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by Nikki Sex

Sometimes love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karmaâ?¦

Marcy Paget worked full-time putting her husband through University. When he finally became a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger, leaving Marcy to raise their four year old daughter on her own.

Even though Marcy knows she is better off alone than with a cheating husband who doesn’t love her, she is still struggling to make ends meet.

When an ethical dilemma presents itself she makes a choice – never realizing the incredible karmic chain of events that will follow her decision. . .

For Services Rendered

by Patricia Kay

A Cinderella story . . .

Claire Kendrick didn’t know what to think when she was summoned to the 50th floor to meet the president of Callahan, International. As handsome, blue-eyed Nick Callahan explained her special assignment — writing an article about him for CEO Magazine — Claire’s apprehensions grew. There was something he wasn’t telling her, something odd that she couldn’t put her finger on. What did he really want from her?

Her green eyes, golden hair, and striking beauty were the first things that had caught Nick’s attention. Then he had her background checked out, and he was doubly impressed. Claire Kendrick was a smart, hard-working, loyal employee. She was also supporting her mother, who needed expensive full-time medical care. All in all, Claire was the perfect candidate for the position Nick needed to fill.

While researching the article on Nick, Claire found herself awed by the success story of the man who’d made his first million before he was thirty. His brilliant blue eyes were mesmerizing, his sexy smile distracting, his hidden, kind nature surprising and admirable. And then, out of the blue, Nick offered her a startling proposition. He would support Claire and her mother in exchange for services rendered — as a wife and mother to his children!

It would have been a fantasy, a dream come true, a Cinderella story — except for one oversight. Could Claire exist in a marriage of convenience? What kind of marriage would it be . . . without love?

* * *

In the hands of Patricia Kay, USA Today bestselling author of more than 50 novels of romance and women’s fiction, this classic, heartwarming, and sexy romance comes alive with an emotional connection that will leave readers sighing happily.

FOR SERVICES RENDERED was first offered to readers in 1993 in a limited edition distributed to mail order subscribers. This 2012 edition is the first time this story has been available to readers everywhere.

Here’s what others have said about Patricia Kay’s books:

“A master storyteller . . . Patricia Kay writes from the heart about matters that touch us all.” — Susan Wiggs, NY Times bestselling author

“A beautifully written compelling story you won’t be able to put down.”

— Georgia Bockoven, USA Today bestselling author

“If you love LaVyrle Spencer, you’ll love Patricia Kay.” — Deborah Smith

“Wonderful . . . (a) sparkling romance.” — Eileen Goudge

“Kay’s writing is solid, and her narrative swiftly reaches a satisfying finish.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Patricia Kay writes from the heart about people we come to love.” — Christina Dodd, NY Times bestselling author

“Heartrending and touching . . . Ms. Kay never fails to deliver this kind of story.” — Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews

“This marvelous story is full to burstine with winning characters, special moments, and most of all, hope, faith, and the rejuvenating power of love.” — Romantic Times Magazine

“An intriguing story of love at first sight.” — Houston Tempo Magazine

“There are deep questions about relationships and serious character growth evident in this story, which is also warm, sensuous, and excellent entertainment.” — Rendezvous magazine

“A warm, tender, beautifully written love story with an emotional punch that only Patricia Kay can deliver.” — Amanda Stevens, USA Today bestselling author

“One of those rare love stories that explores a difficult issue with honesty and realism.” — The Romance Reader

Life, Love, and Texting (a teen romantic comedy)

by Kai Michaels

How do you tell the girl next door that you are in love with her when you’re a shy sixteen-year-old boy? You don’t, you text her! But Colton soon finds that when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s best not to leave your fate in the hands of technology. Kai Michaels, in her romantic comedy debut novel, creates a hilarious story of friendship and first love aimed at the hearts of today’s texting generation.

Only Forever – A contemporary romance short story inspired by true events

by Kimberly Kinrade

One Girl + One Boy + One Pair of Bellbottoms = True Love
Her life fell apart after her ex-husband came out of the closet and admitted to being gay, leaving her to raise two young children alone.

His life was stagnant, engaged to a woman he didn’t love as he wondered what tomorrow would bring.

When fate intervenes to show them their destiny, the biggest surprise is fate’s chosen catalyst: A pair of bellbottoms.

