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Cthulhu Mythos Writers Sampler 2013

by David Conyers

Inside this book you’ll find a taste of some of today’s top Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian writers.

“The Great White Bed” – A senile old man makes a deal with a strange being for a new lease on life. What happens when a book reads you?

“The Cellar Gods” – In the 1940s, a young medical student protects a beautiful Asian woman from prejudiced townsfolk, only to discover she is connected to mysterious entities from an unholy dimension.

“The Locked Door” – The visions of a psychic threatens the existence of a secret order.

“In the Gyre” – A research vessel investigating a growing pollution problem in the ocean finds that something else has discovered a use for our waste materialâ??something designed for building, and growing, and multiplying.

“The Gate and the Way” – Poking around the local spook house for redeemable cans and bottles, two brothers stumble upon cosmic horrors from beyond space and time.

“I Cannot Begin To Tell You” – A desperate father kidnaps his infant son and flees to a remote cabin to wait out an apocalypse only he can perceive. Is the man psychotic? Or is the boy a conduit for an ancient malevolence from the depths of Time?

“Cutter” – A man and boy are trapped in an abandoned house by plague of bizarre monsters.

“Graveyard Orbit” – In the future, the deep space exploration vessel Wellington encounters the unthinkable orbiting the uncharted planet Osiris II. Amid the debris of a trillion alien corpses, the Wellington’s Captain Walker will stumble upon an unlikely allyâ??and potentially, the secrets of the universe.

“The Weaponized Puzzle” – A Russian spy steals an alien artifact from the Australian Government which soon transforms into a prison, and Australian spy Harrison Peel must solve its various puzzles and confront its captive horrors to escape again.

Fiction by Don Webb, Jeffrey Thomas, Brian M, Sammons, Peter Rawlik, William Meikle, Kevin Lucia, David Kernot, Scott R. Jones, C.J. Henderson, Cody Goodfellow, David Dunwoody, Shane Jiraiya Cummings and David Conyers. Cover illustration by Paul Mudie.

This sampler collection provides links to the various author’s works, personal interviews, and further information on their e-books.

Step inside, and discover the newest horror releases lurking in the nightmare lands of Lovecraftâ?¦

Broom with a View

by Gayla Twist

Can a good Witch and a brooding Vampire find true love? Especially when the whole world is against them?

The threat of war between Witches and Vampires means England may no longer be safe for a young Witch. Hence, Miss Violet Popplewell is sent abroad under the watchful eye of her great-aunt Vera. Without so much as a bon voyage party, Violet finds herself a visitor to the city-state of X, a mysterious place where magic is used openly and Witches and Vampires live together in harmony. Or at least, they try to get along. Violet’s aunt is shocked to discover that there are Vampires staying at their pensione and alarmed to note that one of the undead is a rather handsome young man.

An outburst of hostilities in X thrusts Violet into the young Vampire’s arms. And, much to her dismay, she realizes she may have accidentally bewitched him with a love charm. Are the emotions that the Vampire feels true passion or just a slip of the wand?


by Cody Wootton

Ascension is a trio of short stories, each with their own unique feel and life.

“Ascension” is the first of the three stories. A princess awakened from her sleep in the early morning by “her” knight must flee her father’s attackers. Her only chance of survival is to follow the knight across rough terrain and through obstacles she has never had to endure as royalty. Her life hangs in the balance and her only hope is the knight. How far will he go to keep her safe?

“Kherath” takes us to a land torn by war, where a beleaguered captain sets his morals aside and hires a mercenary to help aid his troops against the enemy. His combatant army has a spellcaster that is evening the score and killing his men. Only one person can stop a wizard of this magnitude. A mageslayer. Kherath.

“Jars of Hate” takes us to the present day with a subtle twist of the paranormal. Told through the perspective of an angsty teenager with a not-so-nice mother, we come to understand that not all is what it seems with this matronly figure and her rage.

Dracula: Hearts of Stone

by A. J. Gallant

This is book 1 of 3

A tale of magic, romance and fangs.

This MIGHT be a little like Dracula if written by J. K. Rowling. It’s a place where magic and vampires interweave for an exciting adventure.

We start with a shiny new pot of boiling water and add too many evil vampires, and not enough of the good biters. Toss in one suicidal Dracula; add a cup of mayhem and a dash of romance. Oh yes, and a pinch of mirth. Stir lovingly and you have a new novel by A. J. Gallant. If it sounds like the recipe for you then you must read Dracula: Hearts of Stone. Dracula commands it.

