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Kids & Their Clutter: Practical Minimalism for Challenging Messes (Practical Minimalism Book Series)

by Faith Janes

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize your life is too messy and you’re simply too busy. Clutter has taken over your life! If you’re living with anyone else, their clutter and hectic schedules affect your life as well.

Attempting to live a simple lifestyle with a family and children can be challenging. A messy house and a hectic schedule seem inevitable when you are raising a family.

Kids & Their Clutter takes a practical look at the excess and clutter that can be eliminated from our children’s lives. It covers topics such as breaking your child’s attachment to toys, video game addiction, and understanding older children and their clutter.

This book will give you tools to help lead your family on a journey to live with less.

Fertility Testing: All Your Questions Answered

by Andrea Hilborn

The world of fertility testing and treatment is complicated. Find the answers to your questions in this book from naturopathic doctor Andrea Hilborn.

Introduction: The Thrill and Fear of Trying to Conceive

Chapter 1: Fertility Explained

Chapter 2: Can I Get Pregnant?

Chapter 3: What Can I Do Before Seeing a Doctor?

Chapter 4: What Will My Doctor Do?

Chapter 5: Why Did I Miscarry?

Chapter 6: Do We Both Need to be Tested?


Have you been trying to conceive unsuccessfully? Are you about to embark on fertility treatment? Use this book to understand what is happening now and what will happen next.

The Nutty Situation (Bessie & Gabby’s Squirrely Adventures)

by Barbie Shannon

Bessie and Gabby like to play pranks only to have them back fire on them. They learn a valuable lesson in the end.

How to Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You: Surefire Ways to Get the Girl You Want (Life’s Love Lessons)

by Lucinda Love

How to Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You

It’s your chance to pick out any woman you like and make her want to be your one and only!

Among the many tips that people and books would give you about making a woman fall for you, this is the only book that’s going to help you understand fully how a woman really think. If you think you already know how to read women, think again. This book will help you breeze through the process of dating and falling in love from a woman’s point of view. With this knowledge, you’ll have her eating through the palm of your hands in no time and:

  • Understand how women define love
  • Apply the ways to get her to notice you
  • Identify what women like in a man
  • Learn how to start a conversation
  • Master how to deal with women

What’s Inside?

If you’ve gone tired of chasing after women who always seem to shun you, then picking up this book is what you need. Not only are you going to enjoy yourself, but you are also going to get to choose the woman you want to fall in love with you. How, you ask? It’s simple. You have to learn:

  • The five ways to get her to notice you
  • The different means that you can impress her
  • Some secrets to starting a conversation with a woman
  • The little-known hateful things that a guy could ask women
  • The ten tips when preparing for a date
  • How to mix and mingle with her friends and family

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Different Faces of Love
Chapter 2 – Put Yourself Out There
Chapter 3 – Getting to Know Each Other
Chapter 4 – The First Date
Chapter 5 – Post-Date Contact
Chapter 6 – Working on Self-Improvement
Chapter 7 – The Next Few Dates
Chapter 8 – Be the Best Man
Chapter 9 – Seal the Deal

Start Reading Now…

For a man who wants to solve the puzzle that’s also known as women, it’s your lucky day. With this book, you can make any woman fall in love with you by following its contents. You can make any woman fall for you by getting her to notice you, finding ways to impress her subtly, knowing how to start a conversation with her, avoid asking her questions that women really hate answering, preparing yourself for your date and, behaving properly when meeting with her friends and family. A woman won’t be too difficult to get if you know how to handle her well. Grab your copy now!

A Long Letter Goodbye

by Lerato Kojoana

“I am still moved to gravitate towards the things that remind me of you, to smile at this or that memory of you; I wear that shirt or those pants because you chose them for me; I watch your favorite television shows because even though I still don’t like them, I loved watching them with you. At night I still turn and bid the place where you used to be, good night.”

Are You the Parent or the Child

by Teresa Botial Richardson

This is an exerpt from the popular book, “Think”, that focuses on parenting issues. Teresa Botial Richardson is an acclaimed author, and is well known for her brutally honest advice. This book acknowledges the presence of parent abuse in society, and steps that abused parents should take to get their child’s behavior under control.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

by Ian Roberts

This book is dedicated to any woman who got so tired of her man that she wanted to go to the extreme to make him jealous.

