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by Anne Marie du Preez Bezdrob

The untold story of the most famous man in the world.
Long before becoming the most famous prisoner of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela was a barefoot boy and a tribal prince.
Before he was the leader of the African National Congress, an icon, international statesman and South Africa’s first black president, Mandela was a man, a husband, a father, and a lawyer.
Destined from birth to serve his people, their rich history and traditions shaped the building blocks that would catapult the young Thembu prince, Nelson Mandela, from herd boy to the extraordinary life of underground freedom fighter, the first commander-in-chief of a rebel army, and head of state.
This intimate in-depth look at Mandela the man traces his journey from the rolling Transkei hills to the capitals of the world, revealing the heart-stopping danger of his life as the famous â??Black Pimpernel’ and other facets of his life that have previously served as little more than a backdrop to his relentless quest for the liberation of South Africa’s black majority.
The reader will gain rare insight into Mandela’s youthful experiences as a royal courtier and student, the women who influenced him from an early age and the ambition, courage and perseverance that shaped a truly remarkable life.
‘Nelson Mandela – A Man First’ brings together the wealth of experiences and events that merged to produce the man who captured the imagination of the world as a freedom fighter, the imprisoned champion of the struggle against apartheid injustice and the statesman whose leadership brought about the miracle of a democratic South Africa.

‘Voted by the Sowetan as the “best biography of Madiba …” [This] is a must-read â?¦.’ – O Magazine

‘… this is the best biography to be penned about Madiba. The well-researched biography gives the reader an in-depth look at Mandela’s life, including his childhood trauma when he lost his father and his separation from his mother. The author chronicles Mandela’s friendships and his love life, from his first flirt to his marriages and fatherhood, without overlooking his failures in these areas.’
– The Sowetan

‘ ………. a fresh new portrait of Mandela, similar to the striking biography ‘Winnie Mandela – a Life’, also written by Bezdrob. Parts of the book are filled with suspense, almost like a thriller. The author strove to depict Mandela the man against the backdrop of his political career, and did so extremely well’.
– Beeld

‘Du Preez Bezdrob has written the definitive biography of Nelson Mandela – the life and times of this great son of Africa. One feels privileged to be close to him, reading a fair, objective and thoroughly studied account of his life. [It is] a good title for compulsory reading in schools, and if you really wish to understand the political scenario being played out in South Africa today, read this.’
– The Citizen

â??A poignant biography that delicately unravels the giant tapestry of Madiba’s existence as a charismatic political warrior. This book reveals the finer threads that run through his life – it looks at his impact as a father, husband and friend [and] his overwhelming public persona.’
– Top Billing Magazine

Rising from Quicksand: How I Rose Above Madness & Illness to Reclaim My Life (A Memoir)

by Rose Ania Wallace

Rose Ania Wallace lives with madness for twenty-six years. She thinks her small-town upbringing is normal – idyllic, even. But the sweet moments are sprinkled with the whisperings of Mania. Conventional medicine tags Tessa Miller, Rose’s mother, as bipolar and a hypochondriac. By acting on her imagined fears (sewer stomachs, wormy bellies, and poisoned heads), Tessa causes chaos. Rose confronts her mother’s doppelganger, clutched by Mania, and attempts to toss Tessa a mental lifeline. Rose’s review of her childhood through a woman’s eyes is heartbreaking, touching, shocking, and at times comical.

Rose attempts to bleach the stain of mental illness from her life with perfection. A lawyer, and a law-firm owner, Rose fights to change the way things are done in a cesspool area of practice: criminal defense. With a fast-paced career, a loving husband, and a peaceful home, Rose thinks she has it all, until unexplained attacks batter her into a wispy shadow figure. Her illness thrusts her into conventional medicine: the system she’s avoided since facing her mother’s doppelganger. Rose defies specialists to find answers to her rapid decline, and confronts the parallels between her healthcare odyssey and her mother’s medical mission to reach surprising conclusions.

Rose masterfully describes the transformational process from a powerless child subjected to her mother’s manic medical mission to a wholehearted, empowered woman with a fully integrated personal and professional life. Rose’s story reveals the potency of blood bonds, the unreliability of moods, the insidious nature of illness, and the many forms of madness.

