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Dating Icebreakers: 700 Relationship Questions

by Kerri Wood Thomson

You’re on your way to learning everything about the special people in your life, and you’ll also learn things you never knew about yourself! This ebook will help you determine whether to pursue a new relationship, spice up an existing romance, or pop the question. It’s also a fantastic tool for planning a great conversation night between friends. You can answer all 700 questions in order, or pick and choose from your favorite categories.

Dating Icebreakers: 700 Relationship Questions is a great resource for:

Long Distance Relationships: Keep the communication flowing and the relationship hot during the time you are apart.

Taking the Next Step: Should we get engaged? Should we get married? Should we move in together? Should we even go on another date?

Online Dating: Find out if your “match” is the real deal. Email or text them a set of questions!

Engaged Couples: Perfect for couples who are planning a future together, including many of the same questions used in pre-marital classes, and so much more!

Fun for Friends: How well do you really know your friends? Do you need an activity for a bachelorette party or a girl’s night in?

ESL Students: Practice asking each other questions!

Writing to Publish: The Basic Foundations (Boot Camp for Christian Writers)

by Denise George

Boot Camp for Christian Writers with Denise George

Writing-To-Publish: The Basic Foundations

“How to Choose Your Reading Audience” In the first part of this book, I’ll show you how you can identify your chosen readers, examine their needs, and match them with the publishing book and magazine marketplace.

“How to Write Clearly and Effectively to Your Chosen Audience” In the second part of this book, I’ll show you how to carefully craft your words and sentences so that they communicate clearly, effectively, and creatively to your chosen reader.

BONUS! I have also included some exercises you can do at home to hone your writing skills in these areas. You can do them by yourself, or together with a writer-friend. You’ll also find pages to jot down your own thoughts and ideas as you read. Best wishes to you as you learn more about how to select and determine your readers, and how to write clearly and effectively to your chosen audience.

Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch! (and other inflammatory remarks)

by Mike Cooley

This is a collection of short, non-fiction pieces about self-publishing. It includes: 

Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch!Helpful HintsDon’t Be A Dick!Help! My Book Sucks!It’s Not The Genre, It’s The StoryOriginality And Risk

The ABC Of Animals

by Chezza Mackenzie

Learn the ABCs with the help of animals. As you learn the ABCs you will also learn a little bit about each animal.

My First ABC 123 (Classic Picture Books)

by Dr. Hooelz

Researchers claim that children develop photographic memory quite early than data memory skills. Hence, teaching with appropriate visuals makes learning interesting and easy for the children.

Dr. Hooelz has developed this CLASSIC PICTURE BOOKS Series, keeping in mind the above idea.

This collection is a set of 12 books, all of them are aimed at developing the early learning skills in children.

Gift one for your kid, now!

Reach For The Sky (The Battle of Britain – a novel of Lt. Corn)

by Vixyy Fox

‘Reach For The Sky’ is an anthropomorphic tale in which you will find stories of daring, bravery, and even love; where by the Battle of Britain is brought to vivid life from the perspective of those who lived it.

The stories in this series are based upon real history. They represent memories that are fast slipping away; memories of a time that drastically affected the entire world.

Storyteller Vixyy Fox and Artist Little Napoleon have combined their efforts in this work; bringing to life a history blended with characters all too human yet set apart by who they are. In the reading you will forget they are Fox or Stag or Bulldog or Wolf. The fact they are not human actually allows you to understand more fully the human emotion they portrait.

There is the determination of the Wolf; unwavering loyalty expressed as German nationalism.

There is the tenacious Bulldog; shown to be fierce and unrelenting as the leader of England or as an old fighter pilot.

Then too the quick wits and cleverness of the Fox are brought forward as a sorely needed wingman complimenting the determination and resolve of the English Stag who is willing to take on all challenges no matter the cost.

Written for the adult reader, ‘Reach For The Sky’ is a continuing Battle of Britain series based upon the characterization of Flight Lieutenant Archie Corn as introduced to the writer by Anthony Stewart, her friend and fellow aviation enthusiast.


How To Make £10 In Ten Minutes! (The Professional Writers Series)

by Linda Lewis

Did you resolve to get into print this year? Thought about writing for ages but never quite got around to doing it? Well we can help you change all that!
Byker Books are delighted to announce that Linda Lewis – the Queen of â??Womag’ fiction – has been signed to produce exclusive, Kindle only, writers guides. These much sought after books will give those writers who are serious about getting into print invaluable advice on the reality of getting published in todays climate. They will also follow the Byker ethos of being available to all pockets and as such will be priced at under £2.00 each. This continues our mission to expose and promote new and unknown authors whilst providing the reading and writing public with quality material at an affordable price.

This is the first in the series with more to follow. So pick up that pen and get writing!

Let’s Count: Santa

by Chezza Mackenzie

Learn to count to 10 with this Christmas picture book. Have fun as you count Santas from 1 to 10. For children and kids learning their asic counting skills.

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

by Medical Procedures Simplified

MRIs are important diagnostic procedures preformed every day in hospitals throughout the country. If you have recently had an MRI or have one scheduled, this ebook will help to explain exactly what an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is. Reading this brief ebook outlining MRIs will help you to feel more comfortable, ask the right questions, and be prepared for your procedure.

The Perfect Major (3 days to discovering your passion)

by G.S. Gibbs

At your core, you know what you want to do with your life. The problem is that students often feel pressures from society, their peers, and their parents to pursue fields of study that are not suited for them. This three day workbook reveals what is keeping you from finding your life’s work and shows you how to leverage your natural abilities into a fulfilling college/professional career.

Phonics: Animal Phonics A to Z . An Early Reader Book (Early Learners)

by Valerie Kane


From Aa ant and Bb bear to Yy yak and Zz zebra, this colorful animal phonics book will delight and educate your early reader. This simple and easy to follow phonics book, will help your child identify the letters of the alphabet. They can follow along and repeat as you sound out each letter sound. With bright cheerful illustrations of many varied and some unusual animals, your child might see some animals that he or she may not have seen before…like the Xx Xenops.

Early childhood education specialists know that phonics are a vital part of the early learning process and what better way to learn than with this fun and educational children’s book

Get this animal phonics book today and help your early reader on their way to becoming an avid reader.

How to Teach English as a Second Language to Adult Learners

by Marina Arshavskiy

How to teach English as a Second Language to Adults introduces the essential learning theories and practices needed to be a successful TESL instructor. The book details the needs of adult ESL learners, their learning styles, and ways to facilitate intercultural communication in the classroom. It also describes the activities and exercises that increase student comprehension of the English language. Finally, the book explains how to prepare a lesson, manage ESL classroom, and conduct tests. This book is ideal for those who wish to teach the English language in an English-speaking country, as well as for those who are considering teaching English as a foreign language.

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