Inspired by a true love story, Only Forever will have even the coldest skeptic believing in happily ever afters.


This short story is a contemporary romance inspired by the true story of how the author’s parents met and fell in love. There is no explicit sexual content in this story. It is suitable for anyone who still believes in love and happily ever afters, or anyone who would like to believe again. Also included: excerpt from other work by author and link to a short story subscription site where you can get author’s future stories delivered straight to your email. Find out more at

Lionslayer’s Woman

by Nhys Glover

A mother and child kidnapped at Imperial command!

Only they can save them…

An Imperial Purge leaves a stoic philosopher dead and his wife and youngest child kidnapped. Galeria, the teacher’s elder daughter and Cyra , her Parthian slave girl, are the only ones who can save them. But their task seems impossible until two men arrive to aid their search.

Nexus once saved his mistress from Vesuvius. But since the death of his lover, he is only half the man he was. Sent to save the family from the emperor’s wrath, he never expected to find love and a reason to live again. But, from the first moment he meets Galeria and agrees to help her, his life has meaning again. And he will do anything to find her mother and keep his new love safe from the fiend who wants her for himself.

Decaneus the Dacian warrior, renamed Leonis after he slew a lion in the Colosseum, has no goal but regaining his freedom. That is, until he meets Cyra. Then her goals become his, as they set out to rescue the child that she loves most in all the world.

Across the Aegean, from Rhodes to Ephesus and Antioch, the couples pit themselves against the might of an emperor, a devious fiend and treacherous slavers, as they race to rescue a mother and daughter from their terrible fate.

Ë?Ë?Ë? What readers say about Nhys Glover’s Roman Historical Romances:

“This is a very good romantic adventure with well-developed characters that held my interest until early into the morning” Lorijay

“I LOVED this book (note the shouty caps). This is a beautifully written novel with strong engaging lead and secondary characters and a gripping story line that kept me in suspense right until the end.” Ereviewer

“Interesting story line full of adventure and romance. Can’t wait for more books by this author. I never thought that the Roman empire was so depraved.” Eda

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Home by Christmas

by Rory Church

Special Forces operative Morgan Raush rarely speaks to the handsome, blue-eyed Russian agent, Dmitry Rurik, about anything except military business if she can help it. They’ve formed an uneasy alliance during their joint mission in remote Uzbekistan. But now, through a twist of fate, the two must depend on one another to survive rugged mountains, blizzards and enemy attacks.

In the midst of icy nights and glowing fires, Morgan

discovers Dmitry is much more than she’d first thoughtâ??

a man torn between two ideologies, a man driven by faith and family. Then again, maybe the spy is only telling her what he wants her to believe? Morgan has only five days left to sort out the conflict in her heart, and only five days left â?¦ to make it home by Christmas.

Catch That Santa

by Karen Docter

When widow, Sara Marks, hears her Grams has gone on the lam from Happy Acres Residence on Christmas Eve – on Santa’s arm, no less — she teams up with sexy stranger, Francisco de la Vega, to chase the couple down with one thing in mind. Keep her Grams from becoming Mrs. Claus. Of course, Francisco’s grandfather is not really Santa Claus, but Grams did run off to Vegas to marry him and she’s obviously not in her right mind.

Sara leaves her seven-month-old baby, Lanie, with a friend and she and Cisco head west in the worst snowstorm in decades, chasing his grandfather’s ’57 Ford Fairlane over the river and through the woods.

Will they catch Santa and his crazy Mrs. Claus before it’s too late? Or will love stop them in their tracks?

(Novelette, approximately 17,000 words/50 pages)

The Billionaire

by Susan Lawson

Eon Turner always got what he wanted. Handsome, strong, master of his domain, he is fiercely envied and disliked by friends and foes alike. But his ambition and cold composure has stopped passion from ever knocking on his door. That is, until one night at a gala, where he meets Audra.

Audra is a beautiful, educated, researcher. Her brilliant mind is held back only by her lack of ability to procure funds for her projects. Eon spots Audra at a gala, and her obvious discomfort Eon finds at once annoying and endearing. Audra’s dicey antics spurn his advance, making his already icy shield even cooler.