New York City is under attack.
Dracula is suicidal in a world where evil vampires are in the early stages of taking over. The Master has lived too long and can’t find a reason to face another day. Nasty vampires are feeding on vulnerable mortals and causing chaos. Years ago he trained valiant sheriffs and expects them to defend the humans but they are being overrun. Piers Anthony, the author, is now a vampire. He spends his days attempting to get the Master to snap out of it and to defend the humans, without losing his head.
A 12-year-old girl is a rare hybrid, half human and half vampire; she was conceived the normal way, with her mother a mortal and her father a vampire. Jenny is slowly discovering that she may be a blood wizard. She’s already an accomplished vampire killer and can cast spells, but an underground figure has noticed the girl. Some believe that she might be the one of legend that tips the scale toward good.
Sheriff Alexander and his vampire German shepherd stand and fight for justice.
Will the red sheriffs be overrun? Will Michael finally get the courage to ask out the sheriff?

Dracula: Hearts of Stone Book One of Three.

Here are some of the characters in this book.
Dracula is a bit of a good guy.
Piers Anthony is now a vampire.
Jenny is a 12-year-old hybrid with extraordinary talent.
Lauren is an exceptional sheriff with unsurpassed fighting skills.
A very special Siamese cat searches for Dracula.
Tessy is a vampire German shepherd that hates the evil ones.
Alexander is a handsome sheriff trying to save the world, one vampire at a time.

Peregrin (Xenolith)

by A. Sparrow

(Sequel to Xenolith). Frank Bowen braves three portals and a parallel world at war to find the wife he lost years ago in Belize, but the reunion inexplicably bombs. The Liz he finds is much evolved from the woman he married. Can Frank rekindle what they once shared, survive the coming purge and convince her to return with him to the land of their birth?

THE WEDDING FEAST TRILOGY: The Wedding Feast/Tethered/The Last of the Neanderthals

by Jonathan Pidduck

The humorous horror trilogy: available here as one box-set (but the titles below are also available individually elsewhere on Amazon).


Philip awakes, naked and chained to the floor by wrist and ankle, in the ramshackle dwelling of a family of murderous inbreds. His only hope of rescue lies with Matilda, their hideously deformed and needy daughter, who lurks in the shadows in her bloodied wedding dress. But what will she require of him in return? And will it give him carpet burns?

Matilda has lived in the darkness all her life. Finally, an Outsider has appeared, a man who – with a little good-natured prodding – can save her from her brutal father and show her what life is like outside the House. But how will she go down at his mother’s bridge club?


Abigail awakes, naked and vulnerable, in pitch darkness. Her wrists and ankles have been manacled to the floor. One by one, her brutal, troll-like captors come to visit her. Time is short; she is to be the feast at their wedding that night. And just when she thinks things can get no worse, her husband turns up.

Elsewhere, three friends spring a young woman from her cage at an animal experimentation centre. To survive, they must stay one step ahead of the government agent who is determined to recapture her. But was it wise for them to leave her alone in an old caravan in the woods whilst they go off for with two frisky old-aged pensioners for tea and custard-creams?


Matilda has been living rough for ten years, foraging Outsiders in the woods as best she can. But now she has been brought in from the cold: her Family have tired of being exterminated, one House at a time, and have resolved to make a last stand against humanity. Their chosen battleground; the bars and sex-shops of Margate sea-front.

This is her last chance of redemption, to be forgiven by her own kind for betraying them all those years ago. She will stand or fall with them, whatever the cost. And maybe even find herself a new Beloved on the way….

*Warning: contains fantasy horror, frequent nudity, and highly inappropriate use of custard creams*

Thirty Seconds To Die

by S.G. Holster

Lexi Flynn thought she could hide from her dreams.

She thought her fears were all in her imagination.

She couldn’t imagine that after everything she’d been through, she could fall in love.

She was wrong.

An ancient society, one extraordinary letter, and the secret Alexandra Flynn would die for – again – to protect.

For Lexi, life had always been – normal. But it only took one moment to change everything. Her life quickly becomes the opposite of normal when Ren Miller moves to the small community where she lives. Mysterious, handsome, and dangerously charming, Lexi discovers Ren is no stranger. They’ve met before – in another life.