Alexander The Great – Alexander Of Macedon Biography (Famous Biographies)

by Drew L. Crichton

Alexander The Great – Alexander Of Macedon Biography

Get to know the life and learn a few lessons from the youngest and most successful commander and conqueror in history. Read on and be inspired:

– Alexander’s Childhood

– How He Was Prepared

– His Amazing Journey To Power

– King And His Army

– The World As His Empire

– His Accomplishments In Every Stage Of His Life

– His Family

– The Closing Of The Reign

– And Much More…

His achievements at such a young age are truly remarkable. His rise and fall to greatness is full of lessons to be learned. His life has inspired generations after his death, and still continues up to this day. His influence in the world is so great and very valuable, both in the ancient times and to the present day.

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by Alisa Massey

A story of inspiration and hope– this mother and wife speaks up about her addiction to alcohol and drugs, and the devastation that soon followed. Although her story begins in despair, it doesn’t end there. As she cried out to God for help, He soon answered the call in the least expected way. Rising above adversity she would learn to live again through the help of a loving God. She was redeemed. Encouraging and enlightening, don’t miss out on this story of redemption that speaks to the heart and just may change your life.

My Song

by Jennifer Brown

When your greatest fear becomes a reality,

when all the kind words that ‘everything will be okay’ come to nought.

This is the story of how I lost my best friend,

the days before,

the day of,

and the days that came after.

She Sleeps with Butterflies: CrimeScribes True Crime Stories

by Matt Coughlin

She was a young and beautiful exotic dancer. He was a middle aged man with an understanding wife and a short temper. After a fateful night that began in a strip club and ended under a lonely bridge spanning the Delaware River, the dancer was dead. Was it an accident? Or had lustful obsession turned to murder?

This volume also includes a free bonus story, Killer in the Storm: As Hurricane Irene bears down on the northeast, another storm is brewing. A soldier, armed to the teeth and driven by rage, travels through the rainy night with his young daughter in the back seat. When he reaches his destination there will be Hell to pay.

The Hoodlum Preacher: I Was Lost, Now I Am Found

by Burton Barr Jr.

From prison to the pulpit, this con artist-turned church preacher, went from standing in a police lineup to standing alongside Rev. Jesse Jackson. The Hoodlum Preacher details a life of crime and redemption, as a former drug addict now helps troubled youth and young prisoners avert a wasted life and to turn things around as he finally did.

Rev. Burton Barr, Jr., Associate Minister of West Side Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Burton Barr, Jr. has served as one of the associate ministers of the West Side Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Bobo, Sr. since 1994. He is a member of the senior staff and serves as Director of the Prison, Substance Abuse, and Outreach Ministries.

He also serves as Director of Prison Ministry for the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Missouri, and the Berean Missionary Baptist District. He is Commissioner of Prison Ministry for the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc., and Chairman of the St. Louis Clergy Coalition’s Law and Order Committee. He is a member of the Coalition of Prison Evangelist (C.O.P.E.), the Eastern Missouri Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty, and the Missionary Baptist Ministers Union of St. Louis & Vicinity.

Rev. Barr is the author of the bestselling autobiography, “The Hoodlum Preacher,” which is currently being developed into a film. He preaches and teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ in jails and prisons all over the state of Missouri and in many parts of the country. He also preaches and lectures at churches, youth rallies, and youth revivals in an effort to keep our young people from ending up in the prison system. He has been certified by the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Missouri’s “Congress of Christian Education” to teach prison ministry classes. Rev. Barr’s second book is entitled, “Amazing Grace: The Storm Is Passing Over”. His third book entitled “He’s Only A Prayer Away” is scheduled for release in 2010.

He is a native of Chicago, IL. and is currently a student at St. Louis Christian College majoring in Christian Ministry. He is the husband of Charlotte Anne Barr, and is a proud father and grandfather.


It was a cool, crisp Chicago evening in September of 1985. I was feeling kind of good about myself because I had just pulled off, what I thought was, one of the sweetest con games I had played in a long time. It would keep me out of jail and put some money in my pocket at the same time. That was what I did for a living. I played games on people that separated them from their money or their merchandise. But I wasn’t a big time con man like the guys in the movie “The Sting” or the men Iceberg Slim talked about in his book, “Trick Baby.” I wasn’t trying to be either. At that stage of my life, I was just trying to get enough money to feed my $200.00 a day drug habit. When I say $200.00, that’s just an average. There were many days that I spent well over $500.00, and there were some days that I couldn’t even raise a hundred.

I was sitting in my living room that evening watching Smokey Robinson’s new TV program with my brother, Ralph. We called him “Weasel,” because he was short and fast. We all had nicknames in my neighborhood. Mine was “Bub”, short for Bubba. My childhood friend, Richie, gave it to me. His favorite baseball player was Bubba Philips, the former third baseman for the Chicago Cubs. Richie’s family was one of the last white families to move out of the neighborhood.