When Eon corners Audra alone in a gala bathroom, she is surprised to find a different man than the haughty and cold public figure. And what they share in those moments seems to be all but forgotten the next day, when Eon asks for Audra’s help on side projects. What is this man thinking? Which Eon is real?

Warning: the following story contains hot bwwm billionaire boss with sexy brilliant scientist sex. The author is not responsible for those who find it too hot to handle.

Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis

by Robyn Harding

Lucy was shocked when her husband, Trent announced he was leaving her. They’d built the perfect life together! They had a beautiful daughter! A covetable home! Lucy had maintained her figure! How could he walk away from it all?

Trent knew he couldn’t continue his “hamster wheel existence”. He and Lucy hadn’t been connected in years. They’d just been coexisting, going through the motionsâ?¦ His sexy colleague, Annika had nothing to do with it!

With alternating perspectives, Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis examines both sides of a break-up. As Lucy and Trent vacillate between wanting to kill each other, moving back in together and moving on (with other people), they must deal with their teenage daughter’s anger and rebellion. At times hilarious and heartbreaking, this novel takes an in-depth look at the dissolution of a relationship. No one said marriage was easy. But breaking up may be even harder.

REVIEWS: Harding (Unravelled) takes a hilarious warts-and-all look at the breakup of Lucy and Trent, and its effect on their sullen 15-year-old daughter, Sam. In alternating chapters written by the combatants, Trent whines about the need to figure out “grown-up, man stuff” rather than stay mired in a “hamster-wheel existence” while Lucy rails at Trent’s “curly-haired cow” of a girlfriend and considers her own risky revenge-romance with a TV heartthrob who’s 13 years her junior–and Sam’s ultimate crush. Sam, meanwhile, in a picture-perfect take of angsty adolescence, desperately manipulates her sparring parents. The trio, their lovers, friends, and colleagues are all lovable screwups, and the lessons learned by Lucy, Trent, and Sam lend a pleasant note of poignancy to the madcap antics.”

â??Publishers Weekly

My Billionaire Boss (Book 2)(Erotic Romance)

by Lexi Black

I suppose there are gurus all over the world who could tell me how to relax and what I need to do to get myself in a calm, peace-filled state where my mind is open and all the answers flow toward me like lotus on a pond. If one of those masters happened to be in front of me at this moment, I would reach out, put both hands around his neck and shake him over and over screaming, “Why is everything so hard?!!!”

But, there are no gurus here. Just Jim and I standing in the lobby of the Four Seasons while he tries to explain to me how he lost August and what the plan is for finding the young addict in a huge city we can’t possibly canvas effectively.

***Content warning: For adults only!***

Collateral Damage – Red Flag (Alex Swift)

by Gerald Greene

Chance brought them together. War forged their love.

Gloria and Alex met at a rock concert on the campus of UCLA. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight. A contemporary romance develops initially more out of convenience than love.

They travel to Taiwan to attend a wedding.Gloria is to be her older sister’s maid of honor.They become trapped in Taiwan as China begins an invasion to reclaim Taiwan as a province.

The novella follows the young couple as they become collateral damage and worry about survival.The story is fast moving and tense as Gloria and Alex deal with being in a war zone.They discover war romance is highly emotional and their romance is super charged.

Beth and Gary Smart are a U.S. Navy couple who were teen age sweethearts. Their marriage is troubled by a fleet officer’s frequent deployments. Lieutenant Smart loves his wife and loves a demanding mistress the sea. He has difficulty knowing which he loves more.

He finds he’s in the middle of the consequences of a terrible fog of war miscalculation.He’s the anti-ship ballistic missile defense officer on America’s newest super aircraft carrier. The unthinkable happens.The carrier is attacked while on patrol in the South China Sea.

As China invades Taiwan techno thriller war action is mixed with the development of strong loving relationships. At times funny yet brutal at others the tale of lives forever changed by war unfolds. Contemporary romance lovers rejoice.Set in 2020 Collateral Damage – Red Flag is for you and your techno thriller fan friends.

To learn more go to Amazon’s “click to Look Inside” feature.