When Ren pulls her into his bizarre world of past lives and secret societies, all bets are off. They become the targets of the Sentori, an ancient, secret society who believes it must protect the sanctity humankind by killing those like Lexi and Ren, those who are reborn.

In an effort to protect Ren from the Sentori, Lexi is forced to enlist the aid of the most unlikely of all allies. Her decision ignites a series of events that lead to a heartbreaking decision and a devastating conclusion.

If your life was all you had to give, wouldn’t you give it to save the only person you ever loved?

THIRTY SECONDS TO DIE draws the reader deeply into a story of danger and flight, of love and hate, and of the extraordinary power of the spirit – human or otherwise.

Long-Fangs: The Union of Tribes

by Alex Cook

An immortal headhunter chief leads the last savage Amazonian tribes against a city taken over by Kurupuri, the evil jungle god. It’s a story about guns versus arrows. Trees versus asphalt. Past over present. But most of all it’s a story about the dangers of the modern world blindly destroying its own mysteries.

Sarah, an American journalist who arrives to the jungle to write an article on primitive tribes, finds out that her guide is a man of extraordinary extremes: a nineteen-year-old face with a five-hundred-year old mind, a headhunter but also a Harvard graduate, a fighter and a wise man all in one. Long-Fangs has one goal: to unite his people against the tree-cutting invaders, and one fierce enemy: a cold-blooded mercenary hired to kill him and wipe out his entire tribe.

At first just an observer gathering information for the feature story of her life, Sarah joins Long-Fangs in his quest to unite the savage tribes, deep into a fantastic world untouched by civilization, and is soon forced to take a side: the strange, Cockney-accented mercenary, captured after a fierce battle, or Long-Fangs, a headhunter going to war against everything she regards as the civilized world.


Something pushed at the crowd of Senderos. They bustled and tripped against each other and looked behind in confusion.
“Kill him!” the voice bellowed. “Kill him! Kill him!”
An incredible strength bulldozed the Senderos onward like a giant hand pushing beetles to the fight. It sent the ones in the back toppling over those in the front, making them unwillingly clamber up on top of each other’s shoulders. Heads crashed against chests and elbows thrust across ribs. In the back of the crowd, some Senderos were tossed up into the air like unwanted plastic toys. They fell hard, twisting necks and bruising faces.
Behind them, the voice roared.
There were hundreds of Senderos, but that meant nothing for the incredible force that pressed them onward; yet that wasn’t what made them take out their machetes, but rather it was the unrelenting screaming, the order to kill that had lost its sense through repetition and had transformed into nothing more than unintelligible, rhythmical chanting. It was this sound that caused the Snakes to dart out their split tongues and look crookedly at Long-Fangs and his two companions. The voice pressured them forward, and they had to obey. Finally, it was as simple as that.
They were preparing to charge; Long-Fangs could hear their loud hisses, their muttered swear words, and the insults he had known for centuries. “Jagudo dogs must die!” The Senderos weren’t very imaginative when it came to invectives. But they were surely deadly.
“Sarah Reed,” he called.
“What are they doing?”
“They’re coming for us. Get behind me.”

I Am Inevitable

by Copper Sloane Levy

Infinitely more disturbing than dystopia is the precursor that led to it.

2019. American citizens still reel from several national security secrets leaked by KEY, an organization bent on restructuring the nation from the ground up. In the midst of collective uncertainty, Giovanni Jordan, an ex-police officer, is hunted by the CIA and FBI for suspected ties to the organization cleverly hidden on American soil. To make matters more mysterious, a girl, claiming to be in possession of all the secrets ever hidden from the American public, has become the media’s darling. Fans call her a reckoning. A savior. But the one thing they don’t know, unless they’ve seen her in action, is that she’s virtually invincible.

In an ultimate effort to seek answers to difficult questionsâ??chief among them, gun violence in Americaâ??Copper Sloane Levy’s “I Am Inevitable” employs a number of different media forms, tied into the format of something akin to a television series, with episodes (novellas) comprising seasons (full novels).

Welcome to the beginning of our end.

