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The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

by Max Weber

Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism has been called one of the most important sociological texts of the 20th century.

A table of contents is included.

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

by David Hume

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is the most famous book by Scottish philosopher David Hume. Heraklion Press has included a linked table of contents.

The Plato Collection: 38 Classic Works

by Plato

Acheron Press Collections provide history’s greatest authors’ collected works in a convenient collection complete with a linked table of contents. Acheron Press’ goal is to provide the most complete, and most easy to read collections in the marketplace.

The Plato Collection includes the following:

  1. The Republic
  2. Alcibiades I
  3. Alcibiades II
  4. Apology
  5. Charmides
  6. Critias
  7. Eryxias
  8. Euthydemus
  9. Euthyphro
  10. Gorgias
  11. Ion
  12. Laches
  13. Laws
  14. Lysis
  15. Menexenus
  16. Meno
  17. Parmenides
  18. Phaedo
  19. Phaedrus
  20. Philebus
  21. Protagoras
  22. The Seventh Letter
  23. The Statesman
  24. The Symposium
  25. Theaetetus
  26. Timaeus
  27. Cratylus
  28. Sophist
  29. Lesser Hippias
  30. Greater Hippias
  31. Crito
  32. Hipparchus
  33. Lovers
  34. The Letters
  35. Theages
  36. Epinomis
  37. Minos
  38. Cleitophon

Think B.I.G : The Dating Game Cheat Code (5 Tips Every Man Should Know About Building Confidence And Attracting Beautiful Women By Using Their 5 Senses … For Women) (Forbidden Fruit Books: Dating)

by Kyle T Stokes

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– You will learn the importance of being optimistic.

– You will learn how to Peep “GAME” when someone is running it on you.

– You will learn how to read and understand body Language.

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– You will learn how to develop swagger and increase your confidence level.

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The 3 Facts of Life

by Robert Petrie

There are three things that you use everyday which have a lot of power, but are you using them to your advantage or disadvantage? We all possess these three powerful things, but only a few are using them to create the life of their dreams. If you have not achieved the life you really want, then you are probably not using these three things in the right way.

How will this book benefit you?

When you know the power you possess and how to use it, then there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The 3 Facts of Life will explain these three things in detail and how you can use their power to create the life of your dreams. You can have your dream life when you understand the power you have and how to use it.

America, what went wrong and how to fix it

by Chester Mohn

America, what went wrong,

And how to fix it.

An American Manifesto for Right and Left

By C. L. Mohn

America is broke. Not finically, mechanically. The country simply isn’t running right. All of us, left, right liberal conservative republican democrat tea partier, occupier, red neck and hippie KNOW that.

We are like a person driving down a long lonely road in the middle of the night when the engine coughs and loses power. It still runs, but we know something is wrong. We are angry and scared. Angry that it is happening at all and scared it will die completely, leaving us in the middle of now where.

Is America going where we want it to go? I don’t think so. And who’s in charge? I don’t know, certainly not the American people. We live in the most prosperous nation on Earth and yet a recent poll pointed out the 60% of us are unhappy with the country. The other 40% are either stupid or extremely wealthy

I ask questions that don’t get asked. Not strange esoteric questions, but questions that are right in front of us all our lives and yet, no one has noticed them. For instance: Did you know that although you may have gone to the polls every election day in your life, you have never, ever, voted for president? That the French enjoy democratic freedoms that Americans can only dream of? That Americas have been lied to for over two hundred years?

The book explores most facets of American life, Politics, Education, Religion, the Environment, Diversity, Political correctness, Economics, etc. But I do not travel down the well worn paths of the pundits and experts, but rather the back-roads and country lanes traveled by the real people. It is VERY offensive in some places. Truthful, but offensive. There are a lot of offensive truths in America, which, because they are offensive, are replaced with a nice inoffensive lies.

I am not a pundit, politician, lawyer, reporter, or expert (X= an unknown quality and Spurt = a drip under pressure). I am a mechanic. I look for the cause and how to fix the problem, not how to fix the blame.

America needs mechanics.

Atheism vs. Spirituality (Quest for Truth)

by V.K. Ramsey

From the time immemorial this is where people differ and contradict. Consciously or not, wrapped in these or that colors people take to one of these ‘options’. Some of us even flip between the two, being unable to ‘decide’ – “Is There a God or Not?” etc. Most of us were raised in spirit of traditions that formed our minds in to either Atheistic or some sort of Spiritual understanding and lifestyle yet still, most of us do feel unsatisfied, dry and deeply frustrated. Sounds familiar? 

Author of this intriguing dialog, has dedicated big portion of his life to ‘finding’ the possible answers to this enigma. In this book he is addressing essential ‘lack’ and ‘pain’ that burn inside all of us. Even without being aware about this pain, human being is torn apart due to not being clear about exactly these topics – topics that Victor Ramsey unveiled in simple and sweet yet direct way. Man and women that strive to find real answers about absolute truth of the existence will definetly benefit from this original and very special work:

– It is naked and honest exposure of person who does “walks the walk”; Vic Ramsey (long before he started his successful fiction writing carrier) traveled around this world not in order to see ‘the beautiful nature, architecture etc.’ but to learn from people with rock solid realizations and knowledge – individuals with developed intelligence with ability to offer NOT DRY philosophy but solid arguments. This book is essentially summary of his extensive quest.

– It clearly differs from most of the books and works that explore these themes. It surpasses the mental plane of numerous opinions, speculations and words that carry no real substance. This book despite it’s size, owns enormous strength of clear reason and understandng.

– Unlike fanatical or those nicely packed attempts to manipulate with our free will, author of this book is leading a reader by giving us options. However, this book isn’t anything like those ‘all is one’ approaches – it has very defined edge.I believe it will be warmly wellcomed by anyone who is open and ready to explore.

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