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Diva Las Vegas (Book 1 in Raven McShane Series)

by Caroline Dries

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Exotic dancer Raven McShane doesn’t want to be a stripper forever.  She’s always wanted to be a cop, but the cops won’t hire her… for obvious reasons.  When she launches her own private detective business, no one takes her seriously at first. But when a stripper friend needs help solving the town’s most notorious murder, Raven joins forces with a horny bouncer and a smokin’ hot Mormon to uncover the killer’s identity. In their romp through Vegas, they tangle with casino thugs and old-money families, all of whom are determined to keep the murderer’s name a secret.

Rattled (A Nicholas Colt Story)

by Jude Hardin

Private investigator Nicholas Colt picks up a hitchhiker, a man with much more on his mind than getting from one place to another. As the horrible, venomous truth unfolds, Colt is forced to bet his own life on a roll of the dice.

About the Author

Jude Hardin is the author of the Nicholas Colt thriller series. Each novel or story works as a standalone, but many readers prefer to experience the events of the series in chronological order. If you are one of those readers, this list is for you:

RACKED (short story with J.A. Konrath)





RATTLED (short story)



SYCAMORE BLUFF (Nicholas Colt/Diana Dawkins)

*Although published at a later date, the events in COLT precede those in Jude’s debut thriller POCKET-47.

Other books by Jude Hardin:



Praise for Jude Hardin’s Thrillers:

POCKET-47 sucked me in and held me enthralled. Author Jude Hardin keeps the pace frantic, the thrills non-stop, but best of all is his hero, the wonderfully ironic Nicholas Colt. This is a character I’m eager to follow through many adventures to come.

â??Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of ICE COLD.

The best PI debut I’ve read in years, fit to share shelf space with the best of Ross Macdonald, Sue Grafton, and Robert B. Parker.POCKET-47 is so hot you may burn your hands reading. Highly recommended.

â??J.A. Konrath, author of the Jack Daniels mysteries

Hardin gets everything right in his powerhouse thriller debut, which introduces rock star-turned-PI Nicholas Colt. â??Publishers Weekly

Jude Hardin takes the thriller genre into the darkest corners of the human heart and mind. Bold suspense and drama.

â??Scott Nicholson, author of LIQUID FEAR

KEY DEATH is an exhilarating thriller that punches way above its weight. It hits you hard and fast with crackling suspense, hair-raising twists and stunning revelations. Word of advice: don’t start on this one unless you’re prepared to stay up all night.

â??John Ling, author of THE BLASPHEMER

Colt is a physical, no-holds-barred PI, reminiscent of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, and his debut is action-packed. With a hefty toll of dead bodies, some described in cringe-inducing detail, this is crime fiction at its rawest. Hard-boiled connoisseurs should make Colt’s acquaintance now.


Jude Hardin takes the PI novel and psychological suspense to a new, unrestrained level. Fast, fierce, and relentless.

â??David Morrell, New York Times bestselling creator of Rambo


by Margaret Belle

BRAINSTORM is the story of Audrey Dory, who while working to manage her anxiety disorder, finds herself in jeopardy of losing her business, her best friend, and her police officer boyfriend. With everything she values at stake, Audrey begins a journey to find out who is turning her world upside-down, before everything she cherishes is taken from her, including her sanity.

While struggling to gain control over her life, Audrey uncovers a trail of dysfunction, greed, and deception, as she puts her faith in people who may or may not be worthy. How does she decide who to trust when her anxiety disorder muddles her judgment, and leads her to make irrational decisions?

The Potting Shed Murder

by H.L. Banks

A slippery, murderous snake weaves its way around a backyard garden.

Murder at the Maples (Flora Lively Mysteries)

by Joanne Phillips

A tragic death. A reluctant sleuth. A childhood prank that went horribly wrong.

When Flora Lively inherits her father’s business she’s totally out of her depth. Shakers Removals is in trouble, and manager Marshall isn’t helping one bit – the ex-pat American delights only in winding her up. But Flora has other things on her mind, like Joy: surrogate grandmother and resident of the Maples Retirement Village. When Joy’s pet pug has a brush with death, Flora is pulled into a series of bizarre incidents at the Maples, where fear is starting to take hold.