Mystery on the Double S Ranch (Double S Ranch – Jace)

by Kerry Jo

Sarah Canton is taking care of her ailing father and trying desperately to keep their ranch going, all while she has to fend off the unwanted advances of a lecherous bully. When her father reveals an astounding secret that he’s kept from her for years, Sarah doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him… and yet she feels she needs to find out more; find out if it’s true…

Jace Harding is the new sheriff in a town that’s run by a very powerful and corrupt family… or so it seems. Estranged from his family, he’s always been a loner. When he meets Sarah, things change as he gets tangled up in her life and helps her to determine if the secrets her father held for so many years are true.

Jace and Sarah soon find themselves drawn to each other. Together, they try to sort through the mystery surrounding an old map. It may lead them to gold or it just might lead them to the biggest secret of all, one that could bring a family back together.

It’s almost too late when they realize that there are others looking for treasure and they don’t care what they have to do to get it…. even if they have to tear Jace and Sarah apart.

Three Good Mothers

by j g knox

A book of love, Motherly love, a boy suddenly motherless, lost, alone, his workaholic father sends him to boarding school. There his dorm mother, a woman who loves him as the son she never had guides him through his teens and beyond; through high school—West Point, Viet Nam, Harvard Law, and bouts of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. President of his father’s trucking company, Sam grows into a wealthy, powerful man: a man following orders, fulfilling other men’s dreams.

His third mother, a lonely woman, no dates in high school, the star of her high school and college basketball teams as Sam was of his, she’s 6’4″. Looking up to Sam, 6’8″, the second man in her life she can look up, she loves him at first sight. He’s Lurch to her, alive again. She has dreamed of Lurch since she was seventeen and slow danced with her head on the shoulder of the actor who played Lurch, a man 6’9″, a man taller than other men, taller than her, a man she could be a little girl too. Now there is Sam, Big Sam.

But is he the man she wants? A heroine able to pulverize most men, a woman who wants to play Maureen O’Hara to a John Wayne in McClintock, she wants a man who can take her over his knee, spank her, and make her behave, be her John Wayne. A woman with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a man with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a man with no desire to spank or hurt anyone, both of them needing enemas, a special diet, and a special life style to live in health, they need each other, love each other, but will they fulfill each other’s needs?.

This book touches earth from which life grows, love common and grand, basic. Issues rarely mentioned in other texts, yet part of love, caring, the fabric of living on earth.

I have a request. If you value this presentation, improve it. Be part of the work. I write alone by a single light in a corner of a room—as did Bill Shakespeare. However, he had a team of professionals, actors who read his lines and made them better in a dozen other lights, made them sing. Help this work sing. Help us spread the essence of love to light the heart of darkness. Help us make life better.

Edited 7/23/2012

Finding Happy (For The Love Of Chihuahua Series)

by Bev Taylor

Finding Happy is the first of 3 books in the trilogy For The Love Of Chihuahua inspired by my love of my pet dog Chihuahua called Star. For those that love a feel good read romance book, then you’ll love Finding Happy.

Most people love romance books but I wanted to do something different and have my books based around a pet dog that unites love and brings love together as we all love our pets and they too are one of the big loves of our lives. Finding Happy will bring you a great love and romance story of how the character of a little dog can bring so much power to ones lives!

Prologue: Joshua is a graphic designer who is stuck in an unhealthy relationship with a manipulative vamp called Elena. Starlyna is a young woman whose dreams have been crushed and is struggling with depression. However, one puppy, named Happy, unites their fates together. In Finding Happy, Starlyna and Joshua will face the ups and downs of life but, will find themselves united with each other. Will Joshua be able to break up with the Elena? Will Starlyna find joy? Will they find happiness with each other? All will be revealed in Finding Happy.

What to Read: Fifty Books to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey

by Gladys Nightingale

So, you’ve just finished Fifty Shades, Bared to You, Beautiful Disaster, Gabriel’s Inferno, or one of the other enormous top-selling romance novels. What now? What could compare to what you’ve just experienced?

So you’re wondering just what is so great about these romance novels, but don’t know where to start? Well, first I want to congratulate you on being open-minded enough to give them a try! While you should take everything you read with a grain of salt, reading romance novels will give you a little bit of a better idea about what women want (hint: not more flowers and candy!).

Well, the good news is, there are some other VERY good novels out there.

Fortunately, I’m here to point you to EXACTLY what and where they are.
The best part is, hundreds of beautifully written novels won’t even cost you a dime, if you know where to look for the best ones.

