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The Diary of a De-cluttering Junkie: Episode 6

by Chautona Havig

Kaye Harper has had it-utterly fed up with the constant junk that clutters her life. So, armed with a stack of books that each guarantees to teach her the secret of living a clutter-free life, Kaye embarks on a journey that takes her from clutter bug to clutter free-and beyond.

Her family doesn’t know what to think of her and her. While Jacob does enjoy the streamlined beauty of his new life, he is also just as frustrated as their sons as Kaye goes from clean up to clear out-including treasured possessions.

Who knew that what started out as a survival technique would become an addiction?

Episode Six: After her extended convalescence, Kaye still has a lot to do to prepare for the big garage sale.

The Diary of a Decluttering Junkie is a seven-episode serial novel.

Bible Story Books For Kids: Why Jesus Came To Earth

by Kerry Pharr

This illustrated Bible Story Book about Jesus will give your child an appreciation of our Lord and Savior that will last a lifetime.
Written in language that can easily be understood with more than 20 illustrations to capture the excitement of the birth and early years of Jesus.

Nadia’s Hope

by Lisa Buffaloe

2010 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist

The nightmares continue. Memories won’t heal. Nadia must make a choice.

Nadia Minsky fled Israel to escape her past, but she can’t outrun her nightmares. The throbbing scars along her hip and stomach are cruel reminders of shattered dreams. Even though surgeons mended her body, her spirit still bleeds. Friends claim only God can heal her. For Nadia, trusting a God who allowed her to suffer is inconceivable.

Can close friends, a wild roommate, and a handsome medical student help Nadia learn to trust? Or will she chose to allow her past to forever cripple her future?

Nadia’s Hope — Runner-up for Women’s Fiction, 2010 (ACFW) American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis Contest

Prodigal Nights

by Lisa Buffaloe

Prodigal Nights, 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist

For two returning prodigals will the challenge to live “good” withstand the allure to be bad?

After a nasty divorce, Bethany Davis returned to college and lived up to the low standards set by gossips. Her dad’s stroke has now brought her home, and Bethany finds herself in a dilemma–how can she get beyond her past, learn to trust again, and live a “good” life?

Bethany’s father’s involvement in the defense industry adds excitement to her expectation of a boring life back home. However, bodyguards, stalkers, and international secrets are the least of her problems–opening her heart to trust again is a totally different matter. And the mutual attraction with her new team leader, Jason Ross, spells the possibility of big-time heart trouble.

Jason’s days of wild living are over, and he’s determined to prove to himself and God that he’s on the right path. When Bethany steps into his office, he sees the girl of his dreams, but is she God’s gift or Satan’s temptress?

Tangerine Morning: Jezzica’s Story (Serenity Cove Series)

by Rita Garcia

Book two of the Serenity Cove Series:

Romance, mystery and family drama intertwine in the small town of Serenity Cove.

Jezzica Leigh, a young widow, struggles in her relationship with Christ and with starting over. She moves to Serenity Cove and purchases the Sea Glass Bookshop on Main Street.

Detective Zack Johnston, the first man her heart reacts to since her husband’s death, also represents a world that failed to bring her husband’s murderers to justice. Can she find her way back to Christ and the freedom to love again?

“â?¦but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ~Isaiah 40:31

Beloved Castaway (Fairweather Key series)

by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Isabelle Gayarre is a desperate woman, so desperate that she is willing to stake her freedom – and her life – on a man she’s never met. Fleeing a life of servitude in 1830s New Orleans, Isabelle refuses to be owned by anyone, yet soon finds her heart in danger of being possessed by the godless Captain Josiah Carter. Can Isabelle trust him to help her escape without losing her heart?

Josiah Carter, running from demons of his own, is stirred by the presence of the beautiful woman seeking refuge on his ship. Realizing that a runaway slave can never be his, legally or otherwise, a storm begins to brew within. Will their love ever reach a safe haven, or is it doomed to wreck upon the jagged reefs of Florida’s Fairweather Key?