Could harmless old Mr Felix really be the boy from Joy’s past, determined to exact his revenge, or is it Joy’s guilty mind playing tricks on her? And what about the Captain’s death? Accidents happen, even to the most careful people, but Flora’s not convinced the old man simply fell down the stairs … Playing detective seemed like a good idea at first, but before long Flora realises the stakes are far higher than either she or Joy imagined.

Full of warmth and humour, this gripping puzzle will appeal to fans of M. C. Beaton and Edie Clare.

The Deal

by Roberta Gibson

Kelly Kittredge is a pretty, wanna-be-actor. The â??role’ she plays best is that of the faithful wife and well-educated woman from a fine background. Kelly is married to Paul Kittredge, the ex-football great, secret binge drinker and wife beater. The â??role’ he plays best is that of the highly respected spokesman for various products.

When a brutal murder occurs in the Kittredge’s Bel-Air mansion, Kelly, who had been convicted and sent to prison for attempted murder some years ago, becomes Detective James Savage’s prime suspect. As this L.A. detective, who is fed up with the flawed judicial system, sets out to prove his case, Kelly seems hopelessly doomed.

It’s only when an unexpected phone call from a stranger who claims he can help Kelly prove her innocence that she begins to see a glimmer of hope. Kelly quickly places all of her trust in this shy frightened man, but soon finds herself and her would-be savior, caught in a web of undreamed terror. Earnestly believing that, in a matter of days, she will either be arrested or killed, Kelly sets out on her own to discover who is behind this living nightmare and the reason for the heinous murder. Little does she realize that Detective Savage is only one step behind her and gaining ground.

When Kelly unravels the truth, and who has so cruelly boxed her in, she is determined to dole out her own form of justice. But will Detective Savage stop her or will he approve of it?

About the Author: An award winning playwright who has also written screenplays for The Mirisch Corporation, Alan Trustman, John Frankenheimer, Robert Relyea and others. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the author of two novels – The Applegate Garden, an eerie thriller and ,The Deal, a clever mystery/ thriller.

Wings to Redemption (An Alex Boudreau Adventure)

by Paul Landes

A fast paced “who-done-it” techno-thriller.

This Alex Boudreau adventure is filled with cutting-edge technology and riveting conflicts entwined with deep passion, conspiracies and spiraling twists.

Alex Boudreau has been trained to winâ?¦at any cost. Lured by a sacred trust back into a life of stealth and undercover thievery, Alex confronts a tormented past laced with guilt, self-proclaimed failure and deception. Faced with gripping, split-second decisions that would forever shape the future, Alex plunges, once again, into the world of corporate intrigue, greed and deceit. After stealing a top-secret genetically engineered drug, Alex discovers the stolen information contains the specs to create a viral weapon – a weapon designed to threaten the world. Now the target of cold, calculating men with unlimited resources, nerves and wits are the only weapons available to unearth the identity of these men who are determined to kill not only Alex, but millions of others.

Mediterranean Grave

by William Doonan

Henry Grave is an investigator for the Association of Cruising Vessel Operators. A World War II P.O.W., Henry is as cunning as he is charming, and at 84 years of age, he fits right in with his fellow passengers. The cruising yacht Vesper is anchored off the Greek island of Thera, in the caldera of an ancient volcano when Henry comes aboard. An Egyptian federal agent was onboard to guard a valuable Minoan cup, but the agent was murdered and the cup, stolen. With the help of a Nicaraguan soap opera star, a New Age spiritualist, and a blind pickpocket, Henry draws on skills honed in a Nazi prison camp to track down a killer who might have his own reasons for taking this particular cruise, reasons unrelated to the sumptuous meals, delightful shipboard activities, and exciting ports of call.

The Clinic (a chilling thriller)

by David Jester

They didn’t have much to live for. Malcolm, Darren and Eddie, all had their own tragedies, their own demons to face. Malcolm was alone in the world, Darren might as well have been and Eddie, well, Eddie wished he was.