As a bonus I’ve included a tip on using your romance novel knowledge to improve your sex life and a mini-chapter on writing romance.

I hope you ladies (and fellas!) enjoy.

I Remember (Remembrance Series)

by Cynthia P. O’Neill

**This is a Young Adult Paranormal Romance with a historical bent.**

Jordan Carlisle is a young, career driven woman with a passion for life and family. Her world is suddenly altered by both death and love when she is torn between family loyalty and a chance at happiness with the man who holds her in her dreams. Will time and technology bring her and the handsome stranger together or will the powerful forces that have plagued her since childhood keep them apart?

Gregory Riley has kept a secret most of his life to avoid discovery. Now he is on a quest to find the person who can change his life, forever. He knows her face, her touch and her voice; but nothing more. He uses clues, from his dreams, to find both her and a timeless love that defies explanation. In spite of the darkness working to keep them apart, can he get to her first and help her “remember”?

Jordan and Gregory discover a deep connection in the ability to encroach on one another’s dreams of both past and present. Together, they learn that their lives have crossed time and time again, only to end tragically. Guided by an unearthly visionary and help from those who have gone before, they are given clues and revelations to uncover their place in history. In order to stay together, they must discover where fate went astray, who is responsible and where they fit in to the ancient prophesy. Working side-by-side, they seek to unlock the hidden powers and mysteries that will defeat the darkness in this life and allow them to be together, forever. Will love finally prevail or will the darkness win again?

Her Lucky Prize (Jazz Shepherd)

by Amie Denman

In Her Lucky Prize, a light contemporary romance, Jazz Shepherd uses her spunk to seal the deal with hottie fireman Kurt Reynolds and save another cause near and dear to her heart. This follow-up to Her Lucky Catch is about claiming her man and solving a big cash fiasco that isâ??technicallyâ??not her fault.
Part romance and part humorous suspense, in Her Lucky Prize kindergarten teacher and hapless heroine Jazz must raise fifty thousand bucks between Halloween and Christmas or her school will close and she’s out of a job. That’s not her only problem. The FBI taps her sleuthing skills once again to shut down a drug ring operating out of a sleazy local tanning salon.
Is Jazz talented enough to take on Kurt as a full-time flame, save her school from disaster, and close the lid on the tanning salon? With a little bravery and a lot of luck, Jazz may find a lucky prize from someplace she never expected.

LIKE ALL THE REST (Ellis Springs Series: Book One)

by C.P. Stringham

“Welcome to the community of Ellis Springs, the seat of Dewey County, Pennsylvania; population 5,108. Ellis Springs: Laced with cool mountain springs.”

Most people are able to recall, in minute detail, where they were and what they were doing when life handed them an Aha! moment. Startling revelations have a way of staying with a person. For Dewey County librarian Natalie Andrews, her most recent and pivotal Aha! moment occurred on a seemingly normal Friday afternoon in late September. While she couldn’t pinpoint a specific issue within her fourteen-year marriage, she simply knew something was amiss.

Natalie loved her satisfying job. Her husband, Clark, was co-owner of a successful insurance agency. Financial security was not an issue. They owned a colonial-style house decorated with gorgeous antiques and an inviting yard landscaped for maximum curb appeal. While Clark had a knack for home improvement projects, Natalie thrived and wowed as a homemaker. As a team, they complimented each other nicely. Some would say their home life, by all outward appearances, was perfect. But appearances can be deceiving.

After seven long years of fertility issues, Natalie chose to throw away her basal thermometer, ovulation predictor kits, and fertility drugs. The letdown and heartache, as each unsuccessful month passed by, left her feeling like an utter failure. While Clark seemed to take events in stride, Natalie wasn’t as fortunate.

Waking up, on the other side of her nearly two-year-long depression, has led Natalie to her present-day preoccupation over what was off-kilter with her marriage. Her determination brings about unexpected answers. Those answers, in turn, spawn even more troubling questions. Clichéd or not, she stands firmly beside the adage: where there is smoke, there is fire. Refusing to sit back as their relationship unravels, Natalie and Clark begin couples counseling with their priest, the Reverend Stephanie Talbot. Will her help and guidance be enough to save their relationship?