Note: this version contains updated and previously unreleased material including two new chapters.

Stand By Me: A Thirty Day Christian Devotional (Daily Walking on Water)

by Mark Fredericksen

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The Rock Star’s Sheriff: A rock diva, a hot sheriff, and cold winter nights…oh, my!
Echo Falls, Texas Short Story Collection: 3 short stories filled with beloved Echo Falls

Get a head start on your spiritual and physical new year’s resolutions with DR. MARK FREDERICKSEN, Christian theologian and naturopathic physician.
Stand By Me: A 30-day devotional filled with relevant Bible verses, daily meditations, and heartfelt prayers.
Women’s Health: Get to know your own body just a little bit better from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy an escape with beloved short story writer and debut novelist ANNE M. CARPENTER.
The Mommy Letters: A missing girl. A brokenhearted mom. A family torn apart. How will it all end?
Take a Peek: Curiosity killed the cat…but will that stop Angela?

Traveling or entertaining this holiday season? Read these first!
Check In Sit Down Shut Up: Have you ever stood in line at the airport and wished that the
genius in front of you had read “The Idiot’s Guide to Air Travel?”
50 Main Dish Favorites: What’s for dinner? Worth a Damn Food can help answer that
question and delight your family.

Have a few minutes? Try a short story from John Colt or Kelly McCrady!
Scars: An unexpected friendship with complications…
Hearts in Bloom: If only love could be as easy as pollinating flowers in the greenhouse.

Need spiritual soothing, a new idea, a change of pace? Daily Walking on Water: Stand By Me is here to help manage your day-to-day spiritual needs. Written by Christian theologian and Naturopathic Doctor, Mark Fredericksen, each entry begins with a bible verse, delivers a short commentary relevant to your life, and ends with a heartfelt prayer for any time during the day. Each reading takes just a few minutes, but the nourishment from the “food for thought” lasts all day long. This is a 30-day devotional journey designed to fit into your busy life.

The Life of Our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict

by Saint Gregory the Great

The Life of Our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict is a great short biography of Saint Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine order. This biography is authored by none other than Pope Saint Gregory the Great. A table of contents is included.

The Gift of Hope (Romance Novella)

by Pam Andrews Hanson

Children’s librarian Hope Randall has her hands full during the holiday season. She’s directing the Christmas pageant, supervising the decorating of her small-town Iowa church, and hiding her growing feelings for widowed minister Noah Langdon.

Noah, who’s struggling to be both mother and father to his young daughter, is afraid to love again. Will Hope be able to give him the gift of hope this Christmas?

This is a new Christmas novella by the authors of “Faith, Fireworks and Fir.”

The Giant Christmas Collection: 30 Stories, 25 Poems, and 75 Carols

by Various Authors

Christmas is the most famous holiday of the year, and the word itself evokes images of Santa Claus, reindeer, snow, Christmas trees, egg nog and more. At the same time, it represents Christianity’s most important event, the birth of the baby Jesus. Instantly, well known Christmas carols ring in your ears, pictures of the Nativity Scene become ubiquitous, or maybe you even picture nutcrackers or Scrooge and Tiny Tim.

Regardless, Christmas is always the perfect time for holiday cheer, and reading classic Christmas stories. This version of The Giant Christmas Collection includes a table of contents and several Christmas related pictures.

The Myths of Hell (A Beautiful Hell Trilogy, Book 1)

by Nathan J. Anderson

A Beautiful Hell, Book 1 – The Myths of Hell

Though hell is probably not your everyday dinner topic, it slips itself into many conversations at a moment’s notice, for example, “what the hell,” “go to hell,” “it was hell” – but does anybody really know what it is?

The images that most often pop into our minds when hell is mentioned are a goaty-looking red guy sporting horns and a devilish grin all while poking some sinner with a pitchfork, or perhaps an ocean of fire brimming with the tormented wicked. Is either of these images right? What does the Bible really say about hell? Is hell truly necessary? Is God a thwarted lover who throws people who reject him into hell? Why can’t God just forgive people? How could a loving God throw his creation into torment forever?

