Free war Kindle books for 11 Dec 13

Dragon Light

by Shaun Clarke


Alice Davis – a woman at war. Shot down while flying a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and taken hostage. Incarcerated in Saddam Hussein’s vast underground complex in Baghdad, repeatedly beaten and humiliated, Alice knows only one thing – she must not break down or give in to the terrible memories that threaten to destroy her.

US Special Forces Sergeant Mike Kilroy is also haunted by his dark past. But he must concentrate on the mission at hand – codename Operation Dragon Light – to rescue six captured Special Forces troops from Saddam’s heavily guarded cells before they are publicly executed. And Kilroy doesn’t like the fact that a woman has been added to his rescue list.

Travelling across the harshest desert terrain, the best fighting men in the world combine to pull off one spectacular feat after another. But for Kilroy and Alice, it is the war within themselves that they must escape from…

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