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Four Pairs of Boots: A 3,200 Kilometre Hike The Length of Japan

by Craig McLachlan

Japan is a fascinating country! 125 million people in a country only slightly larger than New Zealand, and just as mountainous. We’ve all seen the TV footage – cramped housing, industrial haze and crowded trains – but what about ‘the real Japan’? Spectacular mountains, twisting rivers, hidden harbours and rugged coastlines. This is the story of Craig McLachlan’s 99 day walk from one end to the other in search of ‘the real Japan’. 1993 – what a year to do it! The year of the endless rainy season! The year without a summer! The year of earhtquakes, tsunami and typhoons – and sore feet! This is one of five books available on Amazon about McLachlan’s various adventures in Japan. He has also climbed Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains in record time (78 days!), hiked the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku Pilgrimage, journeyed around the Saigoku 33 Temples of Kannon Pilgrimage, and trekked from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean climbing all Japan’s 3,000-meter peaks along the way. See

DUBAI the facts the law everything you need to know

by Douglas F. Connor

Going to Dubai? This exclusive report will reveal the dark side to the sunshine Islamic country.
Dubai looks glamorous to professional westerners but there is a long list of facts and laws that you need to know before considering this opportunity. Including restricted medication, crime in Dubai, public displays of affection, emergency contact numbers, where to stay and much more essential information and advice.

Postcards From Brussells

Where do the locals eat in Brussells? Where are the best places to stay? And what are the hidden gems that other tourists have never heard of?

The รข??Postcards From’ series is a collection of five short essays on different elements of a destination. Our travel writers look for interesting and unusual elements to a city, composing a collection of portraits that will introduce the reader to some of the least known aspects of the destination. These collections are essential reading for the would-be traveller. Each book is around 7,500 words in length.

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