Ralph and I have always been close. We’ve had our differences over the years, but what brothers don’t? We used to love to get together and watch sports on TV or listen to some jazz while we were getting high. Ralph didn’t shoot up like I did. As a matter of fact, he hated for me to do it. But that was my thing, “Speed balling.” Speed balling is mixing heroin and cocaine together and either shooting or snorting it…

© 2006 by Burton Barr Jr.

Excerpt from “The Hood

Eyes of a Pedophile

by Betty Kuffel MD

Peer inside the mind of violent child molester, Nathanael Bar-Jonah.

Personal coded writings, life-long behaviors and victim testimony reveal how he operated and the difficulties law enforcement experienced stopping him. Eyes of a Pedophile follows Bar-Jonah’s evolution from religious beginnings to hunting children.

Extensively researched medical and psychological details explain what is known about child predators and show you how to recognize pedophile behavior and protect children.

Editorial Review

“Dr. Kuffel’s remarkable book is both readable and informative. Her story of the life of an SVP–Sexually Violent Predator–David Brown aka Nathanael Bar-Jonah, should be required reading for all parents, judges, law enforcement, and especially mental health professionals.”
Dr. Joseph Nevotti, Forensic Psychologist

(Dr. Nevotti has worked with maximum security inmates in the California prison system as well as SVPs at Coalinga State Hospital where California houses over 700 SVPs.)

My Life with Debbie

by Dale Weatherford

Go on a journey with a young couple as they experience laughter and heartache.

In My Life with Debbie, Dale Weatherford invites you to join with him as he shares the life he spent with his wife, Debbie. They experienced so much at such a young age and came through it all. As he takes you through the laughter and some hard times, Dale also shares his heartbreaking experience as he writes about his wife’s passing from brain cancer. It was her wish to have their story written, to share with everyone.

A Killing in The Woods: A CrimeScribes True Crime Story (1)

by Laurie Mason Schroeder

A true crime thriller set in historic Bucks County, Pa. A wealthy and well-connected lawyer shoots and kills a deer hunter on opening day of deer season. The resulting investigation reveals secrets of the lawyer’s past and opens up a federal probe into how a convicted felon was able to collect an arsenal of guns. At the heart of the story is the victim–a family man who was unfairly killed. Will the lawyer get away with the crime?

Spike the Buddhist

by F. Michael Christopher

Spike the Buddhist is the second book in the Spike short story series. From the hand written note’s the author claims that his motor cycle accident and being taken in by Buddhist monks are a real events.

Excerpt: I finally left my bed and wandered the halls of the monastery. The walls were an old gray, with pictures of bamboo shoots and writings I guess in Chinese. The monks passed me by all clasping their hands together and bowing. I had this weird feeling of being truly welcomed, not as a guest but actually as one of them.

I stopped by a large open window, the hills were green, the men farmed the fields others sat in silent. The peace I felt was an overwhelming quiet before the storm riding. The fear I felt was just as strong because I knew the bliss was only temporary. The little boy ran from man to man laughing about something.

Excerpt: A mother swan sailed across the pond with her young, the father not too far behind. The water was calm, clean and clear. Unlike me on the inside. I felt damaged, dirty near desperate for hope. I felt like I was plucked from a horrible life and dropped into a world of beauty but beauty that would only last so long. How odd, my birthday and I am watching fowl with a Buddhist monk.

I asked Bubba how do I meditate. He said he did not know since he never seen me do such. Then he fell into a heavy laughter, which scared the swans off. I then asked how one breathes when they meditate and we both laughed.
In a quiet voice that was foreign to his big frame he asked me what it is I seek in life. another place, another time my answer would be a new car, bigger boat and faster motor cycle. I quickly figured out how fucked u I was because other than toys I could not provide any other answer. After a few minutes of quiet Bubba walked off and the boy arrived.

And Cush Begat Nimrod: The True Story of an Outlaw’s Redemption

by Damon Poke

And Cush Begat Nimrod reveals spriritual truths, while detailing the exploits of a career criminal in a very enlightening and entertaining way. Nimrod wanted to be the best pimp, the biggest drug dealer and the most revered leader of wayward youth, but he never even came close to the goals he set forth in his own mind. What he did do, however, was examine the psyche of asocial crooks, prostitutes and narcotics traffickers on his journey toward certain destruction. In this book Nimrod describes the criminal operations he managed, the colorful characters he encountered, and the invaluable lessons he learned along the way.

