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From the Earth to the Moon; and Round the Moon

by Jules Verne

From the Earth to the Moon; and Round the Moon is a science fiction classic. Heraklion Press has included a linked table of contents for easy navigation.


by Lynna Merrill

In the perfect city of Lucasta life is easy, bountiful, and completely planned for everyone. New fashions and material goods abound. Everyone constantly communicates with hundreds of friends through their computing device, and benevolent corporations watch over people as good parents. To the new generation, hate and prejudice are just a fairy tale, and pain, disease, and cruelty are fading into a distant memory. So is personal choice.

Teenage Meliora feels as if Lucasta is suffocating her. Always an unusual child, she discovers the dark secret of a world where secrets don’t even exist any more. But what can be wrong with a perfect world?

Shadow Force (The Garden Planet)

by J.R. O’Neill

On the heels of the most devastating terrorist threat ever conceived, Space Force Intelligence is forced to turn to one of their least stable operatives. An operative named Jon Ryder who has been living in that place between overwhelming grief, and diabolical revenge. A state he had lived in ever since the murders of his wife and daughters. His utter disregard for personal safety, and a total disrespect for law breakers has made him one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Galaxy.

Now forced to work with a woman who apparently despises him, and a violent criminal he was tasked with imprisoning, Jon will have to set aside his personal demons and make this improbable group of temperamental idealists into the fighting Shadow Force.

Bugocalypse (La Cucaracha)

by H. Raven Rose

It’s been a crazy day in La La land. Not only didn’t Lacey, an unsuccessful wannabe Hollywood actress, get the part but–after surviving a 7.7 earthquake–she and her Latina best friend Marisol are terrified by a disturbing dark hooded figure on their way to a Halloween party. Still dealing with Tinsel Town aftershocks, soon cataclysmic world events are all over the news and internet. Birds fall dead from the sky. Tons of dead fish wash ashore in LA and around the world. Post-earthquake fires rage, and mud slides and flooding follow torrential rains threaten Los Angeles. World citizens report shooting stars and meteors that stream across the sky, after which villages, towns and cities are struck down with the black death as hooded messengers of mayhem, purported grim reapers, spray strange mists that cause people to grow sick and die. An unusual cockroach infestation, occurs in downtown LA, following the bizarre events. The media and public officials insist that all reports are mass hallucinations. But then Lacey and Marisol discover something truly horrifying. If you love any kind of “bug war,” you’ll love “La Cucaracha” an escape from LA adventure with Lacey and Marisol.

Andrew Colon Space Custodian

by Kevin Conner

Andrew Colon Space Custodian is an average joe, piloting an average talking ship, who works for an average boss named John Luck Pichard, while he taxis an average crew who recycles and collects average garbage through an average universe from average clients (such as Lucifer and King the Purseless).

It’s a very average book.

This work is rated NEZUMI-13: This work may be unsuitable for those under the age of 13 due to fantasy violence and content type.

Notice: The Cover Art “Plentiful Planetary System” is used within NASA’s copyright guidelines, NASA does not in any way shape or form support or endorse this product. I love the picture. Visit NASA’s website and support science and space exploration. GO THERE – NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dobbo’s most boring holiday

by Trevor Palmer

Schoolboy Colin Dobson, more widely known as Dobbo, is once again about to spend another part of his summer holiday with his estranged father, a professor of Egyptology. For the first time, this will actually be in the land of the pyramids. Not really Dobbo’s cup of tea! In fact he is resigned to it being very, very boring … even with one of his mates, Max, there for a bit of extra company. But, when a strange bottle-like artefact is found near to the Great Pyramid, things suddenly get anything but boring! The pyramids are not quite what they seem – and a planet light-years from Earth turns out to be not so remote after all. Dobbo and his friend find themselves in the thick of an adventure which is anything but boring!

Cosmic Exile – Volume III

by Armand Vespertine





Romulus is all of these things to the Pananthropic Republic, the society that failed to force him to conform to their ethos, and enslaved him as punishment for their failure. Kept frozen in ice until they have need of him, he is forced to defend the civilization that rejected him. When monsters from the depths of space threaten Human lives, Romulus must protect them by committing the same Eternal Sin for which he was damned.

He must kill. He must take lives to save lives, and those he saves revile him as a monster for it.

If he is ever free of his chains, they will learn that they were right.

The Nephele Ship: Volume Two – The Fire-Beasts (A Steampunk Adventure)

by Luke Shephard

Volume Two of The Nephele Ship series!

After a catastrophe that covered half the world in inhospitable ice, a team of treasure hunters finds a lead about a mysterious workshop said to contain miraculous and wondrous inventions that could be worth fortunes.

Captain Strallahan and the crew of the Nephele have arrived at the mythical workshop, but when they go inside, they will find much more than just dolls! Steam-powered automatons, human-sized dolls, and even something that might not belong to this world, all await them in the bowels of this madman’s sanctuary.

Will they be able to escape with the greatest treasure– their lives? Will the Nephele and it’s crew survive?

Now On Sale!

The Nephele Ship: Volume One – The Frozen Workshop


by Stephen Woods

When the Plague swept around the world, leaving the vast majority of the human population as undead flesh-crazed maniacs, Police Detective Scott Williams and his wife fled their home for the mountains of northwestern Arkansas, intending to hide and survive. They found that the living were as much a threat to their survival as the undead.

Now, five years after the Event, Scott is the leader of a group of survivors constantly besieged by the ever-present undead, and stalked at every turn by the well-armed Road Gangs. Facing starvation as the ability to scavenge food dwindles, and enduring the endless struggle with his two life-threatening enemies, Scott questions, “Is simply surviving worth it?”

That is, until he finds the Dell. Dell, Tennessee, a picturesque little village nestled in the hills bordering the Cumberland River Valley, offers the exhausted band of refugees a chance at something that was lost five years ago: hope. The ability to live life free of the constant fear of the undead, and to escape the Road Gangs and starvation. Their continued survival is tied to the Dell, and Scott is determined not to fail. Only then will he find out if they can go on.

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