And to make the pot even thicker, how is it possible for Jesus to save anybody from going there? It doesn’t make any sense that the death of one person could do anything to save anybody else from hell, yet that is what is preached from countless street corners and soap boxes.

I think God is deeper and wider, higher and brighter than any of us could have ever imagined, and that the picture God paints of himself stares at us from the pages of Scripture, yet we often miss it.

As we go through The Myths of Hell, we’re going to chew on some answers for these questions:

– Where is hell?

– Who’s in charge of hell?

– Who’s in charge of death?

– Isn’t Sheol the Old Testament version of hell?

– Is it true that Jesus descended to hell?

– Did Jesus believe in Hades?

– What evil powers are in Hades?

– Who’s in hell right now?

– Where did the idea of hell come from?

– Is there really going to be a lake of fire?

– Do bad people go to hell right away when they die?

– What is the final punishment for the wicked?

“A Beautiful Hell” Trilogy

Book 1: The Myths of Hell

Book 2: The Ache for Paradise (early 2014 release)

Book 3: Does Hell Really Last Forever? (early 2014 release)

A Beautiful Hell…hell like perhaps you’ve never seen it before.

The Prodigal Son

by Jerry Cook

Learning to forgive those closest to us, the Prodigal Son is a modern day example for how we are all in need of the grace of Christ—no matter how we have lived our lives thus far. A short story.

In Christ we are Without Blemish

by Diana Medlin


Fragments Of Divinity

by Richard F Holmes

The first book in the Fragments Of Divinity series. An innovative publication of blog style articles that deal with potentially complicated spiritual subjects in an easy to read and understand way. based mainly on the author’s own actual experiences, these delightful articles will provide both inspiration and insight to the reader, and will also answer many of those nagging questions that you thought you would never receive answers to. A truly inspirational read.

True Christianity By Bro Steve Winter: A Collection Of Bible Studies And Sermons

by Steve Winter

You CAN know for yourself what the Bible teaches and what real Biblical Christianity is. This collection of Bible studies and sermons by Bro. Steve Winter was written over a period of many years that cover a broad range of topics to benefit both Saint and sinner. Some of these studies may shock you, but you will find that they all pass the Bible test. Does your religion measure up? Would the Apostles have considered you a Christian?  These are very important matters that will affect you and yours for a long long time.

Connections to the Vine

by Rev. Michael L. Ledbetter

Connections to the Vine began as an online journal in 2009. You can still find the original website where new entries are made at
This book is intended to be a daily devotional that will carry you through a whole year and it is my hope that it will offer you insight to the Holy Scripture as you meditate on the daily readings. Although the entire Bible is not included, the parts that stood out to me each day are. I have also included a listing of the readings for each day at the beginning of the book so you can follow along and read the scripture in full.

Don’t Buy the Lie: Eradicating False Belief Systems that Keep You From Your Destiny

by Elizabeth Rios

A better life is but a step away.

Many women are frustrated by their lives, feeling they have little to no option or that the options that are available to them are unsatisfactory. That’s because of The Lie.

They’ve fallen for the lie of the enemy. A lie that tells them they are unworthy, can’t do better, or are stuck in their circumstances.

In this book, you will learn:
– When and why we buy the lie
– How to identify the lie that shapes our belief systems
– How to discern the voice of the lie
– The effect of the lie on your life
– How to eradicate the lies, live life fully and fulfill your destiny

You no longer have to feel stuck in your life or frustrated that you can’t seem to break free from what is holding you back. Now, you have an answer and a plan in Don’t Buy the Lie.

2 Timothy – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes (Bible Study Guide)

by Raymond Suen

2 Timothy – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes

NOTE: This edition has a linked “Table of Contents” and has been beautifully formatted for easy navigation.