Self Esteem For Kids-100 Ways To Improve Self Esteem For Children

by Mary Graham

Finally a way to increase self esteem for kids for today’s parents.

In today’s world, raising a child to be confident and strong is not only important, it is crucial to their survival. Today, join thousands of of parents who have downloaded self esteem for kids-100 ways to improve self esteem for children. Normally sold for $4.99 but today you can purchase for only $.99. Read on your pc,mac or kindle device.

As a child I wish my parents read a book like this. My parents did their best like a lot of parents today. However as you’ll see in this book, there are certain ways of being and acting that allow a child to be secure in who they are and know they are capable of doing anything. See why self esteem for kids is a number one seller for parents on Amazon today.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How you as the parent can make the biggest impact, regardless of age or gender of your child
  • Tested techniques for raising a confident and well adjusted child.
  • How to model your behavior and teach your child for maximum confidence
  • Reducing And Avoiding Bad Habits
  • How To Incorporate New Habits
  • When to let your child make mistakes and grow even more confident by solving their own problems.Download your copy today!

    Here is what some of our readers have said…I got some of the best ideas from this book for how to raise my kid’s self esteem. Thank You. A must read.

    – Karen H- Bloomington, IL.

    This book is awesome! My son isn’t born yet, but I wanted to get a head start and know what to do. Not only did I get some great ideas on how to raise a confident child, I learned what I can do before he even recognizes speech.

    – Jill Y-Santa Fe, NM

    Brilliant! Thanks for great ideas. I will apply this starting today. I wish my parents had this book when I was a kid.

    – Harris J- San Franciso, CA

    Order today and learn to avoid the pitfalls many of our parents made when raising us. This book promises to revolutionize parenting as you know it, by applying new ways for the next generation to grow confident, strong and independent


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50 Things to Know About Natural Parenting for Pregnant Women and New Parents

by Amanda Walton

Do you want to live a more natural life free from chemicals?

Are you currently pregnant with a desire to learn more about how you can practice natural parenting?

Would you like to teach positive values and self worth to your child without using harsh methods of discipline?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…

50 Things to Know About Natural Parenting for Pregnant Women and New Parents by Amanda Walton offers an approach to parents who are interested in being able to parent their children in the most gentle and natural way.

Most books on natural parenting tell you that you have to do things a certain way. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, this book is going to teach something different and will provide simple tips to learning how to start with natural parenting. Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts you will learn how natural parenting can fit into your life.

In these pages you’ll discover how to let things go and parent your children while ignoring the negative things that other people have to say. This book will help you find the best way to naturally parent your child, doing things your way so that you will raise the child you desire to raise. By the time you finish this book, you will know the best way to find your family’s natural parenting groove.

So grab YOUR copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

Borderline Mothers and Dads: How 4 Daughters Survived Their BPD Parents’ Hell Homes

by Natalie Moon

Borderline Personality Disorder not only affects the person afflicted with it, but also their families and loved ones, sometimes even more so than the BPD sufferer herself/himself. When it is a parent that is afflicted, turmoil, strife and physical and emotional abuse of the children (and sometimes even the other parent) can result.

This book was written by four authors (all of them daughters) with four separate stories – three about their Borderline Personality Disordered mothers, and one about her BPD father. They are publishing their gripping stories because they believe it is important that families and survivors in similar situations know that they are not alone.

No one understands what goes on behind closed doors in such families – except those coping with their own BPD parent. Often, children in these families are taught at a young age that the turmoil exhibited by the BPD mother or father is the child’s fault – that the child must be doing something wrong, must be a bad child or even unlovable. This so often causes terrible and even irreparable psychological damage to the child, even throughout adulthood.

Many children of BPD parents say that simply knowing that the turmoil and abuse wasn’t their own fault, but the fault solely of the BPD parent, would have been (and later is, once realization occurs) a huge psychological help. And additionally, that the validation that the torment actually happened to them when the world outside of their closed family doors had no idea, is a tremendous relief as well.

If you are a child of a BPD mom or dad, these four authors know your pain and torment only too well. It is their hope that their stories and advice will help you as you go forward in your own life, with or without your BPD parent.

C-Section: an information guide to cesarean sections

by Medical Procedures Simplified

This information guide on cesarean section births for those about to undergo c section of for patients, families, or friends of those who have had a cesarean section delivery. Great for any OB patient or mom to be looking to understand this procedure to greater detail.

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