The isolated rehab clinic was not an easy target for these opportunistic thieves, on the contrary, it revealed a dark past and an evil that was sown way before their time. The sterile corridors and soulless rooms swarmed with a depravity that they never imagined possible.

The Clinic is the story of a regrettable heist, of three delinquents who find a lot more than they bargained for. A gripping, thrilling and spine-chilling story of suspense, fear and pure evil.

Spanish Moss (Vin Robineux)

by E.A. Cook

17 year old drifter Calvin is escaping a dark past. When a violent hitchhiking encounter leaves him wounded and alone in the remote bayou of Louisiana, an old Cajun family adopts him as one of their own. Calvin soon finds that the Robineux clan has mysteries of their own, and is swept into a search for truth and vengeance in the streets of New Orleans.

the Pythagoras Enigma (A Jim Hunter Novel)

by Scott Gamboe

What started as a simple investigation has pushed Jim Hunter into the crosshairs of organized crime. As the investigation deepens and Jim’s life is in danger, he discovers a possible connection between his case and a serial killer. Known only as Pythagoras, the killer leaves letters for the police, taunting them with indecipherable clues about his identity. As the body count climbs, Pythagoras turns his attention to Jim. Hunter must solve the enigma of Pythagoras and stop the crazed killer before he annihilates the entire city.

The Darkest Ride

by Tom Rodgers





â??Don’t judge a book by its cover’ was one of his favorite quotes. It described him so well. We all have something that appears to the world that we live in, but in us all there is more than what can be seen.

He felt everything so strongly, and she meant the world to him. That was until he couldn’t help it but to be his self, once more.

Join him in at the carnival of his world. After all, who knows, you could be the next one to purchase your tickets.


by Emerson Doering

Brain-Machine Interfacing is making telekinesis a reality for a select few.

Three months ago Kristen Crede was a typical college kid looking forward to the weekend’s bonfire party at the beach. Now she’s a triple amputee, outcasted after an accident that shattered her body and spirit. Doc Prophet convinces her to be the first patient of triple prosthetics controlled remotely by a wireless neural implant.

Except the implant is not as it should be. Disquieting things happen as she learns to reach with her mind, and the only person who seems to know all she’s capable of is a menacing stranger. If Kristen doesn’t do exactly what he says, he’ll hurt her family. If she does what he wants, she’s as good as dead.

The Keeper

by R. L. Mosz

THE KEEPER is a thought-provoking, clean, and contemporary women’s drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. Initially, powerhouse surgeon Dr. Chris Seacrest finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient Caitlin Rosenberry. But a brief encounter in an exam room sets a series of cataclysmic events into motion from which there is no turning back. In the midst of it all, Dr. Seacrest finds himself in love with Caitlin, yet she never wants to see him again.

In Times of Trouble: A Novel of Divine Healing

by Jeanette Stanhaus

Allison Von Otto’s life is outrageous, unconventional and privileged. Tight Velvets is her internationally acclaimed fashion business. Her impressive boyfriend, JJ, adores her. But what triggers her secret compulsion to become L’Ange Bleu, an exclusive Parisian courtesan? The Divine Mother orchestrates a sacred moment where Allison unravels the meaning of her life, and the Divine Mother reveals the wisdom of the ages. It’s one heaven of a love story.

The Divine Mother’s Healing and Wisdom are the forces needed to recover from trauma. Hope, Dignity, God’s Pure Love.

“Stanhaus’ book takes the reader on a surprising journey of discovery to Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre in France’s Chartres Cathedral. She intuited that her story’s heroine needed to reach a supernatural level of healing.” â??Dr. Caroline Cicero, Huffington Post Link:

In Times of Trouble is Fifty Shades of Grey with about fifty levels of depth. On the surface, it may seem like a sophisticated romp of love, exotic locales, and entitled experiences with the elite. Jeanette Stanhaus exquisitely draws us in via this initial intrigue, and then slams our psyches with intimate details of the truth and ugliness of human actions, behavior, and addiction. She then transcends this base reality with higher consciousness, beautiful writing and description, and authentic information about BEAUTY of the soul which we all aspire to touch. Her teachings are clearly a force to be reckoned with, as is her subject matter.” â??Mary Allison, Amazon Customer Review