Marriages dissolved at an alarming rate in modern society. Natalie always considered hers immune to such a fate, however, as clarity returns and the truth comes out, Natalie realizes her marriage could end LIKE ALL THE RESTâ??but not without a fight.

Bryn Morrow

by Mike Cooley

Celeste had been dreaming of Bryn since she was eight: the flash of light across the sky, Bryn running, the explosion that nothing human should have survived, and then Bryn climbing out of the smoking crater and looking right at her. He was beautiful: six feet tall with muscles like coiled steel and dark blue eyes. His hair was black and his body was chiseled out of marble, like a Greek God.

For years she had thought he was nothing but a dream. But slowly the dream changed, and it seemed that he was trying to reach her. His arm stretched out as if to touch her.

And then she saw him, burning under the light of dawn. His skin was flame as their eyes met. Celeste’s heart sped up and she gasped. Bryn had found her.

One Night in Aphrodite’s Panties

by Ashlynn Monroe

One Night in Aphrodite’s Panties

Once again Zoe Lane finds herself dateless for Valentine’s Day. To add injury to insult her sister Torie expects her for lunch. Torie has never lacked a date and Zoe can’t get one to save her life. When Torie re-gifts the book, her boyfriend misguidedly gave the shallow girl, as her gift Zoe is offended, yet intrigued with the book. The book is written as if the writer is a God and after a few moments of reading Zoe finds that she’s been given something much more than a mere book.

Aphrodite is annoyed. Mortals no longer worshiped her and the thankless holiday left her exhausted, all she wants is a bubble bath and a gallon of ice cream. Zoe’s bitter feelings mirror the goddess’s own and soon Zoe receives an offer she literally can’t refuse. For the first time in her life, she feels completely free to express her sexuality. Finding herself in the goddess’s pantiesâ?¦ errâ?¦ shoes; Zoe learns being the goddess of love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This story is 7,400 words and was originally published in 2011 by Silver Publishing as part of the Captured…Heart and Soul anthology.


by Tanya Harrison

Jennifer Birken is a 63-year old woman living with fading dreams in decaying elegance in Mayfair, London, until something she witnesses compels her to pick up a pen and write a letter that is thirty years overdue.

Bill Eisler is a successful Hollywood screenplay writer who finds himself suddenly flying back to London for reasons he can scarcely comprehend.

Carol Madsen is a spirited 40-year old woman with an illegitimate child who abruptly leaves home, flees to her younger lover, then receives a phone call that first devastates her, then changes her life as she could never have imagined.

DEPARTURES traces the threats of these lives from the Second World War to the present in a novel that is sad, intensely romantic, beautifully funny and finally uplifting. It reminds us that all of life, from birth to death, is a series of…