Confessions of a small town punk.

by Andrew Culture

Heroic levels of drug intake, STD-defying unprotected sex with multiple anonymous partners, wasting of amounts of money large enough to clear third-world debt and tales of powering through hit after hit in front of sell out stadium crowdsâ?¦ This book contains none of these things.

Here I will tell you the tale of a musician who never made it, a man who never troubled the charts or nibbled the elbow of awesomeness. The story of a soul untroubled by the pressures and expectations of fans, or talent. You’ll laugh, you’ll pity me, but most of all hopefully you’ll empathise and enjoy this tale, whether you are involved in a band of your own or not.

Quotes from Amazon reviews of Andrew Culture’s other books:

“Andrew takes you places where you’ve never been before. A thorough romp and a half: not to be missed or misread.”

“Great fun and I look forward to buying more from this author.”

“The author has the rare ability to make charming and funny observations.”

“Give this man a column in the paper, I say!”

“I did enjoy it & really felt for the character as I could easily see myself in the same situation.”

“Andrews writing is funny, and allows you to become the character.”

“Very well written and enjoyable. Looking forward to more.”

“An entertaining read with some laugh out aloud moments.”

The Douchebag Apocalypse: Satan’s 1335 Days of Playing God

by Michael Fleming

The “Douchebag Apocalypse” is a term used to combine prophecy with reality.

America’s current “Orweillian surveillance state” easily demonstrates how Satan’s 1335 Days of “Playing God” consists of nothing more than a group of destructive sociopaths destroying each other.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is the problem. The defiance of fate is the solution. Truth is the answer. Understanding the truth is the key to the door that humanity must unlock.

Emilia Clarke Unauthorized & Uncensored (All Ages Deluxe Edition with Videos)

by R.B. Grimm

*** Deluxe Edition with Videos ***

People Love Reading Emilia Clarke Unauthorized & Uncensored

“I love her in Game of Thrones! So glad I came to read this book, it’s interesting,” – Mike Howard

“She fits the role of Khaleesi and I love this book! I enjoyed the videos too,” – Sheila Watson

This books one of a kind. We bring you the fun, the dirt, the back story, videos, quizzes and more. The content makes this series a best buy. You will get a great insight on your favorite entertainer that you might have thought you knew a lot about.

We have created a layout that not only educates, but also entertains the readers. This makes learning finding about your favorite star fun.

Take a journey with us as we bring you closer than ever to Emilia Clarke.

Scroll up and Buy this book now by clicking on the Orange button – your child will love going back to it again and again.

Mrs. Claus: My Life as the Wife of the Big Cheese

by Julia Reinfort-Claus

Mrs. Claus is the often-forgotten wife of Santa… Do you truly know how they met? Do you know how Santa got his job? It’s all here in Mrs. Claus’ tell-all autobiography.

– How Santa and Mrs. Claus met in high school (she didn’t like his “ho ho ho” laugh at first)

– How Santa was shy at first

– How Santa asked Mrs. Claus to marry him – it was a phone call Mrs. Claus will never forget

– How Santa got his job

– How Santa’s first day was a little confusing – he had no idea what his job would be and no one there to explain it to him

– How Santa and Mrs. Claus were introduced to the Elves

– How huge mounds of cookies made the elves happy during a very tough day at work

– How Santa’s first night of delivering presents went off without a hitch (well, he was a little tired when he got back, though)

A “First Chapter Book” as an easy read for children who have moved on from picture books or the perfect bedtime story as few chapters every night.

The 1842 Diary of Julia Turnau: Sailing from Bremen to New Orleans

by Julia Turnau

In 1842, Julia Turnau made a diary of her nine-week voyage at sea from Bremen, Germany, to New Orleans. At 23 years of age, she immigrated to the United States to marry a young pastor in St. Louis, Missouri, and to serve the Lord as his wife. Her writing is an interesting and vividly told depiction of her daily life aboard the sailing vessel in the company of the young Rev. Louis Nollau and his wife Louise, who soon became Julia’s dear friends. Julia wrote the entries as letters to her family about all that she noticed: her fellow passengers, the changing weather and environment, the threat of a probable pirate ship and the routines and accommodations aboard ship. Unsavory events, harsh conditions, moments of awe and unexpected pleasures were all described in detail. In recorded glimpses, she wondered about her future life in St. Louis as helpmate to her future husband, how different that city life would be from her early life in Germany. Throughout her diary, Julia generously credits the Lord for all His goodness and mercy as the steward of each human soul. She writes with wondrous joy, fervent conviction and devoted purpose.

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