeed in stealing the treasure and the witches cast a spell to stop the Captain from getting up to his old tricks ever again. A swashbuckling girl witch pirate adventure set in the magical, beautiful Caribbean.

Princess Butterfly ( Counts to Ten )

by R.A. Krispell

Princess Siyana needs to be able to count to ten before she can become a Butterfly Princess. It’s hard to count the butterflies in the long grass will you help? This book is a fun way to teach children to count to ten.

Rascals Country Adventure

by Peggy Jeffers

This cute little city raccoon goes to the country for a picnic and winds up with new country friends but soon discovers he misses his city family so it’s off to the city with his new country friends. It’s humorous, sad and touching all in one book.

Russia: an introduction to Russia

by Derik Stevens

This ebook provides a picture and text introduction to Russia. With fun facts and figures regarding the history of the country and how to best visit this book is great for children and adults alike interested in know more about this amazing country.

Shapes Las Formas

by Othen Donald Dale Cummings

Shapes in Spanish and English. Children can learn the names of different shapes in both English and Spanish with this fun retro styled bilingual book!

Star Fish: Fact and Picture Book

by Mark Thompson

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This ebook for kids contains facts and pictures of star fish for children. With many fun facts your child will love looking through the pages and learning about these amazing animals. Perfect for children who love animals, zoos, and learning about new things.

Super Smelly Socks: The Strange Kids (Part 2)

by Johnny Coogan

The epic story continues as Super Smelly Socks helps Sam, Annabelle, and Joe find their way home while running into interesting characters along the way.

Taylor Kelsey Mysteries (Books 1-5)

by AJ Diaz

This is a collection of the first 5 books from the Taylor Kelsey Mystery Series. Taylor Kelsey is a 16 year old detective.

Praise for Taylor Kelsey Mystery of the 19th Hole:

“Cute series featuring teenage girl… Kind of a Young Adult version of a Nancy Drew mystery story…” – Amazon Review

“This is a wonderful first novel to a mystery series. I never remembering reading any Nancy Drew murder mysteries. I would definitely recommend this book.” – Marcus Mikeus

“Taylor Kelsey is an enjoyable, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery novel. It’s a fun read, and was really difficult to put down.” – Amazon Review

Praise for Taylor Kelsey Mystery of the 101st Meter:

“I’m 12 and I LOVE the Taylor Kelsey books!” – Davimee (Amazon Review)

“This book was the best yet and I can’t wait to get the next one.” – TIFFINI (Amazon Review)

Praise for Taylor Kelsey Mystery of the 33rd Chess Piece:

“The plot is well planned, fast-paced, and rather surprising at times. For instance, characters in the story are not always what they seem, and seemingly unimportant events that take place near the beginning of the book prove to decide the fate of events in the conclusion. No one could deny that the story is suspenseful enough to keep one buried in its pages for hours, but the entertaining style sprinkled with humorous witticisms in which the novel is written only serves to heighten this fact.” – Kiah (Amazon Review)

Praise for Taylor Kelsey Mystery of the 51st Star:

“This book at the end made me sit on edge! I couldn’t believe it when my mom told me to stop reading and go to bed! The best book I have read and I am only 9!” – 9 year old Kailey Beckford (Amazon Review)

“It is a fun read with detective work.” – Debra S. Coyle (Amazon Review)

Praise for Taylor Kelsey Mystery of the 13th Floor:

“I rated this book a five because I thought it was the best book that I have ever read. I am defiantly reading the rest of this amazing series. I recommend this book to you if you want a good mystery!” – Amazon Review

“The story is well-planned, suspenseful and satisfying…” – Elizabeth Proske (Amazon Review)


by tim bowley

Bullied at school and miserable at home, thirteen-year-old Jenny lives with her tyrannical grandmother in a cottage by the sea. One day she finds a sword on the beach, a sword whose mysterious energy begins to transform her. She receives a visit from a stranger who gives her a book which is different every time she opens it and gradually her mission becomes clear – she must find her way into other worlds and other times, battle monstrous creatures as well as her own fears, as she attempts to return the sword to the spellbound king and free his people, something that can only be achieved by The Unlikely Warrior.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

by Brit Foster

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Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a spouse or loved one. This book has dozens of great ideas that will help inspire your creativity. The perfect gift is the one that you put thought into. This book will help you come up with that perfect gift. Enjoy colorful photos and great suggestions for your perfect Valentine’s holiday. Download this book today.

Gardening For Kids: Pictures and Fun Facts

by Summer Prince

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A great hobby for kids is to get outside and learn about gardening. If your child is looking for a new hobby or outdoor activity they may really enjoy gardening. It is a great opportunity to learn about nutrition and self sufficiency. This is the perfect book for any kids looking to get into gardening. Add to your ebook collection today.


by Jeremy Lewis

This book about logging is fun for children interested in logging and working outside. For any kids who loves big trucks, construction machines, firetrucks, and other big machines, this book is perfect and includes information for kids. This fun and easy reader will keep children entertained while they learn new information.

Shit! There’s More Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

by S.O. Issachar

Shit! There’s More Than Fifty Shades Of Grey! That’s right. Man shall not lie.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Pictures and Information about the Trex Dinosaur

by Frank Merklen

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If your child loves dinosaurs this book is a look into the life of the t-rex. The t-rex is one of the most memorable dinosaus, and your kids can learn lots of fun facts and see a lot of great pictures in this book. This is a great chance to read to your kids with a topic they are fascinated with. Download this book today.

Clara & the Lands of the South

by Anthony Paolucci

In the Lands of the North, a perennial wonderland of forests and snow, stands a castle that is home to Nicholas Claus and his Elves. There, lonely Clara whiles away her time alone, waiting until the day she is old enough to begin making the toys that Nicholas delivers each year during the holiday season. One day, a mischievous Faerie named Bristlefiend manipulates Clara into taking a mysterious journey to the Lands of the South, from where she must return before time runs out or else remain trapped for many years. Accompanied only by her magical flying blanket, and her penchant for curiosity, Clara enters the world of humans, a place filled with many fascinating sights and sounds. While exploring the wonders of city life, Clara learns the meaning of selflessness and sacrifice, and discovers the values of home and family with the help of some unlikely characters she meets along the way.

Casper & Me

by Evelyn Sondag

A cute, rhyming story about a little girl who finds her fun loving puppy, and tells us what makes her pet so special.

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