Memories of Lake Wabaskang

by Paul R. Meredith

The surface of the water of Lake Wabaskang appeared to be a huge mirror reflecting the blue sky and the white puffy clouds hanging above it. Never in all the twelve years she had come here from her home in Illinois for two weeks of each year had Stacy seen the lake so still and so absolutely beautiful. The sounds of the loons on the morning lake seemed to be calling her to come to the water’s edge. They called to her the same way in the quiet evenings as well. Many evenings she would sit on the cabin steps or on a large rock at the edge of the lake to listen to their calming calls. The calls of the loons were mysteriously beautiful and seemed to have a quieting effect on her she didn’t quite understand. She could sit and listen to them for a long time without ever moving. As she gazed across the big lake, Stacy thought paradise must be like this.
Stacy’s husband Dave taught her to love this place from the first year they were married. It had been his dream to own a cabin in Canada, preferably on one of the large lakes in Ontario, and be able to come anytime he had the chance. The year before he and Stacy married, he saw the chance and bought the cabin from a wealthy attorney who was ill and retiring from practice in Davenport, Iowa. The cabin was located on Lake Wabaskang in southern Ontario. It was north of Kenora up on Red Lake Road. Dave had worked in the old attorney’s office for a short time after he passed the Illinois Bar. That’s where he met Stacy. She was clerking for the same attorney and his partner while she was still in law school. It was almost love at first sight for him, but not exactly the same for Stacy.
Dave fell hard for her and asked her out after knowing her slightly over two weeks, but she flatly turned him down. “Thanks, but I want to get my career started before I get all bogged down with personal things that could interfere with it,” she told him. But Dave was a persistent cuss and made it his goal to talk her into accepting a date from him. It took three months of talking, but she finally relented one evening after work and told him, “Yes, I will agree to a date with you, but the date will have to be for dinner.”
Dave jumped on the offer. “Terrific, yes, I absolutely agree to that.”
“At my parents’ home,” she added.
“Whoa, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. We haven’t even gone out together. I just want to get to know you better, not meet your parents.”
“That’s my offer, so are you not taking it?”
“Why not just the two of us going to dinner first? If that goes well, which I think it will, we could do the thing with the folks later. I am not asking you to marry me, at least not just yet.”
Stacy turned and walked away.
“Hey, wait, what about an answer for me?” Dave insisted.
“I gave you the answer in the terms I offered. Apparently you didn’t like them.”
“But what if your parents don’t like me?” Dave asked.
“I guess that would mean we wouldn’t be having any future dates, so I would say that if you think you might ever want to see me again, you had better be on your best behavior when you meet them at dinner,” Stacy matter-of-factly said. “And as far as that stupid comment you made about not asking me to marry you, please, give me a break. As far as I know right now, you might be the world’s biggest jerk. I guess time will tell.”
Her rejoinder caught Dave by surprise. He hadn’t realized she was quite so spunky. “But why? Just give me one good reason why we have to have dinner with them?”
“Because I require it. My mother and father are the best judges of a person’s character I know. They will let me know pretty darn quickly whether you are a good enough man for me to date or not,” she told Dave. “They won’t mince around with any words about it either.”
“That isn’t fair to put me under that kind of pressure. And what do you think will happen if I phony it up for them?”
“My folks will read right through you like a short chapter in a bad book. That would do it for me.”

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt (Summer Lake Romance)

by SJ McCoy

The Summer Lake contemporary romance series follows a group of friends from a small lakeside town in the California hills. They have kept in touch over the years and now, in their early thirties, their lives are drawing them back to Summer Lake and to each other.

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

Emma Douglas came to Summer Lake as an orphan twenty three years ago. After losing her parents so young and later suffering a disastrous marriage, she believes that love only ever leads to pain and loss.

When she meets Jack Benson, the business partner of her childhood friend Pete, she sees everything she used to long for in a man; tall, dark, and drop dead gorgeous! Despite their undeniable attraction, Emma is too scared to risk her heart, especially on a man so much like her ex – sexy, smart, funny, successful and no doubt the same kind of cheat!

When events lead them both to Summer Lake for the summer, will Jack be able to persuade her that he’s nothing like her ex in all the ways that really matter? That the love she used to dream of isn’t a little girl’s fantasy, but a reality they can share if she can get past her fear and learn to trust?

15 Years

by Kerry West


Lacey and Ryan were inseparable. High school sweethearts and the best of friends, the future was theirs for the taking until life got in the way and they lost touch with one another–always wondering, always waiting.


Ryan reappears in Lacey’s life, only this time things are different. She’s married, has a child, and a life she built for herself. But there’s always been something missing. A hole in her heart she’s never been able to fill–until now.


When Lacey and Ryan meet again for the first time, emotions come flooding back in an explosive burst of desire the likes of which neither has experienced since they were young.

A lot can happen in 15 years, but for Lacey and Ryan it feels like yesterday.



3000 word story contains cheating wife, oral, facial humiliation

It started with a conversation over dinner with a wife protesting that she would never allow her husband to give her a facial, but Jane cannot get the idea out of her mind. She wants a facial from the woman’s husband and more besides.


by Rachelle Ciulla

She thought she was all alone again after her daughter left home for college and life, but little did she know a vampire was watching her and she would find the love of her life along with mystery, danger and much more.

The Woman of Her Adversary’s Desires (The Woman of the Billionaire’s Dreams)

by Krista Lakes

“It would please me if you would gave me something that I have always wanted…”

Tracy had nothing but high hopes for the restaurant that she was opening with Mr. Paul Hayes, the billionaire whose dreams she could enter. But even with the billionaire’s money backing her lofty goals, she finds herself having a tough time with everything that opening a restaurant entails. It’s almost as if someone is deliberately sabotaging her.

