Free science Kindle books for 12 Dec 13

Acne Explained: Treatment Options

by C.D. Shelton

Raging hormones, acne treatment options, and diet collide in this mixture of humor and acne. This humorous account of a 15 year old’s worst nightmare–a huge pimple at the tip of his nose creates angst before a huge party. This makes for a lighthearted read for anyone afflicted with acne and for those who seek to understand causes and treatment options.

About Acupuncture

by Jennifer Brown

A critical thinking essay about acupuncture.

Alternative Medicine (USA TODAY Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

by Crash Davis

Alternative Medicine is simply a compilation of natural remedies that have been proven to be a strong alternative to modern medicines for many ailments. This guide gives you a step by step guide on how to make your own Colloidal Silver which is the main staple in the cure yourself program. Colloidal Silver has been around for centuries in one form or another and is an amazing natural anti-biotic and immune booster. Also in this guide are a few other natural remedy products like Apricot Kernels for everything from stomach flu to food poisoning. Peroxide is used for everything from a germ killer to tonsillitis gargle. And last but not least, Crashs cure for colds and crud which will make you laugh as much as it is very effective in battling the crud. This is NOT a COMPLETE list of all herbs out there. It is simply a few that have kept Crash wired together for over forty years without seeing much of the inside of a doctors office. I have attached my email in the event I have not answered all your questions. Feel free to email me any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks and Happy Health….

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