Free humour Kindle books for 12 Dec 13

Diary of a Public Radio Slave

by Kerri Wood Thomson

When Sloan Kennedy is handed a pink slip from her employer and her fiancé, she takes a job as a receptionist at a local public radio station, quickly becoming immersed in the goofy world of broadcast journalism students perfecting their British accents, gossiping busybodies, flaky bosses, and uber pledge drive fans. Sloane must pull it all together as visiting radio personality Sebastian Kohler arrives, complete with an insane list of Green Room demands, including a specialty breathe mint, rumored to help squelch Mr. Kohler’s notorious halitosis. When fighting coworkers lock themselves in the bathroom, Sloane realizes that she may have to go on-air to interview Mr. Kohler and help reach the pledge drive goal.

Christmas Book: Pookie The Pooch Meets Santa

by Geryn Childress

This Christmas Book is a wonderful Christmas story your kids are sure to love. It’s written and illustrated in old school style so your child can have the same experience you had as a child watching the classic ‘Rudolph The Red Noise Reindeer” cuddled around the television with your family. This book will give your child that same feeling.

Blog It Out, Bitch

by Nina Perez

Blog It Out, Bitch is a collection of humor blogs from author/blogger, Nina Perez. Once called The Oprah of Myspace due to her mass appeal and uncanny ability to get readers hooked on almost anything from green tea to TV shows, she successfully launched her own site in 2009 and started a series of spin-off blogs, Blog It Out, Baby.

In Blog It Out, Bitch you’ll meet her long-suffering husband Donny, who Nina swears will one day kill her in a fit of “white boy crazy” rage, and her inquisitive daughter, Kali. Each blog is a look into the life of a 30-something wife, mother, blogger, and sometimes bitch.

About the Author: Nina Perez is the founder of Project She is also the author of a YA series of books, “The Twin Prophecies,” and a collection of essays titled, “Blog It Out, B*tch.” Her latest books, a contemporary romance 6-book series titled Sharing Space, are now available on for Kindle download. She has a degree in journalism, works in social media, lives in Portland, Oregon, and loves Peyton Manning. When not watching massive amounts of British television or writing, she is sketching plans to build her very own TARDIS. She watches more television than anyone you know and she’s totally fine with that.

You can follow Nina on Facebook ( and Twitter (@AuthorNinaPerez).

What Did You Just Say?

by Anna Miss

Chock-full of actual quotes blurted out during the heated debate of an auto insurance settlement, “What Did You Just Say,?” is a handy “how to” guide for anyone in need of the perfect zinger to help them seal a deal or anyone who just plain enjoys a good chuckle.

No names have been used in association with the quotes contained in “What Did You Just Say?” in order to protect the not so innocent perpetrators!

Unbelievably funnyâ?¦ unbelievably true!

Tainted Cocktails (Care for a drink?)

by Princess Cutt

Care for a drink?

Meet four of the most beautiful ladies of the century: sisters Charlotte and Victoria and their girlfriends, Isabella and Adele. They travel from country to country, living the lavish life, drinking, partying, and messing with men. But these ladies hide a deadly secret. Using a drug they concoct themselves called Diamond Crystals, they rob men for money and whatever else they have to spare and then they kill them with no remorse.

Charlotte loves living the glamorous life, but she is tired of poisoning men to get what she wants. She wants a better life, and she wants to fall in love, but her sister Victoria has brainwashed her into believing that all men are untrustworthy. When she meets Max, her opinion starts to change…but is it enough to overcome her belief that all men are nothing but unsavory characters who are only out to manipulate women for sex?

All four women have the beauty and the smarts, but increasingly reckless acts lead them to the brink of being discovered for their crimes. These ladies love their lavish lifestyle too much to stop…but soon, they may not have a choice.

A Most Uplifting Brassiere Quiz!

by Leonard Stegmann

Even if you are wearing one right now, and I’m speaking mostly to the women here, I bet you don’t know all there is to know about…the brassiere! (Humor Quiz/690 Words)

The Little Black Book – Modern Dating Etiquette for Men

by Ditzy Smart

For less than the price of a coffee you could be on the right path to dating the perfect woman. A brief but to-the-point guide for men or for any woman who’s too shy to say it directly to her guy, The Little Black Book could be your savior!

This is a humorous but essential tool for those who are floundering around either without a girlfriend or without success in their sexual lives, or for any man who is coming up against rejection from the opposite sex.

Maybe you just can’t get that date…

Maybe women take a step backwards when you approach them…

Maybe your marriage is going through a rocky patch and you feel like your wife hates you…

This Little Black Book offers you crucial tips about how you can turn your luck around.

Warning! This book should not be read by anyone with a weak heart, a weak bladder or for those suffering from chronic seriousness.

Approx 3,500 words (30 pages)

Word Games For 100 Greatest Christmas Movies (Christmas Word Games)

by E L LEE

It’s time for Christmas. How many Christmas movies have you watch? How well do you know about Christmas movies?

Listed in this book are the name of 100 greatest Christmas movies. They had been scrambled. Unscramble all of them for more fun to your Christmas!

List of all the books in the series:

Word Games For Christmas Carols From A To Z

Word Games For 100 Greatest Christmas Movies

Word Games For 100 Greatest Traditional Christmas Songs

Word Games For Christmas 3 In 1

The Shaggy Pony (Tales of a Shaggy Pony)

by Darren Porter

The Shaggy Pony is an amusing tale for young and old that provides some much needed wisdom for this generation. You’ll chuckle, you’ll roll your eyes and you’ll definitely feel for the little Shaggy Pony as he attempts to make his way in the cut throat world of Pony Club Eventing.

A Leader’s FOCUS (Stories That Tell)

by Thomas Dismukes

Success is not a goal, it’s a byproduct and this byproduct is the result of a life in FOCUS. Achieving a balance in life is the ultimate barometer of that success. After breaking a world record for balancing 95 glasses on his CHIN, Thomas Dismukes has become an expert in the inexplicable pursuit of a life in balance. Enjoy “A Leader’s FOCUS” and discover the 5 essential elements that determine personal and professional success.

The Book of Wind

by Jim Riva

Although breaking wind is a natural bodily function, talking about it is often considered to be in bad taste (not to mention bad smell). Nevertheless, breaking wind, whether referred to as â??passing gas’, â??cutting the cheese’, â??letting one rip’, or whatever, does contain an element of humorâ??in addition to elements of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptan.

With that element of humor in mind, The Book of Wind, a true work of fart (correction: work of art) was written by Jim Riva at the height of his intestinal energy.

This is, of course, a guys’ book. After all, one of the big differences between ladies and guys is that ladies find bathroom humor to be disgusting, whereas guys find it to be disgustingly funny. It is definitely not a book that you’ll want to bury your nose in, but it is a gas, and it is bathroom humor at its absolute best.

Kindle Best Xmas Gift (Xmas Series)

by S.O. Issachar

Not sure what book to get for your loved ones as a gift for this Christmas? Try this. Xmas Series consists of 8 humorous books. I’m sure they will bring a smile…or a swearing.

What makes Book 5 of Xmas Series- Kindle Best Xmas Gift the best Xmas gift in Kindle? Check it out. You may want to get yourself one too.

“It’s time for simple yet not necessary easy message.”- S.O. Issachar


by Hugh Thomas

Surreal satire about the freedom endowed to a young man after he frames the deaths of his parents’.

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