“You know I would buy you anything you want, Tracy…”

In addition, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the new chef, Gordon Baxter. The sexual tension around the new business begins to start to tempt her.

“It’s not always something that you can just go out and buy, my love…”

As if that weren’t enough, she seems to have lost the ability to enter dreams, and her own dreams are becoming increasingly frightening.

“Then, what is it? You know that I will give you anything…”

When Tracy seems to lose control of everything in her life, will Mr. Hayes be there to catch her when she falls? Will Tracy be able to figure out who is meddling with her restaurant, and will the couple be able to stop them?

Just then, Gordon came back around the corner with a tart pan.

“Ready for desert?”

Tracy glanced over to Mr. Hayes. He nodded.

“Oh, yeah. I’m ready…”

This 20,000 word story is the third book in “The Woman of the Billionaire’s Dreams”. It includes corporate espionage, sexy dream encounters, a steamy MFM threesome, and a heart swelling Happily Ever After!

Archangels Creed Bridge Book Set (1)

by Kenra Daniels Azure Boone

Archangels Creed Bridge Books come in Puzzle Pieces and Close-ups. The Puzzle Pieces give the readers answers to the puzzles being worked out in the series, and the Close Ups delve into the hearts and minds of the Archangels’ and their team members known as the Quads. These mini-books occur between the main novels in the series. You’ll get up close and personal with the heroes and the villains, and learn where the infrastructure of this progressive evil originated, where it’s going, and what will happen in between.

Archangels Creed Close Ups give a look at what the couples involved in all the Quads do between the main segments of the mission. You’ll see more romance, more character development, more interpersonal relationships and get to know the characters as the real, multi-dimensional people they are. Best of all, there’ll be more scorching intimate scenes. These novellas will greatly broaden the scope of the overall series plot and give a taste of what happens during downtime, as well as wrapping up details from the novels. Some of the characters will move forward with preliminary parts of future operations and others will handle minor missions. New characters will be introduced before they move into the novels and minor plot points will be explored and developed.

Dimmest Of Night (Dimmest Of Night Series)

by Jennifer Anderson

Carma Danielson was pretty sure her life was a cursed joke, starting with her name. Going through childhood being an empath was difficult enough, but to be able to discern lies took things to a whole new level. Dating life, non-existent. Friends? Who needs them when every other word out of their mouths were lies.

Now being an adult, her life and her abilities were heading into a downward spiral. Carma’s abilities were progressing at break neck speed. Progressing so much so that now her body was reacting with pain so blinding that functioning was becoming impossible.

Enter fallen angel, and warrior, Blane. He’s tough, gorgeous, scary and has been sent to protect her. His latest assignment, she is the one ticket to earning his path back into the Heavens. She isn’t just any assignment and he finds out just how difficult and dangerous this task is going to be. With every demon in hell gunning to use her abilities, or make her a trophy, she has become a major liability.

She is stubborn, beautiful, mouthy and he is constantly saving her neck. Through all of this, she has found a way of infiltrating his heart. Will he risk everything, including his wings to save her life? Or will she give up her life to ensure he goes on living without her?

The Reluctant New Yorker (Women who like beer)

by Abby Jones

Courtney Cook moves to New York to be with her boyfriend. When he gets sent to Australia instead, she decides to wait in New York for him. Alone in the big city, she makes new friends and becomes a regular at a local firefighter bar. She starts to learns the way of New Yorkers. As the time for James to come and join her gets closer, tension grows between them. Can the two of them find their way back to each other, or has the bar, her new friends, and most especially a handsome bar patron changed her mind?

Santorini: inspired by a true story

by Alex M Smith

Santorini has long been the ultimate destination for romance in the alluring Greek Isles. Its breathtaking views and charming simplicity bathed in tradition make it the ideal vacation spot…but also the perfect island escape.

Jack is an accomplished author whose mystery, charm, and good looks gain the attention of many women; however none has been able to break down the barricade he has built around himself. That is until Katherine, an exuberant woman filled with the love of life, disrupts his plan to remain undisturbed as he writes his next best-selling novel.

A compelling romance inspired by real events that will captivate and intrigue, capturing on its way the beauty of Santorini and the high and low tides of true love.

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