Firestorm: Isle of the Four Kingdoms (Volume 4)

by B. A. Beers

As the Isle of the Four Kingdoms series continues in “Book Four – Firestorm”, isle inhabitants are caught in the aftermath of the eruption of Half Moon mountain in the Kingdom of Four Peaks. An ashy-haze blankets most of the isle and threatens the isle’s basic needs – shelter, fresh water, and food supplies. The Dragon Alliance team has just celebrated the scheduled wedding of two members of the team, as well as the unscheduled nuptials. Caught up in the joy of the moment, they are unaware of turmoil brewing around them that will blur their focus on the isle’s survival:

* a distraught princess, who in seeking escape from her shattered dreams, falls prey to the twisted plans of a disgruntled sorceress. In seeking justice, this sorceress has unwittingly become a disciple to a long-forgotten, banished, â??gifting’ spirit who wishes to rebuild its House and influence.

* the test of the newly-formed Dragon Council to gain acknowledgement by both man and dragons as the authority and governing voice of the isle’s dragons in order to ensure peace.

* the possibility that some renegade dragons, including the renegade dragon leader, who were thought to have perished in the volcanic eruption, are very much alive and seeking to rally their cause. Will there be a confrontation?

Meanwhile, looming on the Isle of Oceanedge is possible future turmoil for the princess/sorceress. Her former foe and companion are guests of the prince of Oceanedge with whom they fled the Isle of the Four Kingdoms. They quickly learn that the lineage of Oceanedge’s queen contains skeletons – secrets which open untold possibilities, including one which could lead to another showdown for the former foes.


by Ron Alias

How much should we trust of the official version of the history of the Earth?

Douglas Pell discovers to his cost that much of the reports of our past have been warped to hide a shocking and dangerous truth. An agenda controlled by those who seek to protect the people of the Earth from events that threaten them all.

The story of AOA unpicks the facade of many events down through the ages – the creation of the Moon, the construction of the Great Pyramid, the mysterious pyramid in Cydonia on Mars, Robert Falcon Scott and Aleister Crowley, the Roswell crash, the creation of Area 51, the shadowy organisation known as the MJ12, the assassination of John F Kennedy and the Moon landings are all pieces of the mind-boggling puzzle.

But who or what is AOA?

It had started as an ordinary February day for Cressida Pell. Breakfast. College. Lectures.

But when Cressida returns home to discover her father has been attacked and abducted, the next few days become far from ordinary. She is pulled into a world she never knew existed – a world full of secret agendas, including her father’s.

AOA is an adventure that spans millions of miles and lifts the lid on many unexplained events in the course of history along the way.

Cressida finds that nothing is what it seems in her quest to discover the truth and has to fight to keep her dad’s survival at the top of the agenda. Are you ready for the truth? You can cross check the history books as you discover with Cressida that nothing is quite what it seems…..


With added Preface covering the points of history called into question within AOA

The Journey of Secrets

by J Robberts

Death could not be avoided, King Aldour did what needed to be done to save his Kingdom from Asaroth, a cast out that sought the power of the seven precious stones that was found in a sacred place many centuries ago.

Was it fate that chose them? Two ordinary trouble makers, Merk and Asalis. Were they meant to carry the burden of returning the seven stones to the founding grounds or were they set up to never make it?

The journey takes them far into the unknown, little did they know of the events that would follow or the dangers they would face.

“It’s not wise to meddle with time, who knows what you might find.”

What lies behind the door?

The Kingdom of Tamarack (Book One in The Tamarack Series)

by Ross Turner

When Isabel’s father is taken from her in a cruel twist of fate, and her own God releases horrific demons into Tamarack, she discovers that a heavy burden has been placed upon her.
She must find help to complete her task and undertake a perilous journey, laid down by forces she can only begin to understand. She discovers the root of her evil God’s madness, but her path is fraught with danger, and the cost of victory is great.

The Gluttony of Murmer (The Goetic Demon Adventures)

by Elodia Englemen

In the depths of Hell lies Envy Town, where a certain demon named Murmer spends his days waiting to hungrily feast upon the souls of the damned. Upon meeting a child that he believes is there by mistake, his interest in the human world is rekindled.

Land of The Myth Short Story

by Alta Pridi

PRICE $0.99

Behind a quiet hill in Kalimantan, there is a harmonious village. The village is so beautiful and peaceful that the Dutch so crazy about 3.5 centuries ago. The village is so harmonious because the people had great respect for the legacy of their ancestors more than 200 years ago.

