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The Panasonic Lumix LX5: How to Achieve Exceptional Image Quality (The Lightweight Photographer Books)

by Robin Whalley

Do you want to create photographs that show exceptional detail and sharpness? Or do you want to know why your images don’t quite live up to expectations given all the great things you have heard about the LX5?

This book came about during a series of Lectures I was giving at photography clubs in the UK. I would be enthusiastically talking about the virtues of the LX5 only to have someone approach me later to say their results were poor or even dreadful. Initially I was confused, but then a pattern emerged about how people, often experienced photographers were using this camera. Once I understood what was happening I could quickly identify and correct the mistakes being made.

As time progressed, this evolved into a complete approach to achieving exceptional image quality with the LX5. I am sure you will be surprised learn just what is possible with the LX5 when used correctly, including being able to make huge prints.

This book is not however for everyone. If you are new to photography and want to understand how to use all the functions of the LX5, this is not the book for you. Neither is it a guide to using the LX5 and you certainly won’t learn about video capture. If you want to learn about composition this book won’t help you. If the thought of shooting using RAW files scares you then move on now and look for a different book.

No, this is a book aimed at Intermediate and Advanced photographers who want to achieve exceptional image quality from the LX5.

In this book I will share with you:

– How to define what is and isn’t a high quality image – if you can’t define what high quality means how will you achieve it

– How to set up the camera to support high quality capture

– The techniques of image capture that allow you to maximise image quality

– Bespoke workflows designed to create optimum results – the importance of this will I’m sure surprise you

– Details of software that can enhance your images in ways that you might not have thought possible

At the end of the book is a section pulling together all the information and using it to produce a high quality 30inch image from an LX5. This image will stand up to close inspection and doesn’t rely on being seen at a “reasonable viewing distance”. I also provide the high resolution image for you to download so that you can take a very close look at the final quality.

There currently isn’t another book on the market quite like this one and I believe it’s long overdue.

Monologues That Kick Ass

by David-Matthew Barnes

This collection contains 115 ass-kicking multicultural monologues (88 for women of all ages and 27 for young men) from 29 widely produced and published plays.

Seasons in the country

The countryside of Cookham, Berkshire (England) captured in snapshots through the changing of the seasons.Photos of landscapes with horses, sun sets as well as full moons. Taken between 2008 and 2012.

Striptease with Dalma #2

by Teen Berry

Barefoot college teen Dalma with her pouty lips lounges in her see-through tanktop and panties. She shows off a little and then goes topless to tease you with her hot body. (Contains nudity)

The Beijing Family

by Gina Tang

The Beijing Family is a hilarious fictional comedy series about the personal life of a wealthy Chinese billionaire and his family. In this first book, the humble self-made manufacturing billionaire Simon Wang moves his family from Beijing to Beverly Hills so his teenage son can obtain an American college education. Raised in a one child policy generation, the priviledged son is shy and talented in martial arts. Simon’s mother is a relic from the Cultural Revolution and practices traditional Chinese medicine in their gourmet kitchen. She constantly fears the invasion of the Red Army soldiers and the next famine. Arriving later, his niece is a young beauty queen from Beijing whose best friend is a Bernese Mountain Dog that is better fed and groomed than all the migrant workers in China. Together, they settle in their new home in Beverly Hills. With strong roots to China transitioning into Beverly Hills modern luxury, their cultural adjustments are fun and comedic. Mired in old China, the grandmother is undoubtedly unsophisticated but surprises her newfound friends in Beverly Hills at the end in this first book. This is surely not to be missed!

Art & Design Ideas for a New Age

by Nick John-Child

In his latest book, Art & Design Ideas for a New Age, Nick John-Child gives us an insight into a modern artists working practice but more importantly perhaps, he has brought together some new and fascinating New Age teachings from around the globe. Through his most welcomed and innovative approach to art theory and practice, Nick links us to a whole new world of ideas and the sometimes bizarre creative societies that have spawned them. This will be a very refreshing read for many people in the artistic community that have yearned for a positive indication of hope, with a sustainable new direction, for the humble as well as established artist.

The ideas and sometimes profound philosophical statements presented in this book, as the author states, “reflect the changes in our conscious reality taking place at this time. The world system seems to be collapsing before our eyes, but actually it is growing into a new kind of freedom. As artists, perhaps we should now ask ourselves, how can this global cultural and economic change be viewed and recorded by our contemporary art? We should not get side tracked into social trivia. This change refers to the transition from Pisces, the age of duality and opposites, to Aquarius, the new age, which is a time for the individual, the unification of opposites and a new ideal. We must now become like Aquarius the water carrier, he that quenches the thirst for truth and serves to nurture the whole world.”

As well as far some practical tips and many examples of the artists own works, this book is highly recommended for just about anyone with an interest in the creative arts, or where our creativity and our human culture may be taking us in the future.

Learn Guitar In 4 Days!

by Nathan Krumesz

In this book, you will learn how to play the acoustic or electric guitar in only 4 days! This step by step technique has proven to make guitar legends! So if you are frustrated with learning the guitar on your own and you just feel like throwing the guitar every time you try to play it because it is so stressful, then you NEED to get this book! This 4 day step by step technique will have you playing guitar like a pro in no time!

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