“The novel moves as fast as Allison’s â??1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster,’ and, I dare say, is just as sexy.” â??Hideki Nakazono, Author of Seven Falls

“This book could cause a deep shift in all of those who suffered from violence and abuse. It can pave the way to a life transforming transition from betrayal to trust and a fundamental yes to life, where human suffering and transcendence can be embraced and reconciled. Traumatic experiences can open gates to the unconscious and prepare the ground for synchronistic and paranormal experiences, for a meeting with the Self.” â??Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., Switzerland. Psychotraumatologist, author of Soulmurder. Incest and Therapy and numerous publications on the interface of psychology and spirituality.

“The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.” Nahum 1:7, The Old Testament.

Called or not called, God is there.

Don’t miss the website, It’s a full-tilt show: the novel, the Divine Mother, a Healing Well, Chartres Cathedral, and a mesmerizing color presentation of the cover painting, The Blue Hand of Divine Healing, with Sharon Walker’s explanation of her visionary symbolism and the healing possibilities of this image.

Cover Painting: The Blue Hand of Divine Healing by Sharon Walker, © 2011

Captive; A Novel

by Megan Lisa Jones

Khalil. an Al Queda operative, is held in American captivity after being seized evaluating the location for a possible bombing in London. George, a psychology professor on leave to work as an interrogator, is charged with extracting any information Khalil may know. Meanwhile, Omar, a graduate student in Los Angeles, is painstakingly planning a series of bombs to detonate across the United States. Khalil was to lead this mission; but his disappearance doesn’t slow down the plot. George senses that Khalil is hiding important information but struggles to make him disclose much. Will George break Khalil in time to stop Omar? Can the plot succeed with its mastermind imprisoned? Each man must face his own limitations as they are tested by circumstance and their own past decisions.

The Adventure of the Manufactured Miracle

by Craig Janacek

December 23, 1894. The Victorian holiday season is in full swing, and the streets of London are crowded with carolers, merry-makers, and the smell of roasted chestnuts. But it is business as usual for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who must discover the source of a poisoned wassail. One man’s life hangs in the balance, and another has an appointment with the hangman, unless Holmes and Watson can solve the case. In the finest tradition of ‘The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle’ comes another dazzling display of both Holmes’ deductive acumen and his heartfelt understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

Cooper’s Big Six (Six Short Stories)

by Bill Bernico

In this collection you’ll find six of Cooper’s latest stories combined into one volume. This collection will eventually be turned into an audio book on the ACX site and will be narrated by best-selling author, Thomas Block. It will be available on ACX audio, and iTunes sometime in February of 2014. Here are the six stories you’ll find in this one volume:



South Of The Boarder

Look Who’s Stalking

The Domino Effect

The Good Humor Man

Four Shades of Recovery – Book 4 (Healing Heartbreak Series)

by JS Luxor

Matt and Megan’s relationship goes to a whole new level in at least two ways. Matt’s plans to defuse his nemesis get convoluted by an unexpected turn of events. Risk levels increase and the ante goes up when lives get put on the line. Can Matt and Megan find a way to save each other before the clock runs out?

Red Herring (Dr Charlie Manson Mystery Shorts)

by Leslie Tarr

Red Herring is the first in a series of short stories based in the North East of Scotland featuring Dr Charlie Manson, Part-time lecturer, Forensic Psychologist and Criminologist working out of his home in Cullen.

Charlie Manson is an ex-cop who was pensioned out of the force as a result of the after effects of a horrific case he was involved in several years ago. He now works as a part-time lecturer in criminology and criminal psychology at various colleges and universities in around the North-East. He also teaches at the police college. He lives alone in the small Moray town of Cullen.

