Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 12 Dec 13

Quick Links, 2nd Edition – Kindle-friendly websites, free Kindle book pages, book borrowing, online games and important Kindle webpages in one single e-book!

by Andreas Ceatos

Quick Links contains plenty of the carefully tested, useful Kindle-friendly web addresses of the most frequently visited Internet sites, grouped into 12 categories.
The links appear with their own logo, in a framed picture, to make this collection not only useful but also fancy-looking. Look at the screenshots of the different categories in Customers Images!

In the present edition of Quick Links, KINDLE is placed on a fully separate category page, with 18 important links, containing those of several pages offering:
– free books
– free book borrowing pages
– popular kindle blogs
– forums, news sites, tools
– online GAMES that can be played using both older Kindle and Touch devices.

The start page of the book is QUICK START, whence you can quickly reach the most important sites that are used every day, like GMAIL, FACEBOOK, YAHOO, AOL, WINDOWS LIVE portals, as well as the most important weather, news, sports, etc. sites. At the bottom of the pages, there are navigation buttons to facilitate jumping between categories – i.e. you can get from any page to any other page with one single touch/click.

Usage: just touch (or click on) the logo of the site you want to visit and Kindle’s integrated browser will automatically download it for you – you don’t need to search the menu for the browser or Article mode.

Table Of Contents:

Amazon, KINDLE STUFFS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, AOL sites, Windows Live, Yahoo sites, CNN, ESPN, The Weather Channel, Bible Gateway, Wikipedia, Wall Street Journal, eBay, IMDB, Orbitz

AOL Mail, Fastmail, Gmail, GMX, Hotmail,,, Yahoo mail, Zoho

Blogger, Blogcity,, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa

Badoo, Cafemom, DevianArt, Facebook, G+, LinkedIN, Livejournal, Meetup, MyLife, Myspace, Myyearbook, Orkut, Pinterest, Tagged, Twitter

abcNEWS, BBC News, CBS News, CNN, Digg, Fox News, Google News, Los Angeles Times, Local Wireless, Msnbc, Reuters, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, Cnet, Gizmodo, Wired

CBS Sports, ESPN, Eurosport,,, LONDON 2012, NBA,, Yahoo Sports

AccuWeather, Foreca, NOAA, Weather Underground, WeatherBug, The Weather Channel

Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN Money, Forbes, Financial Times, Google Finance, MarketWatch, The Motley Fool, MSN Money, PayPal, Wall Street Journal, Wells Fargo,, Yahoo Finance

———————–,, Bible Gateway, Bing, Craigslist,, Gethuman, HowStuffsWorks,
Superpages,, Yelp, White Pages, WikiHow, Wikipedia

Blockbuster, CollegeHumor, Eonline,, Fandango, IMDB, Moviefone,, OMG!, RestaurantRow, Rotten Tomatoes, The Onion, Ticketmaster, TMZ, Twilight Zone

Bizrate, Ebay, FatWallet, Froogle, Groupon, LivingSocial, Macy’s, NexTag, PocketDeal, PriceGrabber, RetailMeNot, Sears, SlickDeals, Target, Walmart

Calendar, Docs, Maps, Mail, News, iGoogle, Places, Search, Tasks, Translate

AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo

American Airlines,, CheapOair, CheapTickets, Gasbuddy, Google Maps, HopStop,, Hotwire,, Kayak, Lonely Planet, Mapquest, Orbitz, Priceline, Southwest,, Travelocity

BookLending (Borrow and lend Kindle books)
EreaderiQ (Free Books for your Kindle)
EreaderMap, Feedbooks, I Love My Kindle blog,
Instapaper (A simple tool to save web pages later)
Kindle Boards (forum), KindleUsers forum, A Kindle world blog
Longform (Non-Fiction Articles) (the best ebooks at the best price: free!), Mobileread
Project Gute

Real-time Operating Systems (The engineering of real-time embedded systems)

by Jim Cooling

This book deals with the fundamentals of operating systems for use in real-time embedded systems. It is aimed at those who wish to develop RTOS-based designs, using either commercial or free products. It does not set out to give you the knowledge to design an RTOS; leave that to the specialists. The target readership includes:


Engineers, scientists and mathematicians moving into software systems.

Professional and experienced software engineers entering the embedded field.

Programmers having little or no formal education in the underlying principles of software-based real-time systems.

The material covers the key รข??nuts and bolts’ of RTOS structures and usage (as you would expect, of course). In many cases it shows how these are handled by practical real-time operating systems. After studying this even the absolute beginner will see that it isn’t particularly difficult to implement RTOS-based designs and should be confident to take on such work.

Now, that’s the easy part; the really challenging aspect is how to best structure the application software in the first place. If your design is poorly-structured then, no matter which RTOS you use, you are very likely to run into problems of reliability, performance, safety and maintainability. Hence the book places great emphasis on ways to structure the application software so that it can be effectively implemented using an RTOS.

The author: Jim Cooling has had many years experience in the area of real-time embedded systems, including electronic, software and system design, project management, consultancy, education and course development. He has published extensively on the subject, his books covering many aspects of embedded-systems work such as real-time interfacing, programming, software design and software engineering. Currently he is a partner in Lindentree Associates (which he formed in 1998), providing consultancy and training for real-time embedded systems.


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