This is a Bible study method called “Block Sentence Diagramming”. I learned this sentence diagramming approach to study the Bible in the seminary and in the last 25 years, I have been using this to prepare all my sermons and Bible studies.

This series of Bible Books can be used for:

1. Personal Devotions

2. Bible study Preparations

3. Sermons

4. Sunday School

5. Personal Growth and spiritual enrichment

You will see the Entire Book in Sentence Block Diagram Form.

This is a non-conventional method of Bible studies. It is to make the whole book in block sentence diagram so that you can absorb the major themes using this visual method.

1. Once you know the focus of each section, you can easily compile your own Bible Study notes.

2. You don’t need to depend on Bible study outlines done by others. You would know the right questions to ask and discover the answers yourself through meditative studies.

3. When you see the final lay out of the sentence block diagram, you will have ready made (at least) 10 thematic sermons to preach with insights & great content.

The 3rd Theory

by Anthony Laurence

We the human being are all gifted with Divine Intelligence and with that only (2) options of spiritual belief and both only (Theories)…………………………….Creation or Evolution! But there is a (3rd Theory) which in a very short period of time shall be our (3rd Reality)

The 3rd Theory ask the questions; did man walk on the Moon over 4,000 years ago?

Was God really Mans Creator or were there Others?

If a particular Species is deemed as Indigenous to a specific place on this planet but

that place is detrimental to that Indigenous species long term health, how then is that particular species Indigenous?

The 3rd Theory can answer these and lots more!

How were the Great Pyramids of Giza really constructed?

The 3rd Theory is 400 pages of compelling reading and can answer those questions we all seek in our quieter moments.

Colossians – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes (Bible Study Guide)

by Raymond Suen

Colossians – Sentence Block Diagram Method of the New Testament Holy Bible – Structure & Themes

NOTE: This edition has a linked “Table of Contents” and has been beautifully formatted for easy navigation.

This is a Bible study method called “Block Sentence Diagramming”. I learned this sentence diagramming approach to study the Bible in the seminary and in the last 25 years, I have been using this to prepare all my sermons and Bible studies.

This series of Bible Books can be used for:

1. Personal Devotions

2. Bible study Preparations

3. Sermons

4. Sunday School

5. Personal Growth and spiritual enrichment

You will see the Entire Book in Sentence Block Diagram Form.

This is a non-conventional method of Bible studies. It is to make the whole book in â??block sentence diagrams’ so that you can absorb the major themes using this visual method.

1. Once you know the focus of each section, you can easily compile your own Bible Study notes.

2. You don’t need to depend on Bible study outlines done by others. You would know the right questions to ask and discover the answers yourself through meditative studies.

3. When you see the final lay out of the sentence block diagram, you will have ready made at least 10 thematic sermons to preach with insights & great content.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

by Sally Mayfield

Looking for a little daily inspirational boost? This book includes inspiration and motivation to spark your inner spirit. Read a quote a day to keep you excited to keep moving upward.

Inspirational Bible Quotes

by Sally Desmond

The Bible provides guidance and inspiration to those who seek. This book contains some of the most inspirational Bible Quotes to help you with a daily dose of peace.

Jesus Calls: Pictures of Jesus, Books 1 – 3 Bundle; The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Jesus

by Jay Wilkensen

This is a bundle of the three Jesus Calls, Pictures of Jesus Series. If you purchase these books separately, they will cost almost $9.00 – save today by purchasing the bundle of three books in one.

Jesus Calls: Pictures of Jesus, Bundle Books 1 – 3 – A Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Jesus

Christians don’t talk much about the fully human sides of Jesus, perhaps we don’t really think it is necessary to discuss these characteristics evident in His life.

In Jesus Calls: Pictures of Jesus, Books1 – 3 I examine experiences in the life of Jesus which resonate with experiences of my own spiritual walk. The physical, emotional and spiritual attributes of Jesus are clearly shown in Scripture from childhood scenes through His life to His crucifixion, it is important to see them so much like our own.