A slasher is attacking sex workers in the fishing ports along the Buchan Coast in the North East of Scotland, ACC George of the soon to be no more Grampian Police wants to solve the case before they all become Police Scotland so he turns to Charlie Manson. Dr Manson a forensic psychologist and criminologist who occasionally works on cases for various police authorities through the Home office and the Scottish Justice Department is called to assist the police track down the attacker, before he escalates to murder. But will he be in time��

Relentless: Three Novels

by Lindsey Stiles

Boxed set of three bestselling suspense stories by Lindsey Stiles, including:


A newly divorced teacher rents a cottage that is rumored to be haunted. But Jodie isn’t worried. She doesn’t believe in spirits and the price is right. When things happen that make her start believing in ghosts, her helpful landlord suddenly clams up as she aims to find out just what happened in that shabby little cottage before she moved into it. As the ghost encounters get more and more terrifying, Jodie must decide how to handle it all without frightening her child or letting her fears steal her sanity.


When a young mother returns to her childhood home where her own mother was brutally murdered, she brings home a toy telephone that lets her speak to the dead. However, the revelations of the past are not without danger…and sometimes the dead don’t stay dead.


“Be careful what you wish for,” children are often warned. In these five stories, Mrs. Honey Pickle, a fairy godmother who lives in space and uses a space ship to visit millions of children and grant their wishes, is introduced. Her sidekick is Buzzy the dog. Five different children make wishes in this group of stories that are just a little bit noir. Reminiscent of the twists and turns of a Lemony Snicket misadventure, the children each learn lessons about what is important in life. A couple of the stories take unexpected O. Henry sort of turns at the end. This is delicious and slightly spooky reading that goes past your average fairy tale and peels back a layer of humanity to expose what is really going on with these childhood wishes that are anything but ordinary outcomes. Pleasant dreams!

**Acclaim for the novels of Lindsey Stiles**

“Lindsey Stiles does a great job of keeping me on my toes as I tore through her very suspenseful and chilling novel! Definitely give this book a read! You’ll have a great time just sitting back and enjoying the horrors as they unfold.”

-C.J. Urban, bestselling author of DIARY OF A DEAD GGIRL

“I thoroughly enjoyed Whispered Lies. Believable characters. Suspenseful action. A heck of a story.”

-Elaine Babich, #1 bestselling author of HONEYMOON WITH THE ENEMY

“Lindsey Stiles is fabulously talented. You’re going to love anything she writes.”

-J.R. Rain, bestselling author of MOON DANCE

“Lindsey Stiles is the new modern master of suspense.”

-H.T. Night, #1 bestselling author of VAMPIRE LOVE STORY

T.2 A body under London Bridge (The duck and the body) (Inspector James)

by Sasha Pedersen

A body is found under London Bridge. Who is he? What is he doing there? From where does he come?

Inspector James and his Assistant Georges will, this time, work with another team, composed of the Spaniards Inspector Juan and the Sergeant Gabriel.

26 pages, 3 519 words (Microsoft Office Word, Times New Roman 12)

On A Wintry Hallow’s Eve

by Rusty Henrichsen

A short story about Jake Leerson’s homicidal passage through a small town.

Solkrogen 4 – A Year on the Island

by Sarah Sofia Granborg

Mia left Solkrogen, the harbor of her childhood, almost a decade ago, leaving both family and a safe way of life behind to follow her dreams.

After both her dreams and her worst nightmares have come true, she is now on her way back to Scandinavia.

The memories of her idyllic childhood in Solkrogen are what made her decide on the Danish isle of Fejø. Now she’s ready to start a brand new life and a new career in an ancient farm with its enclosed orchard, here in the heart of the Danish Kingdom.

Yet as idyllic and peaceful as her surroundings are, inside of her the battle is still raging. As a landmine-victim, her daily life isn’t exactly easy.

Perhaps buying such an old farmhouse that needed this much attention was a little too optimistic? Perhaps she should have settled for a pension rather than trying to make it on her own once again?

While the challenges seem endless, so are the surprises and the rewards, once she dares to give things a chance!

This very moving story is a journey both through one of the most idyllic islands in Scandinavia and into the heart and the mind of someone who has been through hell. And yet still managed to win back a life that is not only worth living, but once again sweet and full of a promise for a bright tomorrow!

Special additions like a plentitude of photographs and occasional recipes convey the feeling of being on the island with Mia and many a diary-like entry makes the story a very personal experience.

Each of the Solkrogen-books is an individual story. They don’t need to be read in order. All you need to know will be explained along the way and in the back of the book.

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