But all the harmony and beauty is in danger of collapse as the arrival of a district head named Hans Brigg. Hans Brigg is the Dutch descent that has an obsession for controlling back this land where it was like 3.5 centuries ago when the Dutch occupied Indonesia. As a head of district, Hans Brigg is not making things better but worse. He did a large-scale of corruptions along with his cronies to forget about the people.

The people became angry and then commit anarchy by destroying the district office. But Hans Brigg is stronger than them so he fired back. The bloodshed is only a matter of time. But before all that happens, there is a boy named Juno, he is only 10 years old later to save the harmony and peace in that place.

Who is Juno anyway? How can he able to save the land from destruction and bloodshed?

Ring of Teeth (Greater Darkness)

by Candice Carroll

Part One of the Greater Darkness Trilogy: Abandoned by her royal brother to the court of K’bairen, Alexandra Hallhrafn searches for her place among the Outlanders and other nobles. An uncommon path is offered to her through a forgotten family ally, but there are consequences for leaving the traditional ways.

Dreadwolves: A Son’s Revenge (Dreadwolf Series)

by Marie Pennington

Dreadwolves: A Son’s Revenge

Revenge for the Alpha Dreadwolf, Tozi, boils in the heart of yet another enemy. Coaxoch has waited eighteen long years to get her revenge, and the time has finally come. Join her son Xipil, as he attempts to exact the revenge his mother so desperately desires. Will Tozi make it out alive or will Xipil exact the revenge his mother has been waiting for?

Enter the Sandman:Comes the Hunter

by Randy Simmons

Consider the possibility of vampires really existing but being fallen angels. Consider that these fallen angels could be redeemed. Our hero exists in a world where he is a hunter of these vampires and must defend the people of our world from his prey.

The Ghosts of Twilight

by Rhye J. Loom

Her Heart Desired

Christened and given divine baptism, tinctured in gold iris ideas, buried in attained textures of December liberty, she traced the reckoning of enlivened chance. Best kept in ritual worshipping passion, the brimful affection she anticipated was probable, looking wild by the grace of her desire and rapt obsession. The myth of unique ministry unto the bond of love, the confederate speckles of occasion and wont, telling in the truth of her blameless appetite, her heart desired, craved the pulsing flow of fresh daisies and clandestined need. She tended the bloom, the budding blossom of blood in tender province and sweet syrupy thirst. Her heart desired and she derived a taste of warm blooded coquette, acted, sworn, priceless by the tiny bead of scarlet favor.

Her heart desired; the sun in cool ambient closeness and generous indigo affirmation sang in tune to her need, the twilight sky in full rippling poetry, moveable by the insides of a greater passion, by the hungry flesh, by the need for another drink, in what one says to the mystery of forever, the secret commune. Her heart desired and she struggled with the outline of her hold on the earthen sobriety of human necessity and dreams, of abiding liberty, her heart desired heaven and the fresh wash of purpose and in the umbra of her pure belief, she affected fires of survival, affirmed alters of rain and sun borne instinct. Subtle by the will of those before her, her heart desired.

This is just a brief example of the work you will enjoy in this exciting new book.

Marissa’s Folly (Kingdom of Etraus)

by J.L. V’Tar

They have survived the dangers of a forgotten catacomb and the terrors of a world left behind. Now a small group of heroes can set out to attempt what they actually intended, to help a desperate elf queen save her people from endless torment. Little do they know the problems along the way, or just how large Marissa’s error might have been…

Bonus Content! This book contains six bonus chapters, one for each character, that cannot be found anywhere else!

Particles in the Wake

by Jess Boldt

Disonia is a town built on routine.

The citizens live by stability, suspicious of what strangers may bring and afraid of what happens in the woods beyond the city limits.

A man whose life is led by fear and

an isolated young woman with a deadly routine of her own begin to play their roles in what may lead to the town’s demise

and perhaps shake the nature of reality.

Smoke & Water (Fire Flower Trilogy)

by Sian Williams

After the dust settles on Adria’s chaotic return to her homeland, a death puts events in motion that could end her happily ever after. An encounter with a seer puts Adria in the precarious position of choosing between obligations as queen and righting a terrible injustice in a foreign land. Can Adria find the balance to do the right thing, and do so without jeopardizing her own happiness…. and life?

Second part of the Fire Flower Trilogy.

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