But, are we hesitant to seek these insights?

My journey through the Gospels led me to see how much He was like us.

Please take a walk with me and observe the life of Jesus, the Man. He was more like us when He walked on Earth than I ever realized. I find and explore comparable situations in my life that relate directly to His. Reflections of images of Jesus abound in each of our lives.

I hope you find this book thought-provoking and inspirational. When you ask the questions:

Who is God?

Who is Jesus?

Who was Jesus?

You can answer these by looking at your own life, we are created in His image.

When I look in the mirror, I see Jesus looking back. I hope you see Him too.

Jesus Commands His Angels Concerning You

by Robert Medlin


The Life of the Soul After Death

by Emmanuel Ebah

This book provides an electrifying and edifying account of the technical details surrounding the soul’s fascinating journey from heaven to a baby’s body in the womb of a pregnant woman. It unveils the manner in which the soul is connected to the physical body. It then offers a detailed discussion on how the soul disconnects itself from the physical body during the process of death; for its return journey to the spiritual realms; where it holds inherent citizenship. Following its return to the spiritual realms, the soul takes up residence on a spiritual abode, which corresponds to the magnitude of the moral and spirit merits or demerits the soul amassed while on earth.

During the soul’s transient presence on this physical realm, it is expected to accumulate experiences by its own initiative; through its three cardinal agencies of mind, emotions and the physical body. The natural liberty for the soul to act with absolute discretion is known as freedom of choice; which is designed to enable the soul pursue only those courses of action, whose experiences it considers valid for its spiritual schooling on earth. The soul is also expected to judiciously exercise its freedom of choice, using its indispensable instruments of wisdom and love. Every course of action embraced by the soul generates corresponding consequences, which the soul must single-handedly assume.

During the soul’s active life on this physical realm, the deeds and activities undertaken by the soul are faithfully and automatically recorded on a magnetic corpuscle. This recording is of such sophisticated detail that it is entirely impossible to miss even the minutest aspect of the soul’s totality of activities embarked upon while on earth. Therefore, this record constitutes a perfect audio-visual replica of the soul’s entire span of deeds, activities and experiences during its physical life.

When the soul’s legitimate lifespan on earth comes to an end by way of death, the soul is then irreversibly disconnected from the physical body, and quickly ascends to the spiritual realms. Also, during death, the fully documented account of the soul’s deeds, activities and earthly experiences form a mass of energy, which is infallibly and immutably attached to the soul. The soul departs from the planet earth to the spiritual realms, with this mass of energy bearing the full chronological and graphic account of its life on earth.

The quality and beauty of the particular realm on which the soul resides after death, perfectly corresponds with the quality of the soul’s accompanying earthly account. Therefore, the soul is automatically pulled to the realm which has the same properties and qualities as the soul’s earthly account; attached to it with a marvelling degree of faithfulness; similar to the manner in which a dog’s tail is attached to the body of the dog.

If the content of the soul’s earthly account is wholesome and agreeable, it is automatically drawn for residence on the corresponding realm. Nonetheless, if the soul’s earthly account is unwholesome and disagreeable, it is equally drawn for residence on the corresponding realm.

Therefore, this book also furnishes descriptive details of the quality of life available on each of the myriads of spiritual realms, where the soul may find itself residing after death. The book offers a riveting revelation on the means through which the soul can consciously choose the spiritual realm where it wishes to reside after death.

Living with Othello Syndrome

by Debbi Wood

Self help book, understanding symptomatic jealousy.

Please Forgive Me! Parable Of The Prodigal Son

by Maura Kempa

Have you ever strayed from your beliefs when dealing with challenging situations in your life, hung with the wrong crowd or simply didn’t care about the needs and feelings of your family and friends? Do you have what it takes to forgive someone who has hurt you or are you the one who needs to ask for forgiveness? I can identify with all of the above.

