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I am John Sullivan (Renaissance)

by Jonathan Parks

John Sullivan is a conflicted man torn between love, murder, and normality. Each day he struggles with emotional adversity while trying to conform to society, and each night he battles with his demons, the demons that drive him to commit unspeakable acts of violence. Follow John as he chronicles one year of his twisted, yet sometimes humorous life. See the world through the eyes of a maniac.

Now You’ll Never Know: A Collection of Strange Stories

by Caleb Casey

Nine horror stories filled with strange events and dark humor.
A weird apocalypse and The Winged Things are prowling outside. Stay put, or run to the nearest church? …An impossible car accident. What will happen when The Scarlet Spider meets The Bloody Fly? …Three young women, one possessed. Schedule an exorcism? Or will they prefer The Demon Version? …Co-workers don’t seem quite right. Are the Drones Like Us human, or are they something else? Does it matter? …Will the escape plan work? Will there be No Blood or lots of blood? …A girl found bleeding and freezing in the snow. No one else around, except for The Insomniacs. …The Rain will not stop. Is there something in the water? …Bonus stories: Can two ex-surfers survive an encounter with the drug lord El Spock while starting a business called Frugs, Inc.? After getting kicked out of rehab, will the two ex-surfers be able to stay Frog Sober? Will they want to?

Excerpt from “The Winged Things”
I don’t where the winged things came from, but there seems to be a lot of them. They’re tapping at the windows, occasionally peering inside with their black eyes, scratching at the doors, scraping against the walls, walking across the roof with their clawed feet.
We’re holed up in a dead guy’s house.

Excerpt from “The Scarlet Spider”
Scarlet is staring at me like a spider might study an unusual looking fly that’s been caught in its web, a mix of curiosity and appetite.
I nod, saying nothing. I know I’ve got blood all over me. I wonder if I look like a victim or a perpetrator.

Excerpt from “The Demon Version”
“A church can do an exorcism or something?”
“Have you ever read The Exorcist or seen the movie?”
“No,” Arica says.
“Well, two people die during the exorcism scene at the end,” Emily says. “Besides, I liked the demon version of the little girl better than the regular one.”

Excerpt from “Drones Like Us”
He’s thinking this: There’s been a lot of turnover lately; we always have new faces and new voices. And these faces and these voices don’t seem quite right.

Excerpt from “No Blood”
In an instant, I’ve forced him to the ground. The shock on his face gives me a fair amount of satisfaction. I’ve got him by the throat. I should pound the consciousness out of him.

Excerpt from “The Insomniacs”
She seems alarmed. The girl tries to sit up, shedding the jacket. Her blonde hair is stained red and matted to her face and scalp. Her eyes are still closed and caked with blood. She reaches out towards me, touching the zipper on my sweatshirt. She moves her hand upward until it reaches my face; she touches it like a blind person might.
“We can’t be here,” she says. “We have to go now.”

Excerpt from “Rain”
“Here we are in the middle of the biggest flood ever, and you need a weather man to tell you that it’s raining?”

Excerpt from “Frugs, Inc.”
El Spock demands an explanation. The miscreants do their best, resulting in pretty much what you’d expect from the two stoned CEOs of Frugs, Inc. at two in the morning. El Spock repeats one word of their rambling answer: drugs. He says it in English first, then in espanol. Drogas.

Excerpt from “Frog Sober”
Tray and Cole debate whether there’s some kind of support group and meeting for people who are hooked on being sober.
They decide to take the first step toward leaving their version of sobriety and entering the world of the alcoholics. Perhaps they won’t get kicked out of the next meeting.

A House in the South

by Jack Faber

The last survivor of a pandemic goes in search of human life among the ruins of civilization. Among the tall grasses of a field, he finds a perfectly preserved house, remnant of the old life of the world. He installs himself there, and enjoys the comforts of his new home through the winter. In the spring, he continues south, still in search of the last needful thing, human companionship.

But as he travels into more habitable climate, where humanity might more likely be found, he runs the risk of his own life. Scattered through the wilderness and desolate cities, there are other survivors of the pandemic. They are the diseased, the animal and insane, the lawless and cannibal, devouring the last remains of the old world.

How to Beat up a Bully – Triggers – The Furai Compilation; object 1; Book 3.

by Richard Skeet


In the near future the survivors of DAY ONE send a message to the past to raise an ARMY.