This is a thought provoking book geared to gaining new insights from the Parable Of The Prodigal Son. You will meet a modern day family that is struggling with the changes that they see in their son. Each member of the family sees the situation from their own perspective. Watch how this family uses this parable to turn their lives around. This book is targeted for the older child, teenager to adult.

Searching for Love (Christian Romance Novella)

by Rebecca Lynn Clayson

Claire feels as if her life is on the up-and-up. Once a small-town girl from Zanesville, Ohio, she has achieved her dream of working for a top marketing firm in Manhattan, New York.

All of this changes with a single phone call. Her life is turned upside-down by the death of her father, her inheritance of his house, and a note he’s left her about a hidden sum of money. Compounding the changes in her life is an intruder who’s broken in trying to find her money, and her unexpected protector, her dashingly handsome neighbor, Allen. As Claire and Allen search for the hidden money together, she finds herself drawn to him because of his strength and his faith. Will they find the money before the intruder does? Is Allen really all he seems to be, or is there something more?

This novella promotes Christian principles and is clean and free from language and sex.

A Soldier Finds His Treasure (The Treasure Series)

by Henry Givens

When World War II broke out, Tom Dandridge joined the Army and eventually became a part of the newly formed U.S. Army Rangers. On their first assignment, a premature explosion crippled Tom and gave him amnesia. A band of local natives carted him away to the safety of their village until they could find the outcome of the skirmish. He stayed there for several years until his memory came back.

The explosion was so fierce, that the Army thought he was dead. His widow, Ellen, and his young son, Billy, were devastated. After several years, Ellen married the associate pastor of her church to help her raise Billy.

When Tom’s memory came back, the Army went about the arduous task of mending his crippled legs. It was during his transport to a another Army hospital that he prevailed upon his superiors to allow him to just ride by his old home. He knew that Ellen had remarried and he didn’t want her and Billy to know he was still alive just yet. When he got to his home, the three of them were outside. His son and the stepfather were playing catch with the football while Ellen cheered him on. Billy was pretty doggone good.

They were happy and Billy wanted to be a tight end just like his dad. With a heavy heart, Tom made the decision not to come back into their lives. He couldn’t bear the thought of forcing his sweet Ellen to make a tough decision. Then again, he didn’t know if the Army doctors could ever straighten out his legs. Would Billy stick with football or give it up to be with him?

Years and operations went by and Tom was eventually as good as new. He busied himself with helping troubled teens find their way to Jesus. One by one, God would bring them into his life. One by one, he would walk with them through their turmoil. He said it was like helping them find buried treasure. Life was fairly satisfying but a part of his life was still empty.

Years later, God began to tug on his heart to go back to his old home town to see if he had any relatives there. Was Billy still alive? Did he have any grandchildren? The most haunting question was, if he did find anyone there, what would they think? Would they be mad because he never came back? Could they accept him for who he was? As hesitant as he was, God wouldn’t leave him alone. Tom knew that there must be someone there God needed him to talk to.

The town had changed a lot in fifty years, and there were no Dandridges to be found. He figured his search was over and he headed back to the hotel. He may as well go back home and live out the last few years of his life.

As he took a short walk through the park, he happened to meet an eleven-year-old boy who was showing the middle school football team some Ninja moves. Now that was quite odd. But, more peculiar than that, God would not let him leave until he spoke to the young man. As they struck up a conversation, Tom realized that this kid was rambunctious and energetic. He didn’t seem to have any deep-seated problems at all.

That’s where he was wrong. This young man need a great-grandfather to speak into his life. Yes, he didn’t find out for ten more chapters but Tom had just met one of his only great-grandson.

A Soldier Finds His Treasure is funny and very heart warming. God is faithful to honor the love and dedication of His faithful servant, Tom. He has sown good seed for fifty years and God brings him an abundant harvest of happiness. Also, we find out that God put Tom through his journey because of the plans that He had for Tom’s great-grandson, Arthur. In the end, all things do work together for good to those that love the Lord.

I trust that you will laugh, cry and enjoy this testimony to God’s goodness.

Holiday Kitties: caring for cats during the holidays

by Martia Sholls

Cat lovers will enjoy this book as it discusses caring for cats during the holidays. This book also contains cute images of cats during the various holidays: Easter, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s and more.

How to Deal with Stress and Tension (Health Learning Series)

by John Davidson

How to Deal with Stress and Tension

Table of Content

Introduction – Why and How Does Stress Affect You?

Worrying About Stress? Reasons for Stress and Tension

Stress Management

Work Induced Stress

Students and Stress- Study Management

Stress and Insomnia

Why you should Not Resort to Pills and drugs While Dealing with Stress

Yoga – The Best Stress Buster and Meditation

Problem-Solving And How That Helps You Cope with Stress


Introduction – Why and How Does Stress Affect You?

Do you suffer from stress and tension? The reason you are reading this e-book shows that you believe that you may be suffering from stress, you want to know all about how you can get rid of stress, or better still, you want to know how you can prevent stress from influencing your life and lifestyle.

Well, this book is going to give you plenty of tips and techniques on how you can cope with stress, reasons for why you suffer from stress, how to prevent stress as a student, or in the office, stress management, and other factors related to stress and tension.

The Science of Living – Graciously

by John Davidson

The Science of Living – Graciously – Book 1

Table of Contents

Introduction – What Is The Science Of Living?

Contentment and How to Achieve It

Other People’s Problems – Possibly Your Headache

Self-Pity and Self-Absorption

Is it Worthwhile to Keep a Stiff Upper Lip?

Expressions and How They Facilitate Your Passage through Life

My Beliefs are Superior to Yours – You Have to Follow Them

Introduction – What Is The Science Of Living?

Many of us are familiar with the Art of Living. But do you know about the Science of Living? The physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional processes which we are going through in our day to day living are natural, inbuilt, and something which we do instinctively and automatically. Apart from these activities, we add spiritual and emotional strength to our lives by practicing the social, traditional and ethical principles and guidelines to good living brought to us by our ancestors and the wise ancients. This is the extra that we put into our lives in order to achieve spiritual and mental peace and equanimity. These rules of living brought to us by these ancients, under the heading of the art of living.

The Science of Living is looking at little incidents throughout the day or occurring in the lives of people around you. Now how are those actions going to influence you? How are you going to benefit from their mistakes? How are you going to be inspired by their experiences? How are you going to take advantage of this knowledge? This is the basis of The Science of Living in the modern atmosphere of stress, tension and worry.

The Science of Living graciously is going to be made up of a number of lessons. These are easy to implement in your own lives after you have understood them. They are going to be examples of people you see around you. You need to have the power of analyzing this factor – does this example relate to me? Am I a person who spreads joy around me? Or am I a taker contributing nothing to society except possible worry and tension to them. How do I achieve contentment? Is it possible to achieve everything you wish and desire in this world? How do I manage this stressful life, when I find myself facing problems and troubles at every turn? How do I gain the mental strength to cope with sorrow and loss?

Can I achieve all the goals I have set out for myself during this lifetime? If not, is it really worth struggling against huge odds?

Well, I hope this book and the others following it is going to teach you lessons in life and how they were used by the ancients to gain spiritual and emotional guidance, help and strength.

Journal of a Lifetime (Journals of Love)

by Lisa M. Wolfe

“An adventurous love story to warm every woman’s heart!” -Laurie Notch, Adventures for the Average Woman

When Lindsey discovers her beloved Nana’s travel journal while cleaning out the attic, she has no idea the handwritten pages would lead her on a discovery of love, sacrifice, and betrayal.

Meeting Steve on her journey was never a part of the equation, but what she discovers about him will uncover secrets buried within both of their families. Can they move beyond the hurt to form a bond that will last a lifetime?

Join Lindsey as she uncovers the truth about her past, finds love in her present, and trusts God with her future.

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