Interviewer: “Tell me how you became Furai.”

Eric: “When Portland, Oregon was VAPORIZED: I lived in a suburb; I survived the first day, or, DAY ONE, as the Alien Grays call it.

After the round up, worldwide, all survivors of the Gray massacre, are placed in labor camps.

We, the survivors, feed THE CONVEYOR BELT.

You can place anything on THE BELT, trees, bodies, dirt, rocks, grassâ?¦

THE BELT leads to a giant furnace miles away, taking the material on THE BELT; converting it into what the Grays need:



Organic matter










Rail guns




I’ve been BRANDED on my forehead. I’m forbidden from speaking during working hours; surrounded by men, women, children.

My orders: feed THE BELT!

We: dig, chop, chainsaw, bulldoze, hoist, heave, haul, push, pull. Tons of raw material are placed on THE BELT every second. Ten hours a day we labor; 7 days a week.

When I have a question, I look up; the SCREEN tells me what to do.

When one of us passes out from exhaustion, or dies, they’re thrown on THE BELT, with the rest of the material.

In front of me LIFE: trees, grass, birds.

Behind me: THE BELT leading to the furnace; our mobile living quarters; DESOLATION.

Upon awakening, we look forward to the living horizon, ignoring the dead trenches behind us.

EARTH is being STRIP-MINED; converted into Gray raw material. Every: useful; living; or green thing, EVERYTHING that can be chopped, shoveled or ground is placed on THE BELT.

After 10 hours of labor, the doors to our living quarters open; we go inside, eat, socialize, fall asleep.

We live a SPARTAN existence.

We’re never cold or hungry.

It: never rains; is always 75 degrees and sunny. Rain and clouds are burned away, by an energy shield following our camp, along with our living quarters.

The Grays encourage BREEDING; all of the women, of child bearing age, are pregnant. Women who refuse to breed are thrown on THE BELT.

The SCREENS tell us: work! be happy; don’t ask questions; breed; we comply.

ROCK MUSIC is playing from the loudspeakers.

The Grays don’t talk to us; they communicate with one another telepathically. Our only communication with the Grays: the messages appearing on the SCREENS.

This is what has become of man: FEED THE BELT! BE HAPPY! DON’T ASK QUESTIONS! BREED! So we do.

I’m fast asleep on day 45; a man wakes me up, â??follow me if you want to LIVE.’ He jumps back through the hole in my floor; I follow. I crawl, in an underground tunnel, for 1 hour.

I march, with thousands of other branded men, women, children, briskly for 24 hours straight.

A large group gather in a huge cave, in the rain forests of Oregon, behind a waterfall; somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge.

Joe is a small man with a deep voice, a large scar across his face.

Joe: â??You are here because YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED. Right now you have a choice: you can go back to THE BELT, or, join the Furai.



We’ll teach you how to: FIGHT; acquire wealth; build an ARMY; organize; communicate in secret, gather intelligence; lead an army; send these evil fucking bastards back to hell!

We are NOT an army of FOLLOWERS, a hive mind of automatons.

We are a HYDRA, a multi-headed monster from greek mythology; if an attacker strikes one head, 4 heads attack the attacker.

If a head is cut off; two more grow in its place.

When GOD made man; He created a WEAPON.

This GALAXY belongs to MAN!






The Justice of Innocence (Good Stories / Bad Dreams volume 1)

by Gary Harris

What would you be prepared to do if you were pushed hard enough? What lengths would you go to, to survive? And if you had a chance to give out your own justice, would you take it, and in what way?
The three short stories in the three books in the series are about the extremes people are capable of, if given a good enough reason. Quicker reads to fill your time travelling to work by train, or on that plane trip abroad, about people who have had to answer such questions as those above that I hope you never have to.

The Lunatic and Amos

by A.M. Manes

A gay couple is subjected to murder attempts and random acts of hate. Has the world gone insane, or is a sinister plot at work?

Ancient Illusions

by D.L. Koppelberger

Ancient Illusions and the dreams of knights, maidens and kings, a fantastic ride into the past. All the musings of a master story teller. D.L. Koppelberger will thrill generations to come with the tales that created an empire of knights and even a few monsters.

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